Addiction To Weird, Unsanitary, Elaborate Wigs Indicates Potential Revolts

A young wig wearing black lady tries to justify her need to wear wigs due to ‘I have to protect my hair’ which frankly, is the opposite of what really happens.


Thinking about history, I can’t help but notice patterns that seem odd but are actually great indicators that a full revolt and tectonic shift in culture is about to happen.  That is: everyone who has insecurities or is ruling elites, wear increasingly elaborate wigs and stealing wigs, selling hair and changing one’s appearance drastically, rises to a fever pitch.  Then it all collapses under its own weight.  If this historical model true, we are due to such an event in the near future.  For wigs are now ridiculous and fashionable people obsess about their wiggy hair…!  Wow.


The Dirty, Disgusting Secret About Weaves That Blk Wmn Don’t Want The World To Know, Revealed!
Both Caucasian and African women who want to be excessively ‘pretty’ are attaching wigs and hair pieces to make their heads of hair look much bigger than it natural.  This addiction to ‘big hair’ is cultural and cyclical in nature.  It comes around roughly at 100 year cycles of shorter, natural hair to long, ridiculously bizarre wigs and back again like a clock going tic-tock.


“Burn Down White Suburbs” – Milwaukee Rioters Told by Sister of Dead Thug Sylville Smith in this video, the bereaved young lady begs everyone to not loot hair piece stores because she wants them to stay in business so the revolutionaries can wear wigs.  This didn’t work because the very first stores attacked by rioters were wig shops and liquor stores.


Stealing weaves is highest priority for rioters.  The business of cutting off the long, natural hair of Asian women and selling it to people mainly in Europe and North America is a huge, gigantic business.  Many millions of Asian women make extra money this way.


Desperate for fake hair, many women in the ‘West’ buy synthetic hair but the most desired stuff is the real Asian hair.  This runs alongside rich people getting body parts and surgeries to make themselves look ‘young’ all the time as they rot away.  And young people get surgery done to make them look ‘perfect’ which turns them into various levels of Wildenstein, aka, Cat Woman who is super rich and super stupid and looks super scary.  Michael Jackson is another very rich and very crazy person who hated being a natural black male who looked just fine, he made himself whiter and whiter and strange hair pieces and fell to pieces and died.


Rich or poor, black or white, young or old: the addiction to weaves and surgeries to make themselves ‘beautiful’ has created a monstrous situation with people who look very odd indeed and who have dangerous health problems and who have botox to the face so much, they destroy the muscle structure and end up with frozen faces which is pure hell.


For scientists know that if your face becomes ‘frozen’ emotionally, one dies.  The expression of feelings is important for the soul to operate properly.  This is why many people who encounter killers note ‘Their face was frozen.’  Crimes of passion don’t have this element, of course, but what we call ‘cold blooded killers’ features the frozen face.


This ‘frozen face’ thing is cultivated by despots who need underlings as nasty as themselves.  Genuine feelings are dangerous.  Women who have botox are dangerous mothers, for example.  Babies and small children desperately need to ‘read faces’ to survive and looking into the face of a cold blooded, unemotional mother is…Mommy Dearest.


200 years ago, in an earlier fashion-mad, hysterical search for bigger and fancier wigs, dresses, haute couture craziness ended violently and bloodily at the guillotine:  History of wigs before the French revolution:


In the mid- to late-1770s, huge hair became all the rage. The height of these styles was generally about 1 to 1 1/2 times the length of the face, and was styled in what was considered a pyramid shape (it also looks very much like a hot air balloon).


This high hairstyle was created using toques (or “cushions”) which were made of fabric or cork and shaped like a heart or spear. It was attached to the top of the head, and then natural and false hair was curled, waved, or frizzed and piled over and around the cushion. Such elaborate hairstyles could be worn for days or weeks at a time. Mary Frampton later recalled,


“At that time [1780] everybody wore powder and pomatum; a large triangular thing called a cushion, to which the hair was frizzed up with three or four enormous curls on each side; the higher the pyramid of hair, gauze, feathers, and other ornaments was carried the more fashionable it was thought, and such was the labour employed to rear the fabric that night-caps were made in proportion to it and covered over the hair, immensely long black pins, double and single, powder, pomatum and all ready for the next day. I think I remember hearing that twenty-four large pins were by no means an unusual number to go to bed with on your head” (1780).


Ornaments included lots of ribbons, pearls, jewels, flowers, feathers, as well as ships, birdcages, and other items that evoked the theme. In 1774, the Duchess of Devonshire created a sensation when she introduced ostrich feathers into her hair.


Side curls angled up towards the top back of the hair. The back hair was generally styled in a looped-up ponytail or braid. Long curls were often left hanging at the nape of the neck. French styles often had an extra “bump” in the front of the hair, right above the forehead. In this period, both French and Englishwomen usually powdered their hair.


Complete, expensive artifice reigned supreme and then in just one year, died totally.  It rose again nearly exactly 100 years later: French fashion plate from 1878


The clothing became very elaborate, too, in both the two cycles.  As it is doing today.  Fashion clothing of the very elites is ridiculously elaborate and sexual with fancy materials wrought in odd ways that are barely wearable and frankly, rather ugly but very sexual.


Yes, this is Paris fashion shows!  We had a mini-revolt which I was part of very early on, in the 1960’s when we and I certainly did this, announced that natural hair was beautiful and I wore clothes that I made, myself, etc.  The excruciating fashions of the 1950’s died out quickly but then came back in less than 15 years so we are getting a much heavier dose of the ‘wear crazy, stupid stuff and kill your hair by wearing wigs’ game once again.


This means Revolution!  Off with the wigs and the heads, too.  Will it happen?  There are a number of black commentators online begging women in particular to get rid of the weaves and go natural and I agree with this, the curly natural hair is quite attractive in my eyes.  I have straight hair which is also natural but it just lies flat on my head, nothing to write home about.  Why do so many women want wigs?


Men complain about them, ‘They SMELL’ due to being attached to the head for weeks or even months.  Exactly like the wigs in 1880 or 1780 smelled bad, too.  In every case, short hair reigned after a fair amount of chaos.  The late 1800 chaos  reached its high point in WWI and following that decapitation of most of the royals in Europe, hair was very short in the 1930s.  The 100 year rule is not exact but an approximation.


The elaborate Elizabethan fashions fell hard to Puritan styles in 1600, for example.  Wig wearing was a big thing back then, too, until the King was beheaded (see the pattern here?).  Fashion can be dangerous.  Rule of thumb: wig wearing is highly dangerous.  Watch out.  Don’t do it!  (Anyone reading me: I am joking but not joking here…hmmm.)

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3 responses to “Addiction To Weird, Unsanitary, Elaborate Wigs Indicates Potential Revolts

  1. Claudeeyah

    What then, to make of The Donald’s comb-over?

  2. emsnews

    Exactly. Yes. They ALL do it, they are ALL slaves to fashion and part of the business of ‘overturning stuff’. Washington wore wigs, too.

  3. melponeme_k

    Did you see this article went it ran in DM?

    Women who don’t smile because they are afraid of wrinkles. Imagine always looking dour and mean just too look a bit younger.

    The wig thing is beyond imagination. I remember the 70s and the healthy natural hair look for everyone. That quickly disappeared. I think some of the black community tried to revive natural hair a few years back but it didn’t take. There was one black woman who worked in my building who had a natural hairstyle. She looked gorgeous. I envied her so much. LOL

    Being Native Alaskan my hair is a straight as straight can be. I always hated it and wished for wavier locks. There is probably a good chance I have Slav/Siberian roots too. No luck there, their hair is straight too. Oh well. Maybe I’ll grow it and sell it. LOL

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