Washington Post Is In Hysterics As Trump Forces Foreign Leaders To Respect And Fear Him



The increasingly insane Washington Post continues to spin out of control.  The ‘intelligence briefings’ if they are being run by the people running the CIA and other operations, is a waste of time since the people doing this seem to be either liars or wannabe war criminals.  Instead of giving sane advice, they are pushing propaganda schemes straight out of 1950 McCarthy era lunacy.  The #2 article on the WP front page is about how evil Poland is yet it has to admit, the Poles are happy with things now!  As are the people of Russia, it appears.


Then there is the stuff about Trump being a ‘king’.  Our media giants don’t talk about how our ‘Presidents’ enrich themselves these days starting with Reagan collecting $2 million from the Japanese the same week he retired.  They all do this now.  The Clintons were broke when they left the White House and made millions making promises to foreign dictators and Wall Street.


Eisenhower retired to a normal home as did Truman, for example.  LBJ retired to his ranch and didn’t give a single speech to foreign governments nor any bankers.  Nixon was a criminal and had to lie low.  Jimmy Carter did charity work after retiring.


Jimmy Carter founded Habitat for Humanity and he is never in the news, he has been pretty much ‘disappeared’. For example, he has been doing charity work for ‘River blindness’ in Africa.  He is 90 years old and puts all the other retired Presidents to shame.  Naturally, we are to forget he exists. Last year, this old man resumed personally working on charity homes after getting cancer treatments.  The stark contrast between himself and the Clintons is enormous.  More Washington Post whining:



‘Defending democracy’ is all about hissing and spitting at Trump and stopping him from doing anything because he isn’t a Bilderberg gangster.  Note the ‘Red Square Scaremongering’ is roaring ahead in some of the editorials.  I am just aghast at all this Red mongering.  It disgusts me totally because flipping LIBERALS are doing this.  Stop!


After blustering at Trump and making threats after taking the US sub drone, Trump said, you can keep the drone so the Chinese said, ‘No, we will return it.’  Obama specialized in literally bowing and kow towing to world leaders.  Trump just looks at them and laughs.  Guess what?  That works!


What is reality? The Chinese run a huge trade surplus with the US.  Are they going to endanger it?  No?  Of course not!  They now realize, the new leader isn’t the weak, inept leader they pushed around and openly insulted when he come over to China!  I wrote about that and was amazed how Obama screwed up the insults in that he didn’t shake his fist at them and turned on his heel and left!


My parents defied Madame Mao and she was a crazy bitch!  My father told her to go to hell and she backed down.  I did this, too, with the Chinese communists and…THEY BACKED DOWN.  If you stand your ground, you win if you are a foreigner they need to deal with later.

Look at the NYT!  Our ‘Asian allies’ all exploit the US and run huge trade surpluses with us and the trade deficit like the twin budget deficit is going to eventually bankrupt our nation.  They do not care one bit. They want the deficits to run to infinity while we fall to pieces.


Our destroyed cities, bombed by free trade, are in ruins because of trade policies that enrich these Asian nations and destroy our nation.  So they want weak, stupid leaders like Obama, not someone who will stop this.  And Japan wants the US to be nasty to China because China is a trade RIVAL.  Then there is the Philippines: they are becoming much friendlier with China right now though the NYT is pretending otherwise.


This attitude problem is turning into hysteria.  Far from being a respected world leader, foreign powers treated Obama like a doormat.  They walked all over him. He didn’t even have the wit to know when they were insulting him.  This is fatal when it comes to projecting power.


The entire EU leaders who are destroying Europe these days, united behind Hillary before the election and stupidly and very undiplomatically, mocked Trump and openly declared they would snub and humiliate him so he told them, he would talk to Putin, instead.


THIS is why there is mass panic at the top of all EU nations but a few, and the US/EU NATO leaders are all stupid idiots who painted their asses into the corner by declaring war on Trump before we got to vote and now they are all out on a limb and some are creeping up to Trump and begging for forgiveness which he is giving but Germany and France and such are in deep s…h…i…t and deserve whatever Trump dishes out to them.


Any Americans fearful that Trump will screw things up should realize, the screw-ups were all the other people who wanted to impose Hillary on us vote or no vote.  They wanted a person who would serve THEM, not us.  Tough beanies, you brats.


We elect  a leader to lead US, not you all.  You can be our allies but not our bosses!  End of story.

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26 responses to “Washington Post Is In Hysterics As Trump Forces Foreign Leaders To Respect And Fear Him

  1. ziff

    our ctv was pushing the” cia proved russians did it ”lie again tonght

  2. Christian W

    We elect a leader to lead US, not you all. You can be our allies but not our bosses! End of story.

    Not allies but vassal states.

  3. ed

    America, F**ck Yeah!
    Whatcha’ gonna do when we come for you now

    It’s the dream that we all share
    It’s the hope for tomorrow
    (F**ck Yeah!)

    (Team America)

  4. Java Man

    All of the current mess in the middle east can be traced directly to aftermath of WW1. The original secret Sykes-Picot map of 1916: “A” would go to France, “B” to Britain


    ELAINE: Correct. Both the British and French empires did huge ‘overreach’ and collapsed by 1939 with Britain barely hanging on at home, under attack and France occupied by Nazis.

  5. I think the picture of Obama cringing when watching a girls judo match says it all.

  6. tio

    “Not allies but vassal states.” – And we have a winner!

    I just googled “neoliberalism in sweden”, this was at the top.

    The reality of Swedish neo-liberalism
    {Sweden once had a reputation as some kind of ‘social-democratic model’ with far-reaching public services and social support. But that has been dismantled by two decades of attacks – what the Economist magazine calls a ‘silent revolution’

    Sweden has weathered the crisis and the country is showing that slashing welfare, lowering taxes and imposing caps on government expenditure is working. That is the message from the capitalist press, think-tanks and right-wing governments around the world. The Swedish finance minister, Anders Borg, was even named Europe’s best finance minister by the Financial Times. But Sweden is no exception to the rule. Years of austerity and right-wing policies have seriously undermined the social fabric of society, while Swedish capitalism has become even more imbalanced and unstable.

    The old Swedish model is no more. Instead, Sweden has become a model of neo-liberalism. It has had a more rapid liberalisation than any other advanced economy in the world, in terms of privatisation and deregulation. This was the conclusion of the American think-tank, The Heritage Foundation, last year.}

  7. Nani

    “Germany and France and such are in deep s…h…i…t and deserve whatever Trump dishes out to them.”

    Merkel and Hollande are cowards and traitors, kowtowing to islam and criminal migrants. They should suffer the same fate as Marie Antoinette.

    Reading real news from Europe these days is disheartening and depressing.
    The turmoil created in the aftermath of Angela Merkel’s decision to let in hundreds of thousands of aggressive, violent young men from Africa and Asia, just continues like a never-ending nightmare.

    Germany: Sex crimes against female police officers by asylum seekers on the rise

  8. melponeme_k


    The only reason why Swedish socialism worked is because the USA was acting as their de facto military after WWII onwards. Believe me, life is considerably cheaper when you aren’t taxed for a military infrastructure. This was the case with almost ALL of Europe for the last half of the 20th century. Only now is everything falling apart at the seams now that the US is bankrupt and Russia is rising.

    Believe me, Russia isn’t going to bankroll a worldwide military force.

    We are at a tipping point now. Either Europe will break the EU and become sovereign states once more (with their own military forces) or they will be destroyed by the EU and replaced by aliens.

    One of the main reasons WHY the EU was so important was to prevent the rise of Germany from becoming a continental political force once again.

    We see this over and over again in history. Constant aggression towards Germany and Russia which explains their extremes in social behavior (Marxist revolution, Nazism etc). The only two countries that can challenge the power elite. As of now, Germany is done. But Russia is not and far from the elite control. Hence WWIII.

  9. emsnews

    Germany initiated WWI and WWII.

  10. Christian W

    Any Americans fearful that Trump will screw things up should realize, the screw-ups were all the other people who wanted to impose Hillary on us vote or no vote. They wanted a person who would serve THEM, not us. Tough beanies, you brats

    Yet both candidates are run by Goldman Sachs and the US Deep State.

    The only difference between the candidates is which parts of society gets to get the trickle down welfare leftovers. The White middle class went for Trump because they expect him to kick out the competition.

    Americans have been voting for change every so often for 125 years yet no matter the vote Wall Street remains in charge.


    ELAINE: So…why is the ‘Deep State’ in complete hysterics about Trump? I am all ears.

  11. Moe

    #3 Ed

    Funny you should mention that…

    Other posters will probably be disgusted. I think the video is a hoot! Not for it’s accuracy, but for it’s exaggeration, outrageousness, and expression of neocon / deep-state nihilism.

    Warning: not suitable viewing for the civil, tolerant or psychologically healthy adults.

  12. emsnews

    Hilarious video.

  13. Christian W

    ELAINE: So…why is the ‘Deep State’ in complete hysterics about Trump? I am all ears.

    The Netanyahu faction is thrilled.

  14. Christian W

    You were played again, Elaine. The CIA is simply creating designer realites for each sub group in the US society.

    If you look past the surface noise the end result will be the same no matter which option you opt for because you are playing within the Deep State boundaries.

    In 8 years time you will (if the Deep State cares to keep the voting charade going) be clamoring for yet another Hope & Change & Drain the Swamp operation, yet you will again opt for the candidate A or candidate B set up by the Deep State. And you will believe it is a life and death issue to prevent the “worse” option from winning.

  15. Christian W

    A commentator on this site posted this dramatic video, shot in black and white to enforce the message, here just a few days before the election:

    Now what stood out to me is that why would a rather obvious spook get directly involved in the election? This guy is not even just another spook but a Deep State psywar specialist.

    So this guy may have prevented a “HILLARY CLINTON TAKE OVER!!!!1!!1!!” TM but of course, his side took over instead. Neat and very convenient. Instead of a War in Syria and with Russia, we will now get a war with Iran and China, or all of them. Some choice.

    This Deep State dude is openly telling the US citizens and the world that the Trump operation is a “second American revolution” by Deep State operators telling the White Middle class they are under attack… So the Deep State will take over to ensure the White Middle class’s safety.

    Time this “coup” video with Comey getting involved just a few days before the election + well timed leaks to scuttle Hillary and look at how the FBI and CIA became bestest buddies again now and back on message how evil the Russkies are. Note how the leaks have now been transformed to “hacks” to cover up the coup.

    This Psywar operator tells it as it is, at least the parts he wants us to know. The Deep State is cleaning up Washington from old used up worn out assets (Bushes, Clintons, Obamas) and setting the next phase in it’s pursuit of Total Global Domination, US Über Alles (with Israel on top). For this to happen the US needs a True Believer Strongman in the White House. Not an Obama to put sticks in the Zionist’s wheels on occasion (maybe his one redeeming quality).

    Also note how patronizing the Psywar operator is. He is telling you the Deep State is taking over for your own protection. This includes taking away free speech ie “fake news” ie anything that challenges the dictates of Big Brother too much.

  16. Nani

    Quite Frankly, Obama did not deserve any respect from either Russia or China. China was right to give him the cold shoulder, served him right. Respect is something you have to earn, not just something you can demand because you’re the president of the world’s most powerful country

    Obama was a arrogant prick who liked to lecture the world about democracy and human rights, yet he showed no regards for the victims of all the war crimes committed under his command. For all i care he can go to hell.

  17. emsnews

    Trump is NOT PART OF THE DEEP STATE. Some around him are. Duh. He isn’t a Libertarian party President, he is a GOP Party President.

    But being an outsider so freaks out the Bilderberg gang (the billionaires and the GOP leaders and the DNC leaders all conspire together) Trump isn’t one of them it is obvious as day.

    They fear and hate him for he isn’t part of their conspiracy! Being an outsider, he screws up the stories they push every day, talking to Putin means they can’t pretend their alternative reality is real.

    This is a huge, gigantic problem for them which is why Trump will be assassinated just like the Russian ambassador was today in Ankara.

  18. Christian W

    He is still an oligarch that may well be a tool for Deep State actors. If, a huge if, he doesn’t play ball then he will not wake up one day or have a heart attack or be the victim of some false flag operation. But from the looks of his cabinet picks it looks like he will play ball big league style.

    Granted, Trump has a gigantic opportunity to be a new FDR and roll in a New Deal of sorts empowering the middle class and the unions, but that doesn’t really fit his past business profile and personality does it.

    To me it looks like Trump is simply part of a reorganization and refocus of US establishment foreign policy thinking. More emphasis on China and Iran, less on Russia and Syria (or not).

    I don’t see Trump taking on Wall Street.

    Trump is just more intra-Oligarch bickering, he is not a real revolution in any empowerment for the people kind of way.

  19. Christian W

    So much interesting stuff going on:

    A court in France has found Christine Lagarde, the managing director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), guilty of negligence over a massive state payout that she made to a business tycoon in 2008, but exempted her from any penalty.

    The ruling was made on Monday after the French Court of Justice of the Republic, a special body that tries ministers for wrongdoing while in office, convicted Lagarde of negligence that paved the way for the payment of 404 million euros (445 million dollars) in compensation to Bernard Tapie, the former owner of sportswear giant, Adidas.

    The Paris court censured Lagarde for failing to contest the “colossal” payment, but spared her a fine or prison sentence.


    It’s good to be an elite eh?

  20. melponeme_k


    “Germany initiated WWI and WWII.”

    Yes, they did and they had help along the way. Wall Street/royal elites didn’t want German power to control Europe and chose the war path supporting the war elements in society both times. The Germans had a choice, but fear won out.

    So now our choices are coming. Will our society see through the lies of the elite or will we resort to insanity?

    Right now, I’m seeing loads of Soros funded color revolutioneers i.e. liberals. And I’m hoping that the US is something different, will dodge the bullet. The founders gave us all the weapons we need, will we use them or will we fail them?

  21. emsnews

    The Germans caused their own messes. Ich bin halp Deutsche.

  22. melponeme_k

    Yes, and so it will be said of us over Soros funded anarchists to flip out further over Trump’s win.

    Soros isn’t the first of his kind in history. Not by a long shot.

  23. “which is why Trump will be assassinated just like the Russian ambassador was today in Ankara”

    Other reasons why:


  24. emsnews

    Hello, Analysis!!! I have read you in the past. Thank you for reminding us that your own news service exists. I urge readers to click on the link and read. Thank you.

    BTW, I am not like some bloggers who hate people who bring in their own links, I encourage this. The more, the merrier, I say.

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