Russia Today’s News Is A Million Times More Honest Than US Mainstream Media


RT news from Russia is one of my favorite news sources because it is sane.  Unlike the New York Times and Washington Post, for some ugly examples of propaganda, the Russians strive to see reality because this saves Russia from nasty stuff.  Meanwhile, Western Europe is attacked by screaming Muslim terrorists and Trump decisively and with a huge electoral college victory, is now our President and will be sworn into office next month.  The misrepresentation of vital news is important to understand for the US media is pushing hard for WWIII and want us to misunderstand what is really going on.


Look at this screen shot from the New York Times!  Disgusting propaganda.  There is no possibility of an armed conflict with Russia and Turkey fighting each other.  They were fighting each other several months ago leading to Turkey shooting down a Russian jet.  But then, the CIA sponsored a coup against Erdogan and he ran off to Moscow and he and Putin are now Best Buddies, not enemies.


The man who inspired the assassination of the Russian ambassador lives in the US.  It is easy to see how the CIA is using him.  Evidently, the rulers of America want Erdogan out and are doing the same old dirty tricks they did in the past so easily.  That is, assassinations are their favorite tool.


How on earth can NYT readers figure out the world when it is a fun house mirror of warped reality?  Gunman opens fire in front of the US embassy in Turkish capital of Ankara – just hours after the Russian ambassador was shot dead just a block away.


Obama pardons 78 felons and commutes 153 more as White House boasts of ‘greatest number of individual clemencies in a single day’ which seems to be his only labors lately aside from trying to undo the last election.  Nothing irritates me more than to watch the DNC surrender to Trump on election day and then turning on their heels and trying to undo the election after Trump said, ‘Maybe we should stop investigating Clinton.’


China returns American Navy drone it stole out of international waters after ‘friendly’ talks with the US is the headline but what really happened was, China was all puffed up about ‘the US spying on us!’ and Obama said nothing as usual since he was playing golf so Trump tweeted, ‘You can keep the mini-sub.’


Suddenly, there was no more wind in the Chinese junk’s sail and they looked at each other and then sighed and said, ‘OK, we want you to have the sub back.’  Will the media giants remember this direct diplomacy and how it worked?  HAHAHA. Nope.  Will the media tell the US public about all this.


Nope.  They will glide over it silently and hope no one remembers.

I just saw this put up yesterday on You Tube: the celebrity host of Trump and Clinton on October 20, 2016 where Trump gets to ‘roast’ Hillary and does this with first, amusement and then he begins digging into her and THEM ALL which gets them all pissed off greatly and they yell back at him especially the PRESS CORPS!

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3 responses to “Russia Today’s News Is A Million Times More Honest Than US Mainstream Media

  1. Moe

    During the October Trump/Clinton roast, Trump showed his utter contempt for the elite audience. I was astonished to see such an outburst.

  2. Claudeeyah

    More fun for me was to watch them dripping sweat and faking the laughter as he effortlessly shred them to pieces. Cankles was beside herself. Good times!

  3. Anonymous

    Evidently, Trumpmania has scrambled Elaine’s brains. You got the sequence of events all wrong: the Chinese first agreed to return the drone, then Trump piped up and said they should keep it. Thankfully, his outburst was ignored and the handover went smoothly. I fail to see how you can call Trump’s interference “direct diplomacy”.

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