To Avoid Plant Food CO2, EU Encouraged Toxic NO2 Gases Instead



UK has the second highest number of deaths from NO2 pollution from diesel vehicles.

Across Europe, the EEA estimated that 71,000 people died prematurely in 2013 because of NO2 pollution. While the pollutant has been on a downward trend since the turn of the century because of stricter diesel car standards, more than one in 10 monitoring stations in Europe still breach NO2 limits, the agency found.


This whole ugly murderous mess was created by Global Warmists who believed that CO2 is evil and other really noxious gases were perfectly fine.  This didn’t work out too well.  VW had to cheat on the pollution tests to pass their noxious diesel cars as ‘good for the planet.’  All this hew hawing has led to nothing good, of course, so now the EU must change course…FAST…due to very noxious gases killing people literally.



This insane solution to a virtually null problem has bad effects, namely, killing plants, people, animals, etc.  This is why ‘science scares’ have to be examined carefully before jumping to conclusions.  The scandals in Europe due to ‘green’ manufacturers cheating is another issue closely tied into the diesel scam.


The report comes as MEPs in the European parliament on Wednesday arpproved caps for five air pollutants, including NO2, to come into force in 2030. The new national emissions ceilings rules are expected to halve the number of deaths from air pollution.


Catherine Bearder, a Liberal Democrat MEP, said: “If I had become a doctor instead of a politician I would be prescribing a serious health warning to the UK government today. The UK government have approved a third runway at Heathrow airport even though they know that air pollution around the airport is already dangerously above legal levels of nitrogen dioxide.”


The Guardian reported earlier this year that the plan had been diluted after lobbying by the UK government.


HAHAHA.  The diesel lobby had to bribe people.  So it keeps on rolling.  The solutions to the problems never matched up much.  the #1 solution the super rich and the Bilderberg gang wish is for all of us to use public transport and since in Europe, all public transport is surrounded by angry Muslim males (and this was true way back when I lived in Europe!!!!) this is a dire solution and I hope Europeans finally wake up from their dream world and figure out what reality looks like (Medusa).


Smoggy winter days, London is increasingly polluted by NO2 fumes which trees can’t eat.  This is scaring people because it is true pollution.  Gah.  HAHAHA.  Time to learn some basic science lessons, no?


Paris, Madrid, Mexico City and Athens will forbid all diesel vehicles by 2013.  This is old news.  THEY FAILED.


It’s a powerful move in the fight against climate change, and could create a market shift against the production of diesel vehicles.

It tackles a massive public health crisis—in 2013 alone, 467,000 Europeans died prematurely for reasons linked to air pollution. According to the EU, diesel is the worst offender.

It could ease traffic and encourage use of public transportation by making people reconsider whether to buy a new car.

There should be a significant reduction in embarrassing photos of smog-covered urban landscapes.


Why don’t the super rich ride public busses and use trains, too?  Destroy all their yachts, limos, race cars, burn down their mansions and live ‘green’.  Hello??? When are you creeps going to practice what you all preach?  The Pope, too, damn it.  Diesel is the devil! It was launched by ‘global warming’ radicals as the solution to CO2 ‘pollution’ which is plant food and NO2 is toxic to plants…!!!!


At the same time Paris mayor Anne Hidalgo joined officials from Madrid, Athens and Mexico City in announcing plans to get all diesel vehicles off the roads by 2025. Diesel is highly polluting, emitting far greater amounts of dangerous nitrogen dioxide and tiny pollution particles than petrol, and can cause cancer to heart attacks.


Despite the health damage it wreaks, governments across Europe, including Britain’s, have offered motorists tax incentives that effectively encourage the use of diesel, on the assumption – now being questioned – that it produces less planet-warming carbon dioxide than petrol.


Punish all of them.  It is easy to look up who passed these rules and regulations and encouraged the evils that followed.  The population was merely obeying the dictates of a bunch of greasy palmed, lying creeps.  Put them all in prison in Iraq, Russia or China.  That will teach them not to lie, cheat, steal and above all, kill.

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7 responses to “To Avoid Plant Food CO2, EU Encouraged Toxic NO2 Gases Instead

  1. Jim R

    N2O is laughing gas. It’s a gas, gas, gas!

    In other news you didn’t want to hear, Bitcoin has blown past $800, it’s on another manic runup. This is mostly due to the stupidity of the financial weenies in India and China. In particular, the corrupt Indian government is passing rules against cash, and stealing gold from citizens.

    Bitcoin may be used as a replacement currency in places where ordinary cash has been destroyed, either by hyperinflation or regulated away.

  2. Old Ari

    N2O is “laughing gas “, yes No2 is nitrogen dioxide, if I remember right, it tends to cause “Sceptic pneumonia”.


    ELAINE: yes, N2O is different from NO2. Number of oxygen atoms. A configuration difference with vastly different effects on organisms. H of H2O fame, that is, two hydrogen atoms with one oxygen, creates the miracle of water. HO2 is reactive and ‘cleans the atmosphere by degrading various pollutants’ I suppose by wanting to convert these to H2O. It evidently works at the polar regions of our planet.

  3. Jim R

    CO2 is quite toxic as well. Jut go to the supermarket and stick your head in the dry ice bin and take a deep breath, if you don’t believe me.

    But humans are stupid, on the whole, no smarter than yeast organisms. They will keep doing what they are doing until they suffocate or starve.


    ELAINE: It is not ‘toxic’ to PLANT LIFE, it is ‘food’ for them all, they breathe it in. And we produce it for them by processing their oxygen which is what they breathe out. ERGO: both are ‘toxins’ and both are ‘life forces which we need to survive, both plants and animals evolving together in harmony.’ Whereas NO2 is death for both plants and animals.

  4. Jim R

    NO2 is just as much, maybe more, ‘plant food’ than CO2. Most plants can only use CO2 if the sun is shining on them — the CO2 is not the ‘food’, the sunlight is! The CO2 is merely one of the ingredients they can incorporate if they have sufficient light, water, etc.

    A plant must breathe air at night and use oxygen. Plants will suffocate if the air is too high in CO2.

    NO2 is a source of fixed nitrogen. Nitrogen is hard for many plants to absorb, and they need it to make proteins and nucleic acids.

    Both of these oxides become acids when they dissolve in water — NO2 becomes nitrous acid, and CO2 becomes carbonic acid. And most life forms need to maintain a neutral pH in order to stay alive. Sea creatures need a neutral pH so they can accumulate calcium and build their limestone shells. Oxides are very bad for coral reefs.

  5. emsnews

    Yes, and NO2 is NOT N2O as I said. One is digestible and the other, not digestible but still plays a role in our atmosphere. The difference is the nitrogen double molecule compared to the single nitrogen atom which is, I am presuming, is easier for plants to ‘digest’.

  6. Jim R

    The problem with nitrogen is that the N2 molecule (4/5s of all air) is very stable. It is almost like an inert gas such as neon or argon.

    Only with great difficulty can plants absorb it — the legumes are famously able to do this with the help of useful bacteria in nodes on their roots. On the other hand ‘fixed’ nitrogen compounds such as NH3 or NO2 or urea or uric acid, are useful to plants. They make all the stuff of life with it — proteins and DNA.

    I was just sort of kidding around about N2O. Also known as ‘laughing gas’ but I don’t think it can easily be absorbed by plants. Because it has the two nitrogens, it tends to fall apart into stable N2 and give up its oxygen.

  7. emsnews

    Yes, legumes are renown for their ability to capture nitrogen! This has been known for only the last century, it is amazing, isn’t it?

    By the way, my father-in-law is a chemist who created a number of patents. His knowledge about chemistry is amazing, utterly amazing. He also was a medic at Iwo Jima and Okinawa in WWII. Also makes him most amazing.

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