A Known Tunisian Terrorist Did The Berlin Christmas Truck Mass Murder


Tunisian Muslim terrorist left ID in killer truck in Germany, police didn’t see the evidence for 24 hours.  He left his wallet under the seat of the truck by accident, it seems.  He was on the radar already as a potential terrorist but the German government refused to arrest and deport him.


German police named Anis Amri as the chief suspect in the attack after finding his ID – apparently abandoned by the asylum seeker in the footwell of the truck as he fled the scene.


That isn’t the shocking news here, this is the shocking news:


They have also been accused of missing a number of opportunities after it emerged that Anis Amris, a lifelong criminal, should have been deported months ago.


The 24-year-old, who has a 100,000 euro reward on his head, was under the surveillance of German intelligence for several months following his arrival in the country in 2015.


He had been arrested three times this year and his asylum application was rejected, but deportation papers were never served and he disappeared.


The Tunisian radical was known to be a supporter of Islamic State and to have received weapons training.


He also tried to recruit an accomplice for a terror plot – which the authorities knew about – but still remained at large.


He was under investigation for planning a ‘serious act of violence against the state’ and counter-terrorism officials had exchanged information about him last month.


Amazing.  Merkel should be impeached and removed for endangering the lives of German citizens who pay the taxes and are being under sustained attacks by foreign terrorists she continues to let into the country and has been lax in removing even when they were obviously on the radar for ‘remove as fast as possible.’


Investigators haven’t caught the terrorist in Germany because he probably fled to Africa again.

Surveillance showed that Amri was involved in drug dealing in a Berlin park and involved in a bar brawl, but there was no evidence to substantiate the original warning and the observation was called off in September.


Amri is believed to have multiple aliases and is said to be armed and dangerous. Officials have offered a 100,000-euro reward for information leading to Amri’s capture.


Amri reportedly has extensive links to militant Islam.


He arrived in Germany in July 2015 as an asylum-seeker and was considered part of the “Salafist-Islamist scene” by authorities.


Amri spent some time in pre-deportation detention in Germany after his asylum application was rejected in June 2016, said Stephan Mayer, a senior lawmaker with Germany’s governing conservatives. But North Rhine Westphalia Interior Minister Ralf Jager told The Washington Post that Tunisia initially denied he was a citizen of the country and then delayed the issuance of his passport — which only arrived Wednesday, two days after the Berlin attack.


Amri was registered in an asylum-seekers’ hostel, however, he was known to move around often, Der Spiegel reported.


And ISIS boasts there are tens of thousands of terrorists in Europe and they plan to attack over and over again, here, there and even in Turkey which is part of NATO.


MORE NEWS: The terrorist in Berlin is an ISIS fanatic who was in prison in Palermo, Italy, for two years before turned loose to kill.  He committed arson in Italy:



MORE NEWS:  The Moroccan man arrested yesterday and then released by German police happens to also be a terrorist who was charged with ISIS attacks in Paris last year! And what was he doing in Berlin? What a mess, no security in Europe?

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