Daily Mail Reports Snopes.com, Truthiness Regulator For Facebook, Are Sex Fiends

EXCLUSIVE: Facebook ‘fact checker’ who will arbitrate on ‘fake news’ is accused of defrauding website to pay for prostitutes – and its staff includes an escort-porn star and ‘Vice Vixen dome’: we have long suspected this tiny coven of creeps were lying about everything and of course, obviously partisan.  The joke is, these clowns were supposed to tell us all ‘what is true’ and thus, protect us from ‘fake news.’


Well, they are the ‘fake news’ and ‘deplorable’ too.  Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is creepiest of all?  Well, the ‘liberals’ seem to be reaching for the moon when it comes to lying, deceiving and threatening people.


Facebook has announced plans to check for ‘fake news’ using a series of organizations to assess whether stories are true.


One of them is a website called Snopes.com which claims to be one of the web’s ‘essential resources’ and ‘painstaking, scholarly and reliable’.


It was founded by husband-and-wife Barbara and David Mikkelson, who used a letterhead claiming they were a non-existent society to start their research
Now they are divorced – with Barbara claiming in legal documents he embezzled $98,000 of company money and spent it on ‘himself and prostitutes’.


In a lengthy and bitter legal dispute he is claiming to be underpaid and demanding ‘industry standard’ or at least $360,000 a year. The two also dispute what are basic facts of their case – despite Snopes.com saying its ‘ownership’ is committed to ‘accuracy and impartiality’.


Snopes.com founder David Mikkelson’s new wife Elyssa Young is employed by the website as an administrator. She has worked as an escort and porn actress and despite claims website is non-political ran as a Libertarian for Congress on a ‘Dump Bush’ platform.


Its main ‘fact checker’ is Kimberly LaCapria, whose blog ‘ViceVixen’ says she is in touch with her ‘domme side’ and has posted on Snopes.com while smoking pot.


How funny is this?  Of course, Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg, who now appears to admit he is really running a media company, and not a tech company, deny jerking us all around with his meddling online.  He has banned many people who are not PC Perfect.  This rank censorship is based entirely on ideology, not breaking any ‘rules’ because there are no rules…if you back things Zuckerberg backs.


Concerns over Facebook’s influence have come into focus recently due to fake news appearing on the site and the suggestion that this had an impact on the US presidential election. Other incidents, such as the removal of a famous Vietnam war image have seen its decisions questioned.


Facebook recently employed editors to curate its trending news feed – a small box that contains headlines and a small summary of current affairs being discussed across the platform. Those editors, which numbered around 30, were unceremoniously cut in August and replaced with an algorithm after accusations of rightwing news censorship.


The algorithm failed to discern real news from fake, amplifying false reporting to an audience of 1.79 billion monthly users. Around two thirds of Americans say they get news from social media.


Facebook is currently attempting to deal with the fallout. It is now working with fact-checking companies in an attempt to inhibit the flow of fake news.


How does ANYONE know the difference between fake news and real news?  It is alway a judgement call. We choose to believe or disbelieve based on our own systems and thoughts and experiences.  ALL reality is FILTERED BY THE BRAIN.  The emotions are a huge filter for information.


Knowing ‘real information’ is something gods do and even they can’t do this consistently, either.  Can any living thing or even imaginary thing know what ‘reality’ really is?  No!  And ‘real’ shape shifts in very odd and strange ways!


As someone who has lived on the frontier of ‘what is real’? I can attest to all this for being hit by lightning bolts makes one see the Outer Darkness exactly as it really is (death, that is) and it is frightful in the extreme, I assure everyone.


This takes me to a strong point here: believing in something and clinging to it is how humans survive having big brains which plague us and destroys our sleep and torments our days, we MUST lie to ourselves in order to survive.  It is high priority to be deceived.


This fact is reflected by thousands of years of philosophy that contemplates all this while religion rushes off to embrace magic and fun stuff, evading the question, ‘What is reality?’  Scientists toil to uncover ‘reality’ only to discover that ‘laws of nature’ aren’t as certain as they imagined, and periodically I post stuff about the futility of humans to see what is fake and what is real…because it is very hard for us to do this and frankly, Reality is another name for…Medusa.  And the Norns, the dark sisters who weave our fates and their names are ‘Past, Present and Future’.

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3 responses to “Daily Mail Reports Snopes.com, Truthiness Regulator For Facebook, Are Sex Fiends

  1. Lou

    The couple were not trained in journalism or investigation, right?

  2. emsnews

    Yup, I suspect readers here have skipped over this story because I have been too busy putting up lots of stories this week. My husband is sick so I am stuck at home all the time right now.

  3. Lou

    Dave Janda’s words below regarding Snopes. I have known Dr. Dave for several years, he pulls no punches and is a beacon of light fighting for the truth. I have personally been “Snope’d” before by readers which only strengthens my resolve each time as they “fact check” with an agenda …911 being a perfect example. Unfortunately it looks like they will be around for a while longer as I understand their gofundme efforts has raised significant money, so they will have the wherewithal to spread more bogus information and further imbibe in “prostitutes and blow”. Go figure?



    I despise these pieces of rancid crap! When I exposed half of Obama Care was hidden in the Stimulus Bill in 2009…. the lead POS from Snopes called me up and told me that ” you need to retract what you have said and written or your career will be immediately destroyed.”

    My response: ” At least I have a career, all you have is a septic tank to hide in …. tell Obama the truth will be blasted to every corner of this country by every ounce of my being”

    May these bastards rot in Hell !

    Dr. Dave Janda

    Snopes.com Implodes, Resorts To GoFundMe
    July 24, 2017

    Snopes.com is a liberal blog from 1994. The website claims to be the internet’s oldest and most popular fact-checking site. Last year, Snopes Co-Founder was accused of embezzling company money, and spending it on prostitutes.

    Now you can find the blog begging for $500k in funding via GoFundMe. So, far the campaign has raised $18,000 in 3 hours via 710 people…
    [js mineset]

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