‘Liberals’ Who Want Trump Dead Now Complain About His Private Guards Thwarting Them


The Washington Post whines, ‘Is the US under Trump still the leader of the free world (sic)?’  Or rather ‘the Freebie world’ for the Bilderberg gang which gives them permission to do terrible things to people and not be put in prison even for war crimes, not to mention economic crimes.  Naturally, the Bezos Amazon.com newspaper hates Trump with a passion since they are all about making money no matter how badly it hurts others:


A few weeks ago, I spoke at an event attended by commanders of land forces from all across Europe. To a man, they remained grimly committed to their job, which everyone in the room understood to be twofold: protect Europe from terrorism, and protect Europe from Russia. The meeting was led, as is natural in a NATO context, by American generals. Now we can no longer assume that American generals will always be leading such meetings. We also cannot assume that Russian military advances, or hybrid-warfare advances, into Ukraine or the Baltic states will be pushed back by an alliance of like-minded countries.


Frankly, if Europe is smart, they would have Russian generals run NATO.  The Russians understand the real dangers.  The EU generals and ‘leaders’ (sic) thought letting in many millions of angry Muslim males would be a really smart idea.  I wonder who gave them all this idea?


As terror attacks shot upwards and social chaos and crime engulfed even places that were nearly zero crime like Sweden, the propaganda that Europe must host another couple million illegal Muslim males has been pushed by the ‘mainstream’ media so Europe continues on this path to suicide.


Is Russia endangering Europe or the Bilderberg gang endangering Europe?  The answer is obvious.


Under President Trump, we cannot assume that America is still the leader of the free world — or the leader of anything. Protectionism, not free trade, has just won this election, and that will have consequences, too. We have to expect that transatlantic trade and transpacific trade treaties are not going to be passed. We have to assume that the North American Free Trade Agreement will be unpacked. Free trade had all kinds of consequences, but one of the advantages is that it kept countries closely linked politically as well as economically. Walls, both metaphorical and physical, will go up all over the world, between Western countries and against others.


Europe doesn’t have ‘free trade’ anymore than China or Japan.  It is a protectionist operation and this year has told England that they will be locked out of the markets due to England’s Brexit vote.  The EU, China and Japan all run trade surpluses with the US.


Will they lock out the US because of Trump?  I hope so!  Do it!  I pray that China and Japan do this, too.  Watching national suicides is interesting since I have been chronicling the US suicide march as we racked up bigger and bigger trade deficits and killed jobs in nearly all the major manufacturing cities and brought in suicidal levels of illegal alien cheap labor.


The global unity of the Bilderberg gang rested entirely and totally on annihilating US industries.  They succeeded.  Apple computers, for example, moved to Ireland to avoid taxes then the president of Apple whines that Trump is nasty and should be stopped because…taxes???  What???


The rage of the exploiters of Americans is vast, deep and destructive.  They now have been reduced to one solution to their ability to loot us with impunity: kill the President.  There are many powerful itchy fingers on many triggers.


As we see from the top screen shot of Google, all the ‘liberal’ media the last three days are screaming about Trump’s security.  Vanity Fair, a fashion/Clinton magazine in NYC, screams about Trump’s private security because he can’t trust the Secret Service.  Very touchingly, they pretend to be concerned that this will harm Trump and want him to be guarded like the ambassador of Russia was guarded in Turkey, that is, be open to assassins.


Whether you believe Donald Trump should be taken seriously but not literally, or vice versa, there is no doubt the president-elect has his authoritarian tics—filling his Cabinet with generals and billionaires; promising to “open up libel laws” to make it easier to sue journalists; not giving a single press conference since the election and musing that he might do away with daily press briefings; giving his adult children prominent positions within his White House transition team; suggesting that post-campaign “victory rallies” could become a staple of his presidency. Then there are the habits that tend toward the authoritarian, such as Trump’s penchant for surrounding himself with his own private security forces—ex-cops and retired F.B.I. agents whose loyalty has earned them an unprecedented position of power alongside the Secret Service.


How very touching!  The liberals want to protect Trump…HAHAHA.  Unprecedented death threats were strewn all over America when he won!  The liberal media fanned the flames frantically. They still are fanning the flames.


Note the fury that Trump is actually holding rallies!  How dare he go directly to the voters, they squeal.  He should talk to them via the media giants in NYC and DC.  Then they publish and report total lies about what is going on.  They attack relentlessly and mindlessly and deliberately misconstrue whatever he says or does and then scream, ‘He is evil!’


I will note here that Vanity Fair, a very stupid ‘woman’s news’ magazine, didn’t whine once about Hillary not giving a press conference in years, and not once during the campaign.  Why this hysteria about press conferences?


Politico reports that Trump, who had hired his own private security and intelligence teams to work alongside the Secret Service during the campaign, will be keeping “at least some members” of those teams. As he’s traveled around the country, the billionaire New Yorker has contracted 11 security firms and guard services, as well as several dozen individuals, the Daily Beast reported in September. Those security forces have been in addition to his Secret Service detail, which he was assigned in November 2015, increasing the likelihood of conflict or confusion between the two groups in the event of an emergency.


Trump noticed how they protected Kennedy and Reagan and took proper measures.


Those overlapping security forces haven’t come cheap, either. According to Politico, Trump spent more than $1 million on private security through November—nearly three times as much as Hillary Clinton—to ensure that contractors loyal to him and his family remain close. Keith Schiller, his head of security for over 15 years, serves not just as his head of security, but also as a close adviser and gatekeeper of sorts to Trump himself. “Keith is kind of a consigliere,” a transition team official told Politico. “He knows all the players, all the properties. He has the confidence of Trump and of the family. To describe him as a body guy would be very, very beneath the role that he actually plays.”


I recall during the election the report that Trump is using his own money for this.  Note how the liberal writer glides over this amazing and highly important fact because the liberal is whining about spending money.


This is most peculiar since none of the liberals whined as Obama wildly spent money and the budget exploded in red ink after Bush did the same trick, too.


The expectation that Trump will continue to employ his own private security forces once he becomes president has alarmed security experts, who point out that such a decision would represent a major break from tradition. Presidents and presidents-elect have always handed the Secret Service sole responsibility for their security—any other arrangement could become a logistical nightmare. “It’s playing with fire,” Jonathan Wackrow, a former Secret Service agent, told Politico, saying that mixing the Service with private groups “creates greater confusion and it creates greater risk.” (Trump spokesman Jason Miller appeared to confirm Politico’s story in a meandering statement Monday, but insisted that the tone of the report was “blowing it out of proportion.”)


OK: record of SS protecting Presidents is…not so hot.  In fact, one can venture to say, it is rather poor.  Since Trump has had many, many death threats, the SS can be kept busy arresting and charging the many thousands of people making death threats.


Here is a ‘funny photoshop’ right next to the above article at Vanity Fair, mocking Trump’s fingers.  A favorite meme in the fun mirror world of the ‘how dare you make fun of people’s looks!’ hysterical left is… mocking Trump for having ‘sort of short fingers’.  I see it all over the place.  Here it is, in Vanity Fair which is all about looks.


Oh, hahaha, isn’t Trump stupid for having somewhat shorter fingers than the five finger crooks who looted America the last 20 years!  How bizarre is this?


Infowars reports that death threats are flooding online media formats.


The shock and anger over Donald Trump’s ascension to the White House has triggered a flood of calls on Twitter and other social media outlets for the president-elect to be assassinated — and authorities will investigate all threats deemed to be credible, The Post has learned.


The political appointees running the FBI and CIA and NSA are all against Trump.  And will be removed soon.  Until then, Trump is in grave danger from them since they all want him dead and gone, obviously. Here is Nanny Pelosi’s daughter who was an elector in California’s presidential pool doing the nonstop yapping when on TV to prevent herself from answering any questions.  By the way, this ‘talk nonstop’ is now quite common and very irritating to listen to and this is how street thugs argue.  It is a very bad sign that our rulers do this now.

On the other hand, it shows desperation, too.

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24 responses to “‘Liberals’ Who Want Trump Dead Now Complain About His Private Guards Thwarting Them

  1. Melponeme_k

    I also hope all the vampires bleeding our country dry trade ban us as well. We are a huge country with massive resources, people willing to work and learn and re-industrialize. We have everything we need right here, no need to get anything from any other country.

    It will serve the Elite globalists right when Trump works diplomatically with Putin to create the biggest alliance in world history. High speed train from Moscow to NY would be an amazing endeavor.

  2. emsnews

    We are busy exporting our raw materials, have been for three decades now.

  3. Jim R

    That Pelosi, Jr. video — HAHAHAHA!

    You know they stopped the recount, because most of the lost-or-neglected ballots they found were for Trump! The truth was, he won a landslide victory in order to overcome the rigging (he was right about the rigging).

    And I was never much of a Trump fan. Didn’t watch his TV show, and thought he was an annoying egotist. But now I hope he really shakes things up in Washington. It’s about time for that.

  4. Nani

    Trump is a patriot who loves his country. Merkel is the opposite; she hates Germany, and think it is a good idea to give the country away to migrants who hates German values.

    The so-called liberals obviously hates patriotism. In their Utopia there is no borders, and everybody lives happily side by side in harmony. But this is not how human nature works.

  5. Claudeeyah

    Pelosi Jr. and her ilk, Chris Wallace, Rand Paul, are mini mes who have no talent other than being spawned by successful parents. Her diatribes are painfully annoying and devoid of logic. She is a real chip off the old block in that respect.

  6. Claudeeyah


    I was on to Merkel back when Snowden revealed the NSA had recorded all her phone calls. The silence from her was deafening. That’s when I knew she was part of the illuminati and the NWO crowd. She, along with Hillary, Obama, Hollande, Bush, Rumsfield, McCain, need to be put on trial for treason in their respective countries. May we all live long enough to see that day.

  7. charlottemom

    Great write up! China and japan practice the most extreme type of mercantism. They LOVE our “free trade” it’s worked great for them!
    For all those groups openly out to destroy trump, there are other hidden groups supporting and protecting him. And yes, they may not all be American. Hence calls of international meddling. Ha,ha.

  8. Lou

    Japan is a mess. It has one good policy—5000? immigrants a year.

  9. Lou

    off topic


  10. emsnews

    Yes, you go forth when currencies collapse and try to buy something with a ‘bitcoin’ only to discover IT ISN’T GOLD. Or silver. Or even nickel. Or copper. It is…nothing.

    You see, when money vanishes, like ancient Rome, all the coins were ‘worthless’ and only when melted, had any value. And since most were debased, it had zero metal value.

    Gold, on the other hand, retained ‘value’. When coins reappeared, they were again, made of precious metals. Bitcoins are a con, no different from ‘money’ that is other systems.

  11. Lou

    I do not own crypto currencies. BUT Bilderbergers or Soros or The Real
    Government wants us ‘numbered to buy and sell’.
    India, Venezuela, Spain.

    War on Cash.

  12. Christian W

    The global unity of the Bilderberg gang rested entirely and totally on annihilating US industries.

    Bilderbergs gang = Goldman Sachs + multinational + NATO friends

    Goldman Sachs operatives run the economies of the US and the EU.

    The “annihilation” of US industries is the direct cosequence of neoliberalism and the controlled Goldman Sachs run “Free markets”. The price paid for decades of US “wealth” ( from Reagan to Obama and for elites only) was the game where the US exported $USD overseas which where returned as investments in Wall Street “financial instruments”.

    If the US produced goods for it’s domestic market this financial game (scam) would not work. The American unions, working class and Middle class were bought out/sold their souls for promises of trickling down wealth from Wall Street papers, 401k savings etc.

    This is why there is no real functional political left in the US. Nobody was allowed to even discuss, let alone challenge, the system in this. The closest thing to an attempt at doing something about it I guess was Ross Perot in 1992 who pointed out the “giant sucking sound” of US jobs disappearing.

    In other words. The US destroyed itself worshipping the free money $USD demon.

    Now it seems Goldman Sachs wants to create a new machine as the previous one has run it’s course. Enter Trump and his $Billionaire government.

  13. Christian W

    Also the foreign powers that bought US Wall Street financial instruments and papers were vassal states (Germany, Japan etc) looking for US good will. The EU Bilderberg gang were junior partners, not the Boss.

    As Elaine says, the obvious drawback to this scheme, which the Chinese were quick to pick up on, is the fact that the elites in their greed and hate of people “beneath” them were prepared to destroy the back bone of their nation for self empowerment.

  14. Christian W

    I agree with Lou (War on Cash).

    Now that the elites are wrestling for complete control of the Internet the next step will be the cashless society where the elites own and run everything and can turn “off” anyone not complying.

    This is where Goldman Sachs + Oligarchs will take us next.

  15. Christian W

    All Western countries are a mess thanks to the Free Trade scam that enriched insider elites, on behalf of everybody else, and corrupted all systems to the point of uselessness.

  16. Jim R

    Lou, that’s not too far off-topic. Bitcoin is past $860 now, on the way up. Like I said yesterday, it is on another manic roller coaster ride. It is a creation of the internet, and won’t go away until the internet is entirely locked down, or turned off… which is another Bilderberg plan (for your safety and convenience, of course).

    As for the war on cash, that’s part of the Bilderberg agenda. Bigtime. They want a one-world government, with a Clinton / Bush / Bonesman / etc. at the levers of control. They want you, and every other serf on the world plantation, to be completely under their control at all times. Digital (issued by them) cash, and computerized (not running any of your programs) spy devices everywhere, fit in nicely with that agenda.

    They just didn’t expect Trump to step up to those levers of control. That is why they are hysterical to the point of apoplexy over this development.

  17. Jim R

    And Elaine, that isn’t true about the old Roman coins. Even the crappy pewter ones were still used as a medium of exchange, centuries after Rome was stick-a-fork-in-it-done.

    Of course, our paper currencies will not last for centuries. And, as you have rightly pointed out, Bitcoin is meaningless as soon as the electricity is turned off.

    Nickels might still be useful, though. It’s a durable metal. I understand Kyle Bass (I think — it was one of Texas’ eccentric oligarchs) has stashed $2 million worth of nickels in a basement somewhere.


    ELAINE: Some family history here: I came from Viking raiders. They threw away Roman coins if they were not real metals. The gold ones, etc. were melted down and turned into other objects. We didn’t do the ‘money thing’ until we became rulers instead of mere raiders, that is, when we took over half of France and then all of England.

    THEN we made ‘money’ that is, coinage and guess what? It was real back then, real gold, etc. Then that was debased over the years..as always.

  18. Petruchio

    “OK: record of SS protecting Presidents is…not so hot. In fact, one can venture to say, it is rather poor.” Of course in any coup attempt, you always have to either neutralize or compromise the leader’s Security Detail. As for JFK’s “Security” Detail, the Secret Service guys were so HUNGOVER the day JFK was shot they didn’t even KNOW Kennedy was dead until the next day. Most of them could barely stand up let alone protect anybody the day of the assassination.
    A very smart move by Trump to have and keep Private security in place. Like everything else in D.C., the Secret Service is thoroughly corrupt. I can’t help but recall the Clint Eastwood movie where he plays a Secret Service agent. Pure Propaganda, glorifying a group of people (the Secret Service) who have a very poor track record. It’s kind of interesting when you think of it, but there have been more than a few movies praising the “heroism” of Secret Service Agents. Gee whiz. Propaganda in Hollywood made movies! Who woulda thunk it?

  19. Jim R

    Isn’t the SS also tasked with arresting counterfeiters?

    I seem to recall watching a semi-documentary movie about that a few years ago. By the time the agents caught up with him, the counterfeiter was ordering parchment paper by the truckload, and ten-gallon cans of green ink.

    Of course, digital cash will put an end to that (all the messy printing that is). Now that ‘internet security’ consists of censoring stories about embarrassing security failures, the counterfeiter will be a bored 14-year-old kid with a netbook and some time on his/her hands.


    ELAINE: HAHAHAHA…imagine them arresting our Presidents.

  20. Moe

    Hiring one’s own security detail: wonder why no-one else ever thought of that? Bush family could have afforded it, wonder why they thought they only needed the SS? (Answer: there was little threat since they are insiders).

    To provide adequate protection, I can’t see how Trump can completely obviate incorporation of the SS, at least not without significant expenditure. Not sure how he would meld them.

    Trump just keeps thinking and operating outside conventional modes. Must be infuriating to all the parasites, the ‘host’ is developing an immunity.

  21. emsnews

    They nearly managed to kill Reagan…that is, the Bilderberg gang.

  22. Christian W

    Trump is another madman.

  23. emsnews

    HAHAHA…they all are when it comes to nuclear war. I have known this all my long life, I actually saw a nuke explode when very young in the desert…it was far away…blindingly bright.

    We are now gods and gods go mad, don’t you know? And who was running on the ‘no nukes’ platform? I didn’t see it.

    I am very proud to announce here that way back when Nixon was running for President, so was Dr. Spock and I was one of his ‘bodyguards’ back then and he WAS against nuclear war and this, during the hottest years of the Cold War, no less.

    He lost, of course.

  24. Nani

    @ Claudeeyah

    I hope so too. Nothing would be more wonderful than seeing justice being served to the Bilderberg gang.

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