The Only Presidential Candidate I Seriously Loved, Big Time: Dr. Spock

Dr. Benjamin Spock, March 2, 1969 – YouTube: virtually no views of this video!  I knew Spock back in 1969.  The FBI was hassling me all the time, the cops arrested me on false charges and tried to nail me with ‘causing a riot’ when they did the riot and not I, and then Spock announced he was running for President and I ran off to him and said, ‘Let me be your bodyguard!’  HAHAHA.  An interesting year, that.


So few people know this information because it fits none of today’s thinking systems we have cooked up for ourselves.  Some people hate Spock for asking parents to not beat up their kiddies like my parents liked whacking me hard…this is why I can be beaten on and not notice it except as some irritation.


Lest people forget, the 1968 election cycle was VERY violent.  The outcome was nasty, too: Nixon became President.  But then the 1972 election was INSANE!  Nixon won by cheating!


In the 1972 United States presidential election, Spock was the People’s Party candidate with a platform that called for free medical care; the repeal of “victimless crime” laws, including the legalization of abortion, homosexuality, and cannabis; a guaranteed minimum income for families; and the immediate withdrawal of all American troops from foreign countries. In the 1970s and 1980s, Spock demonstrated and gave lectures against nuclear weapons and cuts in social welfare programs.[citation needed]


In 1972, Spock, Julius Hobson (his Vice Presidential candidate), Linda Jenness (Socialist Workers Party Presidential candidate), and Socialist Workers Party Vice Presidential candidate Andrew Pulley wrote to Major General Bert A. David, commanding officer of Fort Dix, asking for permission to distribute campaign literature and to hold an election-related campaign meeting. On the basis of Fort Dix regulations 210-26 and 210-27, General David refused the request. Spock, Hobson, Jenness, Pulley, and others then filed a case that ultimately made its way to the United States Supreme Court (424 U.S. 828—Greer, Commander, Fort Dix Military Reservation, et al., v. Spock et al.), which ruled against the plaintiffs.[23]


Spock was the party’s 1976 nominee for Vice President.


Ah, the People’s Party!  I did artwork for them.  Made leaflets for Dr. Spock.  He is gone now, alas.  Why don’t people like him win elections?  Note some of the similarities of his platform with things Trump and Sanders said they wanted!  And we get…nothing much, do we?


Gays getting civil rights took forever and continues to be a battle, pot has grown in popularity and still is illegal in most places but not all places…alas, our military is everywhere and on the verge of causing WWIII at any hour of any day…that is the thing that is destroying us now.


Note that these changes are all at state level, not national level.


Not China, though their free trade deal is wrecking a lot, not the Muslims though they are trying their best with limited success, no, it remains the terrible shadow of WWIII and nuclear annihilation.


So, way back in the Stoned Age when I was still studying in school, Dr. Spock, my dear Dr. Spock ran for President.  I explain Trump’s popularity which people confuse with supporting him, but Spock, I worked for him and asked everyone to vote for him which is a GIGANTIC difference.


He was a really, really nice man, very sweet and patient with children and animals.  I know from first hand experience.  When McGovern ran in 1974, I wanted him to win but alas, his loss was gigantic in that election, everyone else except a small handful, voted for Nixon who was obviously deep into Watergate at that point.  So much for ‘peace candidates’.

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6 responses to “The Only Presidential Candidate I Seriously Loved, Big Time: Dr. Spock

  1. pontiff holysh*t

    Both of my parents voted for McGovern. I was a child of the revolution. One minor detail: it was 1972.

  2. Moe

    “Some people hate Spock for asking parents to not beat up their kiddies like my parents liked whacking me hard…this is why I can be beaten on and not notice it except as some irritation.”

    So your beatings were a good thing? 🙂

  3. Lou

    Meanwhile NY jewish homo gets his 15 minutes of infamy—-UK Daily Mail

    Screaming Brooklyn lawyer chases down Ivanka Trump and yells at her as she sits with her kids on flight – and his Hillary supporter husband BOASTS about the verbal attack before they’re kicked off

    A passenger on a JetBlue flight accosted Ivanka Trump on Thursday morning
    ‘Your father is ruining the country,’ said Dan Goldstein, a lawyer from Brooklyn, who had a child in his arms
    He then began demanding to know why Ivanka was on the flight and not travelling on a private plane while she sat with her kids
    Ivanka ignored him and tried to preoccupy her children with crayons while the man berated her
    A fellow passenger said later that Ivanka told security and flight staff she did not want to make the incident a thing and have anyone removed from the flight
    The man’s husband, Matthew Lasner, later tweeted: ‘My husband expressed his displeasure in a calm tone, JetBlue staff overheard, and they kicked us off’
    However one hour before that he wrote on Twitter: ‘Ivanka and Jared at JFK T5, flying commercial. My husband chasing them down to harass them’
    Lasner and Goldstein were accommodated on the next available flight according to JetBlue, and Lasner deleted his Twitter account soon after
    Ivanka and her family are heading away for the holiday, meaning they will be spending 12 straight hours on the plane

  4. Lou

    Ivanka converted to ((()))? So its her fate to be attacked by ‘her’ people.
    This is humorous. How low trolls will go,

  5. JimmyJ

    “Why don’t people like him win elections?”

    Bonobos might vote for Dr. Spock, but Chimpanzees would definitely vote for Clinton or Trump. We’re more like Chimps in pretty well every way than Bonobos.

  6. Moe

    #4 Lou

    There is no real ‘conversion’, she is a Shiksa and always will be. The difference is that her father is rich and now powerful, so her ass will be kissed so regularly by her ‘religious’ brethren that she won’t be able to sit down.

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