US Media Eggs Trump Into Talking About WWIII, Stop Putin Nukes

Nuclear war!  When I was a child, I got to see that program grow in size, I also opposed it with all my might starting in 1960 when a girlfriend of mine died of cancer caused by nuclear bomb tests in Nevada.  I had many nightmares about nuclear war when a child for my father was an advisor to both Eisenhower and Kennedy on this very issue.  I knew a number of secrets due to spying on my dad.  So this election has been all about WWIII and it CONTINUES as the media, Obama, Clinton and now Trump talk WWIII because they are all agitated and frankly, crazy since they have no idea what WWIII would look like.  I do know!



After the ‘debates’ when Clinton talked about WWIII, now we learn that Trump thinks US should expand nuclear program.  Well, so does Clinton! Some choices we had, no?  I remember Nixon and how close he drove us to WWIII.  Our media does this, too! Who, pray tell, has been demonizing Putin lately, like during the election and screeching THIS WEEK that Trump is too friendly with nuclear armed Russia?  And who flipped out when Putin talked to Trump?  The DNC and the media.


President-elect Donald J. Trump said on Twitter on Thursday that the United States should greatly “expand its nuclear capability,” appearing to embrace an end to decades of bipartisan presidential efforts to reduce the role of nuclear weapons in American defenses and strategy.


Mr. Trump’s midafternoon post may have been a response to President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia, who in a speech earlier on Thursday called for continued improvement of his country’s nuclear abilities so Russia can “reliably penetrate any existing and prospective missile defense systems.”


Shortly after Mr. Putin’s comments were reported by the news media, Mr. Trump said on Twitter that the United States must “strengthen and expand” its nuclear forces “until such time as the world comes to its senses regarding nukes.” He did not elaborate.


Russia is the victim of previous sneak attacks.  They are paranoid for good reasons.  They know history because when history knocks, it usually is violent and vicious and homicidal.  The US, on the other hand, despite terrorists assailing us over and over again, can’t seem to get a grip on ‘what is dangerous.’


WWIII is dangerous. I have said this all my long life.  We are never more than ten minutes away from WWIII.  ANYTHING can start WWIII.  Absolutely anything.  Large or small, near or far.  It is an event that exists in a separate reality that is always on the verge of breaking down the wall between fantasy and reality.


It is brutally ‘real’.  It tears away the veil of deception in a blinding flash.  It has real consequences.  History is littered with cases of civilizations suddenly overturned, utterly annihilated, people killed off with a swipe of the hand of Fate.


I grew up exploring this history for obvious reasons: we are all on the knife’s edge.  When a massive volcanic eruption in the Mediterranean Sea destroyed the island of Thera and utterly annihilated the entire Minoan civilization which was one of the most sophisticated on earth back then, it left behind only a few disconnected ‘myths’ of things like the Minotaur, for example, and some hidden ruins.


History has many such stories.  When the Roman empire faltered and went bankrupt, my own darling relatives came pouring southwards to loot and steal and take over.  The Romans were literate and ‘civilized’ and my ancestors were anything but. And they won.

Who will ‘win’ WWIII?  Well, no one in Europe, America, Asia.  These places will be wrecked in all sorts of interesting and hard to fix ways.  The Southern Hemisphere may escape WWIII.  But then, maybe not.


So much for ‘environmentalism’.  We can’t have that while having WWIII hanging over our heads so how to disarm?  Well, pushing Russia as hard as possible, putting NATO troops on the border of Russia after promising not to do this very thing is a big start in the right direction.


Backing down isn’t hard to do but when the media giants and the Bilderberg gang and an army of lunatics demand WWIII we get…WWIII.  Hillary said she was going to do WWIII.  The media applauded her as ‘strong’ so now Trump must do what all our Presidents had to do: appear ‘strong’ by threatening WWIII.


How many here were around during the Cuban Missile Crisis?  I was around.  Very much around.  I was taught by my father to not wait for the bomb alarms that lined the main streets of Tucson to sound the alarm, I was to note how many jets took off from the air bases!  And this happened: the hour Kennedy was shot.


And I and ONLY I ran from my school which was much nearer to Ground Zero than my home which my father deliberately parked far away.  On my little blue bike, I peddled like mad to escape WWIII.  Afterwards, I ground my teeth and decided I was going to penetrate the many veils of secrecy surrounding the ROCKET PROGRAM run by mainly Nazis, and WWIII which was possible mainly because of these rockets.


So where are we going now?  Our media giants have been screaming about Russia the entire fucking election.  Painting Putin as pure evil.  Demanding Trump denounce Putin and become a tool of the Real Rulers who keep us in line using the threat of WWIII.  Yes, them all.  They are my real enemies, not Russia, not Putin.


Poor Trump, screwed before going into office, not that I expect him to enter it.  They, the Real Rulers, hate him immensely.  This hatred is very personal.  They laughed at McGovern and Dr. Spock, etc.  But they aren’t laughing at Trump even as they manipulate him.


And I?  Back to preparing for WWIII, as usual.  For me, it isn’t fake, it is the definition of pure evil and this is why I have supported disarmament since childhood.


When the Soviet Union fell and China changed, we had a wonderful moment in time to change, too.  And our leaders refused, they looked at it as an opportunity to be even more violent, cruel and grasping.  And they are scared to death of us, the voters, who are quite restive now.

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35 responses to “US Media Eggs Trump Into Talking About WWIII, Stop Putin Nukes

  1. csurge

    Trump can do 360 turn tomorrow and his supporters won’t question him. I’m less concerned with what he says and more concerned with what he actually does.

  2. Ken

    The US cannot dismantle its nuclear arsenal. The genie is out of the bottle. The Muslims have the bomb, and so do the Jews. We would be at the mercy of both if we didn’t have a superior nuclear capacity. We are stuck with the current situation.

  3. csurge

    @ 2

    Agreed. There isn’t much that can be done about it. MAD will continue to be the status quo for the foreseeable future

    Also, the fact is stockpiles of nuclear warheads of both the US and Russia have dropped dramatically since the height of the Cold War

  4. DeVaul

    “…Mr. Trump said on Twitter that the United States must “strengthen and expand” its nuclear forces “until such time as the world comes to its senses regarding nukes.” He did not elaborate.”

    How could he? Any “elaboration” beyond his idiotic statement might cause both China and Russia to dismiss him as outright insane and enter a full scale military alliance.

    And yes, Csurge is correct, Trump can turn on a dime, and that’s why Putin would not endorse him directly or say anything about him beyond “we will have to wait and see”.

    Now they see. At least they did not award him the Nobel Peace Prize – yet.

    As for what Trump does, RT has just shown us that that he has named a former law clerk and pollster as his “chief adviser”. Why not just name Dolly Parton “Chief of Staff”? I trust her more than a former TV commentator.

  5. Moe

    The US and other nuclear nations MUST dismantle their nuclear arsenals. MAD is not a viable option.

    When in all of human history has every system/technology/safeguard not failed at some point? They always have and humanity cannot chance the inevitable failure to control nuclear weapons. Once this premise is universally accepted, disarmament will follow. To rationalize maintenance nuclear arms because ‘the genie is out of the bottle’ is a guarantee of eventual immolation.

    It may be necessary for the major powers to bludgeon recalcitrants into acceptance of this premise: Pakistan, Israel, France, whomever.

  6. Moe

    #4, DeVaal

    It’s reasonable to be carious regarding Trump’s intentions. But on multiple blogs I frequent, few are willing to envisage the possibility that Trump is merely positioning himself. This guy is a master negotiator and understands the necessity for assuming a bargaining position, from which negotiation will ensue.

    Kellyanne Conway is not a lightweight. She has the work ethic of a horse, has two degrees (Trinity College and George Washington Law School), and very effectively ran Trump’s campaign. Trump has full confidence in her loyalty, and obviously attends to her political acumen, otherwise he would never have enlisted her. Trump also appears to be cultivating multiple sources of information/opinion and Conway is but one of many.

    John Lennon: “Give Peace” (Trump) “a chance”.

  7. emsnews

    All true but…how many people know the Apocalypse system well? The creators of this system are almost all dead now. The new people grew up with no one using it.

    They have no fear! They think, they can use the nuclear arsenal as a club to force events. Too foolish to know that others can and will react…IN FOUR MINUTES.

    Hillary spilled the beans.

  8. Claudeeyah


    Yes, Elaine, Hillary is one stupid, big mouthed bitch. Who needs the Russians or anyone else to hack into our system when this dumb broad runs around shooting her mouth off in front of 7 million viewers, giving up nuclear procedures. And let’s not even get into the private e-mail servers. We are ruled by a clown car brigade. Let’s hope Trump will rise above all this silliness.

  9. Lou

    The Muslims have the bomb, and so do the Jews. We would be at the mercy of both if we didn’t have a superior nuclear capacity. We are stuck with the current situation.——-

    Didnt the USA arm and fund Israel? And to a lesser degree, the Arabs.

    Elaine and others would say ‘WE ARE ALREADY AT ISRAELS MERCY’.

  10. floridasandy

    moe, we have successfully handled nuclear weaponry for over 50 years. We cannot dismantle— and the world has seen a prolonged period without world wars because we have the capability.

    sometimes having the biggest stick is an effective deterrent.

  11. Moe

    @11 Floridasandy et al

    Postings made on this issue apparently do not subscribe to my logic (see #5), that all man-made modes of control fail at some point. If one doesn’t perceive or believe this, then the present circumstance of nuclear armament will be thought to prevail without unintended incident or consequence. If the obverse is true (my contention) then we are eventually doomed to nuclear catastrophe resulting from error and/or control/mechanical/system failure.

    There is no rationale that supersedes this reasoning. Either our systems of nuclear control and safeguard are guaranteed not to fail or they are failure prone. The most cursory research will reveal failure related events having already occurred that potentially could have caused wide-scale nuclear exchange. So system failure has already happened, fortunately without attendant holocaust.

    I spend 15 years working in the nuclear power generation industry, one highly regulated and incorporating plant/equipment/materials of stringent and robust design and quality, yet equipment failures still occurred, though without major event. Yet we still had Fukishima, Three Mile Island and Chernobyl.

    Chernobyl was completely avoidable since it was predicated on operator error (one cannot reasonably bypass safety systems and not expect the potential for a negative result). Yet human error did intervene with resultant disaster. Fukishima was blamed on faulty plant design, and that further substantiates my position: no human system is perfect and all are failure-prone.

    Transpose those commercial generation failures to military equipment/systems/personal and their respective political overlords and you can safely predict that sooner or later the (nuclear) shit will hit the fan. Nuclear weapons are like a fatal disease: either you eradicate the pathogen or you die.

  12. emsnews

    Good lord, Hillary and her entire gang in Congress howled last month and this month that HACKING by Russia could end up with the US launching nuclear MISSILES in retaliation!

    Hacking=WWIII for them!!! This is utterly insane. This is why I am totally against the entire DNC right now.

  13. Anonymous

    csurge: If he made a 360 degree turn, he’d still be facing the same direction?

  14. CK

    It is still going on, Trump says something and you all take it literally while simultaneously not taking him seriously. He is a negotiator and a business man that means that he plans farther ahead than his next breath.
    Are you perturbed that he has criticized the F-35 boondoggle or the AF-1 boondoggle? Are you upset that he was able to do a bit of jawboning on Ford Carrier and Egypt?
    28 days before he does anything official.

  15. Petruchio

    “This immature desire to minimize violent confrontation has been a major feature of this election. The left felt it had the right to physically attack Trump and his supporters, attack his family,…” These leftists don’t know it yet, but TWO can play this “game” of accosting people on planes and the like. Imagine the response in the MSM if (when?) Chelsea Clinton were to be accosted in a manner similar to the way Trump’s daughter was? The only way these lying frauds Leftists will learn is if they get a dose of their own medicine rammed down their throats. I can’t think of a group that more richly deserves a little ‘roughing up’ than these phony “liberals”.

  16. DeVaul

    @ Moe

    “It’s reasonable to be carious regarding Trump’s intentions.”

    If you mean “curious”, then yes, I am curious as to his intentions, and it is WAY more than reasonable, and here’s why:

    He will be the president of the US for the next 4-8 years. Hillary will not.

    His decisions will affect our lives. Hillary’s will not.

    His policies will decide America’s future. Hillary’s will not.

    And yet, despite the importance of knowing what his true intentions are, which under our political system are supposed to by open and clear to the people and not part of some “Art of the Deal” backroom pyramid scheme, there are certain individuals here who continue to beat a dead horse RELENTLESSLY while completely unconcerned about what Trump actually plans to do while president.

    @ CK

    Obama was under constant attack before he even raised his right hand in January. People were out buying guns and ammo at an historic rate, and rumors of civil war were flying everywhere, so I think that Trump is fair game for those of us who are “curious” about the future and are able to let the past (i.e. deadbeat Hillary) go.

    By the way, Hillary was never even president of the US, so… what is your problem guys? I have never seen so much attention given to a presidential loser in all my life. From reading the comments left here, one would think that Hillary had actually won the election and will soon be president.

    Do try to move on people. If you want to beat a horse, beat one that is still alive and well, like Bush (who started several wars and killed thousands of children), or Obama (who raped Libya or did nothing to stop it), or any previous president that made actual decisions that have changed our lives and ruined our reputation worldwide.

    Beating a dead horse is the same as sticking your head in the sand.

    Move on.

  17. emsnews

    Up until two days ago, Hillary and her gang were desperately trying to over throw the election vote. Obviously, Devaul, you can’t see the trees or the forest. Blaming US for talking about HER is ridiculous.

  18. CK

    Liberals are now buying guns and ammo at historical rates. It is prudent to invest in the stocks of gun makers and ammo makers. Fair game is always a matter of who gets to define fair isn’t it. Watching Hillary and Bill fade into obscurity or prison will be a fine way to ” move on.”
    Good to see you are still the uncompromising hater/liberal you have always been.

  19. DeVaul

    “Good to see you are still the uncompromising hater/liberal you have always been.”

    Uh, Elaine?

    Nice double standard you have going here. I don’t call people names or put labels on them. I thought you were against name calling and personal attacks. Apparently not, or does that just apply to me?

    By the way, after the stolen 2000 election, which people screamed and yelled about forever, it should not come as any big shock to sane people that the same thing would be tried again, and again… and again.

  20. Moe

    #18 @DeVaal

    I meant “cautious” not curious, but both apply.

    You are correct that the electorate should be informed by candidates of their agenda and intentions, and be held to their stated positions as commitments. I see no evidence of that. They li: (think Obama ‘Hope and change’). All we hope for with Trump is that his announced agenda is the one he will follow.

  21. Moe

    #22 Correction: I meant “They lie…”

  22. DeVaul

    Thanks Moe. I agree.

    @ CK

    You vicious neo-Nazi liar!

    Glad to see that you are still the hateful neo-Nazi skinhead you always were.

    Man that felt good.

    See how easy it is to skip discussions and just call people names and put labels on them? It’s just soooooo easy. Right, CK?

  23. charlottemom

    Trump is a Gemini – get used to duality as it in his essence. It drives his critics crazy and keeps foes (or are they friends, no foes?) back on their heels.

    Hegelian synthesis? Pacing and leading persuasion (per Scott Adams)? Whatever it is, Trump does not communicate in the linear way that most politicans have. Is it brillantly maddening or maddeningly brillant? You will be chasing your taIL if you try to parse his words…instead look at outcomes and actionables.

  24. emsnews

    We are all so used to Bilderberg double speak, anyone speaking their mind looks crazy. If Trump did tell the whole truth (that our nation is going bankrupt and is being dragged downwards rapidly as it is looted by our elites) why, even LEFTISTS would be REVOLUTIONARIES rather than stool pigeons for the elites!

    Instead, they all ran after the Pied Piper, thinking that the Bilderberg gang will save them from the bankruptcy the Bilderberg gang is cooking up for them like the cannibals they all are.

    Warning liberals about all this earned me no love, of course, they wanted me to say, ‘Oh, vote for the DNC and all will be well’ rather than…OFF THE CLIFF WE GO!

    The news is also finally out: Obama and his buddies provided a doctored birth certificate. Obama has no hard proof he was born in the USA at this point.

    And the question is, did he know this certificate he released was fake? Then it is…a small crime compared to the death and destruction of Libya and Syria.

  25. Lou

    Elaine, are you aware that the Superbowl had a [he he] 33 minute black out?

  26. Claudeeyah

    The news is also finally out: Obama and his buddies provided a doctored birth certificate. Obama has no hard proof he was born in the USA at this point.

    And the question is, did he know this certificate he released was fake? Then it is…a small crime compared to the death and destruction of Libya and Syria.


    When I was 16, I needed my birth certificate for a job and a driver’s license. I was born in the early ’60s, same as Obama. The copy I received in the mail was a mimeographed copy with a raised seal from the year I was born. The typewriter that was used was sometimes misaligned which was typical of the era before computers. The phony baloney certificate he issued was as fake as a three dollar bill. If he didn’t know that, he is more stupid than even I gave him credit for. Small crime or not, it shows reveals him to be a liar and fraud.

  27. Moe

    Readers may have hoped I was through bludgeoning them with anti-nuclear-weapon diatribes. No such luck.

    Headline: The United States came within seconds of starting World War 3 by dropping an atomic bomb on Russia during the height of the Cold War, according to an prominent nuclear historian.

    And the book cited in the article:

  28. DeVaul

    Keep going Moe. I’m not one of those readers.

    It’s bad enough that we have enough nukes to destroy all life on earth three times over, but now Trump has declared we need even more — just like Reagan did. Strange how B actors love nukes so much.

    And who, pray tell, will be around 70 million years from now to care and maintain these pieces of radioactive shit? No one.

    A scary future for our children, and one I cannot forgive a single nuclear scientist or engineer for. Ever. All they had to do was say “no”.

  29. Claudeeyah


    No, Moe, I didn’t doubt your expertise for a minute. I doubt that Elaine did, either. We all know that we are dealing with a keg of dynamite and a torch with maybe an inch and a half distance between the two. I seriously doubt any one intelligent enough to even read this blog dismisses the grave possibility of nuclear annihilation. Please keep informing us when the conversation is misdirected.

    What concerns me at this point is the WORDS that are branded about concerning nuclear war. The media is actively trying to get us into conflict with Russia.

  30. emsnews

    All wars start with ‘words’. Hillary illustrated this well. Recall what she said, ‘If I decide to launch the nuclear missiles, it takes 4 minutes.’ And guess who does this?

    The President! Four words: ‘Launch the missiles NOW’ is what starts WWIII. Any event including HACKING according to Obama and the DNC, can trigger WWIII.

  31. DeVaul

    Reagan did the same thing:

    “The Soviet Union has been outlawed. We begin bombing in five minutes.”

    I was in Marburg at the time, and the Germans were stupefied by this. No one laughed over there. Russian armored units were less than 100 miles away — maybe less.

  32. emsnews

    I remember that well. Note that our media heads never mention that little joke, did they?

  33. Lou

    All wars start with ‘words’.
    War dances.
    Battle crys.
    Battle hymns.

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