Welcome The New Cold Cycle, Solar Cycle #25


After the last el Nino, we are now entering a new sola cycle whereby the sun cools down things due to a lower sun spot cycle.  The sun spot cycles have been recorded for many years, my own grandfather did this with Dr. Hubble in California and my father did this and the first solar observatory was on Kitt Peak where I played as a child, it is a huge building, by the way and has interesting echo effects which, being a child, I loved doing there.  That is, sing Wagner, of all things.


Snow falls in Sahara desert first time since 1979.  Every cold cycle, it snows there.  Note the last time was the previous cold cycle. I was already in NYC at that time and was a land lady which meant, I shoveled snow endlessly during the cold years of the 1970s.



It has been cold, cold, cold here on my mountain, snow off and on since before Thanksgiving, it went to -14F the other day, this reminds me greatly of the 1970’s cold when we were all fearful of another Ice Age.


The thirty year warming cycle is over. The 25th solar cycle is increasingly weak.


The sun controls whether we are hot or cold.  Other forces are at work but 90% of the heating stuff is from the sun and the sun isn’t a constant burning star, it fluxes to some degree and almost clock-like regularity.


So we are heading into a cooling cycle now, it appears.  So much for ‘climate change.’

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26 responses to “Welcome The New Cold Cycle, Solar Cycle #25

  1. Fred Mrozek

    I knew about your Dad, but did not know your grandfather was also an astronomer. Cool..

  2. ziff

    and perhaps you have to wait for the map @ the cbc link ,,

  3. ziff

    and it snowed in morroco last year [ fun link]

  4. emsnews

    My grandmother was also an astronomer, one of the early women astronomers.

    The snow in the Sahara last year was barely any this year, a lot more. I remember the snow last year in the news and thought, it was a warning and now the warning is clear.

  5. Seraphim

    The Sun conspires (with whom?) to discredit the scientific data which prove that the “Climate Change” is brought about by carbon emissions from heating, cars and cow/sheep/human farts. Eat less, digestion produces farts.

  6. Java Man

    The Drought That Preceded Syria’s Civil War Was Likely the Worst in 900 Years.

  7. emsnews

    A major point here: cold cycles leads, after the first ten years of heavy snowfalls, to droughts. This is due to more moisture being locked in ice. It is pretty simple.

  8. ziff

    The media are really pushing this HOT! arctic story, last night i found a version @ the dailymail wherein the body of the article denied the title, this morning that piece was gone. In any case its dark at the pole now so theres not much chance its @ 0
    And my links above should now work , in any case here is the HOT ! north pole area now


  9. emsnews

    The north pole was amazingly ‘warm’ during all the Ice Ages. This is the riddle the wamists refuse to figure out. The coldest part of the planet outside of Antarctica (which has probably been the same during each Ice Age!) was Hudson Bay, not Alaska or north of Alaska.

  10. ziff

    hmmm, i’m curious as to why you think that , dry yes , but can’t find a reference to heat ?

  11. emsnews

    ‘HEAT’ is relative. When Hudson Bay is totally frozen under a mile of ice and it is 60 below zero much of the year, then Alaska, at a mere 40 degrees F in summer or even much warmer is…warm! We know that mastodons lived in Siberia quite comfortably in summer during the Ice Ages, for example.

    There was grass and flowers in Alaska back 15,000 years ago. There were vast herds of animals and the Bering Strait islands were small mountains while the ocean retreated and the sea bed became this vast plain where humans hunted huge animals and walked from Asia to the New World and began to populate it.

    And in Arizona, too! But NOT CANADA. Or NY for that matter. My little mountain was also under a mile of ice, too.

  12. ziff

    but there were no mastadons etc at the poles , which is what we are talking about. Ellesmere still has some big ice caps, leftovers i would imagine

  13. emsnews

    There were many mastodons in POLAR SIBERIA. The ‘polar regions’ refer to the areas much greater than ‘exactly at the north pole. And yes, there were no glaciers outside of the mountains, in the flat parts of Alaska during the Ice Ages whereas the flat parts of Canada were under a mile of ice.

  14. ziff

    my point was to demonstrate an example of MSM GW propaganda
    ie the use of anomaly pictures to create a narrative

  15. Lou

    I was talking to a former college Professor who insists that the planet is getting warmer. He says that the graph [he kept referring to a graph]
    is data from 10,000 weather stations.

    Whats the deal?

  16. emsnews

    It did get warmer for 30 years. It is the warm/cool 30 year cycle at work. Now we enter the dreaded 30 years cooling and I know it well, having been on this planet for many years.

  17. Lou

    You had mentioned the USA Weather Stations are moved to hot places.
    Talk about skewing the data!

  18. ziff

    date corrected

    from dec 23

    current temps

  19. ziff

    they are really pushing the HOT arctic story, last night it was complete with pictures of sunshine and icebergs, even though the pole is surrounded by cold AND its 24 hr dark now.!! They are relying on buoy data, if you go look at those, some are clearly not functioning properly, others the temps don’t match local weather reports [ norway ]

  20. ziff

    better theory here


    he is at least qualified and suggests Pacific Decadal Oscillation as the cause of recent temp patterns , which seems to fit as the cold N pacific is freezing my ass now.

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