Bush Jr. Started New Arms Race In 2002 When US Withdrew From Anti-ballistic Missile Treaty


Recently, ISIS in Syria burned a Jordanian pilot alive, they do this all the time. Click here to see You Tube list of jihadis burning, hanging and drowning men, women and children. These acts are by our ‘allies’ who are fighting the much more liberal Assad government, of course. While this seething mess which began with the illegal US invasion of Iraq, has caused NATO nations to rise the ante with Russia, too, utterly for no sane reason and Putin today takes great pains to explain how the US, under Bush Jr, and then Peace Prize Pooch, Obama, created conditions to have WWIII with nuclear missiles.


From the London Daily Mail: the truth about Syria’s ‘rebels’ and terrorists attacking the EU.  The Berlin attacker was killed in Italy last night.



New York Times front page from today.  Very funny, NYT.


And from the London Daily Mail, what happens next when stupid  things happen.


The Nuclear Arms race began because of Bush Jr, not Putin.  This news is directly from Russia and  is not filtered by our madcap mass media lying machine that hasn’t run a true story about Russia in over a decade.


“The prerequisites for a new arms race were created after the US withdrew from the Anti-Ballistic Missile treaty. This is obvious,” he said on Friday during his annual Q&A session with the media.


Obvious to anyone but anyone in the US.  We live in this crazy house media bubble that is crooked and ugly and dirty and lying is such second nature to the creeps giving us news, they should be called ‘Fake News’.


Putin was referring to a key international agreement reached in 1972, under which the US and Soviet Union pledged not to undermine one another’s nuclear deterrent by developing the means to intercept each other’s intercontinental ballistic missiles.


I remember 1972!  Nixon was doubling  down in Vietnam and expanding the war there.  Already, deadly diseases were crawling out of the dense jungles and I nearly died of one of these when I was exposed to these germs while giving a Vietnam soldier on leave in San Francisco mouth to mouth resuscitation.


President George W. Bush’s administration withdrew from the ABMT in 2002, resulting in its termination. Russia has responded by taking measures to ensure that America’s antimissile shield won’t work well against Russian ICBMs, Putin explained.


The arms race was on.  On top of withdrawing unilaterally from this treaty, Bush Jr. also engineered false charges against Saddam and Iraq and then illegally invaded and murdered Saddam and destroyed Iraq which is still disintegrating badly and very violently.  Millions of people were displaced or killed and this is entirely and totally an absolute war crime.


It also laid the groundwork for WWIII which we see clearly today and the Democrats and Republicans who meet secretly mainly in Europe at Bilderberg meetings, have deliberately vilified Russia and pushed harder and harder for WWIII.


“When one party unilaterally withdrew from the treaty and said it was going to create an anti-nuclear umbrella, the other party has to either create a similar umbrella – the necessity of which we are not sure about considering its questionable efficiency – or create effective ways to overcome this anti-ballistic missile system and improve its strike capabilities,” Russia’s president told the journalists.


Putin is saying very clearly that the antimissile devices MAY NOT WORK so they are working on FIRST STRIKE ability especially now that Clinton, during the last debate, announced that she can nuke Russia in 4 minutes flat.  This was a slap across Russia’s face, a challenge, a THREAT.  And Putin moved as fast as possible to make this move very dangerous for the US.


“In Turkey, in Britain, in the Netherlands a replacement of American tactical nuclear weapons is underway,” he said, addressing a BBC correspondent, who asked about the nuclear issue. “I hope that your program audiences and internet users know about that.”


He is obviously being sarcastic here.  Duh.  The Brits better know this news, ditto, the suicidal, self-destructive Germans who are busy eradicating themselves…again!  The NATO nations which are moving troops to the border of Russia to menace Moscow are facing the wrong direction.


The danger is internal, the invasion is obvious, Europe is losing, big time.  And will be destroyed in the not too distant future.  This invasion of Europe is not what Russia wants at all.  Blaming Putin for the mess created by NATO and the Bilderberg gang is criminal, it is a war crime.


Russia has a right to be scared of NATO for Europe has a very nasty record when it comes to illegally attacking Russia.  Oh, about Boeing and its expensive jet:  Trump met with the Boeing executives and forced them to drop the price of the Presidential Jets.

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10 responses to “Bush Jr. Started New Arms Race In 2002 When US Withdrew From Anti-ballistic Missile Treaty

  1. Moe

    Reagan purportedly outspent the USSR in an arms race and consequently drove it into bankruptcy and disintegration (that’s the unofficial story, I’m a bit dubious). Now the shoe is on the other foot as Russians produce better quality arms at a fraction of the cost incurred by US. (Wikipedia: Russia spends 11% of US expenditure).

    Russia’s fear is that as the US lumbers toward state failure and attendant loss of empire, it will launch a war in desperation to retain its ascendancy. With the looney-toons in charge, they have legitimate concern.

  2. tio

    In other news, Barry gave Bibi the Bird at the UNSC. Merry Christmas.

  3. Christian W


    Obama refused to veto an UN resolution demanding a stop to illegal Israeli settlements.

    Israeli wrath has been tremendous. Israel demands complete obedience in all matters. Obama, who gifted the Aparteid state $38 billion, has been branded an anti-Semite for this act of independence.

    Trump in contrast has promised to be the supreme Israeli doormat and criticised Obama for showing a bit of spine for once.

  4. emsnews

    Remember, please, that Obama did the same kow tow when he ENTERED office. Doing this two weeks before leaving isn’t all that brave.

  5. Lou

    Reagan purportedly outspent the USSR in an arms race and consequently drove it into bankruptcy and disintegration (that’s the unofficial story, I’m a bit dubious).

    Indeed. I think part of the dissolution of the USSR was the increase in Muslim population [they breed like rats].

    Also with improved communication, the ‘Iron Curtain’ was not so impenetrable.

    Another theory is ‘The commies saw the capitalist had the goodies and wanted the goodies, which were unavailable with communism’.
    Hence, the Iron Curtain became passe.

  6. DeVaul

    @ Lou,

    Yes, that is the “official” story — that we “outspent” them. Russia and China are currently driving us into bankruptcy by NOT outspending us, so that theory does not hold water.

    You forgot to mention the massive disaster that became the Afghan War. That is what bankrupted the Soviet Union, as all resources were consumed by the military and then lost just as fast in Afghanistan. Disaffection with the war and all the body bags led their society to disintegrate from within, and unlike the West, they could not suck enough resources out of their vassal states to make up the difference.

    The same will happen to our empire in due time.

  7. Petruchio

    “Peace Prize Pooch, Obama,…” LOL!! Good one, Elaine.

  8. Lou

    Yes, that is the “official” story — that we “outspent” them. Russia and China are currently driving us into bankruptcy by NOT outspending us, so that theory does not hold water.

    –All depends on how much currency you print and how long the charade
    can go on for.

  9. emsnews

    I said that way way back in 1998. Yes, we ‘outspent’ the Dead Soviet State and then we went on this spending spree which continues unabated today. This is suicidal, of course.

  10. Lou

    This is suicidal, of course.

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