Israel and Russia: Struggle For Power Overseas Is Fought Here In US As Well


Like clockwork, the UN votes overwhelmingly for Israel to not build settlements on the West Bank and the US veto it until last night when Obama had the US abstain.  Russia voted for the resolution.  There are several things going on at the same time here that are contradictory and strange and chaotic and this is due to the fundamental contradictions inherent in the business of ‘what is Zionism?’ And how do we deal with demands for ethnic cleansing which is quite real in many places and all of which base this on Israel’s obvious example.  And the flip side to this are the demands that Europe and North Americans take in aliens who nearly uniformly demand they rule us not the reverse causing chaos, terror attacks, a collapse of social services, etc. in ‘first world nations’ of the EU and US.


The fundamental question is, how much longer will this bizarre mess continue before causing WWIII?  The answer is obvious to me but few others: it already is well inside the region of ‘WWIII’ and any event any sort at any time can confirm this with the mass launching of nuclear missiles.  Because of this hair trigger situation, we have to have leaders who won’t launch WWIII.  Anyone can do this, it is like falling off a cliff or falling asleep at the wheel.


When our media giants push for emotions and actions leading to WWIII, we are in a red hot danger zone and have been there for the last three months as media giants pushed for Hillary.  Meanwhile, Trump, whose family is married into a NYC Jewish family, was demonized by Jewish newspaper owners and writers in the mainstream as if he were ‘anti-Jewish’ even though this was obviously a blatant lie.


This is a key issue for Jews vote overwhelmingly, nearly uniformly, for the Democrats and NYC went for Hillary in a huge way.  They also voted twice for Obama.  And suddenly, at the last minute, Obama disobeyed them!  They are roaring mad about this.  Obama figures he can make many millions of dollars after the White House, lobbying.  I suspect he figures he doesn’t need Jewish lobby loot so he is kicking them in the shins.  But they can take revenge in their usual way: via the media which will now begin attacking him in insidious ways.



Screen shot of the news yesterday at the London Daily Mail:


HAHAHA.  Putin is a genius.  He knows how to play the Game of Drones.  He is in direct, military conflict with the Zionists and the Pentagon and Obama over the battles raging in Syria. And then plays this game with Trump.  I actually think that spreading some deliberate chaos in the news about these issues is inevitable since everyone has to play dangerous chess moves thanks to the Bilderberg gang freaking out over the ruination of their world domination plans thanks to Trump winning ‘unexpectedly’.


The stable of Jewish Zionists at the Washington Post are going crazy today about this news that Obama isn’t vetoing yet another UN resolution. This story claims falsely that ‘The United States made peace harder’ because of this!  At no point in time did the Jews wish resolution of the ‘conflict’ which is totally one sided with nuclear-armed Israel which leeches off of the US for money to run their unstable state.  They want the status quo of Israel power over the Muslims to continue forever.


It is doomed, of course.  Inevitably, doomed due to historical forces.  To relieve pressure on Israel, the Jews in Europe and the US decided to let a flood of angry Muslim males into Europe so they would fight there, not in Israel.  And it worked. The terrorists are ripping apart Europe rapidly!  Down side to this is, Europe is collapsing due to this and NATO protects Israel via controlling…TURKEY.


And what is Turkey doing today?  Cuddling up to Putin and Russia!  And growing very angry with Europe because the EU promised to take in all those angry Muslim males hammering at the door, and now is not doing this at all.  Just this week, Turkey growled that Europe better take in another million of these men or else.  I see NATO collapsing totally even as it balloons in size due to this issue.


All the Eastern European mini-states wanted to join NATO to put a stick in the eye to Russia.  They are all leeches and need the US to pay for everything and supply the arms and troops, too.  If Trump is buddies to Putin, they won’t be able to play the WWIII threat game with Russia to get more money from increasingly bankrupt US voters.


Here is the typical editorial from the entire editorial board of the Washington Post, screaming about how this is highly dangerous for the US to not obey Netanyahu’s orders.  The US is in trouble with Zionists.  The Zionist voters vote nearly uniformly for Democrats but this is OK with the GOP gang who collect bribes from Jewish media giants to stay in power and vote for Israel uniformly.  The lost votes are a tiny percentage of the overall votes, the Jewish power in the GOP arises from the media owners who hitherto, used to control all conversations about reality via propaganda efforts.

The Zionist propaganda about how Russia ran our election due to Hillary using unsecured computers which is against the law, continues at the WP as editorialists blame Putin for everything and want WWIII with Russia due to DNC stupidity with computers.  This desire for conflict and passing blame is not working because Trump doesn’t believe any of this and since there not even one bit of actual proof, obviously many citizens here don’t believe this, either.


And not surprisingly, this article in the WP claims that Europe ‘has a grim future with terrorists attacking all the time and it must be accepted as a fact of life’ which is insane since Jews have said openly that the solution to ‘terrorism by Muslims’ is…to lock them into ghettoes and build 50 foot tall walls around them and starve them to death a la Warsaw Ghetto as it was run by the Nazis.  And the Washington Post wants this dual solution: Europe and the US must let in millions of Muslim and Israel has the right to trap these same people inside tiny, poor, helpless ghettoes.screen-shot-2016-12-23-at-10-04-14-pm

And the above is news from Russia Today.  I like what Putin says to the US Democratic Party: you forgot what the name means.  That is, the Democrats are autocrats, ruled by a tiny elite who ignore the wishes of the lower levels of the party except briefly, during elections.  Then, they pretend to listen.  The US news media also pretended that the Syrians liberated by Putin and Assad were scared and unhappy.


But in Russian news, they are happy and the Russians give video evidence of this whereas the US propaganda shows buses filled with jihadists leaving and of course, they are unhappy.  But it doesn’t show people in the streets, unhappy because if they showed the actual people who are unhappy, they look like terrorists.  This may sound strange but the terrorists do have certain features in how they dress and act.  This is how the murderer of the Russian diplomat in Turkey succeeded, he disguised himself via dressing up and looking like a non-terrorist.


That is, wore western clothing and shaved his face. Now onto the New York Times front page where we can see this conflicting reality/desires out in the open:


I will note that the NYT, unlike the West Coast WP, is pussy footing around the Obama change of tactics.  Before this, Obama obediently vetoed everything the Jews wanted vetoed.  Now, as he leaves office, he does this without warning his pay masters, first.  They are very angry with him but the NYT supports all stories about how black politicians and voters are wonderful people and great allies to the Jews so they can’t go crazy over this news or it wrecks their other system to power: black voters who nearly uniformly vote for Zionist choices and are the bedrock voters for the Democratic Party.


The Democrats have a fight on their hands.  Since their main enemy is ‘white European males in America’ they ran a power structure based on pushing for women’s rights even when it wasn’t necessary and of course, keeping the black ghettoes happy and well-cared for via welfare promises and black elites by pushing them up the ladder and pushing white European males down the ladder.


This coalition is disintegrating.  White women, as they climb over white men on the ladder upwards, find out when they reach the top, they are alone.  This is a real problem, how do they get men to love them when they stomp on men?  It doesn’t work well.  And if they have sons, what then?  Do they crush them, make them work twice as hard as daughters and minority students to gain anything?


And then there are Asian children: they are increasingly discriminated against because they do very well when it comes to intellectual talents.  They do overwhelmingly better than any group in this regard and are a minority…but are treated like white males, that is, no help for them, the opposite, they are handicapped.


The Democratic answer to all this is to crush white males and Asians even further.  This is one reason why someone like Obama won’t enter the White House especially if, after we secure our borders, the Hispanic invasion ceases and things return to normal that is, citizens get to vote, not illegal aliens.


These forces at work are driving the DNC to openly push for war.  And the GOP leaders have their own reasons for WWIII, too.  They imagine they will win WWIII, not cockroaches.

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5 responses to “Israel and Russia: Struggle For Power Overseas Is Fought Here In US As Well

  1. Old Ari

    no, not even the cockroaches.

  2. This is a nice blog but please visit and read the new ultimate theory of human relativity exclusively on My Theory also give me some feedbacks as I am hungry for it.
    From your latest follower My Theory.

  3. Petruchio

    “And then there are Asian children: they are increasingly discriminated against because they do very well when it comes to intellectual talents.” Too many Americans have an almost immediate dislike towards people who appear to be intelligent and/or educated. This is one reason why “Dubaya” got elected. Georgie BOy Bush Jr. cultivated an image of NOT being educated or intelligent. I can recall Bush Jr. saying on more than one occasion that he has only ever read ONE book. I always thought people buying this “I’m-as-uneducated-as-you” routine of Bush’s was kind of amazing. Bush Jr. went to the elite prep schools like Andover, then got a 4 year degree from Yale AND then an M.B.A. degree from Harvard!! Yes, Bush Jr. got honorary degrees from all these places, but still, with that kind of education resume, it’s remarkable people would like Bush Jr. because he’s “one of them” among voters.
    FINALLY, I will wish everyone here a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

  4. Jim R

    Actually, cockroaches do pretty well in a WWIII scenario. They are quite resistant to radiation.

  5. ed

    “And if they have sons, what then?” snowflake them and encourage transgender therapy so they can be slaughtered by angry muslims.

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