Many Merry Christmas Brawls At Malls

These days, in public places, black mothers and their children end up creating chaos due to unrestrained fighting over nearly anything and everything even stupid, useless things like standing in line with very small children to see Santa Claus.  This video is from 5 years ago.  Since then, it has mushroomed.  A video of a Christmas Eve fight in The Mall at St Matthews is nearly identical and it was three years ago.  Santa’s booth mall fight – YouTube two years ago is also the same.  Many of these fights occurs around small children.  The other thing is, black mothers and their friends are initiating the fighting, not the children.

And from today’s news in England comes this story of what is happening in the US:  New Jersey, Alabama and Georgia malls end in brawls between last minute holiday shoppers | Daily Mail Online


Multiple security guards tried to intervene and were punched in the process.


Video shot by a witness captured the ordeal, which happened right near where a line of children were waiting to meet the mall’s Santa.


It is unclear exactly how many people were involved in the fight.


During much of Obama’s presidency, we have seen a steep rise in these sorts of fighting in public places.  Carnivals, fairs, shows, special events like Santa Claus times, anywhere public which attracts large crowds are now being attacked by large groups of minority people who can’t restrain themselves and end up fighting each other and anyone standing nearby.


A shocking number of these violent events happens at places designed to attract small children, not teens or adults.  The fights in these places are seldom initiated by small children or even large children.  They are launched by adults, often women.


In the Alabama incident, a fight erupted between two women but was soon broken up by multiple officers at the scene.  But another fight ensued between two different women.


Anyone watching videos of these ‘fights’ which are mainly yanking off each other’s fake hair, can see how one fight in a public place leads nearly instantly to people doing the same a few feet away and there is often no direct connection between the fights, it is just like a bell rings and everyone throws punches at the nearest person.


This is closely associated with the ‘knock out game’ which is all about going up to total strangers and hitting them for no reason at all.  The President of the United States and his wife who talk endlessly about racism and how oppressed blacks still are, never mention this constant hum of violence in public places that is causing many people to go to ever-greater lengths to avoid black people in public places.


Police investigate stabbing at Alderwood Mall; suspect in custody in a suburb of Seattle, WA.


Police believe the suspect and victim did not know each other.

‘Stabbing suspect in custody, victim to hospital. This appears to be an isolated incident – no known danger to public.  More to follow.’

The mall police struggled to stop the fighting.  Several shoppers who were quite big males assisted due to the fact that the minorities who were fighting each other, refused to stop fighting.


I see this in many, many videos now: no one surrenders.  The suspects resist arrest as much as possible to the point of even killing people.  I have made many, many citizen’s arrests years ago.  I always begin the process by announcing, ‘You are under arrest’.


This was due to the police being reduced to low levels by NYC going bankrupt plus the cops felt very unappreciated by liberals and liberal mayors in particular.


True fact: virtually everyone I arrested, didn’t resist arrest.  I was gentle with them and we discussed their problems and sometimes, they asked me for help later and I gave them help.  That is, turning their lives around.


Today, this is now impossible.  Instead of restoring order to minority neighborhoods, Obama and his wife signaled to them to resist arrest and pay no attention to anyone telling them to stop and sit down and be quiet.  Far from it.


Our schools where there are large numbers of minority students, are rapidly descending into this hell hole state where children are now trying to kill each other.


Last week, a Fight at Central High School in Capitol Heights leaves three hospitalized | Daily Mail in England reports.


An incredibly violent fight at a Maryland high school has left three students hospitalized.

Shocking footage shows the brawl at Capitol Heights’ Central High School, with students punching each other, hurling one another to the ground and screaming while adults try to stop them.

The fight broke out Friday when a group of African-American students attacked a group of Hispanic students, a school district spokesperson told Fox 5 . The school said the incident may have been racially motivated.

No one was arrested after the fight but the aggressors are believed to have been expelled. Three students were taken to the hospital and have since been released.

Massive fight at Maryland high school leaves 3 hospitalized.


When I googled this fight ‘Maryland school fight three stabbed’ I got this list!


There are so many identical stories from the same region, the new multiple stabbing didn’t even show up! This is a signal that something is very wrong here: social collapse.


The votes for Obama was in the hope he would turn this devolution into utter destruction around.  Instead, he fed the fires.  He encouraged it and enabled it and thought nothing of stopping it, he did the ultimate crime: he justified chaos in black communities claiming, this was caused by the distant past.  Not DNC policies.


Marriage: America’s Greatest Weapon Against Child Poverty


The Heritage Society graph shows clearly that all races are under the same destructive forces.  The single mother problem is a huge problem for all society.  And all the programs for single mothers makes…more single mothers.  This is due to the money flowing in this way: it causes things to grow, the more money spent.


I found this confounding article: Celebrating “Black Marriage Day” …I didn’t even know about this celebration day.  I never see it in the news.


 While a slew of other factors contribute to the African-American community’s troubles, it’s still not very hard to see that children are better off when brought up with two parents.


That all being said, Robert Reddick, author of A New Look at Black Families and a professor at the University of Texas-Austin argues that, due to the problems it has had keeping relationships together, the black community has adopted “alternate family forms” in a way others haven’t.


“Alternate family forms for black families have been in existence for quite some time now,” he told NPR on Thursday, “so there are a number of functional healthy two-parent sort of units raising children that aren’t married. So it’s not stigmatized to the level it may be in other communities for African-Americans.”


In the end, the choice is up to you. As long as you keep in mind that it’s always better for your children to be raised by two parents, how you go about making that work should be your decision, marriage or no.


This wishy-washy article isn’t a clarion call to change, it ends with a splat as the writer says, ‘Do whatever, who cares?  It doesn’t matter any.’  So, according to an ‘expert’ talking on public radio, unmarried couples are just fine.  And he praises black communities for ‘not stigmatizing’ it.


Why Black Marriage Day? | The Huffington Post actually asks this question oh-so-innocently.


Mainstream cultural cues mostly excluded blacks. No black Bachelors or Bachelorettes. Muhammad thought “27 Dresses” was a cute movie, but notes that the average black woman doesn’t have 27 married friends, much less has attended 27 weddings. When Muhammad spoke at Morehouse College, a distinguished all-male black college in Atlanta, Georgia, she asked the young men in the audience to name a song where a black man says “I love you” to a woman in the lyrics.


“They look baffled,” she says. “They couldn’t name one song. College students being nursed on music that offers sex without responsibility.”


Relationship stories in the black community typically center on “somebody did me wrong” or “woe is me,” she points out.


The ‘woe is me’ and ‘did me wrong’ is a blatant lie which doesn’t surprise me at all.  Everyone knows since Michael Jackson’s ‘I’m Bad’ all about being a nasty gangster running riot on the subways the same year I was fighting subway crime (he made the subways far more dangerous thanks to that stupid ditty!) black music has been all about being nasty, not nice.


From 1964 when I was only 14 years old, the #1 song that year:  The Dixie Cups – Chapel Of Love – YouTube

This music is a magic key: the year it came out, the destruction of black marriage began in ernest.  Slowly at first but rapidly wrecking everything in sight and now is approaching 100% destruction.  Instead of stopping this, Obama accelerated this process of social destruction, alas.

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35 responses to “Many Merry Christmas Brawls At Malls

  1. I am always amazed at how black mothers will toss infants aside/to the floor,to someone else/ to the curb/so they can attack another black mother.

  2. Lou

    “Alternate family forms for black families have been in existence for quite some time now,” he told NPR on Thursday,–Why waste time at NPR?
    What Blacks are doing is genetically programmed.
    I watched a clip of Michelle Obama on Tv. She cant remember how long she had been married nor the year that she got married. No love in that marriage.

    ‘Black mothers and their children’–actually Black men are more dangerous. They cause most murders in the USA.

    Blacks in America are desperate to downplay and conceal the skyrocketing levels of Black-on-Black crime that occurs each and every day in America. They don’t want Whites to discover what little value ‘African-Americans’ place on the lives of their own people. They want Whites agitated over the relatively few Blacks that are gunned down each year by police officers as compared to the massive numbers of Blacks who are annually gunned down by their own kind.
    This helps to explain why Blacks get irritated, sometimes almost violent, when the issue of Black-on-Black murder rate is brought up in any discussion. They don’t want Whites to know the truth and, if they do, they engage in all sorts of mental gymnastics to explain it all away.
    But it can’t be explained away. It must be confronted and dealt with. Its racial and cultural implications must be explored – and this is something that both White liberals and Blacks radicals never want to happen.

    Report on Ctown—-over 3500 shot, 691 dead, in Chicago so far this year, not including 4 more today. 700 seems attainable, despite 1dC temp. in the city tomorrow.
    Its odd, when the MSM are doing these ‘LEGACY’ interviews with Obama, carnage in Chicago is never mentioned.

  3. Lou


    ‘The Dark Side of Man’
    ‘The Bell Curve’
    ‘White Girl Bleed a lot’

  4. Anonymous

    Merry Christmas, Elaine.

  5. Moe

    Ever the optimistic egalitarian, I discounted racial explanations for ethnic behavior differences for a long time. I had exposure to white misfits during my early life: misanthropes, criminal elements, sociopaths. But nothing prepared me for the societal degeneration of US Blacks or the Middle East/North African Muslim insanity.

    Well, no more. After a two decade perusal of Muslim extremism, I am more convinced of a cultural effect on evolution and the primary element of behavior residing in genetic predisposition. Not all followers of Islam might follow the extremism displayed in the Middle East, especially among Wahhabists. But I can only deal with what I discern.

    I’m coming around the the views expressed by John Derbyshire, as penned at the Unz review.

  6. Ken

    I’m surprised that these videos are available in the US at all. The fact that Elaine must go to British news sources seems completely logical given the current climate of political correctness.

    I first noticed a trend when I was in college in the 1970s, although it may have started earlier. Back then blacks were generally not accepted in society. The liberal line at the time was that if only white people personally knew more black people the problem would go away. However, it did not. Just the opposite. I knew many suburban white kids who had idealistic and sympathetic views about blacks until they actually met them for the first time in college. The more integration, and the more interaction between whites and blacks, the more whites seemed to conclude that the negative stereotypes about blacks were based in reality.

    Excuses about why blacks behave badly due to the taint of ancient slavery and Jim Crow laws did not seem to sway the white population. They seemed to be more concerned with the fact that the negative stereotypes were true, rather than excuses for bad behavior.

    As a result, liberals changed their tactics. Instead of arguing that the negative stereotypes are untrue (which was not possible), or making excuses for the bad behavior, liberals started making it politically incorrect to even acknowledge that negative stereotypes existed.

    If no one could talk about the problem, then the problem did not exist. Perception is reality for most people, and if no one talked about black problems, then they must not have any problems. And if they don’t have any problems there is no reason not to accept them fully into every aspect of society and every neighborhood. Interracial relationships were encouraged for the first time. There was no reason not to do so.

    Basically, the liberals invented “fake news.” All of a sudden criminals could not be described in reports of the crimes they committed. Statistics unfavorable to the black community were buried. TV shows, advertisements and news articles featured only middle class blacks with values identical to the general population.

    The videos Elaine posts undercuts this fake news approach. I am not surprised that she cannot re-locate them, and that she must go overseas to get the news. America is deep into a politically correct cover up, and Elaine is bucking the system. Again.

  7. Claudeeyah

    Western civilization is incompatible with Muslim and African civilization. You have to recognize racial differences, whether it is PC or not. In a nutshell, you have an African continent that had many of its inhabitants never venture forth to the other continents and who remained content for the occasional wilderbeast to wander by, haplessly, or the coconut to fall listlessly down from a tree for the African to enjoy effortlessly.

    No, it took the adventurous tribes who ventured forth, conquering other continents, who over thousands upon thousands of years risked freezing to death if they could not figure out how to keep warm during the Ice Age (think the invention of fire, etc.), forming what we now know to be early city states.

    We have been operating under the delusion that all races share the same IQ (surprise!!!….they don’t!!!) and now we have individuals roaming about, dressed (somewhat) in Western garb and committing atrocious acts of violence and mayhem.

    Look, it isn’t hard, folks…..where you have Africans, you have……..ahem…………AFRICA. Surprise!

    Merry Christmas to Elaine and to all you loyal readers! Happy Kwanza to the Africans in America and Happy Hannukah to the (((ones )))who direct them to destroy Western civilization. You’re doing a fantastic job, guys!

    PS….to the (((tribe)))…..There are still a few cities that are prosperous and thriving in America. Get to work immediately to burn and destroy them!

  8. melponeme_k

    Merry Christmas!

    The populace is egged on to craziness over junk made by foreign slave labor purchased by slave labor (themselves). The elite love the violence it fits in with their ancient Saturnalia rites. They want continual city skirmishes, that gives them the ability to put us all under house arrest

    I found the following video of Camille Pagilia speaking about sex differences.

    I vaguely remember her from the 90s. The media turned her into this semi-sex pot, lipstick lesbian who liked men and said that women can’t be Mozart. LOL. I just remember thinking she was a little batty and spoke too fast. But now, getting on in years, I think she speaks pure reason. She isn’t anti-woman or anti-man but pure humanist. I like her.

  9. Petruchio

    HaHaHAHAHA!! I like the way the “Security” Guards show up the second after the fight is over. LOL. They were likely watching the fight from a distance, waited for it to be over–then showed up. But seriously, you can’t really blame the security guards for wanting NO part of the brawl. They probably make 9-10 bucks an hour. The security guards are right; they don’t get paid enough to break up fights, especially if it involves blacks. The folks upset with the lax security guards should get upset with….MANAGEMENT. These are the guys who actually decide what level of security to have at THEIR Mall.
    I ‘m reminded of he recent shooting death of the (black) former NFL’er in New Orleans. Gets into a minor fender bender with another (black) driver. Heated argument ensues, the drivers get out of their cars, the guns come out. The shooting starts. The ex-NFL’er is shot once in the front and EIGHT times in the back. This shooting is a good example of the level of anger and violence in the black community. This is why, when I see these commercials on TV showing how smart and caring and Family oriented blacks are I want to puke. Imho, it takes a special kind of hatred for black people to portray such an obviously false image.

  10. emsnews

    Hair trigger rage isn’t a ‘black thing’ but rather, is LEARNED. Look, my own ancestors were nasty, nasty people no one was happy to see the sails appear on the horizon, they screamed and ran for the hills and then these obvious murderous savages would jump out of their boats and go around stealing and killing.

    And then eventually became rulers and…same story, no? Yes. Then these same savages learned how to read and write and make laws and so forth…took many centuries, many, many years!

    Then we compare this with say, China. A vast, ancient civilization that went into hell and back again over and over again, the latest time in darkness was under Mao after the EU destroyed China’s civilization and then WWII and Japanese occupation, China went through 200 years of pure hell and today is one of the major manufacturing nations with a very high level of education, etc.

    Up and down goes cultures and civilizations. No one is perfect or has a perfect record.

  11. Lou

    How many generations back was your Mister Steele?

    China went through 200 years of pure hell and today is one of the major manufacturing nations with a very high level of education, etc.—–

    China is worse now. Chinese have always valued education, at least for the boys and men. Black Africa never made many inventions [= civilization]
    like Chinese did.
    Want to know how intelligent a race is? Look at its inventions and civilization. Africa = Congo. Spears and cannibals. Where you have Africans, you have Africa [Chicago, for instance].

  12. Lou

    Blacks have high testosterone and low IQ.
    Black women have higher testosterone than Yellow women.

  13. Petruchio

    @#11 Elaine: Do you REALLY see American blacks becoming Rulers????!!!! Are you serious?? What is your explanation for the murders of MILLIONS of black Africans by their fellow blacks the Hutu’s? The Somalis? Are you still living in the Age of Aquarius? As far as your Viking/Anglo-Saxon heritage goes, how is that working out for them now? The British Empire crashed and burned because they came VERY close to losing World War 1. I guess they weren’t ruthless enough, huh? Now they are so far in debt to the Chinese, they are NEVER going to escape!.
    It’s just my opinion, but you should focus on is whether black people in the USA can UN-learn their behavior. What will have to change? Well, blacks are going to have to stop listening to the violent, sexist music they love. They are going to have to stop making babies and have the Fathers disappearing. They are going to have to stop thinking of violence as a first resort instead of a last resort. And that’s just for starters/

  14. emsnews

    My point is, the uncivilized and very, very violent Vikings ended up being ‘civilization’ but only after doing many hideous things to everyone, all over the place across much of Eurasia and into even Africa and the New World.

    They were a nasty bunch! And then ended up being ‘civilization’. You never know!

  15. emsnews

    Recently, the BBC has a new War of the Roses Shakespeare thing going on. I watch them all, every creation of this story over and over again because it reminds me about how nasty my own family was back then after around 500 years of ruling England, were still very savage.

    Watch how people are executed, tortured, children brutally killed, peasants being peasants, get the most unpleasant treatments and the people at the top slaughter each other with joy and furious hate…quite epic, indeed.

    Compare this to the royal family today: weaklings. Helpless, prissy, tottering around with many servants keeping reality at bay, good lord, a bunch of weaklings. Compare these to Richard III.

    RULERS DON’T NEED TO BE SMART…they need to be clever which is different. And have a horse when in battle, of course. 🙂

  16. pontiff holysh*t

    Horses are no match for machine guns.

  17. emsnews

    I know, King Richard III learned that the hard way (the evolution of cannons coincided with the War of the Roses).

  18. floridasandy

    they have to fix Chicago first. I think Ben Carson was a very good choice.

    More senseless killing in the windy city.:

  19. melponeme_k


    I get the unearthing of the True King from the parking lot caused a lot of sleepless nights in the palace of the pretenders. LOL. I wish I could have been a fly on the wall then. They think just because they denied him the rights to Kingship burial won’t stop his curse. WRONG. HAHAHAHA

    I love it when magical thinking people get their backsides handed to them.

  20. Lou

    RULERS DON’T NEED TO BE SMART–Rulers just need submissive subjects.

  21. Lou

    Baltimore is up to 316 murders for the year (344 last year!)
    while Chicago had over 40 shot over the Christmas weekend with 11 killed.

    These folks dont have the DNA to build civilizations. BUT they do have the testosterone to destroy civilizations.
    Also they make lousy leaders.
    Gandhi wanted Indians to avoid them. He had lived in Africa.
    A statue of him was to be installed in South Africa. Then the truth was learned and –bingo–no statue. Haha.

  22. Petruchio

    Elaine: the Vikings were ultra violent for a brutal, but logical reason: Conquest and all that goes with it. Money. Power. Land. Now…..what do American blacks use as a reason for their violent, brutal behavior? The TINIEST (perceived) slight. An ex-NFL’er is shot 9 times over a minor fender bender that escalated from there. In other words, Pride. The unwillingness to “put up” with even the appearance of being ‘dissed’. A willingness to IMMEDIATELY fight at the drop of a hat. (BTW: this makes them very vulnerable in any conflict. All you have to do is ‘dis’ them and off they go.) I believe I get your point–which works when you talk about Vikings, but not with American blacks, imho.
    Final point. MY ancestors were Vikings too. Maybe yours and mine were shipmates as the Vikings went marauding through France and Britain??

  23. emsnews

    Whoa! Um…I recall that the ruling class of Europe and the early US all the way until the Civil War, would DUEL.

    There were lots and lots and lots of these, over tiny ‘slights’ very tiny slights. Anything would lead to a duel. Literature of the 19th century was filled with stories about these duels.

    Back in the middle ages, a knight would ‘THROW DOWN THE GAUNTLET’ if ‘insulted’ or any perceived diss. They would fight to the death, early on, via horseback with spear, sword and shield and then when guns came around, via shooting at a dozen paces.

    It was shockingly common. Happened to my own family more than once.

  24. Petruchio

    A typical duel-in reality- often never even heard a shot fired from either Party. The Point of Honor standard was met just by showing up and being ready to duel. There was Social Pressure on men of a certain class to defend their ‘honor’. You are thinking of duels like between Aaron Burr and Alexander Hamilton. Read Gore Vidal’s book on Burr. Hamilton fired first and that was accidentally, so Burr felt compelled to shoot back. We all know the result. BTW; they used to publish a list in those days of people who were crack shots with a pistol (Burr was on this list), very important information to know if you planned on dueling with someone. As for sword dueling, it often was a “first blood” duel. As for the Knights of Olde, they fought for a mercenary reason, NOT because they were ‘dissed’. The better they were as fighters, the more valuable they would be to whatever Lord or Prince or King that would hire them. Fighting was how they made their living-and it also helped the Knight’s marriage prospects It often was nothing personal against their opponent. Add to this the fact that there were no Courts of Law to speak of and you had a take-the-law-into-your-own-hands situation.

  25. emsnews

    WHAT? You have to be kidding?

    Um, NOPE. Trust me on this issue. Not only did people duel, they also fought other people because they LIKED DOING THIS.

    I come from this class. For fun, I would put on real medieval armor and then go out and spend my weekend, slugging away at mostly men, fighting for fun. It was great fun, I miss doing it. Rats.

    But my ancestors loved fighting. They didn’t stop with ‘civilization’ when Europe became too civilized (hahaha) they came to the New World and deliberately lived on the frontier so they could…fight!

    When with the natives here in the New World, they would stand up to the warriors and do…duels! Yes, duels. And when in ‘civilization’ they did the same thing: duels over honor issues.

    As for ‘take the law in your own hands’ ahem: this is why my family came to New Holland: they were the law wherever they lived and when Parliament made life less fun, they came over here to live wild.

  26. emsnews

    By the way, one didn’t have to kill to have ‘honor’ just have the opposite side surrender (remember: wounds were often fatal, by the way). To people who are accustomed to fighting, to surrender is very painful. It is worse than death to many proud warrior types.

    The Real Rulers today are mostly chickens who can’t fight their way out of a paper bag, by the way. I despise most of them for this.

  27. Lou

    500 showed because a brawl had been promised.
    Since people will riot when food is available.

  28. Lou

    ‘Queen’ Latifah car jacked.

  29. Petruchio

    @#27 and @#28 Elaine: What are your sources for your death statistics for dueling? I’ll just mention that there are always people out there who like to kill. But enough of that. Getting back to the point I was making about today’s black violence being different than the violence of the days of Olde. Did you by any chance notice the death toll over the weekend in Chicago? The latest numbers I have are 61 dead and over 200 injured. Just one weekend!! Of course!! People have been killing each other for all of History!! Cain slew Abel, the very first murder. Elaine, you’re trying to make the connection that the current black-on-black violence is typical. It’s kind of like saying the 1906 San Francisco earthquake is typical. Yes it happened, but typical? No. Also: as you may know, dueling was outlawed when Burr and Hamilton dueled. Burr was a Vice President facing murder charges because of it. I have always thought Dick Cheney should meet the same fate. Fat chance.

  30. Lou

    Elaine, you’re trying to make the connection that the current black-on-black violence is typical.–It is typical of Blacks.

  31. emsnews

    Holy moly…Did the kings and queens of old England keep dueling records? HAHAHA. Did ANYONE at any time do this? How many duels happened in the Wild Wild West where incidentally, my family lived all the time even as the wild west moved west, they did too.

    Why? Ah…so no one would interfere with stuff including exactly that stuff. Recall, please, old movies about gun fights…yes, people were very touchy back then, insults were fixed via violence.

    NO one has to believe me, of course, denial of history is due entirely to the fact that history is whatever people want it to be. Examples of ‘people hidden from sight and never in history’ is a mile long and a mile deep. 90% of what happens in the past is hidden and not recorded.

    I know about the Wild Wild West due to my grandfather having many old, ancient even, friends who lived in the Wild Wild West from BEFORE the Civil War (my godmother, for example) who also lived in Japan when it opened to America…in 1859 she lived there and even went to the palace because the Emperor wanted to see a blonde baby girl…

    I knew these people who told me many stories and this, not ‘history books’ told me what it was like.

    Good lord, just knock into my grandmother when walking the boardwalk in Old Tucson would be highly dangerous later on…A bit no-no for any cowboys or lay abouts.

  32. emsnews

    Something else here: my family loved the Wild Wild West. I grew up at the tail end, the very bitty tail end of that and…I am rather like my ancestors in that I enjoyed living in places that were ‘wild’ which is why I ended up in Brooklyn in a high crime area and took over…violently.

    Yes, organizing a posse and taking prisoners sometimes with rather a bit of violence. I thought it was fun. Now I live in a place where people are careful with each other due to everyone being more or less heavily armed.

    True, we don’t have crime hardly at all (steal from a neighbor is highly dangerous here) but this is due to a long, long time of learning the ‘rules of the road’ out here.

    Blacks, on the other hand, have many who came from Haiti and other places nearby that had violent slave revolts and they are still unable to cope with the fall out of that and…we have lots of crime.

    NORMALLY, it would have faded fast and people would not press their luck if whites in the east coast and west coast cities knew how to live in the Wild Wild West.

    I grew up with zero police, I was the police and made my first gun-totting arrest at age 11. Yes, kiddies on ranches could do this, it is easier than pushing 2,000 lb mammals around. Humans are small. And not as nasty as say, Gila Monsters which are poisonous.

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