Pentagon, Presidents Never Change: All End Up War Criminals (Reliving 1972)

Mahler: Symphony No. 3 / Bernstein · Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra -I discovered this symphony in 1965 as I belonged to this Classical Music record club and they sent me Mahler’s tragic music, one symphony at a time.


This terrible picture is from 1972…Below is a 1972 story from the NYT about Pentagon Paper bomb facts…This happened AFTER the Pentagon Papers revealed the truth.


As we approach the New Year, we are simultaneously in the deep, dark past.  That is, the US military/war machine continues to make the same mistakes over and over and over again as US diplomacy does the dumbest things on earth to insure we never learn from past mistakes and the only difference between 1965 and 2016 is the names of some of the stupid people who seem unable to learn a blasted thing from history.  U.S. Eye in the Sky Glares at ISIS as Battle Brews in Syria the New York Times reports:


American commanders said the aerial surveillance and bombing campaign targeting the Islamic State in Iraq could play an even greater role in Syria. The air war will support fighters on the ground in the looming offensive to retake Raqqa, the terrorist group’s capital in Syria.


I read the news this morning and had a very serious flashback to the dim past when I was only 15 years old.  I lived in the flight pattern of all the military jets where pilots trained for the Vietnam air war.  It was super easy to figure out via the racket the jets made, if the Pentagon was planning an air war major attack.  On top of that, Kennedy was recently assassinated and everyone (like say, my own father) was extremely paranoid and so I was paranoid, too.


I was already openly spying on my own father by 1965 and was still living at home (couldn’t live there after 1967) and still relatively naive unlike by 1967 when I began to seriously put together a number of top US government secrets (again, the top one being figuring out nearly every detail of ‘Operation Paperclip’ from WWII).  Figuring out what the hell our own government was doing was dangerous but I figured, being a child, I could get away with this.


So, one of my survival games was to track military air traffic and then figure out what they were really up to.  These jets flew over my high school.  The more jets=the harder to hear teachers or think.  I knew from via my own father who was highly connected, what it meant when many jets took off from Davis Montana Air Base.  So I didn’t ignore them.


I could tell when the air war in Vietnam rose due to this noisy flying around Tucson.  Later, during the Vietnam war, there were two places I gathered information about what was really going on: my work at the Free Clinic in Berkeley and…working in a stripper bar.


For example, I learned about Agent Orange back in 1969 via a client in the clinic who was shaking like a leaf and seemed to be suffering from nerve damage.  When he told me he just came back from Vietnam, we chatted about that place so I could figure out what was wrong with him.


I said finally, ‘Tell me a funny story’ to get his guard down a bit.  So he told me how, when he and his crew were trapped at an isolated base and called in for help, the Air Force sent in some Agent Orange planes to strip down the jungle.  Instead of dumping it on the jungle, as a joke, they dumped it on him and his fellow soldiers.  ‘The worst part was, we had only drinking water and couldn’t wash it off.’


I jumped up at this and asked him to sit there and wait and ran off to the doctors, not the therapists and said, ‘We have a soldier with CHEMICAL POISONING HERE.  He needs help, badly.’  From that day forwards, the Pentagon had no excuse for using this dangerous toxin in Vietnam only…the media and Pentagon ignored us when we all made a lot of noise about Agent Orange.  It took years to get it to stop.


In 1986, a military man who was now working at teaching at a university, wrote a paper about the disastrous bombing theory application in Vietnam called :Rolling Thunder 1965: Anatomy of a Failure.  Sigh.  I basically wrote about this many years previously, gave speeches about it since at least 1968 onwards.  I yelled about it.  Not just me, a host of us yelled about it, people who were risking careers and prison time, yelled about this.  WE were called ‘traitors’ and punished, imprisoned, abused by our own ‘government’.  It was one royal, long, bitter, hard battle and students died here in the US like when this insane bombing program was enlarged illegally and secretly into Cambodia, for example.


A note about sources. The richest source of unclassified original documents concerning the Vietnam War is the so-called Pentagon Papers. Collections of these documents and accompanying analyses have been published in three different versions, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. I have used two versions to document this paper. The first is the official government version, properly titled United States-Vietnam Relations 1945–1967 and published by the Government Printing Office. I have also used a version produced by the New York Times entitled The Pentagon Papers. When using these references, I have cited the actual documents (letters, memos, etc.) contained in the reference, where appropriate. In those cases where a specific document is not cited, the citation refers to the analysis portion of the reference.


Pentagon Papers was the top secret inside the Pentagon information examining in detail, the Vietnam War unfolding disaster.  Daniel Ellsberg who worked for the CIA’s top secret RAND Corporation business managed to slip out the true information about the war in Vietnam and release it to the public.


The government tried to put Ellsberg in prison for life but it was tossed out of court by an angry judge.  The key factor in all this was obvious: there was zero reason to make this information ‘top secret’.  The long, twisted road to Nixon’s impeachment and removal started with illegal attempts on framing Ellsberg and preventing anyone from knowing what was really going on in Vietnam.


I was immensely pleased when Ellsberg did this for it proved us right.  We were right from Day One!  How about that?  Did we win a prize, get honored for this?  HAHAHA.  Bitterly laughing about all this.  A number of us were very, very young when we went forth to fight the State.  A terrible number went crazy and joined the communists and became Maoists, for example.


I hated the Maoists from day one, too.  And it was richly ironic that when Madame Mao was arrested, the Chinese asked to live with me and learn stuff that might interest them.


Time to go to the NYT machine.  From June, 1972, now that Nixon is President, the NYT ran this story:  U.S. Waging Wider Air War Than in ’68 – The New York Times, using information from the Pentagon Papers, did this story examining the entire mess.


WASHINGTON, June 9 —United Statet military leaders are being permitted to wage the air war as they want in Indochina—sealing off North Vietnam’s coast and harbors with mines, followed by the systematic and relatively unre stricted destruction of military and industrial targets through out the country.


President Nixon’s two‐month old air war differs in major respects from the three‐and‐a half‐year bombing campaign waged by his predecessor, Lyndon B. Johnson, When Mr. Johnson was President, he and his senior advisers, in their phrase, “dribbled out” targets chosen at their luncheon meet ings, usually held on Tuesdays.


And what did Nixon do?  He decided to do the Tuesday meetings every day, instead.  Full speed ahead in the bombing and to hell with international laws, sanity, death and destruction, futility, student rebellions at home, black people burning down our cities in riots…the war was relentless, stupid and hideous.


In the current effort, as before, there are restricted zones at Hanoi and Haiphong as well as a so‐called buffer zone along the China border that is about 25 miles deep. On the other hand, the military commanders are free to strike designated’ military targets in the restricted and buffer zones whenever they feel the need to do so. More important, they have been per mitted to restrike these targets to maintain their destruction.


Note from this article from back then, how casually the Pentagon and Nixon decided to bomb RIGHT ON CHINA’S BORDER! What the hell???  Talk about insane.  It was very, very insane.  We were 4 minutes away from full nuclear war…wait!  We are today, ask Hillary the fake liberal about this.


While most senior military leaders are optimistic, some of those interviewed on the bombing campaign are uncertain whether American air power can reduce the flow of supplies ‘overland from China to the point where Hanoi can no longer effectively prosecute the war in the South.


The Joint Chiefs of Staff, it is understood, have made no promises to cripple North Vietnam’s war ‐making capability within a given period. “There have been no specifics along this line,” an officer familiar with their thinking said. “There are too many unpredictables.”


The #1 ‘unpredictable’ was nuclear WWIII.


Unlike the shifting objectives of President Johnson’s campaign, which bore the code name Rolling Thunder, the goals of this air war are simple in concept.


More photos from the US bombing of this village in 1972.  The baby is dead.


You see, Rolling Thunder was limited.  Nixon’s new conception was unlimited.  LBJ wanted to avoid WWIII.  Nixon dared Russia and China to launch WWIII.  This drove me nuts back then.  How dangerous was this game?  How about insanely dangerous!  Sound familiar today?  Time for Hillary to joke about launching nuclear warheads in four minutes.


Nixon Administration officials say they intend to deny North Vietnam any sea‐borne goods that are essential to its long term war effort. About 85 per cent of the 2.2 million tons it received last year from China, the Soviet Union and Eastern European countries arrived by sea, most through the now mined port of Haiphong. American military leaders say the mining is reasonably effective.


We learned that the Vietnamese then moved everything overland via Cambodia which led to the illegal bombing of Cambodia.  Which was supposed to be ‘secret’ of course.  It was no secret to the Cambodian people.  I learned about it from Paris, France.  The vast majority of Americans got their news only from US news media which was worthless news.


That is, Fake News as our lying media giants continue this tradition of lying to people to this very day.  For example, when we, the students, discovered the Real News that Nixon was bombing Cambodia illegally, we demonstrated against this immediately before the US media could even figure out what we were yelling about!  Nixon even claimed we were lying when we were telling the truth.


American and South Viet namese fighter‐bombers are flying more than 15,000 sorties a month there (a sortie is a flight by a single aircraft), and the six‐engine B‐52 bombers, each of which normally carries about 24 tons of bombs, are averaging about 75 strike sorties a day.


That brings back memories.  Anyone questioning this on the left was called a ‘commie’ and yes, some really were commies.  But most of us were not commies.  I certainly was not one.  Yes, I did live in communes but this was to pay for school for housing was expensive and being in a commune was cheap.  One drawback: I am a clean freak and some would be filthy thus leading to certain conflicts.  Ahem.


The Pentagon denied they were doing all this in public, we had to figure it out via foreign news which one could gather from various places with great difficulty: short wave radio, some very rare news stands in NYC and DC that carried foreign papers and various embassies if one was connected.


The goals are these:

¶A dearth of supplies will re strain Hanoi’s onslaught in the South, particularly the advanced warfare ‘with tanks and the lavish use of artilllery and rockets that have prevailed since the offensive began at the end of March.


¶Sagging morale in the North caused by hunger and the hard ships of constant bombing will force the North Vietnamese leadership to sue for peace in Paris on Mr. Nixon’s terms. The President, senior officers say, has given the military a reasonably free hand in the North to achieve those objectives.


AKA: kill civilians in horrible ways.  Standard procedure since WWII.  Everyone does this now, nonstop, all the time.  Read the foreign news today and it is filled with ‘civilians butchered via air attacks’ every day from somewhere on this planet.


Under the code name Operation Linebacker, in deference to Mr, Nixon’s enthusiasm for football, the air war got under way in three phases. It began with strikes throughout the North Vietnamese panhandle below the 20th parallel on April 6, moved into high gear with a spectacular raid by B‐52’s and fighter‐bombers against petro leum tank farms in the Haiphong and Hanoi areas on April 16, and then settled into sustained campaign with the President’s announcement of the mining of the ports on May 8.


To minimize civilian casualties, the listed targets are of a military or industrial nature. Pentagon spokesmen decline to answer questions about such casualties. There appears to be less concern with the civilians this time in view of the freedom given the air commanders and the attempt to cut off food clothing and medical supplies.


And it is standard operating procedure to this very day.  Look at Syria.  Or US support in arms and on the ground assistance to Saudi attacks on Yemen civilians.


The main tactical purpose of the bombing has been to keep the railroads from China cut and to destroy as much petroleum as possible. The power plants are being knocked out to impose hardship on the cities and impede the air‐defense system.


Again: kill the civilians.


If the North Vietnamese, as they are expected to, begin a full‐fledged operation to truck supplies down the roads from China and to move materiel by barge along the waterways, the brunt of the bombing will fall on those, which are much more difficult to hit.


The advances in American technology since the 1965‐68 campaign are encouraging military leaders. Such students of air power as Robert B. Hotz, editor in chief of Aviation Week and Space Technology, believe that Operation Linebacker is a case example of technological advances making possible a major foreign ‐policy decisions by a President.


Good grief to hell and back again.  The air war was a total failure.  It stopped nothing.  It degraded US power, the all-important moral power, the controversy about bombing Hiroshima and Nagasaki still rebounds to this day and is the #1 reason why even dictators hesitate to use nukes.


The most striking advance is the availability of laser‐guided bombs of 500 to 3,000 pounds, which can be directed with a precision only dreamed of in the past.


We are using these in Iraq and Syria, for example.  Yes, they ‘work’ but they solve nothing for war isn’t ‘blow up everything’ war is all about winning hearts and minds and if you bomb someone and then don’t win that part, you don’t win.  In Japan, the US rebuilt Japan and then let Japan enter US markets in one way trade and thus, the Japanese were quite happy since they basically won WWII in this oddball fashion.  Ditto in spades with Germany.


Secretary of Defense Melvin R. Laird’s surprise announcement before the House Appropriations Committee Monday, that war costs might double during the fiscal year beginning July 1—to $10‐billion to $12 billion—is considered only a preliminary projection. Some Congressional observers think the figure may run higher.


The military effectiveness of further escalating the air war by dispatching more aircraft is questioned by some senior officers. They note that commanders already have authority to strike meaningful military targets and the aircraft to make’ the attacks.


“The President is retreating on the ground and advancing in the air,” a Congressional student of military affairs said. “He’s told the Air Force and Navy to go ahead and do their stuff. They’ll prove themselves one way or the other this time.”


All this was back in the 1970’s!  And every argument and every ‘tool’ is nearly identical to today’s news and tools and arguments!  The Pentagon has learned absolutely nothing.  We have a literal army of ‘military historians’ in and out of the Pentagon and precious few are able to see anything due to blinders on the eyes.  They love air warfare.  A great deal!  This is how they used to drop nuclear bombs!


Long distance killing run from the Pentagon is tons of fun…oh, look, the Muslim fighters nearly destroyed the Pentagon on 9/11.  Wow.  Air warfare works.  It caused the US to enter a dozen ill-fated air wars that cost billions and billions and did nothing to change ‘facts on the ground’.

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12 responses to “Pentagon, Presidents Never Change: All End Up War Criminals (Reliving 1972)

  1. Moe

    The Vietnam war proved to me that the US government cared not a whit for the public’s opinion, aside from the need to continuously propagandize their warcrime efforts to allay resistance. It was remarkable to me that greater numbers of citizens failed to reject the war effort.

    On a positive note, compare the US mass media’s reputation today: it is in tatters. A large constituency now fail to reflexively believe the ‘Talking Heads’. (May they all fall to the guillotine, or its equivalent).

    For a long time I’ve been impulsed to attest: “Something evil this way comes”. It has come, and continues to this day. This is reflective of the real nature of the world’s true leaders, the reputed ‘Deep State’, Bilderbergers, etc. As I’ve opined before, I believe them to be Satanic, in both the literal and figurative meaning of the word. All resistance to their effort is in service to humanity.

    Kudos to Elaine for her long-drawn and ongoing effort to defeat them.

  2. emsnews

    There is these deadly dragons which dwell deep in hidden caves all over the earth, some swim the seas in the utter dark and we cannot see nor hear them until magicians summon these dragons to attack us and the only warning we will get is less than one hour to kiss our asses goodbye.

    This is what all elections across the planet are all about: how do we prevent these damn dragons from coming to life and attacking us all? For even people far from the dragon’s breath still can die from the miasma of its deadly breath!

  3. Jim R

    One thing that has recently changed is that some of those little helpless countries the Pentagon used to bomb with impunity, now have air defense systems of one sort or another.

    In 2014 the CIA-installed putsch government of the Ukraine started dropping cluster bombs and whatnot on its eastern provinces, in what would have been an old fashioned genocide campaign. They thought it would be like the former Yugoslav republics in the 1990s. But the militias were able to knock down helicopters and other war planes with modern portable air-defense systems. MANPADS. That one change reduced the whole thing to a ground war, which the Novorossian militias can win.

    Thus far, Syria has not ordered NATO warplanes to leave, but that may yet happen. Air defenses are being deployed, and they are vastly better than the ones from the 20th century.

  4. emsnews

    Yes, and this is normal, this evolution of defense and offense. This is why using gold plated equipment to attack can quickly bankrupt a nation. Historically, more money has been spent on defense (castles being a major example here).

  5. tio

    Presidents change but the snakes remain.

    Henry Kissinger: President Johnson’s Benedict Arnold's-benedict-arnold
    {The politically ambitious Kissinger—a protégé of New York Governor Nelson Rockefeller—was then a trusted advisor to Democratic President Lyndon Johnson at the critical Vietnam peace negotiations in Paris. But the brilliant foreign policy expert actually had dual loyalties in that sensitive mission: He also served as a mole for Republican presidential nominee Richard Nixon.}
    {The administration employed the “madman strategy” to force the North Vietnamese government to negotiate an end to the Vietnam War.[3] Along the same lines, American diplomats, especially Henry Kissinger, portrayed the 1970 incursion into Cambodia as a symptom of Nixon’s supposed instability.}
    { • There were more than 580,000 bombing missions on Laos from 1964 to 1973 during the Vietnam War.

    • That’s equivalent to one bombing mission every eight minutes, 24 hours a day, for nine years.

    • Over two million tons of ordnance was dropped on the country, with up to 30 per cent failing to explode as designed.

    • More than 270 million cluster munitions (or ‘bombies’, as they are known locally) were used; up to 80 million failed to detonate, remaining live and in the ground after the end of the war.}
    {To hear Henry Kissinger deny recently that the United States and especially the Nixon Administration bore any responsibility for Cambodia’s horror was to hear truth denigrated and our intelligence insulted. For Cambodia’s nightmare did not begin with Year Zero but on the eve of the U.S. land invasion of neutral Cambodia in 1970. The invasion provided a small group of extreme ethnic nationalists with Maoist pretensions, the Khmer Rouge, with a catalyst for a revolution that had no popular base among the Cambodian people. Between 1969 and 1973, U.S. bombers killed perhaps three-quarters of a million Cambodian peasants in an attempt to destroy North Vietnamese supply bases, many of which did not exist. During one six-month period in 1973, B-52s dropped more bombs on Cambodians, living mostly in straw huts, than were dropped on Japan during all of World War II, the equivalent of five Hiroshimas. Evidence from U.S. official documents, declassified in 1987, leaves no doubt that this US. terror was critical in Pol Pot’s drive for power.}

    Operation Ranch Hand is in fact ongoing…

  6. emsnews

    I still remember the horror of discovering that Agent Orange was a hideous chemical concoction. I even gave a speech about it: ‘Anything that kills trees kills humans’ when referring to chemicals.

  7. tio

    ‘”Anything that kills trees kills humans’ when referring to chemicals.”

    Quite so, may I amend that to Anything that kills plants kills humans..
    {Pre-harvest crop desiccation (also siccation[1] ) refers to the application of a herbicide to a crop shortly before harvest.[2] Herbicides used include glyphosate, diquat and glufosinate.[2] For potatoes, carfentrazone-ethyl is used.[3] Other desiccants are cyanamide, cinidon-ethyl, and pyraflufen-ethyl.[4][5][unreliable source?] Uneven crop growth is a problem in northern climates during wet summers or when weed control is poor and several of advantages of desiccation have been cited: More even ripening is achieved and harvest can be conducted earlier; weed control is initiated for a future crop; earlier ripening allows for earlier replanting; desiccation reduces green material in the harvest putting less strain on harvesting machinery.[2] Some crop may be mechanically destroyed when crop desiccation machinery moves through the field.}

    Short version .. eat shit and die.

  8. ziff

    Even though i’m cdn, at that time i would have been draft age had i been born american , so that war was a hot button issue for me growing up , I remember being in a very small minority [of families] that were against the war early on, most [all] swallowed the nightly bs from walter cronkite. So yeah ‘ fake news’ is not news. lol Remember the saying, even when you were ‘ wrong ‘ about the news you were right .

  9. Old Ai

    off topic, have you noticed the death of sunspots?

  10. emsnews

    ABSOLUTELY. The sun is having a quiet cycle and it will be most interesting to see what will happen next. I am freezing off my ass already here in upstate NY.

  11. Lou

    winter will be long and cold.

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