US Military Bankrupting Nation—And Russian News Better Than US Fake News


Russia Today has a very interesting front page which I am mostly reproducing here to illustrate how much more comprehensive their news is compared to the top US papers.


First and most important, the news from Syria in the Russian news is diametrically opposite of the US news. The US news is treating the retreat as if it is a terrible thing and that the Russians and Syrian government are chasing out civilians, not rescuing them.  Russia, in turn, shows actual videos of people climbing out of the ruins, happy to be rescued.


This was very much like the Battle of Stalingrad only on a much smaller scale, of course.  But was fought not by drones and bombings but building by building, one at a time.  Now, there are mass graves in Aleppo.  The civilians were tortured.  This doesn’t surprise me any, the ISIS/ISIL ‘allies’ of NATO made it crystal clear, they loved torturing people and throwing gay men off of roofs and raping Yazdid teenagers and young girls.


Also not in US news is how more and more, Eastern Europe is freaking out over the Muslim Male invasion.  When Hungary demanded this stop, the German/Belgium  Juncker told Hungary’s President to jump in a lake.  ‘European values’ it appears, is to let in millions of angry Muslim males who go on welfare and attack regularly trying to destroy the EU systems and turn these into the places they supposedly fled from due to these places not working so hot.


The Japanese!  They pretend to be allies but then fling feces on us.  They demand we protect them and demand we bow to them.  They need us, we have to die for them.  In between, they hate our troops.  If our troops do anything to them, they demand full punishments, and if they poke China in the eye, we are to die for them while they sit at home in Tokyo and watch this on TV.  And they don’t pay for this like we do.  Lovely.


Bad news for our manufacturers who make weapons systems.  The latest plane is so expensive, Japan only bought two of them.  The GNP of many third world countries is smaller than the cost of one plane!  In a war, if we have 200 of these multi-multi-million planes blown up or shot down, we go bankrupt.


China won’t go bankrupt.


Look at the cost differential: WITHOUT ENGINES!!! $116 for the LOW rate!  We know it doubles by the time the engines are added on.  I would guess the Chinese knock-off will be half priced and sold at Walmarts in third world countries.  The only way the US can ‘sell’ these turkeys is via handing out loans that won’t be paid back.


RT reports it will cost #379 billion for these F-35 turkeys. Trump wants the cheaper F-18 planes.  These very expensive planes can do all sorts of amazing things…only the most amazing is how losing them in a war bankrupts the nation.  Ditto with other crafts that are hideously expensive.


Yes, you can wage war with very expensive, near perfect equipment but it ends badly if you have nothing to loot afterwards.  The US has not done any real looting in a long while, we end up with nothing not even oil from the illegal Iraq invasion.  This means all our losses end up being paid for via debt loaded onto the taxpayers!


Since these things are for DEFENDING ASIA’S TRADE SURPLUS IN THE PACIFIC, for example, our benefit is…zero!  We gain absolutely nothing at all.  Ditto with the EU: we pay over 70% of the overhead cost in protecting the EU which then exports to the US and doesn’t pay a euro for our overhead costs of defending our trade RIVALS.


I have been yelling about this almost nonstop for the last 30 years: we are running TRADE DEFICITS with nations who we protect at immense overhead costs while our own borders have little to no security and millions of illegal aliens including some very nasty ones who openly massacre or attack us…while we protect trade RIVALS who are decimating our own economic system, destroying our industrial base and driving up our national debt all so we can protect whom???


Not us! Not our borders!  Congress and the media giants collude in hiding this vital information.  These fancy jets and fancy ships are not protecting us, they are working thousands of miles away to protect markets and dictators and foreign governments who are running our economy into the ground and not paying for anything.


During the Vietnam War, the Vietnamese used cheap stuff and the US used expensive stuff and we suddenly had ‘inflation’ in everything as DC frantically printed money via debt to pay for all the expensive stuff and we lost that war, I repeat, we LOST.  All that mountain of debt and dead bodies for nothing, absolutely nothing.


Bush Jr. repeated this trick with Saddam and Obama with the Libya fiasco.  Now, what will we gain with Syria?  Nothing!  Israel wants Syria ripped to shreds and never rising from the ashes. Saudi Arabia doesn’t care about going bankrupt…yet.  Saudi Arabia will go bankrupt of course. They are certainly doomed in this regard.


Having splendid weapons and armor doesn’t work if one is going bankrupt.  Rome springs to mind.  No one had better armaments than ancient Rome even in 410 AD but was bankrupt and so it was looted and burned.  The barbarians doing this didn’t have to have expensive troops and equipment, just the lust to kill and motivation to loot.


Bankrupting a nation to defend trade rivals on the other side of the planet is beyond suicidal, it is stupid.  Why anyone can’t see the obvious baffles me.  I think it is mass delusion at work.  We saved Europe not once but twice due to the Nazis attacking us at sea and the Japanese attacking us in Hawaii.  That is, they both hit us in our own domain. Now, we have to fight near and far for reasons beyond our (the voters, that is) control started and stopped by alien governments we don’t control (again, us voters, not our rulers).  This is insane and stupid and should  stop now.

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2 responses to “US Military Bankrupting Nation—And Russian News Better Than US Fake News

  1. Petruchio

    Latest news report has Netanyahu facing possible INDICTMENT for Fraud and Corruption charges in Israel. Multiple counts it appears.

  2. Christian W

    1. There is no “we” in neoliberal economics.
    2. Since the introduction of neoliberalism in the 1980s the elites in the US have increased their wealth with 322%.
    3. The trickledown has been about 0% ie the majority have become poorer from this scam.
    4. The US has a consumer based economy to facilitate the theft of public resources
    5. The EU Bilderberg gang and China etc are not the creators of this system. The exporting nations adapted their economies around the mighty $USD printing press.
    6. The Yeltsin years in Russia were an attempt at locking Russia into this $USD system as a primitive resource exporting sub-economy.
    7. Over time the exporting nations have started to try and wriggle out of the negative aspects of $USD dependency through alternative models.

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