Zionists Enraged At Obama UN Non-Veto—And DNC Lost 1,030 Seats In Election

Interesting news from our top Real Ruler in Israel:  A furious Netanyahu ordered the ambassadors of Russia, China, Japan, Ukraine, France, Britain, Angola, Egypt, Uruguay and Spain to come to him so he could berate them for the UN vote against Israel. He did NOT call in the US ambassador.  This is not top news in the US, of course, despite this being the home base of many top Zionists.

 Friday’s vote was able to pass the 15-member council because the United States broke with a long-standing approach of diplomatically shielding Israel and did not wield its veto power as it had on many times before.


At the beginning of the weekly cabinet meeting, Netanyahu said that he shares the ministers’ anger and frustration over the vote, which he called “hostile and unbalanced.”


Netanyahu said that according to information that reached Israel, there was no doubt that the Obama administration was behind the resolution, coordinated its wording and made sure it passes. Netanyahu said this completely contradicted traditional U.S. policy against forcing conditions on Israel via the Security Council and explicit commitment from Obama in 2011 to that effect.


Of all the things Obama isn’t doing, this thing he did do I approve.  Trump will do whatever Netanyahu wants so nothing will change there with the GOP totally in control of all levels of the government but this parting shot is most interesting coming from Obama.


Netanyahu then addressed the ministers in English, telling them: “As I told John Kerry on Thursday – friends do not take friends to the Security Council.”


Netanyahu said that U.S. administrations and Israeli governments have always disagreed over the settlements, but agreed that the Security Council wasn’t the place to resolve this issue.
“We knew that going there would make negotiations harder and drive peace further away,” Netanyahu added.


This stupid lie has to be mouthed by US politicians and of course, our masters in Israel.

“I am encouraged by statements of our friends – Republican and Democrat alike. They understand how reckless and destructive this UN resolution was. I look forward to working with those friends and with the new U.S. administration when it takes office next month,” Netanyahu said.


Nearly our entire government jumps up and shouts ‘Sieg Heil’ whenever the Zionists need encouragement.  They get worried if our politicians who are elected by voters for other reasons, serve them in a distant land, instead.


Our government leader agree on few things except when it comes to Wall Street or Israel.  There is total uniform unity on these troubling issues that make everyone who votes right, richer.


President-elect Donald Trump has criticized the UN vote, tweeting after the resolution was adopted that “things would be different” after he takes office on January 20.


Netanyahu also canceled a visit by Ukrainian Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman, who was scheduled to arrive in Israel in the coming week, in light of Ukraine’s vote in favor of the resolution.


The US citizens have zero control over Congress when it comes to issues like anything the Israeli right-wingers wish to do or have.  Meanwhile, the news from the Middle East continues to point towards wars in the future:  The assassination of Russia’s ambassador to Turkey on Monday may have been plotted by elements in Israel or by Daesh (ISIL) sympathizers to damage the improving ties between Moscow and Ankara and disrupt the peace process in Syria, a political analyst in California says.


I don’t know if any of this is true.  Many events can have many causes and conspiracies and these days, people assume there are many conspiracies hidden from sight yet to my annoyance, few talk about the obvious ones like the Bilderberg gang which is international and fluid.


The Israelis have connections all over the place but it doesn’t mean they actually make events happen, nonetheless, there are many fathers to many terrible babies who are created out of thin air and plague us. The historical forces at work are relentless and can spawn nearly anything with so many wishing for things to happen.


The murder may have also been ordered by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to falsely blame the attack on US-based Turkish opposition cleric Fethullah Gulen and push for his extradition, said Scott Bennett, a former US Army psychological warfare officer.


Too many back alley assumptions here.  I very seriously doubt that Erdogan would do this, a logic point here is, no one does a complicated, hidden thing when it is easier to do the opposite.  Openly attacking Putin will not harm Erdogan, he would be rewarded by the NATO powers if he did this so why do it secretly?


Many conspiracy theories fall into this trap.  They look for super devious things when it makes more sense to be direct about something.  This is a natural human impulse to paint events with fun suppositions so it justifies pre-determined conspiracies.


“This is a typical move by third-party elements such as the Israeli Mossad and [Prime Minister Benjamin] Netanyahu or genuine ISIL sympathizers to trigger an alienation between Russia and Turkey,” Bennett told Press TV on Wednesday.


Except Erdogan is menaced by these assassins who are his GUARDS.  He is in a panic now!  If one can gun down the Russian at an event Erdogan supported, this means that Erdogan is in danger of being assassinated the same way, himself!  This scares him intensely.


Why do it deviously and give others the idea they can do it to him, too?  More: the killer committed suicide.  A person put up to do this by Erdogan wouldn’t commit suicide, he would flee and get away!  This logic is obvious to me but conspiracy theorists love to pretend humans don’t do things with some basic logic.
Now onto our own fates:  What the Democrats don’t want you to know: Party lost more than 1,030 seats in state legislatures, governor’s mansions and Congress during Barack Obama’s presidency.  The pretense that Trump didn’t win across the board due to the extra three million illegal alien votes in NY and California, collapses when we learn that at every level, the Democrats lost seats and power.


‘What’s happened on the ground is that voters have been punishing Democrats for eight solid years — it’s been exhausting,’ South Carolina state Senator Vincent Sheheen said. He lost two gubernatorial campaigns to Nikki Haley, President-elect Donald Trump’s pick for ambassador to the UN.


‘If I was talking about a local or state issue, voters would always lapse back into a national topic: Barack Obama.’


The US media giants keep reporting that voters love Obama still even after the election.  But then, they said Hillary had a 98% chance of winning due to polls, too.  Too stupid to figure out doing bad polling leads to false information, they keep doing this to us hoping we will believe their lies.


Facing the truth means future success.  Right now, they believe that lying about things is the way to win. Being slapped down over and over again by voters, depending on media and pro ‘pollsters’ is stupid because they do a poor job of polling, changing their strategies means winning more elections.


If doubling down on bringing in more foreign illegal voters in key cities, appealing to racism on the left, demanding less law and order means the Democrats will crash and burn permanently.


 After this year’s elections, Democrats hold the governor’s office and both legislative chambers in just five coastal states: Oregon, California, Connecticut, Rhode Island and Delaware. Republicans have the trifecta in 25, giving them control of a broad swath of the middle of the country.


…according to experts, Obama’s tenure has marked the greatest number of losses under any president in decades.


‘Obama just figured his important actions on policies like immigration and health care would solidify support, but that hasn’t really materialized,’ said Daniel Galvin, a political science professor at Northwestern University and the author of a book on presidential party building.


‘He’s done basically the minimal amount of party building, and it’s been insufficient to help the party.’


Ah, so the liberals in the Universities and government are now blaming Obama for being nearly wiped out except in a few places?  Interesting, sounds racist to me.  Who, pray tell, is supposed to ‘build the party’?  I would suggest based on my own life efforts that this comes from below, not above.


It is the people on the streets, the people who actually run the polling places, who carry petitions and who do the footwork and dirty jobs…they make a party strong, not the leaders.


When I was doing political organizing many years ago, I didn’t impose my views on my neighbors, no, I canvassed the neighborhood at stores, playgrounds, schools, at home, wherever.  I really, honestly wanted to know what they wanted and would then hold meetings about the results of the polling and would discuss how these various desires could be addressed by our political club and then, when interviewing candidates, we brought up questions about the issues the people shared with us.


This leads to victory when backing the right person!  It works.  Honest.  I didn’t see the DNC doing that this election.  Everything was imposed from the top down in a very crude way that backfired from the bottom all the way to the top.


The Democrats lost across the board, nearly everywhere possible.  It was a rout, not a close election at all.

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2 responses to “Zionists Enraged At Obama UN Non-Veto—And DNC Lost 1,030 Seats In Election

  1. DeVaul

    I’ve seen this pattern for years now. My whole life, really. The same thing happened after 8 years of Bush, with the Democrats gaining more and more power as he buffooned his way through the presidency. Same thing with Clinton and Reagan before him.

    Remember the “Moral Majority”. What an arrogant group that was, and it cost the Republicans dearly. It’s a pattern that has gotten really old here.

    It has no meaning anymore since they are all corrupt and I suspect that at least 50% or more are outright sociopaths.

  2. emsnews

    Yes, the ‘moral majority’ was quite amoral. It is actually rather funny. Trump isn’t moral at all. And the moral majority happily voted for this multi-wife guy, too.

    It is all for show, you know. Left and right: pretend to be something and then run off to European Bilderberg meetings to cut up the cake and eat it, too.

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