After Election, Liberals Cry And Now Turn Violent And Obscene


Front page Washington Post has headlines about liberal Obama wanting WWIII and Trump being evil for succeeding in bringing some jobs back home to US workers.


Our liberals who own media have gone utterly insane and their support for WWIII with Obama playing golf in Hawaii while threatening both Russia and China with nuclear war, we have the liberals still screaming at Trump for not being a loving, kind, WWIII warmongering liberal that spreads love via riots, insults and attacks on anyone who isn’t a loving, kind liberal.  In other words, Obama and his entire cohort have gone insane.  Proof is everywhere.


‘F**k you, go to hell’: Georgetown prof and expert in ‘peace and security’ ‘went into month-long foul-mouthed meltdown after Muslim ex-colleague admitted voting for Donald Trump.’  This seems to be the way liberals think we can win hearts and minds.  Via foul mouthed threats.


These two women are TEACHERS.  They are guiding our youths in proper behavior, proper thinking systems and the Hillary voter sounds like she is teaching how to ape ghetto youths who are raised to be anti-social.  And since the Georgetown professor is a socialist, it is funny, how anti-social she is in reality.


In her Washington Post article, Nomani (the Muslim ‘dark skinned’ lady being attacked by the white skinned professor) said she was motivated by a distaste for Obama’s edging around using the phrase ‘Islamic extremism’, the cost of Obamacare and what she saw as Obama’s failure to help poor and rural Americans.


According to Nomani, on November 22, 12 days after her article was published, Fair began a sustained period of abuse on Twitter and Facebook.


In a letter of complaint to the university, Nomani said that Fair told her ‘F**K YOU, GO TO HELL’, and called her a ‘wench’, a ‘fraud’ and a ‘fame-mongering clown show’.


Note the liberal professor who is all about loving and caring for WOMEN, has an ugly mug of a face.  Her language towards women sounds like a cheap biker bar, not a ‘university’.  But then, this is called ‘dropping the mask’.


‘Liberals’ can be vile, intolerant, violent and sexist as anyone on the right.  The two extremes, right and left, merge to the point that differences between them are nearly invisible.  Both extremes have a history of murdering millions and millions and millions of innocent people and causing wars like WWII or the Maoist purges, etc.


Nomani added that Fair had called her ‘chutiya,’ or ‘the equivalent of a “f**ker” in my native Urdu’, and ‘bevkuf’, another Urdu word meaning ‘idiot’.


HAHAHA.  Multi-lingual liberal sexual cursing must be fun especially when directed at a darker skinned woman.


One tweet, dated November 22, read: ‘Yes, @AsraNomani, I’ve written you off as a human being. Your vote helped normalize Nazis in DC. What don’t you understand, you cluless [sic] dolt?’


Fair talks like a Nazi.  I can picture her in her jack boots, slapping her riding crop on them as she screams abuse.


The post notes that ‘my critical tweets did not violate Twitter rules’ and complaints about Nomani going to the Georgetown supervisors.


She is right.  If one is a ‘liberal’ then the owner of Twitter who is a Hillary supporter, won’t ban her because all banning by liberals are directed only at non-liberals.  Communism is all about censorship, of course.


‘My social media does not mention my employer,’ the post says. ‘It is not their business to whom I tell to “F**k off” or “go to hell”.


When will Georgetown University fire her?  She is not fit to teach young people.  Imagine the horrors of anyone arguing with her.  She is brutally scary.


‘Would this poltroon call her neighbor’s boss if she had an argument that escalated to her neighbor telling her “F**k you”? Probably not.’


If that neighbor was teaching ‘communication skills and how to be a loving, kind liberal’ then yes, her neighbor should inform her employer about this gross violation of civility.


The post derides Nomani as ‘neither a journalist nor an educationalist’ but ‘a sensationalist trafficking in controversial positions for no obvious intellectual reasons’.


I want this creepy, vile female fired for bad English skills! The creation of the word ‘educationalist’ is a crime against education.  These creepy, vile women who have taken over academia after most men fled due to dropping wages, have played the 1984 game of changing the language in creepy ways.


They have been ramming down our throats this new word for ‘teacher’.  It is an ugly, clumsy alternative to ‘teacher’.  It has SIX syllables instead of two.  It inflates the word they think it gives them more status instead of making people laugh at them.


When I was studying languages at the university level, not once did I hear the word ‘educationalist’.  If I did, I would have laughed to death and not be alive today to make fun of it.  It irritates me no end.  It is a mule of a word. Born of incompatible parents and now sexless.


This anonymous math professor online rails (he has to hide his ID due to fear of retaliation) weekly about how our schools are degenerating.  Here is today’s outpouring:  Our campuses in particular seem bent on enforcing the lies; there are many reports that these places are hotbeds of resistance to the “Trump repudiation,” and go so far as to provide coloring books and Play-Doh to the college students “suffering” from being exposed to the idea that reality may not be as the safe space of campus presents it.


The big reason for this is the strong left-wing bias of administration. Administrators punish conservative faculty, restrict and harass conservative student groups, and keep conservative speakers from presenting ideas on campus. This prevents students from ever learning of any other way to think but one, the one that is strongly encouraged on campus.


This is all the result of cheap labor when women flood a labor pool.  More women than men get degrees today.  And sadly, degrees are increasingly worthless in many, many fields.  If one does well in ‘liberal arts’ and gets a job working for the increasingly rich administrators of this wretched school system, they are hired most often as cheap, part time labor.


Instead of going on strike, since these women are creating, every day, their own replacements who will be equally desperate for any jobs at all, they can’t all go on strike and stop this process of transferring all the wealth to the administrators.


So it gets worse and worse.  I quit my college degree program because I correctly foresaw that the once-intense foreign language programs were going to be ruthlessly destroyed, I went to work in a man’s job field: construction.  This has been flooded with illegal foreign cheap labor so the $30 an hour jobs are now as bad as working as a professor.


This is the #1 reason many men voted for Trump to stop the illegal aliens, stop the removal of good factory jobs, to stop all the stuff going on today in ‘liberal’ America.  I don’t know if this will happen, historical forces are against this.  Turning people into cheap serfs is a tremendous force, the rich get much richer and the poor get hand outs and men are put in prison or chased out of the homes and we get…destruction of society.


This cannot go on forever, it has a very bad ending.  But first, all our institutions have to be annihilated by misconcieved intentions of ‘fixing’ something else.  Like ‘fixing inflation’ via shipping jobs to cheaper labor regions and firing all the workers living inside the nation.


The other thing is how the ‘left’ has turned into fascism.  They cannot see this.  They are stupid fascists.  Real fascists want to enslave foreigners, communist fascists want to enslave citizens.  In either case, someone is enslaved and abused.

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