Putin Seals Huge Energy Sales Deal With US Ally, Japan!


6.2 earthquake hits Japan today yet again.  And a political earthquake just happened: the US especially ‘liberals’ backing Obama has been thwarted yet again.  Obama and his buddies in the GOP have joined hands with the DNC clowns to ‘isolate Russia’ and so the EU clowns joined this suicide pact and alienated Russia and isolated Russia so…the clever wolf, Putin, trotted off to Asia to make deals that used to go to Europe!  Note the joy on the Japanese diplomat’s face!


As Obama and the DNC push for WWIII with Russia, our ‘ally’ Japan is making more business deals: investing $11 billion in new transmission line to bring power to Japan now that nuclear reactors are closed.  What is really funny is, Obama is in Hawaii and before this deal with Russia, the Prime Minister of Japan went to Hawaii to say it was bad that US citizens died when the Japanese attacked but still didn’t really apologize.


I can imagine the fury of Obama and his lunatic gang over this deal.  HAHAHA.  Did I say that Putin is a chess champion level player?  The US leaders can’t even play tidily winks.


Japanese investors are looking to invest heavily into a project that would link Russia’s Far Eastern Primorye Region and Sakhalin Island with the northern Japanese island of Hokkaido via an energy grid.


Speaking to Russian media earlier this week, Oleg Budargin, general director of Russian power company Rosseti, explained that the company’s Japanese counterparts were the ones to propose the idea.


So, even as the Japanese negotiated whatever with the US, they were secretly doing this deal.  They didn’t warn Obama or ask his opinion or anything.


There are also political factors, Budargin noted, and not necessarily connected to Russian-Japanese relations. But “at the level of ordinary people, I think there is a very strong understanding, and therefore business is starting to look at this question differently,” the official said. In previous years, Tokyo has been reluctant to agree to connect to Russia’s electricity grid, citing high cost and fears of becoming dependent on Russian energy supplies.


Well, that fear is obviously gone now.  Duh.  The real fear was, upsetting Obama and his gang who now have power approaching zero in Washington, DC.


Rosseti has already signed on to a multinational memorandum ‘On the Creation of a Market for Electricity in the Asia-Pacific Region’. On the basis of that document, governments and national energy companies are conducting negotiations regarding the integration of regional energy infrastructure. Together with Russia and Japan, China, Mongolia and South Korea are also involved in that effort. These negotiations have a bright future, Budargin stressed.


The US which protects Japan and South Korea is locked out of all this.  The way the US media is dealing with this is to hide information about this since they are fake media from top to bottom.  This should be top news not zero news or back page news that readers have to seek out.  I seek out real news all the time which is easy: read foreign news and voila, you get real news much of the time.


Back last February, after the warmongers in the US demanded Europe stop importing Russian energy, Europe desperately sought out new sources that cost much more.


BRUSSELS — European Union authorities on Tuesday stepped up efforts to reduce reliance on Russian natural gas as the two sides face off over a litany of geopolitical disputes, from the conflict in Ukraine to the civil war in Syria.


This is why Russia is now selling to Asia.  And happy to do this.  They hoped to be friends in Europe but the hysterical leftists and the Bilderberg gang forbade any friendship so la, la, la, the Russians find new friends.


The centerpiece of the proposals, presented by the European Commission, the bloc’s executive agency, is a plan to vet energy contracts with countries outside the union like Russia so that member states can compare conditions and look elsewhere for better deals.


This story is old news I dug up to show how stupid the EU is, trusting Bilderberg gangsters to run things there.


Energy is a highly sensitive issue for Europe and Russia. The European Union relies on the Russian energy giant Gazprom for about a third of its supplies. Moscow, in turn, earns significant revenue from selling gas to Europe.


No more!  It is vanishing and I hope the freezing European citizens and the illegal aliens remember who cut the energy supplies: Merkel and her gang.


The commission’s priority is to prevent a repeat of the so-called gas wars of 2006 and 2009. Back then, Gazprom stopped shipping fuel through Ukraine, choking off supplies westward and leaving citizens in member states like Bulgaria shivering in the midwinter cold.


And the solution was to make all of Europe shiver in the cold as we slide out of ‘global warming’ and into ‘global cooling’ for 30 years.


“We are still far too vulnerable” to a major disruption of gas supplies, Miguel Arias Cañete, the European commissioner for climate action and energy, told a news conference on Tuesday.


Germany, for example, favors expanding an existing Russian-backed pipeline called Nord Stream that bypasses Ukraine, but such plans have been opposed by Italy and Poland.


HAHAHA.  So poor Merkel tried to two time allies by getting energy for Germany while pretending to hate Putin.  Look, guys, if you pretend to hate someone in public, it has a downside: the ones you pretend to hate will hate back!  She is, of course, utterly dishonest about nearly everything.  As are all our rulers these days.


Last week, the foreign ministers of Russia, Iran and Turkey discussed the situation in Syria, including Aleppo, in Moscow to discuss how to help Assad.  And this is the other side of the dealing: Merkel and her gang in Europe wanted to side with Obama the Peace Prize fraud, in attacking Syria, Putin and then even Erdogan.  So all three formed this new alliance even as Turkey remains in NATO.


Putin is a genius, he just sliced NATO in two without firing a shot.


And here is the real threat to Tokyo: Mt. Fuji.


Eventually, this very large volcano will erupt and annihilate Tokyo.  And the Japanese know this, they specialize in ‘destruction’ anime and shows because of this constant reminder of the fragility of life.

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16 responses to “Putin Seals Huge Energy Sales Deal With US Ally, Japan!

  1. Lou

    Elaine, you have not mentioned the Nuclear disaster in Japan in awhile.

  2. Christian W

    “The secret of politics? Make a good treaty with Russia.”

    – Otto von Bismarck

  3. Petruchio

    “I can imagine the fury of Obama and his lunatic gang over this deal. HAHAHA. Did I say that Putin is a chess champion level player? The US leaders can’t even play tidily winks.” Well this is what happens when you want your lackeys to be sleazy, easily corrupted and willing to do anything for money. Very few of this type of person also is intelligent. Barack Obama is a fine speaker–most con artists are–but that’s about it for his skills level. Blame people like John Kerry and his Numbskulls and Boneheads clan. They think bowing before a dead Indian’s skull is going to give them magical powers!! Ultimately you have to blame the REAL Rulers of the US of A. They pick these idiots. The Real Rulers have been getting away with it through bribery and murder–and stealing other people’s money, like the US Taxpayers. The US is going bankrupt, so the Real Rulers “party” is about to be over.

  4. Seraphim

    Do not forget that Putin is a judo champion as well! He is a Hachidan, 8thDan master. Besides, he is Honorary President of the International Judo Federation. Talk about ‘isolation’.
    The distance from Japan to Russia is 4 miles. The distance from Japan to America 6,321 miles. Which one is closer?

  5. Melponeme_k



    All theater to fool the masses. Then Trump can swoop in to be the savior without looking as if he threw his supporters off the bridge. The reason why we are bankrupt is because of Israel. They are the A1 reason. Our whole defense budget is out of control because we are fighting their wars.

  6. tio



    ELAINE: skinning a snake is very similar to doing fish including getting into the guts and yanking it out only snakes are a lot more muscular than fishes. Have a VERY sharp knife with a snake.

    BTW, snake is edible. Have cooked it in Arizona more than once. Very chewy, though. Heh. Sometimes you can find little snakes inside momma snakes sort of like spaghetti… 🙂

  7. emsnews

    As I keep saying, we have Zionist choice #1 and Zionist choice #2. And if Trump were to not be that choice, he would be dead already. This is reality and there is nothing we can do about it so far. It may blow up in everyone’s faces eventually but not yet.

  8. Christian W

    Trump is more than a Zionist choice – he is an utter and complete doormat for Israel.

    Funny that Trump appointed his uber Zionist bankruptcy lawyer, who knows all the smallest details of Trump’s financial sheenanigans, as the US ambassador to Israel, no?

  9. Pete

    I was thinking Putin and Abe were going to announce a nat gas pipeline.
    This is going to be an electric cable? Like to see the tech on this.
    Superconducting tech? Thanks for the info Elaine. Our MSM is a waste.

  10. Pete

    More on that electric cable. Part of a planned global grid!
    Putin plays chess 😉


  11. tio

    So Trump = moar War.

    Stir fry with lime and chillies.

  12. Seraphim

    @Putin plays chess

    As I said, Putin plays judo as well. He is a master of martial arts. But one should, must, keep in mind that the greatest masters of martial arts are the Chinese who play Go. Masters of Go, in cooperation with Masters of Chess and Judo/Jiu Jitsu/Karate, would make mincemeat of Poker and Casino players, as they show for everybody to see. Rodrigo Duterte said it in three words: By, by, America. From now on the adults talk.

  13. Old Ari

    Iran has been exporting electricity too, there might be an opportunity for them too.

  14. Nani

    In Merkel’s Germany, extreme security measures is being ramped up to across the country in order to prevent mass rape and terrorist attacks.


    The country that used to be among the safest in Europe, is now among the least safest.

  15. emsnews

    The Asian game of Go is most interesting, I have played it in the past and have watched pro-Go games from Japan online and chatted for years with top Go players in the US (no surprise that the vast majority of Go players are men).

    It is a game all about not just ‘territory’ but EMPTY SPACES which, if used with great skill, can become ‘territory’ without using pieces to occupy it. The more ’empty’ territory you control, the higher the score.

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