Stupid DNC Hands GOP Power Over Media Via Fake News Bill


“May all your wishes come true.”

“May you live in interesting times.”

“May you live in interesting times and come to the attention of important people.”

I am bringing up these ancient Chinese curses because the Democrats are doing exactly that: slicing their own throats.  In a flurry, they have joined with the Republicans who hate Trump to pass laws giving our government power over our ability to create and consume news.  That is, Pravda will determine ‘what is real’ versus ‘fake news’.  This disgusting law enabling the mainstream media to eat up billions of taxpayer dollars to lie to us even more than today…is infuriating in the extreme.

The above video mocks the ‘fake news’ storyline being pushed by mainstream media liars.


I believe strongly that the Bilderberg DNC clowns think their RNC buddies in Congress want to protect them and help them…yup…help them SLIT THEIR OWN THROATS.


Who will be in utter control of Congress, the Senate, the White House and soon, the Supreme Court?  As well as the majority of governors in the states?  The number of DNC clowns in control of government levers is confined to dying industrial cities filled with out of control criminals and small sections of both coasts and several Hispanic corners which want to leave the US and join Mexico.


That is, outside of Manhattan and California and Miami, the DNC has nearly NOTHING.  No power at all.  The GOP can do as they please, for the most part.  So if the DNC makes ‘official news’ an issue and enforces this so that ‘liberal media’ (sic) in NYC and California can impose their version of ‘real news’ on the rest of us…they are insane.


What will happen?  If these media giants continue to push anti-Trump/anti-GOP news, guess what?  The people who run the government can…accuse them of doing ‘fake news’!  Duh!


That is, the censors are the people who have power in DC.  And these people will be Republicans, not Democrats!  This is what happens when the media giants, Silicon Valley billionaires and Wall Street crooks are cut off from the rest of the country.


I am betting many people in ‘flyover land’ will applaud Trump censoring NY news media (that is, all the major TV national news people and the NYT).  And will he do this now that he will have the power?


ABSOLUTELY.  I know Trump a tad!  He carries grudges.  He hates me and I marvel about him but then Hillary hates me, too, so being hated by both is fun for me, it is normal since outside of Carter and Kennedy, Presidents always hated me and the Bushes more than any.


Eventually, Trump will notice and hate me again!  Goodie gum drops.  Meanwhile, the liberal ‘left'(sic) still drunk on Obamade (purple drinks!) will hack away at our freedoms, too stupid to see that they will be punished once the GOP has full power over everything, everywhere.


Dumb, dumb, dumb…and this is what happens when people grow stupid and drunk on power.  When they get water instead of booze, they go nuts and wreck everything.

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7 responses to “Stupid DNC Hands GOP Power Over Media Via Fake News Bill

  1. Melponeme_k

    “Eventually, Trump will notice and hate me again!”

    I’m sure he still notices you. I think most in power do. But they are the same as superstitious cargo cult members in believing in juju and you have been touched by the Viking gods. They won’t utter your name unless they are in serious, dire need.

  2. So now the GOP will be in full control of the news media, too, from the OUTSIDE with powers left-liberal NGOs like Media Matters wished they had possessed.

    “Donald Trump needs to come out in support of the First Amendment.” – Alex Jones. HAHAHAHA Trump no longer needs Mr. Jones, I can’t wait to see the expression on his face when the orange-combover’d President turns on HIM.

  3. emsnews

    Who knows? As an outsider with lots of experience pulling the whiskers of the super powerful, it is a dangerous game and few play it. Most who do (like Assange) pay a heavy price.

    I got off with virtually no damage so far. Erased from history: yes, but alive and kicking and I don’t mind, at the Gates of Death, the creatures who record the real history get everything correct and that matters most. I take the Death Watchers very seriously having met them when only a child. They are quite real.

  4. A bit of ancient hebrew Aramaic, Elaine: The Watchers = notzrim. It ttrnslates into Greek as nazorenos, from which word and its mutant twin, nazarenos, we get “Nazarene.” Sts mark and Matthew invented a town and called it Nazareth; St Luke made it a full-blown city. So I guess the REAl Jesus is one of the Watchers.


    ELAINE: Or Nâzgûl! (Tolkien)

  5. Seraphim

    The real Jesus is the Supreme Watcher, being the All-Seeing God.

    But in Aramaic ‘watcher’ is :עִיר iyr, plural עִירִין iyrin, from the root of Heb. `er, “awake, watchful”; in Greek: ἐγρήγοροι, Slavonic: Grigori.
    “Watchers”, “those who are awake”, “guard”. “Watcher” is a term used in connection with biblical angels. In “The Book of the Watchers” (1 Enoch 6-36) they are called ‘irin we-qadishin’, “Watchers and Holy Ones”.

    “Nazareth” can be derived from na·tsar, נָצַר, meaning “to watch,” but also, from ne·tser, נֵ֫צֶר, meaning “branch” (much more likely, the reference being to the ‘Davidic Branch’, which sprung from the ‘root’ of Jesse of Bethlehem).

    “Nazarene” comes rather from “nazirite”= a person consecrated to God either from birth, such as Samson or Samuel; or for a limited time. “Nazirite” (Ναζιραῖος) is only one letter off from “Nazorean” (Ναζωραῖος) in Greek. A Nazirite (נְזִיר) was an Israelite who had taken special vows of dedication to God. John the Baptist was a “nazirite” from birth. James the Just was described as a “nazirite”.

  6. emsnews

    When I was a child, I figured that Watchers were invisible vultures. They would fly around Bavaquiviri Mountain which was this huge, black peak near Kitt Peak where we were at the observatories and I would sit on the mountainside and watch these big, black birds, circling around and around.

    Vultures live in my woods today and they take off in the morning and go up and down Rt 22 looking for dead bodies of creatures killed by cars.

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