Complex ‘Mud Volcanoes’ In Nevada Has Clusters Of Earthquakes, Increasingly Active

Mammoth Lake region in Nevada has major earthquake.

This news is from last spring: 4/20/2016 — Professionals say Major Earthquake Overdue at California / Nevada border – YouTube with this being right on the exact spot where yesterday’s earthquake happened.  It is very interesting, the architecture of Nevada, land of many mineral riches.


Along the Sierra mountains we have great pressure building up, the mountains rise up higher and higher as the North American continent shoves, at a slow pace, the fast-moving plates that make up the West Coast.

12/28/2016 — Large California – Nevada M5.7 + M6.0 earthquakes — Struck at base of volcanoes – YouTube


The peculiarities of tectonic plate movements means that for both North and South America, the West Coasts are very geologically active and the East Coasts are nearly totally, but not quite totally, inactive.  Every possible active geological action happens to the west edges of both continents.  Mountain building, volcanoes of all sorts, massive earthquakes, depressions opening up and becoming seas are geologically common.


Humans want static status quo whereby all things are nailed down.  Oceans are supposed to never grow greater or smaller in volume, beaches are not to erode, continents are not to collide nor volcanic eruptions change the climate and annihilate lifeforms in massive eruptions.  But humans have zero control over the planet.  Forces of nature do as it wishes and won’t listen to mere humans.


When I was in college and studying German, I chose to write a small paper about Dr. Faustus and his deal with the Devil. My main point was, Dr. Faustus would live a life of amazing wonders and fun and the deal was, the moment he said he was happy and satisfied and said he wanted that feeling of perfection to last forever is the minute he would die and go to hell.


Humans want things to stay the same.  Nothing irritates the elderly more than to have someone come by and move objects around, for example.  It can cause enough rage to kill.  Hoarders and misers suffer greatly from this desire to cling to everything with an iron grip and even as this clinging destroys everything, they can’t let go.


The earth is alive and quite active, sometimes very greatly active.  The solar system is very active, too.  As is our galaxy and the curve of space and time in which we live.  And this is the infuriating thing for humans: like a ticking time bomb, change comes unexpected but inevitably.


Many millions of people, nay, billions of people plop themselves down right next to or on top of very destructive geological venues.  Indonesia and Japan are examples of near-unavoidable geological disaster areas, for example. A small tsunami just this week, hit Japan’s damaged coast where the nuclear reactors still spill noxious pollution into the Pacific Ocean, for example.


These Nevada earthquakes are a friendly reminder that the millions of people living in fun in the sun Nevada, and Hillary-voting happy people of California are sitting on the back of a very nasty dragon that can shake everything to destruction and even spit fire, too.  The earth there is dangerous.  And most people have zero preparation or systems set up that can stop any of this.

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11 responses to “Complex ‘Mud Volcanoes’ In Nevada Has Clusters Of Earthquakes, Increasingly Active

  1. Melponeme_k


    Snow in Athens that may continue throughout next week.

  2. Christian W

    There’s been snow in Syria and the Sahara as well.

  3. emsnews

    And all over the Northern Hemisphere. It is a cold winter indeed. We are getting a blizzard on my mountain today…

  4. Melponeme_k


    Alex Jones breaks a lot of good news. But sometimes he has things on his site that make me WTF? I can’t believe that he pushes the ANTI-VAX agenda.

    I waded into the comments section, but after awhile I lost interest in explaining to people why vaccinated people can still get ill.

  5. Christian W

    It’s been a warm and balmy winter for us in Scandinavia so far. Haven’t seen any snow yet.

  6. emsnews

    You can come visit me for a month and shovel enough snow to build up die muscles and I can goof off instead of climbing onto the roof of some of the outbuildings to shovel snow…. 🙂

  7. PFO

    Hello Elaine,

    YEP, Mom Nature is getting her game up.

    Spent several summer weeks skiing at Mammoth Mt. in 77-78. The Devils Post Pile nearby was the most amazing formation of rock I think I’ve seen . . . ever!

    Pacific – Juan de Fuca – North American plate tectonics are most important here in that there are only a few other areas of the planet where THREE plate sub-duct under each other. I grew-up in Puget Sound area and remember well the strange ‘sounds of the earth’ from time to time.

    Today, I’m in DC awaiting the political/social quake in the next month. You think I’d pick a safer spot?


  8. emsnews

    DC and Manhattan are Ground Zero for hysteria, crimes, assassinations and blowing up huge buildings or crashing planes.

    To think I lived in the center of NYC in the past for many years….

  9. Lou

    Did you see–

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