Japan Prime Minister Tiny Bow To US WWII Dead Followed By Yasukuni Shrine Insult


Obama’s infamous deep bow to the Japanese emperor.  Diplomacy means gaging very carefully what you do and say because everything is ‘delivering a message’ which is why some people are good at it and others, not so good.  Trump isn’t a diplomat.  He has to use people with that special skill.  Obama is a lousy diplomat, too.  He does the wrong thing and sends the wrong messages witlessly because he didn’t study the art of diplomacy.  The history of diplomacy is the history of Ruling Elites trying not to kill each other quite so often (but often failing!).


Note the bow by both our President and the Japanese Prime Minister.  The Japanese, for the first time ever!!! came to Hawaii to ‘honor WAR dead’ (they were most careful to include Japanese dead in this) and his bow at the US memorial is the very minimalist a Japanese can give, on par with being unhappy a pet dog died of old age.


Abe flew home and immediately, upon arrival, Japan’s defense minister visits Yasukuni after Pearl Harbor:


Defense Minister Tomomi Inada, just back from a visit to Pearl Harbor, has visited a Tokyo shrine that honors Japan’s war dead, including convicted war criminals. The visit Thursday, and one by another Cabinet minister the day before, drew rebukes from neighboring South Korea and China. Earlier this week, Inada accompanied Prime Minister Shinzo Abe during his visit to Hawaii’s Pearl Harbor, where he offered condolences to those who died in the Japanese attack there in 1941. Japan’s Asian neighbors harbor bitter memories of the country’s atrocities before and during World War II, when it colonized or invaded much of the region. (AP)


The US thinks all this is OK but not Japan’s other WWII victims.  China and South Korea both demand Japan’s prime minister and his associates stop visiting the Yasukuni shrine.


The South Korean Foreign Ministry called in Kohei Maruyama, a minister at the Japanese Embassy in Seoul, to protest. The ministry also said in a statement earlier that it was “deplorable that a responsible Japanese politician worships at Yasukuni shrine, which beautifies past colonial invasions and invasive wars, and enshrines war criminals.”


Similarly, the country’s Defense Ministry expressed “serious concern and regret.”


In Beijing, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying told a press conference that the Chinese government is “firmly opposed” to the visit and intends to make solemn representations with the Japanese side.


The visit, Hua said, “not only reflects once again the stubborn and erroneous historical view of some Japanese people, but also evinces a great irony following on the heels of the so-called ‘tour of reconciliation’ to Pearl Harbor.”


She was referring to Inada’s accompanying Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on a visit Tuesday to the site of the Japanese attack in 1941 that brought the United States into World War II.


Virtually none of this makes US news.  The Fake News media outfits that our rulers use to give us orders or explain reality, leaves out huge hunks of reality because they don’t want us to figure out reality.  Our media is all about how evil our WWII ally, Russia, is.


The US had very little chance of winning WWII against Germany without Russia doing the heavy lifting.  Russia took the entire brunt of the German might while the Germans tried to fend us off with the remainder.  Most German forces were on the Eastern front.


President of Japan’s largest ad agency is resigning after an employee was overworked and then committed suicide. This news won’t be heard in the US.  Our Real Rulers which to also pay very little and work us all to death, too.  They are very jealous of the Japanese who get to do this with impunity…until today.


The reason this is news in Japan is due to the people there getting restive so this callous man had to resign, he wasn’t put in prison nor paying the family of the dead victim, a billion yen.


More foreign policy news which I get exclusively from overseas or from ‘fake news’ as Obama liked to say, namely, Antiwar.com:  A woman in Afghanistan which the US ‘liberated’ at great cost, was beheaded for shopping in public without her husband. This abuse is straight out of the beliefs of Saudi royals who encourage this.


Heavily censored in the US is real news from our wonderful allies, the Saudi royals such as this story this month: ‘THROW HER CORPSE TO THE DOGS’ Woman in Saudi Arabia faces calls for her EXECUTION after being pictured without a hijab.

Women to be whipped in public for drinking and dancing in Saudi Arabia.  Islamic State thugs stone five women to death for not wearing the veil. Our allies against Russia.


All the US media is now claiming Russia is our enemy and we must go to war with Russia. This insanity has a very bad ending since Russia can destroy us. DUH! Why push for this stupidity?

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  1. Lou

    Meanwhile, in China;

  2. Pete

    People’s Daily Twitter page:


    Check out the high speed trains!

    Year of the Rooster
    Trump Rooster lol


  3. tio

    I would have told the nip to kiss my foot or else it is on again. Choices.

  4. tio

    The Tyranny of Tolerance = Epic Fail.

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