Most Democratic Cities Are Rapidly Dying

Detroit ‘revitalization’ effort that turned into a financial disaster and new homes were demolished in neighborhoods with run down, empty, old housing alongside the new buildings.  This video appeared today on You Tube.  Yes, the push to build ‘new homes’ in dying former industrial cities ends up more often than anyone expected, to be torn down again after less than 5 years.  All that wasted money!


Detroit Four Hour Police Response Times Now a Reality The Result of an Abrogated Tax Payer Base – YouTube and the crime situation continues to deteriorate.  Who wants a new house in a bad neighborhood?  Obviously, no one. When NYC was going bankrupt during the 1970’s, we had terrible police services and what did we do?


We organized very pro-active street patrols that made real arrests and we used real force in these arrests and we even blocked our street whenever the gangs and thugs threatened us, we went for total warfare.  We got so severe about this, if you littered stuff on our street, we would nab you.  It became very clean after that.  We also planted many trees and some of the most shaded streets in downtown Brooklyn were planted by our committee way back in the 1980s.

OH RATS.  This video was removed just now.  It was very interesting and the excuse that it violated some sort of copyright…it was a NEWS STORY which I suspect the creators now regret and want to hide.
“Whites Shouldn’t Work At The DNC.” -Says BLM Libtard – YouTube and yes, the inner city black political base politicians of the DNC are openly attacking the majority of Americans.  They think, after losing the White House, the Senate, Congress and soon, the Supreme Court and…the majority of governors and other offices, it is time to go full-minorities only for the DNC and then crawl under a bus and get run over.

Here is another attempt at posting the above video.


This is a bad, bad plan. Real liberals would be courting the ‘deplorables’ instead of attacking them!  But harsh lessons must be learned, first. The best journalism of 2016 – Columbia Journalism Review is a publication from a very ‘liberal’ (sic) university that hands out ‘awards’ for ‘good journalism’.


Who won this filthy year?  Oh!  New Yorker Magazine for a fat article about how we are roasting to death and will drown unless the super rich stop CO2 yacht/private jet/giant mansion stuff!  Not.  No, we are to live in tiny boxes and stop consuming energy to save the planet which is suspiciously cold lately.


Then there is another winner:  A writer for the New York Times (hahaha) whining about finding a ‘good school’ for her daughter in NYC and she bravely (hahaha) puts her precious child in a ‘mostly low-income school’ in Brooklyn.  I recall years ago fleeing NYC due to the schools there.  I couldn’t afford to put two children in a private school.


The biggest BS winner, though, was this story: The Great Republican Crack-up which was written before the election finished, during the month of September when the media giants actually told Trump to stop running for President because Hillary had a 98.7% chance of winning.  This piece of garbage won an award for ‘excellent reporting.’  Good gods, they learned absolutely nothing about Real New during the Fake News debate.  This article which won was 100% fake news.


The University also gave an award to a Washington Post reporter for attacking Trump constantly.  Fake News awards are always amusing to see.  I hope he displays this silly award above his fireplace.


And last, the latest ‘woe are the poor blacks who are gang bangers, criminals, killers and welfare frauds’ story that says we need more of the liberal mish mash to fix broken black families which have nearly totally disintegrated since 1966: Bored, Broke and Armed: Clues to Chicago’s Gang Violence – The New York Times


Ron, a 23-year-old Black Disciple who uses the nickname Kaos, and for safety reasons asked that his last name not be used, explained the relentless cycle of violence: I’ve already lost friends. If we are making money, I can ignore the urge to retaliate. “But if we’re sitting here bored, getting high and we got guns around, it ain’t nothing else to do,” he added.


Still, these are young men who defy easy caricature. They are the sales associates who help you find shoes at a sportswear store or factory workers next to you on the assembly line. They kiss their young children on the lips and cry when someone close to them dies.


And, yes, they do use and sell drugs, and sometimes lash out in inexplicable bursts of violence over disputes like a battle for a girl’s attention, or disrespectful words uttered on a rap video posted to YouTube.


I think ‘lashing out’ every day isn’t ‘sometimes.’  I used to live deep in the slums of NYC and saw endless ‘lashing out’ and it was immensely noisy and annoying and destructive.


Or, as was the case in front of the corner store in late September, over an insult hurled on a busy intersection.


These violent attacks don’t need any triggers.  Out of sheer boredom or showing up, the young bucks will do anything so long as it is both violent and loud.


There was supposed to be a mechanism to stop this from escalating. During the peace talks at Pastor Corey Brooks’s New Beginnings Church in June, the rival factions had brokered a truce. They had agreed to run their disputes up the ladder to gang elders, who would work to quash them.


The way I discovered to stop this garbage was to announce, ‘You are under arrest’ and then arrest them all.  Seriously, it works.  The alternative is what I now do in the countryside where there is little to no authorities anywhere near: I use my guns and if they don’t run, I nail them.  It is very quiet out here on my mountain and anyone climbing up here to dispute with me is usually out of breath.


But now things moved fast, said the two gang members who were there. After the insult, the Gangster Disciples left the block, but then returned, and the verbal jabbing continued. Then, the Gangster Disciples claim, the Black Disciple who had called one of them a rat reached into his pocket and pulled out his cellphone, pretending it was a gun. The Black Disciples denied that.


Then they killed each other.  Reminds me of Brooklyn: ‘I’ll kill you’….’No, I’ll kill you deader’….BANG.  Yup.  They actually are this stupid and very annoying since this has to be as loud as humanly possible so we all get to hear every exchange of stupid threats.


I foresee an end to all this.  True, the dying cities still are run entirely by Democrats who think killing and stealing is civilization, but the higher levels of government are probably going to crack down on this stupidity.

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26 responses to “Most Democratic Cities Are Rapidly Dying

  1. floridasandy

    the democrats are beyond stupid in the cities-destroying their traditional voting bases for the benefit of non citizens.

    A few days after the Chicago City Council approved a $1.3 million legal defense fund to help illegal immigrants facing deportation, officials in Los Angeles unveiled their version with more than seven times the money -Judicial Watch

    instead of Chicago dealing with all the murders of their own citizens, they would rather pump taxpayer money into protecting illegal immigrants. has the raw numbers:

    Year to Date in Chicago
    Shot & Killed: 708
    Shot & Wounded: 3642
    Total Shot: 4350

  2. Claudeeyah

    Ha! Ari Shotzenstein, the “financial officer of the project” (in Detroit) has no comment. Yeah, complete with yamakah, Ari and his negro friends actively work to drain more $$$ from the working Michigan taxpayers coffers. Hand in hand, these (((folks))) have been working overtime destroying this country since 1913.

    Sad that the negroes are manipulated in this fashion, but at least a few of the top ten percent get to cash in on YT dollars before the sh*t hits the fan. These are the (((folks))) leading the Democratic party. They have learned absolutely nothing. Hopefully, the Republican party is taking copious notes and will work to avoid falling into the same trap.

    Democrats will eventually go the way of the Whig party. Already they are looking like a joke on the world stage. The Americans, as usual, are the last to wake up to this rude fact. Sayonara, bitchez!

  3. DM

    ‘You are under arrest’ and then arrest them all. Seriously, it works.


    Not these days 🙂 Sounds like cops can’t even say that.

    Maybe your should ask your hero, President Dirty Harry to pay a visit

  4. Claudeeyah


    Yeah, it might have worked way back in the ’70s, when negroes had at least a vague sense of the white rule of law (’50s to early ’60s), but sixty years later, all they can do is laugh. Think about it. Mike Brown steals from a convenience store, roughs up the clerk who tries to stop him, assaults the police officer who tries to detain him, tries to steal his gun (!!!) And BLM has been bitching about his well deserved death ever since! And the Democrats APPLAUDED this!

    Seriously, I LOVE Elaine, but she is trapped in a ’60s time warp. There is no salvaging the negro or his handlers. They are deeply committed to over throwing our Western civilization and will stop at nothing to ensure it. Trump can’t save this mess. (((You Know Who))) is so deeply entrenched in all levels of government that they will stop at nothing to complete the over throw of our Democratic Republic. And our fellow white citizens are more concerned than ever about who will win the Super Bowl and what negress will shine (no pun intended) on “Dancing With the Stars”.

    Interesting times, indeed!

  5. Lou

    Good comments. Keep them coming.

  6. Lou

    The latest nig urban sport in Cleveland is the smash and grab of ATM’s. The n—-s drive stolen trucks into stores and grab the ATM.

    Also–man with 100+ arrests kills yoga teacher and says ‘she killed herself.’

    For race realists, this blog is not the place to get information.
    the places are–

    Ambrose Kane and

  7. emsnews

    Of all people, I am NOT trapped in the sixties, I am talking about it for we made this huge loop back into the sixties and are now repeating the 1950’s red scare with this time, the stupid democratic left doing the McCarthy red scare stuff against…’communists in Russia’!!! Which is totally insane.

    I am here in the present looking into the future unlike most humans these days. You can’t see the future unless you see the past. And I still remember when the black population was religious and law abiding and hard working and fine people.

    Alas, for today it has been nearly totally destroyed (and this is the ‘family collapse’ business!).

  8. Domina Gunilda

    Shootings in US cities: Rates not numbers!
    Highest rates of shootings and homicides. New Orleans, Detroit, St Louis
    And it’s all about neighborhoods and clusters of violence.
    Non fatal shootings: Worst shooters in St Louis. Where is NRA, shooters obviously needs assistance.

  9. emsnews

    Those of us who hunt wild game usually have high accuracy rates. Everyone in my own household hunts. Shooting squirrels is great practice, they are small and fast…and yes, edible, too.

  10. Lou

    The McCarthy red scare stuff against…’communists in Russia’!!! Which is totally insane.
    Well the Jews in Russia did kill 30? MILLION Christians during this ‘scare.’
    Joe was right. Uncle Joe Stalin was a monster.

  11. Blissex

    «the inner city black political base politicians of the DNC are openly attacking the majority of Americans.»

    One of the great ironies is that part of the huge fall in absolute number of votes from Obama to Clinton is that a lot of black voters could not vote for a Clinton, the anti-black triangulators, whose record includes:

    * Describing black young men as “superpredators” to win white votes.

    * “Reforming” social insurance against poverty, much of it going to poor black people, by cutting it ferociously to win white votes.

    * Introducing the EITC scheme to boost the profits of usually white employers of poor people, many of them working blacks (a policy which had some positive effects though).

    * Allowing massive illegal immigration to compete for low wage jobs, many of them lost “reserved” to black people, to lower the cost of labour for usually white employers.

    * Allowing massive offshoring of low-wage factory jobs, many of them held by black people, to boost the prices of stock owned by mostly white people, and the bonuses of mostly white executives.

    * Pushing up and up and up the cost of renting and buying houses, usually owned by white voters, making it ever harder for low-wage workers, many of them black people, to afford having a decent house.

    Black voters I suspect have figured out that neoliberal Reagan Republicans like the Clintons may not be really on their side economically, even if they talk loudly about discrimination.

  12. alwaysMothers

    «broken black families which have nearly totally disintegrated since 1966:»

    The issue is always mothers: USA (and elsewhere) italian/jewish/chinese/japanese mothers have usually regarded their sons as pension investments whose value they wanted to protect and maximize. Therefore they have usually pressured their sons to “behave” and to study hard to infiltrate the middle and upper-middle classes via the education/credentials system.

    USA black mothers seem different: either they don’t regard their sons as pension investments, or they think it is futile for them to pressure their sons to “behave” and to attempt to infiltrate the middle and upper-middle classes via the education system.

    I reckon that the latter is more plausible: in the 50s and 60s it became pretty clear that the working class mothers of italian/irish/jewish sons had managed to infiltrate them into the middle and upper-middle class, via the credential system, and that they would not tolerate colored competitors to their pension investment assets, and in general that was not a route viable for colored young people.

  13. Blissex

    «There is no salvaging the negro or his handlers. They are deeply committed to over throwing our Western civilization and will stop at nothing to ensure it.»

    If you throw people in a cage and you beat them up for decades, and then when they see you they growl at you, it is too convenient to say that shows that they are dangerous animals and must be kept in cages and beaten up.

    Whether the people you throw in the cage are blacks in the USA, jews in central europe, or palestinians in “Greater” Israel.

  14. Lou

    Obama at work—-

  15. emsnews

    I lived deep inside both the Jewish and the black inner city communities in NYC years ago. Saw everything going on up close. Both communities are disintegrating badly in different ways.

    Since they live next to each other often, there is direct conflicts between both communities. The disintegration of the black community is connected to the liberal welfare handouts which also are destroying the Native Tribes out west, for example.

    Having lived deep inside the Native Tribal communities and next door to the black community in Arizona as a child, I know how both were poor but INDEPENDENT and more: very family-oriented back then.

    Now, they get handouts and are dependent on the Machine for everything and have ceased farming, grazing animals, hunting, fishing, etc. and are now drugged up, drunk, lazy and stupefied. Before, they were SMART.

    Survival smart, that is…I greatly respected this as a child, admired these life skills, guess who taught me how to hunt, skin animals, raise and herd sheep, etc.? The Tribes.

  16. Christian W

    Quite a good chart showing how the US is being ripped apart. The rich, and their servants, are getting richer and want to keep it that way. The vast majority is being not only cut off from prosperity and future prospects, they are getting poorer rapidly.


    ELAINE: And it all began with REAGAN.

  17. Christian W

    Neoliberalism is destroying the US – but nobody is talking about it. There’s only the tedious GOP vs Dems white noise.

  18. Petruchio

    You know, there never really was a policy/theory of neo liberalism. That was just the façade, the deception. The economic “policies” of neo liberalism were and ALWAYS have been wealth transfer. Financial piracy and looting. Neo liberalsm is about thievery, plain and simple.

  19. Petruchio

    In the latest reports: the number of Syrian refugees coming to the US of A shows a sharp increase! Yes, what a clever plan. Insert a bunch of virulently anti US immigrants into the country that has been murdering and bombing Syria. This only makes sense if your intent is malicious.

  20. Christian W

    @ 19

    Of course it is about thievery. It is also about destroying the democratic, social and financial powers of the majority in order to facilitate the theft.

  21. Christian W

    President elect Trump has his work cut out for him if he wants to reverse the directions of the arrows in these paragraphs.

  22. emsnews

    Good graphs, Christian! Thanks for posting these. Yes, it is painfully obvious. It leaves out ‘crime rates in DNC cities shooting upwards’ parts.

  23. John

    The economic “policies” of neo liberalism were and ALWAYS have been wealth transfer.

    All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.

  24. John


    Reading Zero Hedge, I see. It’s one of the best; I recommend it to everyone.

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