Obama & Gang Kick Out Russia From DC/NY To Start WWIII


All of these screen shots are from the London Daily Mail since I get 90% of my news from overseas due to US news is infested with propagandists who work for or are Bilderberg gang.  The US is being pushed into WWIII by the Bilderberg gangsters in Congress, the entire DNC staff and their pathetic fake ‘liberal’ followers who are all McCarthyites.  This is a major, major war crime.  Every President since Reagan was shot by a Bush friend, has been a Bilderberg gangster and this is their final roar for power: WWIII with Russia and China nuking the US to smithereens.


I am using screen shots for this article because the EU is a mirror for the US power elites and at the same time, innocently tells everyone some truthful information unlike the wall to wall, nonstop US media giants lying about everything with their Fake News (hahaha) machine.  The sore losers of the DNC are determined to destroy everything before Trump takes office and this crime should be halted but won’t because foreign powers run this country.


Oddly enough, Bibi in his spider hole in Israel, is now a friend of Trump and hates Obama.  This began only this week so I wonder, will our real rulers in Israel allow the DNC to destroy a good buddy of Bibi right at the same time Israel is pissed off at the Democrats for not vetoing the latest Security Council vote for Palestine?


This is all so very…interesting.  The conflicts within the War Crimes party of the DNC are going through the roof this week.  Their need to have a coup is great but the military hates them here in the US.  True, some DNC stooges have been put in high and mighty places in the Pentagon since Obama won his elections but they are isolated.


I seriously doubt any underlings will obey orders.  Trump, our elected President, is NOT calling for WWIII even now when heavily pushed by the bullies in Europe, Saudi Arabia and the super rich corporate entities who all fought against him during this election.  The push for WWIII is stupid and only fools think the US will win this war.   We will not.  We will be destroyed. There is no escaping this.


If Russia and China simply blow up all our nuclear power plants and nuke all our power stations and dams across major rivers like the Colorado River, and then drop a couple of nukes on NYC, Silicon Valley, major oil refining ports in Texas and a few other places like California and of course, Russia takes Alaska…the US will be a roaring mess and utterly helpless.


Russia WILL NOT NUKE any major Democratic city that isn’t on either coast, that is, the tiny spots in the hinterlands that voted for Hillary because they are holding pens for welfare voters and have no more industries.  They will happily leave Detroit the ugly mess it is today for our rulers looted and bombed these cities for the last 40 years with free trade deals.


After WWIII, all the money flowing from the government to these hell hole cities will cease, the people there will face starvation and will try to move into the countryside that is heavily armed and loot it but will be killed by the others who will not tolerate a flood of hungry criminal class people who steal stuff…duh.


This is so easy to foresee.


All this hysteria by our media fake news howling Chihuahuas of war and here is Trump:


So far, Trump hasn’t fallen for the propaganda regime.  Are we lucky?  Will Obama, the Peace Prize Poodle, hesitate to launch WWIII?  I say, arrest Obama NOW.


This ‘global warming’ clown has spewed so much CO2 aside from exhaling, that he is a planetary climate criminal, no?  So arrest this gas guzzling lunatic now.  According to him, we will all roast to death because of people doing what he is doing all the time: consuming vast seas of fossil fuels.  So arrest him now.


Tiny Spy Drones No Match for Russia’s ‘Repellent-1’ Mobile Anti-Drone Complex: Russia has intelligent people who can counteract all the stuff the US does in the military realm and has been able to do this since WWII and will be able to do this to infinity since it requires intelligence to do this and one thing the US is determined to destroy is any intelligence at the top because these smart people are dangerous to our Real Rulers who are working day and night to destroy the US industrial base and make the people here poorer and deeper into debt.


Russia Has Contracts on Sales of Combat Robots: another example of Russia designing and selling stuff.  Very successfully, I may add.  The prices are lower than the extremely expensive junk the Pentagon orders.  The US system is set up to be as expensive as possible because it is a looting expedition, not ‘defense’.  It sets out to destroy the US taxpayers who have to pay for all this via going bankrupt in the future.


I suspect the Bilderberg gang will force a bankruptcy to punish the US voters for voting a non-Bilderberg gangster into office.

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13 responses to “Obama & Gang Kick Out Russia From DC/NY To Start WWIII

  1. Old Ari

    or as lord acton said…….

  2. emsnews

    “Liberty becomes a question of morals more than of politics.”

    “Liberty is the harmony between the will and the law.”

    “Free trade, to improve the condition of the people and fit them for freedom.”

    “Liberty has not only enemies which it conquers, but perfidious friends, who rob the fruits of its victories: Absolute democracy, socialism.”

    “Political atheism: End justifies the means. This is still the most widespread of all the opinions inimical to liberty.”

    “The object of civil society is justice, not truth, virtue, wealth, knowledge, glory or power. Justice is followed by equality and liberty.”

    “All liberty is conditional, limited and therefore unequal. The state can never do what it likes in its own sphere. It is bound by all kinds of law.”

    “Inequality: the Basis of society. We combined and put things in common to protect the weak against the strong.”

    “Divided, or rather multiplied, authorities are the foundation of good government.”

    “Duty [is] not taught by the state.”

    “Men cannot be made good by the state, but they can easily be made bad. Morality depends on liberty.”

    “Liberty consists in the division of power. Absolutism, in concentration of power.”

    “Bureaucracy is undoubtedly the weapon and sign of a despotic government, inasmuch as it gives whatever government it serves, despotic power.”

  3. KHS71

    This is all politics. Making up fake news to justify their loss. To save face, the Russians have been blamed for their loss. Their constituents truly believe this is the reason. It’s printed in the Washington Post and NY Times. It has to be true. It can’t be that their candidate has the charisma of the Ebola virus, lies every time she opened her mouth, took high security documents on her private e-mail server in violation of Federal law, has serious medical problems, and is the most corrupt politician in my lifetime. Nah, has to be something else.

  4. Mewswithaview

    Pathetic and petulant behaviour from the outgoing administration. Most likely the real reason is the donors to the DNC want to know why their $1.5 billion did not buy them the election, so to avoid answering that question the DNC has Obama take it out on the Russians.

  5. Mewswithaview

    This cartoon just about sums up the comedy.

  6. Seraphim

    “We will not create any problems for U.S. diplomats,” Putin said in a statement late Friday afternoon. “We will not expel anyone. We will not prevent their families and children from using their traditional leisure sites during the New Year’s holidays.
    Instead of sending the U.S. diplomats home, Putin invited their kids over for “the New Year and Christmas children’s parties in the Kremlin.”
    Then he wished the Obamas a happy new year and bid season’s greetings to “Donald Trump and the American people.”

    “we will not resort to irresponsible ‘kitchen’ diplomacy but will plan our further steps to restore Russian-US relations based on the policies of the Trump Administration”.
    We don’t respond to children throwing tantrums. We’ll resume talks in three weeks time when the Presidency will be occupied by adults.

    Pure genius!


    ELAINE: I just read this posting after publishing the story I wanted to publish last night. Good catch! My service was down last night due to someone screwing up on a highway and cutting services here. Slippery roads all over the place.

  7. Christian W

    Have fun and enjoy life vs. US Death cultists who love suicide bombers.

  8. John

    @5 Most likely the real reason is the donors to the DNC want to know why their $1.5 billion did not buy them the election, so to avoid answering that question the DNC has Obama take it out on the Russians.

    Partly. But I suspect the bigger reason is that the bankster parasites are trying like hell to start WWIII before Trump takes over, because the global financial system is about to implode. As Elaine has pointed out before, the Derivatives Beast is still out there, and fairy tales tell us that the monster always eats its master.

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