Russia Hacking Stories Fall Flat, Hackers Take Down Bilderberg Site



From the British press:  The US media went nuts about ‘Russia hacking nuclear power plant’ but it really was some kid who hacked one laptop that wasn’t part of the system at all.  So much for harum scrum news!  This was being pushed hard in the US Fake News Media giants who lie so often, they should get better jobs as prostitutes for sucking you-know-what.


Ignoring the information that there was no real hacking (why hide it???) McCain totters out to denounce Putin and demand WWIII.  He is hot about hacking in between hacking up phlegm.  The entire creaking apparatus of Rule has been squealing like a stuck pig as they try and try and try to get everyone to freak out and start WWIII.


Liberals are doing this, too, in spades. Digging deeper and deeper in their own grave, they have reached China and are screaming that China will attack, too, as well as Russia.  These fools show clearly they should not be allowed anywhere near the White House for the foreseeable future.  Nor any of the fake ‘conservatives’ who are actually warmongers, not true conservatives.


Here are the fake New York Times headlines, truly pathetic:



With the sitting president calling Russia a national security threat and the incoming one praising Mr. Putin, many American voters, long accustomed to being suspicious about Russia, are understandably confused and uneasy. Russia was an enemy on Friday morning, and a friend by the afternoon.


What the hell?  So, both Putin and Trump say, ‘Don’t panic’ and this makes everyone ‘uneasy’????  I would suggest the herd of ‘writers’ at the NYT stop acting like they belong in the 1984 Propaganda Truth army and join the rest of us realists in Reality Land.  Two leaders are dialing down the hysteria and the NYT wants this to ‘confuse’ us.


“We are in a whiplash moment right now, and I think it is unprecedented in several respects,” said Cliff Kupchan, the chairman of the Eurasia Group, a political risk assessment firm in Washington, and a former State Department official from the Clinton administration. “The most important one is that the baton is about to be passed from an administration with a very hard line on Russia to one that is very much more sympathetic…”


THANK GOD FOR THAT!!!  WWIII will be very destructive and extremely nasty and we have a name for it: End of Times, the Apocalypse Now, etc.


Russian policy in recent years has been trying to sow doubt and undermine public faith in Western governments. The Kremlin has relied on a variety of levers — disinformation campaigns, buying influence, cyberattacks — which many analysts expect to show up in crucial elections in the coming year in France and Germany.


Wow…off the cliff, dude!  You don’t have wings.  You fell into the Grand Canyon of Nonstop Lies.  So, the ‘disinformation campaign is’….YOU.  The NYT, the WP, all the US TV stations.  They lie nonstop now.


“They are trying to create more of a level playing field not by raising Russia up, but through a declining West,” Mr. Kupchan said. “I don’t think Putin is out to make America great again.”


No, Putin doesn’t have to fix our crummy systems and stop our lying media machines, this is Trump’s job, it is called ‘Cleaning the Augean Stables’ that was filled with Bull droppings.


 Reporting was contributed by Ivan Nechepurenko and Andrew E. Kramer from Moscow, Alan Blinder from Sandy Springs, Ga., Julie Turkewitz from Denver, and Noah Weiland from Washington.


This stinking pile of nonsense took FIVE reporters!!!  I hope they bankrupt this ‘news’ paper that has sunk to such low levels, calling it ‘fake news’ is praise.  They are ‘insane news.’  Many readers fall for this agitprop lying regime being plastered all over the place:

Wendy is a trusted commenter New Jersey 5 minutes ago
The premise of the article is ridiculous. Most Americans, or at least the ones who voted for HRC, know exactly what’s going on. There Is no doubt in my mind that Mr. Putin is our enemy and that he is gloating right now over his success in installing a Russian stooge In the White House. The only question is what he’s got on our con man president and how far he can push the advantage before even the die hards can see that Trump’s “interests” have nothing to do with what’s good for the country. Let’s hope we’re not already too far gone by then.


Winston Los Angeles, CA 22 minutes ago
The United States is so used to fabricating adversaries for P.R. purposes, that we’ve forgotten how to identify real ones. Russia is a genuine enemy, a nation with a leader that has a long-term plan to diminish the role of America in the world. He’s not a wild-eyed mullah posing for the cameras. He’s not a two-bit dictator spouting anti-American slogans for local consumption. Putin poses an existential danger to America and Americans. Putin has deployed his long game of psychological manipulation and has placed a stooge in the White House, an Apparatchik beholding to him who will reliably do his bidding. Trump is a Russian puppet as surely as the French hero Petain was a German one. We’re not America. We are Amer’chka


I cannot blame readers for going insane.  They also believe that all the election violence, which was 90% illegal aliens, black lives matter agitators and other Democratic supporters, attacking citizens who disagreed with them and were attending their own events.  The NYT and other media lied about all this, by the way, as if we didn’t notice.


Trump now comes under fire from the neocons and the crazy fake liberals who rule us for having PRIVATE GUARDS instead of trusting these ‘et tu, Brute’ assassins.  They want him to rely on the government for protection like Kennedy and Reagan.


It is obvious they are now on Plan Kennedy Pt.3.  That is, either have his plane crash or have guards who fail to stop assassins.  That is, they are already grousing about him refusing to use Air Force One or even live in the White House.  He controls Trump Tower and so, can set up his own systems.  I see a pattern here based on realistic understanding of the dangers besetting him.


Trump continues to infuriate the raging reporters by ditching them all and going off the play golf not that Obama has been particularly friendly in this regard, either.  Why on earth would he take along an army of lying Pinnochios?  They cover him only to attack him, lie about everything and manufacture strife.  An army of Harpies throwing feces are easier to play golf with compared to these creatures.


And the mainstream media missed this story but not Russian media…I missed this story two days ago: the official Bilderberg gang website was hacked!


“Dear Bilderberg members, from now on, each one of you have 1 year (365 days) to truly work in favor of humans and not your private interests,” the hackers, who identified themselves as the “HackBack movement and Anonymous,” said in a message posted at


“Otherwise, we will find you and we will hack you,” they threatened the “Wealthy Elitico-Political 1 percent.”


“Mind the current situation: We control your expensive connected cars, we control your connected house security devices, we control your daughter’s laptop, we control your wife’s mobile. We tape your secret meetings, we read your emails, we control your favorite escort girl’s smartwatch, we are inside your beloved banks and we are reading your assets. You won’t be safe anywhere near electricity anymore,” the hackers said.


So, are these hackers Russians?  If so, I want to shake their hands and say, ‘Go for it.’  Someone has to annoy our Real Rulers.  Since our Real Rulers hate Russian hackers, it is tit for tat now.  Maybe they are Chinese!  Or perhaps some kids in the US who have time on their hands.  We don’t know and I don’t care, I think this is funny since secrecy and lies are all Bilderberg tools, they deserve this being a criminal operation!  Arrest them all, that is, Bilderberg co-conspirators.


Start with the NYT and WP and major TV station Bilderbergers.  I am all for this.  And Congress, and the DNC and GOP leaders.  Clean house time!

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8 responses to “Russia Hacking Stories Fall Flat, Hackers Take Down Bilderberg Site

  1. melponeme_k

    Happy New Year!

    Yes, I’m glad Trump isn’t falling for any of their lies.

    YES, he should turn Trump Tower into the alternate White House. It will serve the political scum right. Contrary to the liars, he won’t be the first president who held “court” outside the white death trap.

    The only reason why New York went blue was because of illegal aliens and welfare beggars. If the districts were fair and the illegal aliens barred from the polls, New York would have been as red as the rest of the country.

  2. Moe

    “They are trying to create more of a level playing field not by raising Russia up, but through a declining West,” Mr. Kupchan said. “I don’t think Putin is out to make America great again.”

    Mmm, no, the Russians don’t need to do this, the US elite rulers already have. The US is a shadow of its former self. Banana Republic comes to mind. (Not really, since it’s presently a republic in name only. Time to ‘reconstitute’ the Constitution!).

  3. John

    I saw someone point out that the US isn’t really a Banana Republic; we’ve gone well past that, into straight-up African style political deceit and corruption. I would tend to agree. And I did some research; it turns out that watermelons come originally from Africa. So – a Watermelon Republic, maybe?

  4. emsnews

    Cow patty republic.

  5. The “hack” story doesn’t even make sense anymore , hack what ? The election , wikileaks ? We have all forgotten .

  6. emsnews

    Hacking coughs everywhere.

  7. Lou

    How about this,

  8. melponeme_k


    Yes that is another “Green” ban. Alex Jones had that on his videos. They want to ban fireplaces. Everywhere not just Alaska. This is part of the consolidation plan to get people out of the hinterlands. They will make it impossible for anyone to live off the grid.

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