NYT And Liberals Scream ‘Trump Can’t Change Obama Fiat Laws!’


I am preserving the front page of the New York Times and parts of the Washington Post lately because of the raging insanity at both papers show clearly how liberals have jumped the shark, fallen out of the tree house and are crazy as Krazy Kats.  They lie about nearly everything while attacking the rest of us as ‘Fake News’ in this fun house mirror distorted world they inhabit in DC and Manhattan.  The lead story in the NYT today is the above one: the hope of a young President who got a Peace Prize doing absolutely nothing and then became a war criminal of the worst sort: a hypocrite.


Unlike the fake news at the NYT, when I go to RT which is out of Russia, a flood of real news comes in fast:  At least 32 killed, 61 wounded as blast hits Sadr City area of Baghdad where our illegal invasion continues grinding onwards after destroying the government there and replacing it with religious/ethnic warfare.


I almost never see any news about Iraq in the US media front pages.  It is verboten, obviously, to mention the Peace Prize mess there.  Obama doesn’t mention the joint, either.


I will note that above, he is strolling through a graveyard of dead US citizens who went to these illicit and illegal wars and I include the Vietnam War in this list, all died for NOTHING.  Nothing but chaos, severe suffering of the natives and bankruptcy due to high bills no one is interested in paying while the super rich get super richer.


Asylum seekers scam German aid program for millions by applying with ‘up to 12’ fake IDs as the flood of illegal Muslim males pour into Europe as NATO under Bush Jr. and Obama destroys all functional governments in Africa and the Middle East that are not Sunni Saudi or Israeli tools.


Up to 300 people took part in a rally after a Pole was allegedly killed by men of Arab descent after a 21-year-old Polish man, a local resident, was stabbed to death in a brawl involving foreign employees of the café on Saturday night.  This is spreading rapidly.


The rulers of Europe love NATO and tell everyone the evil Putin will invade.  And then invite in a massive millions of illegal alien Muslims who are causing huge social and political upheavals and lots of terrorism…I predict that Europe’s masses will be begging Putin to invade and rid them of the Bilderberg gang who created this toxic mess.


Back to the NYT headlines that are utterly divorced from reality:


OK: The NYT first says ‘Obama’s policies are in peril’ which is obvious. He set in many policies without asking Congress and all of these will be overturned now.  For example, his fiat he issued about preventing any exploration for resources offshore all over the place were dictates, not democratic.


He did this unilaterally and…it can and will be overturned.  Since the GOP will now control Congress, the Presidency and the Supreme Court, all dictates by Obama will be overturned and removed and he put up tens of thousands of executive orders all of which will be erased.


I love the NYT story about how Federal power is limited and thus, Trump can’t do much of anything.  This is silly.  California, a state that leeches off of all the states around it, for energy and water and other services, can do as it pleases…at home.  To a limit, of course, set by DC which is now 100% under GOP control.


But they can’t tell everyone else what to do anymore.  The Democrats want to have no Republic but a ‘democracy’ whereby illegal aliens in California and New York get to dictate to the rest of us, how we live.  This plot is insanity and will lead to civil war very rapidly since they intend to loot us further and we have been looted for quite a while.


The Bilderberg gang/illegal alien game in Europe and the US are destabilizing both to the point of full collapse.  And if the gangsters at the top think that raving mobs of Hispanics screaming in Spanish and Muslims screaming Allah Akbar are going to keep them in power, this is the height of insanity.  They will loot the rich Jews in particular, instantly.  Both hate Jews.


Back to the NYT front page insanity:


Now the Russians have a hacking army!  HAHAHA.  It gets bigger and bigger by the hour.  The need to keep this particular propaganda point rolling has reached insane levels.


Obama and his gangsters now are screaming we will hack Russia.  Only Russia isn’t Syria or Iraq, Russia has always gone toe to toe with the US in the space race, sciences, whatever, and done very well indeed.  The US right now is deep in a program of ripping apart our higher education system and making scholars and teachers as poor as possible.


Strangling the education system and enriching the bureaucrats running the schools while starving the teachers, we are seeing the education system collapse as students go into lifetime poverty to pay off student loans as cost of education rose 500% ever since the loan programs began.


And the schools, anxious to keep students taking on more and more debt, now never ever throw anyone out except for political points (do or say anything radical or against the rules of the liberals and you get kicked out) and so anyone even illiterates, can ‘graduate’ but the degrees are increasingly worthless.


All this chaos is bankrupting us.  The NYT editorial yells for us to give more billions for ‘aid’ to ‘fix’ places WE WRECKED.  And which are in total social/political chaos because of our invasions which were illegal in the first place.  How ridiculous.


Fake news leads to insanity because is the NYT demanding the rich pay all the taxes to pay for this mess they created and which the NYT pushed hard, lying about Saddam and 9/11?  Of course, they won’t pay a penny.


I find it hilarious they dug out a ‘white male’ who admires Obama and was changed by him.  Either this is another Fake News item or they spent lots of time and money digging out this guy or…he is lying to the NYT which is too lazy to check him out.


This happens a lot.  Online people like me dig into stories to discover the hidden parts and the Fake News media like the NYT are very irritated by this and almost never amend their stories to tell the truth.


J.D.Vance is a writer who was born in Kentucky and got a Yale law degree and fame writing for liberals, of course and now a regular at the NYT which has to pretend they listen to the lower classes.


https://newrepublic.com/article/138717/jd-vance-false-prophet-blue-america  (I can’t get this link to work) the New Republic is a liberal rag that doesn’t allow any comments from readers (isolation works great here) and it grouses about this Vance guy…while illustrating their article with a picture of angry coal miners standing in front of an American flag, no less!


Vance’s influence has been everywhere this campaign season, shaping our conception of what motivates these voters. And it is already playing a role in how liberals are responding to Donald Trump’s victory in the presidential election, which was accomplished in part by a defection of downscale whites from the Democratic Party. Appalachia overwhelmingly voted for Trump, and Vance has since emerged as one of the media’s favorite Trump explainers.


And he explains nothing and this New Republic article also explains nothing. Why did Appalachia and 90% of the US landmass go for Trump? Only the dying cities and the ports taking up foreign goods that pour in from Asia and Europe and south of the border, voted for the Democrats.


All the other places went for Trump so the electoral map is nearly totally red except for some fringes and a spot here and there in the middle.


According to the Economic Innovation Group, my home congressional district—Virginia’s Ninth—is one of the poorest in the country. Fifty-one percent of adults are unemployed; 19 percent lack a high school diploma. EIG estimates that fully half of its 722,810 residents are in economic distress.


As I noted in Scalawag earlier this year, the Ninth is not an outlier for the region. On EIG’s interactive map, central Appalachia is a sea of distress. If you are born where I grew up, you have to travel hundreds of miles to find a prosperous America. How do you get off the dole when there’s not enough work to go around? Frequently, you don’t. Until you lose your benefits entirely: The Temporary Assistance for Needy Families program (TANF), passed by Bill Clinton and supported by Hillary Clinton, boots parents off welfare if they’re out of work.


They don’t need welfare in all the vast sea of red Trump voters.  They want their jobs back and they want illegal aliens kicked out again so they can be employed as citizens.  This immense fact is papered over by the elites.


The New Republic and the NYT both are stupid and willfully blind.  The working poor don’t want more medical care, they want JOBS that pay.  They can’t get this if a flood of illegal aliens replace them at work or work is moved overseas!  Duh!!!


Obama promised the hillbillies they would have jobs. Then he killed the coal miners off, totally.  COMPLETELY.  Their rage is immense now.  Neither paper mentions this utter betrayal and it was done due to the global warming gang demanding we do this while letting China and India build more coal burning power plants which supposedly will fry us all to death.


These clowns made the miners in the hills of the US coal country pay for ‘global warming’ while letting foreigners do as they please and this is a huge problem for the Democrats who betrayed their own voters in order to implement the Bilderberg gang plans.


By electing Trump, my community has condemned itself to further suffering. The lines for RAM will get longer. Our schools will get poorer and our children hungrier. It will be one catastrophic tragedy out of the many a Trump presidency will generate. So yes, be angry with the white working class’s political choices. I certainly am; home will never feel like home again.


The New Republic writer hates Trump and thinks Bernie could have won over the people of Appalachia.  But then, we saw black lives matter radicals invade the stage when poor Bernie was giving a populous speech and he hung his head and backed down and gave up.  SOME FIGHTER!


I have been on stage when Al Sharpton tried this same trick with me when I was giving a speech to an all-black audience years ago.  I stood my ground and stopped him and…won over the people watching this confrontation unfold.  He had to turn tail and leave the auditorium.


Sanders is a weakling.  Not a leader.  And betrayed his workers to get several million bucks from the Bilderberg gang who can’t bribe Trump, he is too rich.  Oddly enough!  Isn’t that funny as all hell?  Now for the Washington Post:



They told the truth on the front page, no less!  It is probably the only truthful story at that paper today which is tons better than the NYT which is nothing but hysterical rants and lies. The rest of the Post is hysteria central wailing which I am enjoying only because it is fun watching these creeps freak out nonstop.


They are so cut off from the rest of us, they have no idea how funny they look to the rest of us.  Meanwhile, they scream nonstop for WWIII which is scary as hell as I keep pointing out.  That is no joke.  That is not funny.

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31 responses to “NYT And Liberals Scream ‘Trump Can’t Change Obama Fiat Laws!’

  1. Lou

    Russia has always gone toe to toe with the US in the space race, sciences, whatever, and done very well indeed.
    Only because of the Rosenbergs [and other Jewish spies], Armand Hammer, etc.
    And USSR had a lot of help on Sputnik. If you dont know, the Birchers do.
    Haha. So much for USSR superiority. In the 1980s USSR tourists were stealing toilet paper when they traveled to Asia.

  2. emsnews

    My family remembers when China and India had no toilet paper and I remember in Europe in 1968…long after WWII…getting toilet paper was HARD.

  3. Lou

    India still has no nice TP, last time I checked.
    I recall a funny-sad story of a merchant in Sri Lanka [?] asking what some Russian word was [it was ‘expensive’] and complaining about the tourists stealing TP.

    Off topic, but I think that you will appreciate;


  4. Moe

    Russia today is not USSR. It would be folly to sell Russia short based on the USSR model. For a single example, just compare their education system to that in the US: no comparison, as theirs is functional and merit focused, the opposite of the US system.

    Ignoring their other sectors, check out Russian defense industry. Very much more efficient than that of the US in terms of bang-for-buck (pun intended, actually bang-for-ruple).

    Russia may not meet our ideal of a republic or democracy, but it meets the needs of its people more adequately than experienced in the corrupt US of A. (The same could be said of China. Those fu@king communists have brought the standard of living up immensely in the past 30 years, though obviously with collusion of western corporations who arbitraged the labor advantage).

    The American ideal of ‘Freedom and Liberty’ is fine unless you have to choose between the freedom to starve or a bowl full of gruel. We shouldn’t be so quick to believe all the propaganda we’re fed.

  5. DM

    That New Republic article is more than just pathetic. The only thing these little cunts are interested in is how to gets their “underclass” to vote for them. They think they are educated and are intellectual elites. Well, they may be social and economically more elite than their “working class” (my god, coal miners, how utterly lower class), but sorry, they ain’t no intellectual elite.

  6. Christian W

    Well, apart from Trump (Manhattan elite) the US public usually is given a choice between Harvard or Yale elite for President. Then the race is on for which candidate can pretend to be the most pro-working class (LOL).

  7. Petruchio

    @#2 Elaine: Well you know, Elaine, the job isn’t over ’til the paperwork is done! haha….

  8. Jim R

    One of the obvious signs of propaganda is that the story always changes. Al Qaeda goes from knocking over the WTC, as the evilest SOBs ever (outwitting the FBI and CIA), to “moderate rebels” just trying to attain peace and justice in Syria.

    Yesterday’s “truth” goes down the memory hole, and today’s is broadcast from the loudspeakers…

  9. Petruchio

    “And the schools, anxious to keep students taking on more and more debt, now never ever throw anyone out except for political points ” I have said it before: the solution here is to reduce taxpayer funding to Higher Ed to ZERO. Zero!! Let the smug, arrogant Cultural Marxists running/ruining Higher Ed try to cut it ON THEIR OWN DIME!! Let them charge whatever they like for tuition and other fees, but they sink or swim financially COMPLETELY on their own. Obviously they won’t last 6 months, but giving these arrogant SOB’s a taste of their own medicine sure would be nice. These folks have no qualms or concerns whatsoever about gouging their students, loading them up with HUGE amounts of debt–and then throwing them out onto the street, completely on their own. This is what the Higher Ed a##holes need to happen to THEM.

  10. Jim R

    … and if you dare question the statements of a proven liar, you are a conspiracy theorist!

  11. DM

    @Michael Krieger

    I think there are some derogatory terms for people linking to their own blogs. Particularly, one that is full of ads.

    Besides, you article is very skimpy on your own content, but padded out liberally with ‘quotes’ from third parties. Basically, a plagiarized article.

    For anyway interested, the source of your article can be viewed (ad free) at the 2 links below.


    View story at Medium.com

    Have a nice day.

  12. DeVaul

    Just so everyone understands, Trump does not need Congress or the Supreme Court to overturn Obama’s so-called “fiat rulings”. Trump will use the same mechanism to overturn them and then create his own — by fiat.

    This system was brought to us courtesy of King George the Second, also known as a “Bush”, but few people want to remember who brought us this feudal system. Interesting.

    On another note, I have noticed a pattern with Israeli Prime Ministers and the inevitable “corruption scandal”. It seems that after being elected and told they rule America, they actually believe it and then try to impose their rule on us in the most brazen way possible, only to find that they are now the targets of their own bodyguards and spy agencies.

    Is part of Mossad’s job to make sure the Israeli Prime Minister does not give away the open secret? These “scandals” always seem to arrive just on time: right after their PM has alienated the entire world.


  13. Christian W

    Remember this story when the insane Zionist-Nazis scream about anti-Semitism and evoces the Holocaust:

    The Strange Case of a Nazi Who Became an Israeli Hitman


    Sorry but there is nothing strange about this.

  14. DM

    Apologies re my Michael Krieger rant :(.

    That was posted here by Jim R. Sorry. I read from the bottom up.

  15. Jim R

    DM, sorry about that. I’m not actually a big fan of Krieger, though I do have him in my twitter feed. He just happened to post one of my favorite pictures of a proven liar and source of fake news.

    Did not mean for you to waste time reading his blog…

  16. Lou

    Did a few people here discuss this? If not, my apology;

    As the authorities struggle to piece together the mystery surrounding the November kidnapping of Northern California mom Sherri Papini, three more women have gone missing from the same region, News Corp Australia reported Monday.

    Papini, 34, vanished Nov. 2 while jogging in Mountain Gate, Shasta County, and was reported missing by her husband, Keith. Weeks later on Thanksgiving morning, she was found beaten, bound and branded when a passing motorist noticed her near a highway in Yolo County, more than 120 miles from home.

    The same day that Papini disappeared, 51-year-old Stacy Smart vanished from nearby Lewiston. Smart’s family has reached out to the man many credit with playing a crucial role in Papini’s return: survival specialist Cameron Gamble. Gamble posted a video offering a ransom from an anonymous donor for information regarding Papini’s whereabouts. Two days later, she showed up. Smart’s daughter Amy hoped that the success would be repeated for her mother’s case.

    “(He) is helping us,” Nicole Santos-Hamann told the Record Searchlight, a local affiliate of the USA Today Network. “He’s giving us advice and kind of helping us with coming up with backers, to help us with a bounty or a reward leading up to he

  17. DeVaul

    @ Lou

    Well, that’s interesting. The two Hispanic women manhandled two supermoms into their car that day? I doubt it. Even male serial killers only go for just one person a day or so. I think someone in this tiny community would have noticed two bound women pressing their faces against the back windows with duck tape over their mouths, unless everyone in these gated communities walk around staring only at their iPhones or other gadgets (a distinct possibility).

    I think the police know it was a hoax or scam. They are just waiting for evidence to show up so that they can prove it. At least, I hope that is what they are doing. If they are really looking for two Hispanic women, they might want to start at the local gyms to see if there are any strong, ultra-fit Hispanic women lifting weights there with bad attitudes and lots of tattoos. That’s where I would start.

    Survival specialist. Hmmm… now there’s a suspect.

  18. Shawn W.


    I realize this is off topic and perhaps not appropriate in this context–

    If I have hurt you (or anyone) in any way with some of my irrational outbursts in this forum over the years– I sincerely apologize.

    If you have had to delete some of my comments based on your judgement of proper behavior in your forum here on Culture of Life News, I accept that completely.

    The year of 2016 was difficult for most of us and that is true of me.

    This last winter solstice, I withdrew from public life to contemplate what went good in my life and what went bad and mostly focusing on what I need to do to improve my interactions with everyone in all situations.

    I’m serious and I want to make this apology to you and everyone because I have had many concerns brought to my attention about my behavior over the past 8 years as of this January 2017.

    Feel free to delete this posting if you accept my apology.

    Thank you and everyone for reading this if this does comment doesn’t get deleted by Elaine as, again, she may feel this is not appropriate to the topics discussed in this forum on Culture of Life.

    My intention is to make a public apology to Elaine, personally, for some of my behavior that I realize now may have been hurtful to her as well as other people.


  19. floridasandy

    Shawn, I’ll bet we have all sad inappropriate things at times, because sometimes our mouths engage before our brains when we read something outrageous.

    it’s on my NY resolution list, but have broken a few of them already.

    Devaul, It is interesting that the Papini case was huge, and now it is nothing-no updates, no search, zip. Evidently, they left the area for a while to be with relatives.
    police dispatch call from day of pickup:

    it is such a strange case, and you wonder if the other women missing are kidnappings, publicity efforts, runaways, or what? The coverage should be huge. IT is so weird that they wouldn’t say what the branding was-wouldn’t that be helpful to know?? A drawing of the suspects? something? A badly handled case, at best.

    or an arrest, if it was staged-but the goofy husband did pass a lie detector test and we have the audio from the day of the rescue-although there was conflicting report from a woman who said she called the police and saw a woman with long blonde hair in obvious fear? The media isn’t worth a nickel anymore for information gathering.

  20. emsnews

    I believe in free speech here. Only when someone does something very vile do I warn them or am forced to erase stuff. I do the VERY RARELY.

    I must be the last one on the internet being this tolerant. 90% plus sites have either no comments or censor heavily.

  21. emsnews

    Actually, I LIKE READING COMMENTS and read every blasted one and want more, not less. The more, the happier I am. It makes me very happy indeed!!! I enjoy it immensely.

    And on with the show…

  22. Shawn W.

    Elaine, I agree with you completely, you are more tolerant than most.

    @ floridasandy

    Yes, it is very difficult.

    I made a new year’s resolution to do what I can to improve my communications and interactions with people and I felt that what I posted here previously is the first step.

    Yesterday, I did a “check-in” with some immediate neighbors that I interact with on a daily basis to get started. I said nothing about my resolution and I noted areas that I need to improve upon in communicating with them.

    Thank-you, Elaine, and thank you, everyone else for your help in this regard.


  23. Moe

    #22 @Shawn

    I love Elaine’s laissez faire perspective on comments (I’m sure she would liked to have slapped me upside the head a few times).

    I leaned a few things (albeit imperfectly) about communications from Elaine.

    1. Don’t contradict someone’s assertion directly but pose a question to elicit a response.

    2. Allow expression of an opinion but if erroneous present additional information to correct/clarify an issue.

    3. Don’t comment at all (i.e., ‘rise to the bait’). Let other posters contend with an erroneous statement. (Can’t be used in private relations but valuable on-line).

  24. emsnews

    ARRRGH…don’t comment at all?? HAHAHA. It helps to kick oneself as a reminder to not fly off any handles or broomsticks! 🙂

  25. Petruchio

    “These clowns made the miners in the hills of the US coal country pay for ‘global warming’ while letting foreigners do as they please and this is a huge problem for the Democrats who betrayed their own voters in order to implement the Bilderberg gang plans.” The Democrats deserve every bit of punishment they get. It was the Clinton’s who coined the term , “Where they gonna go?”, referring to the Democrats traditional base of support. The Dem leadership nowadays are going to rationalize all this away. “The voters have rejected the Clinton’s” they will say. Wrong!! The voters HAVE rejected the Clinton’s but also the entire Democrat Party! The Dems are never going to figure something out correctly if it means they lose their jobs by doing so. The only solution that will get to these insulated creeps in the Dem leadership roles is for them to lose their jobs! When Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid get voted out of office–or get shot at–will the DEm leaders start thinking, “we gotta go back to our traditional base”.

  26. emsnews

    Well, Sanders clearly showed them half of their base. But the working stiff half, nope, even he refused to fight for them, too. It was very annoying because thirty years ago, he would have.

    The voters of Vermont are mostly white working stiffs, after all and they do vote for him. It was sad, watching him trying to appeal to the city street gangs.

  27. DeVaul

    “…left the area to be with relatives.” LOL!

    Who in their right mind would want these two psychos to show up on Thanksgiving?

    Older H: Yeah, we barely made it here on time because of this annoying blond woman we were torturing and branding.

    Younger H: At least we managed to slow down and stop before dumping her on the way to granny’s, otherwise she would have had to have major skin grafts to fix those asphalt burns. Plus, the other woman we nabbed had to pee, so stopping was the best idea.

    Granny: Well, at least the gravy is still hot and you two are finally home after your lil’cal adventure. What was that about dumping someone again?

    Older H: Thumping! There was someone in the trunk thumping from inside.

    Granny: Oh, ok. Well, eat up!

  28. emsnews

    Um, I was once kidnapped by a motorcycle gang. I escaped eventually. I was not like that lady who is very suspicious. She claims they dropped her off which sounds weird in the extreme.

  29. DeVaul

    I barely escaped death at the hands of a sociopath, so I know how they think and act. My ex-wife has spent 15 years destroying my life, and now my own sons are acting just like her, which is the most devastating wound she has delivered to me so far. They are all but dead to me now.

    A sociopath will never do anything to make another person happy. Never. It is not within their mindset to do anything like that. It is the opposite, in fact. Instead of dropping off the woman on Thanksgiving morning so she could be with her family in time for dinner (and the press corps), they would make sure she and her family were separated that day just like my ex-wife has done to me and my sons for 15 years now.

    If they were complete psychopaths, her husband would find a box on the front porch with a body part from his late wife packed in salt for Thanksgiving. That is how these people think and act.

    Ask any cop.

    (Glad you escaped the motorcycle gang.)

  30. emsnews

    How about ‘she didn’t want to be around for thanksgiving’ and rigged it so she would reappear that day?

    I notice this is no longer in the news.

  31. DeVaul

    Wait! I did not catch that. Are you saying she miscalculated the day she decided to reappear? Not sure I understand what you mean.

    As a Deaf person, facial expressions are extremely important to us in order to understand the exact meaning of a sign, which can be changed by a different facial expression — same as Hearing People listen for “intonation”, and through that decide that a person is lying or whatever.

    Her facial expression in that photo is unnerving if you are Deaf. This is not the expression of someone who has been traumatized, but rather is posing in an almost seductive way for cameramen. It is truly bizarre and no Deaf person believes her story that I know of — just because of that one photo.

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