Fake News Washington Post Increases Lying, Voila: Perfection


Today’s WP front page: the usual humor.  Oh, the Senate GOP will defy Trump!  HAHAHA.


Finally the ever-slow to figure out the truth Washington Post reporters figured out that Russia didn’t hack any nuclear power plants…duh.  The way this story rose and crashed and burned is typical: with zero proof, the ‘mainstream media’ publishes obvious lies and then as these unravel, they then huff and puff and then meekly tell us some truth but only after inflicting maximum damage from the lies.  Worse, they totally leave out huge hunks of real news which I get overseas.  Anyone depending on our mainstream Fake News is in the dark about reality overall.


Trump openly refuses to condemn Israel in public like previous Presidents who did condemn the settlement but then stabbed the Palestinians in the back in the dark, later.


As the hilltops fill with homes, decades of international efforts to achieve a two-state solution are unraveling. And global condemnations notwithstanding, the trend is poised to accelerate.


The ‘trend’ has ‘accelerated’ for years and years and years while one Fake President after another mouths open lies and then winks at Israel as the Jews plow onwards with ethnic cleansing.  I kept warning that endorsing ethnic cleansing means we can’t condemn it if anyone else does it but then, our hands have been covered with blood of ethnic cleansing for many centuries, ask any Native American.


Instead of realistically approaching this issue which means condemning the constant surges of ethnic cleansing in Europe, Asia, Africa, South and North America, Australia…OK: Antarctica hasn’t done this yet but maybe the Emperor Penguins plan to do this in the future if the place does warm up…yes, ethnic cleansing has been rolling onwards since homo sapiens killed Neanderthals.


Parading around, spouting morals while sinning is amusing fun but it can cause tragic events, too and anything to do with ethnic cleansing always ends up with a good degree of terrible violence.


For example, Europe invaded the world after inventing gun powder weapons and other tools for seizing power across the planet starting in 1400 AD.  Now, everyone has these powers and Europe retreated and now is being invaded by millions of angry Muslim males who want to destroy the place and are working hard, doing this.


Eventually, due to Europe ceasing to have children of the previous invaders (from all over the place starting at the end of the last Ice Age) will be annihilated, once the scales are tipped, they will all be destroyed rapidly.  No one is lifting a finger to stop any of this.  People are told, ‘civilization’ will prevent bloodshed and destruction despite obvious proof to the contrary: WWI and WWII.


We just had an election which the liberals lost and they have been making threats, trying to weasel out of the results of the election and Obama issuing a million new rules and regulations and releasing as many prisoners as possible. I have been tracking the mainstream Fake News operations to see what they plan next.  And yes, they still demand power despite losing control of the Supreme Court, the Presidency and both Houses of Congress.  Not to mention the governorships and other offices, they presume we have to obey their bizarre demands.


And now for the Washington Post’s ultimate temper tantrum editorial by Eugene Robinson who saw nothing wrong with a black President who sat on his hands while black cities burned and black youths demanded total chaos:


Humility is a virtue, but fake humility is a sin, or ought to be. So let me begin the new year with full-throated praise of some people and institutions that supposedly got their comeuppance in November: the mainstream media, “coastal elites,” share-the-wealth liberals, pointy-headed intellectuals and others said to be hopelessly out of touch with the “real America.”


This opening paragraph illustrates clearly the hubris, the misplaced pride, the refusal to accept reality (supposedly) and the snotty arrogance of the ‘liberals’.  Instead of reaching out, they continue to slap the rest of us in the face, demanding we obey them or else.  This arrogance is what sank their ships across the entire spectrum.


Instead of trying to understand why they lost, they assume it was pure evil that they lost and we cheated, not they.  The liberal delusion showed up early when it was proven to them that Hillary and her Bilderberg buddies were lying to them, plotting to cheat them and were in cahoots to destroy America by opening our borders to all invaders.


We unreal Americans were demonstrated to be clueless, the conventional wisdom has ruled, and now are obliged to slink away and repent.


Robinson is most likely a Bilderberg tool.  I can’t prove it right now, the list of these creeps is long and hidden from us all, of course.  He won’t tell us!  But notice his snide remarks.  Hillary and her gang are certainly ‘unreal Americans’.  They are fakes. The NYT and WP staff and owners are also fakes, they are Bilderberg gangsters and both papers were founding members of this conspiracy operation.


All of this is pure rubbish. It’s time to stop all the self-flagellation and raise our voices to insist that things such as knowledge, experience, qualifications and respect for objective facts still matter — now, perhaps, more than ever.


The howl of the Fake News creatures!  They are adamantly refusing to learn any lessons much less, simple civility.  They have now entered a new temper tantrum stage: stopping everything and destroying whatever they can.


Let me start with a much-maligned sector that is near and dear to my heart: the news media. We have been accused of causing the whole Trump phenomenon, failing to notice said phenomenon was happening, or both.


Here is an epic example of delusional thinking and rewriting history to hide reality which is why this poor guy proves he is Fake News and not ‘reality’ as he falsely claims.  The news media never ‘failed to notice’ Trump.  They actively pushed him to be the candidate to run against Hillary figuring everyone would hate him once they turned the hose of ‘fake news’ on him.


We did neither. Trump’s campaign was initially covered as nothing more than a publicity stunt, for good reason: He had a long history of publicity stunts. His outrageous and inflammatory statements were reported because they were newsworthy. His raucous and unscripted rallies were, let’s face it, a lot more interesting to watch than Jeb Bush’s and Marco Rubio’s. The fact that Trump got a lot of exposure did not compel a single voter to support him; many, in fact, were motivated in the other direction, to oppose him any way they could.


I would strongly suggest that Robinson visit a psychiatrist and get some medical help.  He is obviously delusional.  First, he claims that Trump is ‘more interesting to watch’ and that the media covered him heavily and then says ‘exposure didn’t compete a SINGLE VOTER to support him.’  What?  My jaw drops.


He then claims that Trump had the opposite effect and drove away voters even as his rallies became bigger, louder and more frequent.  Unlike Hillary’s rallies which were limp, small, and had to listen to her rasping voice sawing away ruthlessly.  You see, I don’t pretend to like her.  Unlike Robinson who pretends to be ‘neutral’.


Did we fail to recognize and understand the grievances of white, working-class Trump voters? Not for lack of trying. We interviewed Trump supporters at the rallies, sent reporters to bereft Rust Belt cities, profiled individual voters to try to understand their personal travails. The one thing that definitely would have made media coverage better is more October polling in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania.


Here is where the Big Lies live: Robinson and his ilk all pretended to cover the election fairly but all they did was attack white working class males ruthlessly and endlessly.  It was painfully obvious.  When black thugs attacked white working males peacefully going to Trump rallies, the media liars pretended the Trump rally folk were violent yet not one white working class male assaulted anyone at a Hillary rally.


The sole reason to cover news about unemployed coal miners in West Virginia was to attack them, tell them they should move to the cities and join the blacks in the slums and live off of welfare and illegal drugs!  They did not take any responsibility for Obama’s unilateral order closing all the coal mines.


Do urban, coast-dwelling “elites” really have such haughty disdain for the heartland? That’s an odd way to look at a country in which, according to the Census Bureau, more than 70 percent of the population lives in “urbanized areas” and more than half lives in “coastal watershed” counties, generally within 50 miles of one of the oceans or the Great Lakes.


This bozo obviously refused to look at any real maps of the election.  The entire coasts of the US did NOT vote for Hillary.  Only some slivers here and there.  Some look big due to being sparsely populated like the tribal areas in Northern Arizona which have very few people and the Mojave desert/death valley region in California.


Any cursory look shows that roughly 50% or more of costal voters went for Trump, not Hillary!  Much more than 50% since all of Alaska went for Trump!  Alaska is huge.  Except for El Paso and Miami, the entire southern coast and all the way up to South Carolina went for Trump!


Half of Long Island did, too, for that matter.  All of Delaware, Southern New Jersey, the coastal parts of North Carolina also went for Trump.  This means that Hillary and the Democrats got less than a third of the East Coast that is less than 50 miles from the sea.


So Robinson is doing the Fake News game.  He thinks only in maps that show entire states and how they voted and not by precinct.  This way, he washes away the truth that only inner cities and a few other places voted for Hillary in great numbers while the vast majority of the country including the coastal regions, didn’t vote for her.


Americans have been moving from rural areas and small towns into cities for decades because that’s where they find economic opportunity — and because, well, big cities are interesting places to live, full of diversity and cultural attractions and good restaurants. Yes, this is still a nation of purple mountain majesties and fruited plains. But that’s not where most Americans live.


This clown has no idea at all.  Yes, YOUNG PEOPLE move to cities which is why NYC for example, is the city that never sleeps because young people can stay up all night.  Then they have children.  Good bye, NYC and hello, the quiet, safe, good schools suburbs.


Robinson doesn’t dare mention all the dead cities filled to the brim with black people who live off of welfare programs and the increasing numbers of aliens doing the same.  Nope.  These cities never sleep, either, since many criminals prefer to operate at night and prey on surrounding suburbs which is why so many suburbs voted for Trump.


Progressive voices, loud ones, will be needed to hold him accountable. One thing we learned during the campaign is that Trump’s voters — unlike many congressional Republicans — do not necessarily see big government as oppressive. They rely on its help.


This is his solution: be a loud mouth, howl, rage and scream at the rest of us for the next four years.  Then he claims the government created by liberals ‘isn’t oppressive’.  Well, it is very oppressive.  If anyone with a job that is vulnerable like teachers, cops, waitresses, taxi drivers say anything the liberal left thinks is ‘offensive’ they go on the warpath and destroy their lives, get them fired, attack them in the streets and in general, terrorize everyone so we lose our ‘free speech’ rights.


Meanwhile, Obama and Hillary and the gangs running Fake News lie about all this and pretend everyone has to walk on eggshells even though it is obvious that under these rulers, only liberal leftists can scream, curse, chant ‘kill all cops’ and burn cities: that is OK for them to do.  Anyone resisting this is punished.


Scientists who have spent their entire careers studying the Earth’s atmosphere and oceans know more about climate change than politicians who base policy positions on the fact that it gets cold in the winter.


I hope this clown is freezing his ass this winter.  I wonder if I can turn off his heating units and slash his car tires to prevent him from increasing CO2.  Stop him from flying and yes, he also exhales.  Stop it, Robinson!  You are killing us!


The America that supports progressive policies, rejects racism and sexism in all their forms, and believes that what critics call “political correctness” is actually just common courtesy — that America is real, too, and needs to make itself heard.


Political correctness has nothing to do with any forms of ‘courtesy’.  They are mind control actions done with maximum violence and coupled with cussing and making vile threats against anyone who accidentally crosses invisible lines drawn in secret by these gangs of entitled idiots who don’t understand they don’t control the government anymore and political correctness violence will now flow against them, not for them.


I warned them all for years not to play this vile game.  But no, they wanted to censor everyone and live in this stupid bubble.  They also wanted total freedom for themselves and slavery for everyone else.  Welcome to the real world, liberals: you all built the machinery for this and the machine is now controlled by someone who hates you all.

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5 responses to “Fake News Washington Post Increases Lying, Voila: Perfection

  1. Lisa

    Today Yahoo News has numerous stories about Joe Scarborough attending Trump’s New Years Eve celebration and how unprofessional that is for a news commentator to do that:


    The “journalists” who are outraged by this are the same group of people who go golfing with Obama and party with the Clintons. Apparently, self-reflection is not something they can do. They must be vampires since they can’t see themselves in a mirror.

  2. charlottemom

    Thanks for dissecting Robinson’s fakery! He has been dreadful this election season.

  3. Claudeeyah

    Robinson is the House Nigger for MSM and has been for about thirty years now. I take what he spouts off about with about as much seriousness as my friend’s four year old during one of his tantrums.

  4. venguer

    Elaine shreds this fool Robinson. Just think if she could rebut this tripe in The NYT or Washington Post.

  5. Moe

    I’m sure Robinson has been entered to the ‘Traitors List’. (“What you gonna do when they come for you…”).

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