Netanyahu Decides To Be Trump And Putin Buddy All Sudden


Netanyahu’s sweet temptation is to seal the Trump-Putin deal – Israel News – reports.  Despite a great deal of our national media being owned and run by Jewish people, little news from Israel leaks into US media. Benjamin Netanyahu Questioned in Israel Graft Inquiry – The New York Times did let this bleed into the back pages.  It most certainly was not on the front page.  The main front pages did have the Trump/Putin deal which is interesting to examine for it shows some strange quirks in how our Real Rulers operate when forced to think ‘outside the box’.


The New York Post reported on Sunday that some of Donald Trump’s advisers would like Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to attend the President-Elect’s January 20 inauguration.
Israeli and Russian media also reported on the same day that Netanyahu had spoken with Russian President Vladimir Putin for the second time in a week. Are the two stories unrelated? Not necessarily.


That old weasel, Netanyahu, has slipped out of his cage and snuck into the Russian chicken coop to make a deal, eh?  Cover them bases, no?

Netanyahu could prove to be an indispensable ally in any effort by Trump to buck the prevailing winds of suspicion and distrust and to carry out a quick rapprochement between Russia and the United States.


HAHAHA.  The Jerusalem Post is being coy here.  Since Jews run a huge hunk of US media, to get them to suddenly forget all their ‘liberal'(sic) hysteria all they have to do is hear from Israel their new marching orders.


Think about it: Netanyahu is widely admired in the Republican Party and the conservative movement – especially among the kind of right wing hawks that are most up in arms right now because of Trump’s continued efforts to curry favor with Putin.


The stupid right wing Bilderberg gang GOP dinosaurs have screwed themselves royally.  By fighting Trump, they killed a great deal of their own power.  Now, they must scurry back into their Chicken Hawk coops to lay more eggs.  They are very confused now.  Knocking down Trump will grossly weaken them.

Netanyahu could help alleviate the resistance of Republican senators to achieving a détente with Moscow by endorsing efforts to undo President Barack Obama’s sanctions against Russia for the hacking scandal. Such efforts could be followed by accommodations to ease earlier U.S. sanctions imposed in 2014 and 2015. They might also blunt some of the objections that are bound to come from hawkish Democrats, such as Maryland Senator Ben Cardin – especially if Netanyahu couches his positive view of a U.S.-Russia reset in terms of helping Israeli security.


Note the ‘hacking scandal’ that never happened. The media giants have to repeat that garbage over and over and over again.  They hope it gets lodged into brains via osmosis.  All the incoming information that there was zero proof of anything at all, is fleeting.  The hammering on this issue pretending it is real news not Fake News continues unabated.


Such support from Netanyahu, coming at a critical moment, could lend much-needed credibility to Trump’s embrace of Putin. It could help legitimize Trump’s kowtowing to Putin and cast it as hard-nosed realpolitik instead.


Note the use of the word ‘Kowtow’.  It is meant as an insult.  Trump is being attacked on all sides by the Fake News people who can’t resist copying Pravda’s style book rules.


World Jewish Congress President Ron Lauder testifies he gave Netanyahu gifts – Israel News – reports.  Yes, Netanyahu is in trouble again.  Another reason for him to chum up with Trump.


I went to Jerusalem Post for news about Netanyahu and found this as a story that just came in:  Ford cancelled the transfer of US jobs to Mexico after Trump asked. 16 billion dollar plant cancelled.  Geeze in cheese! One would imagine this would be front page news.  Next week, I expect it to be in the news, in passing, along with critics screaming ‘He didn’t bring back all ten million jobs, did he?’ and other such childish tripe.


Fake News isn’t just fake, it is infantile and easily challenged by going to foreign news or using one’s brains.  Since nearly all news in Fake News media outfits are reflections in a fun house mirror, we have to assume they are always distorted.


Netanyahu claims nothing will be found in latest corruption probe.


Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reacted publicly to his investigation by the police on Monday with a tweet saying that “long years of daily persecution against me and my family turned out yesterday to be nothing.”


Mandelblit did not spell out the allegations, but did say that his office dismissed allegations against Netanyahu in four areas. Netanyahu referred to these four areas in his tweet. “Bibi Tours –Nothing!”, Netanyahu posted, referring to one of the four areas, allegations that he double-dipped in payments for flights overseas.


Meanwhile, the Zionists who control us are continuing to throw temper tantrums:  Bolton: US Should Cut Aid to Everyone Who Voted for Israel Resolution at UN.  I read the comments.  Everyone is hoping that he will cut all aid and give the money back to the taxpayers.  Obviously, much of this aid does little good for anyone.  Cutting NATO costs for protecting Europe from nothing would save billions of dollars, too, since we pay 70% of the overhead costs and aren’t even European.


If Europe wants WWIII with Russia, let them pay for it.  End of story.
News we never see in the US are all the riots and fires in ‘refugee’ camps in Europe. Another happened last night in Italy.  NATO isn’t fixing this at all.  Europe is being invaded by very violent, dangerous mostly men who are hostile, openly want to destroy Europe and take over and abuse the survivors so why aren’t the EU leaders protecting Europe…oh, they are insane and stupid.  A great combo.


All this is why Mein Kampf by Herr Hitler is best seller in Germany.  Duh.


I stumbled across this news while reading foreign news, of course:  China is happy with the new President of Philippines and say, ‘Philippines is no longer a TROJAN HORSE to China.’  Obama wants war with China as well as Russia.  We may get both since Obama has obviously gone insane along with many Democrats and thus, is highly dangerous and should be arrested.


Duterte of Philippines tells Obama to ‘go to Hell.’

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7 responses to “Netanyahu Decides To Be Trump And Putin Buddy All Sudden

  1. KHS71

    Maybe Trump will invite Putin to the inauguration. That would be cool. I kind of like Putin. He doesn’t put up with much and I feel he is much smarter than people think. Much more politically astute than Obama and other Western leaders. He didn’t get to be head of the KGB for nothing.

  2. Melponeme_k

    Yeah, Invite Putin to the Inauguration and sit him next to the CLINTONS! LOL, I would like to see them squirm.

  3. emsnews

    Putin to Bill: Our videos are endlessly entertaining. Would you like to watch and have some popcorn with us some evening?

  4. tio

    “Cutting NATO costs for protecting Europe from nothing would save billions of dollars, too, since we pay 70% of the overhead costs and aren’t even European.”

    Please, permit me to ask, with the deepest respect, who are you?

  5. Lou

    Please, permit me to ask, with the deepest respect, who are you?
    Everyone has an opinion, or do they?

  6. DeVaul

    @ tio

    We are Americans, and we are tired of paying for your defense costs.

  7. Seraphim

    @ Mein Kampf by Herr Hitler is best seller in Germany.

    The danger is that people might realize that Hitler didn’t say what he was accused of saying!

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