Bilderberg Rag New York Times Attacks Trump’s Successes Stopping ‘Free Trade’

While struggling to try to pretend to be ‘neutral’ the Bilderberg rag, NYT, writes a long article about Trump’s early successes at stopping the bleeding of US manufacturing jobs, walking a tightrope trying to sound ‘patriotic’ while attacking Trump.  The NYT has pushed for ‘free trade’ all my long life without exception.  And there never has been ‘free trade’ at all.  What we have is ‘transfer of US jobs overseas seeking cheap labor and high profits.’  What do we get in exchange for imported goods?  A gigantic national debt that grows monstrously each year to infinity which is totally unsustainable.


Many years ago under the Reagan regime, the State Department was asked by the communist Chinese if they could have people live with me and learn about America.  The State Department said yes, so I took them all to Wall Street, to our ports, to our factories, etc. and we sat down at night at the dinner table and discussed economic matters and international politics.


They all were committed Maoists when they arrived and one day, they figured out two things: making money via creating stuff that can be exported makes a nation richer and…making money is fun!  Seriously.  They loved the idea and the idea that they could bankrupt America while doing this was their happiest idea.


That is because I would grouse about how the US was committing economic suicide with Europe by running constant trade deficits.  So their plan since 1983 has been to bankrupt the US via trade.  Each year, I warned the government of the US about this, my warnings have been long and loud and no one listens.  I didn’t understand the Bilderberg gang perfectly back then but today, it is obvious they cooked up this mess and they want to keep it going to infinity because they are greedy and stupid and don’t know that the Chinese plan is to eradicate them all eventually so they can’t do this to China, too.


The Bilderberg gang have invited two Chinese ‘reformers’ to their secret meeting.  Chinese reformist Liu He to attend Bilderberg meetings » Alex Jones’ Infowars: 


Liu, director of the Communist Party’s Office of the Central Leading Group for Financial and Economic Affairs and deputy director of the Chinese government’s National Development and Reform Commission, will be accompanied by Huang Yiping, a professor of economics at the National School of Development of Peking University.


Liu’s attendance at this year’s conference is significant as he is regarded a confidant of Chinese president Xi Jinping, whom he has known since they were schoolmates at Beijing’s Middle School 101 in the 1960s. Trained in economic policy in China before earning a master’s degree in public administration from Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government in 1995, Liu is said to be a forward-thinking reformer who has been entrusted with crafting China’s economic vision for the next decade, having headed the think-tank in charge of reform at the pivotal third plenum of the CPC 18th National Congress last November.


HAHAHA.  The stupid Bilderberg gang!  The two top Chinese were there to SPY on them all!!!  It never ceases to amaze me how the Bilderberg gang doesn’t understand the top Chinese plans, cooked right in my own home way back when Madame Mao was arrested.  They also know they can bribe US ‘power people’ as we saw with the Clinton crime family and the Bush crime family sucking down several billion in foreign bribes quite openly.  When Reagan left the White House and ran off to Japan to collect his bribes for helping Japan run one way trade with the US, they said if any Chinese official did that, he or she would be shot.


So now on to the top story today for me: the NYT is talking about trade issues and that paper has been key to pushing the free trade fake propaganda, being a Fake News site of highest quality.  That is, they sound sane while pushing for insane stuff via lying about nearly everything.  The biggest lie of all is to not mention important information.


For example, no where in the article at the NYT does anyone being interviewed or the reporter, mentions ‘trade deficits’.  That is key to keeping our economy from being fixed.  Stopping our trade deficits is a life and death issue.



 Mr. Trump also renewed his episodic campaign to persuade American companies to expand domestic manufacturing, criticizing General Motors via Twitter on Tuesday morning for making in Mexico some of the Chevrolet Cruze hatchbacks it sells domestically. Hours later, Mr. Trump claimed credit after Ford said it would expand vehicle production in Flat Rock, Mich.


The Fake News media bosses have been whining about this ever since Trump won the election.  They are so blind to reality, being fake, they don’t notice that workers who are now seeing only Trump, not the GOP or DNC, saving their jobs personally, they are very happy with the choice of Trump as President.


The NYT thinks everyone is pissed off at Trump for twisting arms like this!  Shows who they hang out with!


The choice of Robert Lighthizer to be the United States’ trade representative nearly completes Mr. Trump’s selection of top economic advisers and, taken together with the president-elect’s running commentary on Twitter, underscores Mr. Trump’s focus on making things in America. That is causing unease among some Republicans who regard Mr. Trump’s views on trade as dangerously retrograde, even as they embrace the bulk of his economic agenda.


HAHAHA.  It pisses off all our Real Rulers and their puppets.  They hate this.  Any GOP jerks who are uneasy at saving US jobs should be listed so that GOP voters can get rid of them starting with #1, Ryan.


Mainstream economists warn that protectionist policies like import taxes could impose higher prices on consumers and slow economic growth.


See?  The NYT actually believes this insanity.  We will ‘get higher prices’…well, prices are climbing as US jobs leave. We do have inflation which is carefully hidden from everyone but us citizens who are hammered by it.


Economic ‘growth’: um…nearly all of our major manufacturing cities are now dying slums filled with angry black males who are systematically destroying whatever is left and killing each other and looting the surrounding suburbs.  Obama fixed this by exporting even more working class jobs.


But some Democrats are signaling a readiness to support Mr. Trump. Nine House Democrats held a news conference Tuesday with the A.F.L.-C.I.O. president, Richard Trumka, to urge renegotiation of the North American Free Trade Agreement with Mexico and Canada.


At last, some glimmer of sanity in the DNC!  I hope these nine nameless House members force the media to tell us their names!  Of course, the NYT won’t tell us since the NYT wants these guys to disappear down a dark hole and never come back  again.


I did find, in a small paper in Oregon, the actual news that the NYT is reporting while hiding much of the news and we shall compare the two articles to see how crummy, cheap and stupid the NYT has become.


“We wanted him to know that we’ll work with him on doing that,” Mr. Trumka said. “I don’t think he has enough Republican support to do it, and rewriting the rules of trade is a necessary first step in righting the economy for working people.”


Yes, there is this budding alliance between real leftists who believe in helping workers even white male workers!  And this alliance scares the Bilderberg gang more than any other!


Mr. Trump and his top advisers on trade, including Mr. Lighthizer, share a view that the United States in recent decades prioritized the ideal of free trade over its own self-interest. They argue that other countries are undermining America’s industrial base by subsidizing their own export industries while impeding American importers. They regard this unfair competition as a key reason for the lackluster growth of the economy.


And…they are correct!!  Hooray.  This is called ‘stating the obvious’ and voters should realize that Obama and Hillary never, ever did this or ever say any of this to anyone.  As did both Bushes, too.


This omertà silence was total until Trump came along and blasted all of this out of the water, hit the ball out of the park.


There is also an ideological divide between the people Mr. Trump has named to oversee trade policy and his broader circle of advisers, which is populated by longstanding trade advocates like Gary D. Cohn, the president of Goldman Sachs, who will lead the National Economic Council; Rex W. Tillerson, the chief executive of Exxon Mobil, tapped for secretary of state; and Gov. Terry Branstad of Iowa, Mr. Trump’s choice for ambassador to China.


Yes, this is true.  But these advisors also are being told in no uncertain terms, the goal is to stop the trade deficit and bring home jobs.  I suspect they will cooperate.


Proponents of trade hope the broader circle, and congressional Republicans, will exert a moderating influence.


HAHAHA.  These ‘moderates’ are all rich people who go to Bilderberg meetings.


“You’re seeing a pretty clear indication that there will be a focus on the enforcement of our trade agreements and on the letter of the law,” said Scott Lincicome, an international trade lawyer at White & Case. “But that doesn’t necessarily mean a significant turn toward protectionism. Even free trade guys like me support enforcement.”


And this is how Trump hopes to stay alive: keep the hopes up of the Bilderberg gang while forcing them to endorse and promote his policies instead of standing on the outside, blocking these by allying themselves with the Democrats.  Already, he is successfully pulling key Democrats to his side.


This is amazing to watch after the entire DNC tried to destroy Trump after the election.  Here is the same story as told by a newspaper not run by the Bilderberg gang so it has a lot more information that is useful to us all:  AFL-CIO, House Dems pledge to help Trump in push to rework NAFTA | Fox News as reported by Mr. Weber.  The Fox reporter actually went to the news conference in DC and reported what happened there:


House Democrats joined Big Labor on Tuesday in voicing support for Donald Trump’s push to renegotiate NAFTA and other trade deals — while also vowing to hold the incoming Republican president to that campaign promise.


“Trump said he wants to fight for trade deals that put American workers first, and so do we,” said Oregon Rep. Peter DeFazio. “We are going to give very strong support for rewriting NAFTA. The momentum for a new direction is very, very clear and growing.”


See? Not all Democrats are blind mice being herded by hungry cats.  They have an idea what is going on despite the tons of propaganda pouring out of NYC.  Note that DeFazio says ‘the new direction is very, VERY clear…’ but then, why didn’t he yell this during the election?  About time, but boy, talk about late!


The Oregon congressman was joined by several other House Democrats and AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka in arguing that decades of unfair trade deals have eliminated millions of U.S. jobs.


This fact was totally ignored by the NYT reporter, of course.  So far, this article has not one Fake News item.  Amazing, isn’t it?


Trump won the presidency in large part by appealing to disaffected Americans, including many across the Midwest who have lost good-paying manufacturing jobs and have been marginalized in the workforce. The Republican threatened to scrap NAFTA if Canada and Mexico do not come to the negotiating table.


This is stating the obvious which the other Fake News sites like the NYT and WP and all the major TV stations, refused to broadcast.


“Entire communities have lost their purpose and identity. And we have to fix that,” said Trumka, whose union backed failed 2016 Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton. “Working people are looking for a new way forward on trade … and we have to begin today.”


HELLS BELLS!!! Why on earth did this union support Hillary???  She and her husband have a long history of stabbing workers in the back.  I wonder how many secretly voted for Trump?  He did take much of the voting districts of Oregon except for one city which went for Hillary.


They didn’t use their brains when it counted.  They should have attacked Hillary, not supported her.  Once her secret speeches to Goldman Sachs were leaked, they should have denounced her loudly and told their voters to vote for Trump.


Trumka outlined what he called several “broad” changes to NAFTA that include tougher trade enforcement and reworking labor agreements but later acknowledged, “Frankly, every chapter should be improved.”


Nice of him to crawl out from under his corrupt rock to say this once someone who is against free trade finally won an election despite all attempts by the Democrats and the top Republicans, to stop him.


At the same time, the House Democrats rolled out their 21 Century Bill of Rights, which they called “key principles” for rewriting a host of international trade deals including NAFTA, which Clinton’s husband, President Bill Clinton, signed into law in the early-1990s.


Trumka and House Democrats also boasted that they have essentially defeated the Obama administration-driven Trans Pacific Partnership pact and called for Trump to put an official end to the deal, along with reworking NAFTA with Canada and Mexico in his first 100 days in office.


“TPP is dead,” said Rep. Rosa DeLauro, of Connecticut.


So, they are taking credit for stopping the TPP…but they didn’t stop it due to being smart, it was stopped due to other people stopping it and they all jumped onto the band wagon at the last minute so they wouldn’t be left behind.


Did the ‘reworking of the NAFTA deal’ work?  HAHAHA.  NO. Obama…he destroyed their work by enabling millions more US jobs to be moved overseas and only Trump put a stop to the hemorrhage.


However, she and others expressed concerns about working with Trump and about what he might do as president — including whether he could get the GOP-controlled Congress and the so-called “free traders” among his Cabinet picks to go along with trade reform. And they raised concerns about whether his reworked deals would further protect U.S. workers and the environment.


“If he makes the workers’ lives or the environment worse, he will have a serious price to pay,” said DeLauro, who joined her fellow Democrats in calls to hold Trump “accountable.”


These rough tough cream puffs…boy, did they punish Hillary and Obama for betraying their workers…NOT.  They did NOTHING.  Worse, they wanted us to vote for these two clowns.  They pushed hard for these clowns.  They betrayed their own workers who then voted for Trump against the desires of these stupid Democrats who still refuse to take responsibility for the free trade disasters.


These Democrats running off to work with Trump still won’t apologize for destroying the working class of America.  They are fully responsible.  Now, they might undo the worst of their damage to us all but for me, they appear to have learned nothing at all.


They didn’t praise Trump for doing what no DNC leader has done.  Instead, they attacked Trump claiming they will force him to do the right thing…YOU DIRTY CREEPS.  Instead of hanging their heads in shame for trying to install Hillary on us and thus, continue the death of US jobs, they pretend that Trump is probably evil and they will save us from him.


Some saving.  These dirty little jerks tried to feed us all to the Bilderberg bitch.  They screamed and yelled and lied about vote counting and refused to read or understand all the leaked information clearly showing Hillary planned to stiff workers and ship out more jobs and told their people to vote for her.  To hell with them all.


Luckily, Trump isn’t mad at them so he can lure them into supporting him instead of trying to just get the GOP to cooperate and to hell with all the GOP leaders, too, who are also traitors.  To hell with them all.  This year is going to be very interesting, indeed.  Very, very interesting.

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11 responses to “Bilderberg Rag New York Times Attacks Trump’s Successes Stopping ‘Free Trade’

  1. Moe

    Mexico and Canada should be very nervous at this juncture.

  2. Christian W

    I love how the world’s only economic super power, who has been dictating global economic policy for near a century, cries about being victim of nefarious economic policies. The US is not a victim, it has been enriched beyond measure by it’s policies.

    The conondrum the US finds itself in now is 100% US made since it is rooted in decisions made in the US.

    The fact that the majority of the US population has become poorer over the last few decades is a result of US domestic policy choices, no? The domestic problem for the people in the rest of the world is that there is no easy escape from US global economic hegemony. China and Russia are wriggling out of the death grip imposed on them, that is why they are targets now. We see with Merkel that the elites would rather destroy Germany than give it economic independence.

  3. venguer

    Devaul says: “The US is not a victim, it has been enriched beyond measure by it’s policies.” Then you write the opposite:”The fact that the majority of the US population has become poorer over the last few decades is a result of US domestic policy…” But you won’t give Trump the SLIGHTEST acknowledgement , let alone CREDIT for wanting to return to some sort of sanity on “the huge sucking sound” of US trade policy. It is going be humorous watching you Democrats trying to pick fly shit out of a mountain of Trump Pepper for the next four years.

  4. venguer

    Sorry, Devaul, previous post was meant for Christian W. My apologies.

  5. Christian W

    But you won’t give Trump the SLIGHTEST acknowledgement , let alone CREDIT for wanting to return to some sort of sanity on “the huge sucking sound” of US trade policy.

    But is there any evidence that Trump wants the US to “return to sanity”?

    – Will the US reign in Wall Street?
    – Will the US pull back all overseas Pentagon and CIA operations, especially in the Middle East, Africa, Latin and Central America, Asia?
    – Will the US balance trade and normalize relations with all other nations, including not working to overthrow nations seeking independence or pursuing regime change to serve foreign policy wishes?
    – Will the US stop look down on other nations and only see them as ‘allies’ if they are puppets?
    – Will the US under Trump adhere to International Law?
    – Will the US under Trump prosecute US war criminals?
    – Will the US under Trump throw the Palestinian people under the bus for Israel?

    Now ask yourself why on earth is the US so invested in all of the above. The reason is very simple: Economic profit.

    US foreign policy and trade policy work hand in hand and has for well over a century. Ask General Smedley Butler about that one. General Butler fought in
    – the Philippines (ask Duerte about this one)
    – China (CHINA!)
    – Central America (MEXICO!)
    – the Caribbean during the “Banana Wars”
    – France in World War I.

    Why? For US economic profit.

    You see, I bet Trump will both want to eat the cake and save it for later. and other nations will have to foot the bill as usual. That is Trump’s trade policy. And that is fascism, not “return to sanity”.

    Now if Trump actually has a broader perspective and a true sane policy in mind (Putin style) I will both be flabbergasted and give him all the credit in the world. But I am not holding my breath.

  6. Christian W

    Now this looks promising though 🙂

    “Trump is working on a plan to restructure, pare back the CIA and America’s top spy agency”

  7. emsnews

    Remember; anyone trying to stop the war crime machine that sucks up trillions in dollars and makes many people at the top of the pyramid very, very rich and very powerful…it will be a miracle.

    I don’t know who can do this but I do know that Hillary is part of this and it has a name: the Bilderberg gang.

  8. Petruchio

    I’m curious as to if/when the Bilderberger rags will stop ripping Trump? They must know that an ever bigger and bigger segment of the “gullible masses” are rejecting the con rags like the WaPo and the NYT are selling. Trump has already pushed the MSM press corps to the back of the Press Conference Room.

  9. emsnews

    They have, as of today, DOUBLED DOWN ON THE DUMB. I am amazed at how insane they have gotten. This is highly dangerous for they now are nearly openly saying it is time to murder Trump openly.

  10. Christian W

    I am amazed at how insane they have gotten

    They always were this insane. It’s just that reality is rubbing away their masks now. The reason they are doubling down on dumb is that they have nowhere else to go, which is why they are dangerous.

    If they do go for Trump they will

    A. blame it on Russia
    B. shut down the internet as part of the operation and – blame it on Russia too.

  11. emsnews

    Or they might do the WWIII route.

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