Breaking News: US Government Finally Released Secret Nixon Papers Showing He Deliberately Torpedoed LBJ Peace Talks




Nixon Tried to Spoil Johnson’s Vietnam Peace Talks in ’68, Notes Show – The New York Times reports kind of late, I would say, this is old news but important for it shows how reality is hidden deliberately by our Real Rulers and how tricks are played on the US public which causes us all to follow the leaders into hell and pay a stiff price for their follies.  We are in the middle of such insane, violent follies today such as this news out of Syria:


This is a mirror image of what on in Vietnam: the US constantly claimed we were winning and this was due to us being honorable and good unlike the despicable enemy meanwhile, our ‘allies’ and our government conspired to commit various war crimes or stab someone in the back.  It was all very dirty.


Our government does all kinds of dirty stuff which is what reality is all about: ruling is a dirty, dirty business.  Has been for the last several thousand years.


H.R. Haldeman’s Notes from Oct. 22, 1968
During a phone call on the night of Oct. 22, 1968, Richard M. Nixon told his closest aide (and future chief of staff) H.R. Haldeman to “monkey wrench” President Lyndon B. Johnson’s efforts to begin peace negotiations over the Vietnam War. Nixon long denied giving such an order, but Haldeman’s notes, which were quietly made public in 2007 and were recently discovered by the historian Jack Farrell, prove he was lying. DEC. 31, 2017


Well, this took long enough.  Let’s see:  one year shy of half a century…we finally learn the truth which was there all the time but was kept secret, of course.  Why?  Well, all crimes of our Real Rulers are kept under lock and key and have for my entire life.


Our moral outrage we are egged into displaying every time our Real Rulers want wars, is then buried when it is time to punish someone for war crimes.  It has been painfully obvious since WWII that war trials are a farce.


Protecting this farce is highly important for our rulers but then they realized they all set precedent for war crime trials so they do various things like burying real information clearly showing war crimes or simply saying war crimes don’t matter if one is ‘the good guys’.


Uncovering the very harsh details of Operation Paperclip when I was still a teenager and tracked down a number of former Nazis and some prisoners who were slaves at the secret rocket caves in Germany, was quite an adventure for me.  Even today, the stark details of that operation are secret.


The ‘public’ parts whereby the government figured out how to move Nazis to the US while giving them new names and IDs so they can get out of being put on trial was one crime done to ‘save America’ via starting the rocket/nuclear bomb program which menaces all humanity today.


Yes, covering up stuff is normal especially since certain things are obvious crimes and the Vietnam War was a crime against humanity.  The communists committed endless crimes against humanity as did the fascists and to this day, commies and fascists continue this tradition but the ‘liberal West’ does this, too, quite nakedly having a double standard which permits the US to commit various war crimes and then no one is punished for this.


Ditto in spades in Israel.  IDF soldier who shot & killed immobile Palestinian assailant convicted of manslaughter is a first for Israel, so much so it is international news today.  The embarrassment about the Nazi rocket scientists and top Nazi manufacturers had to be dealt with secretly because the US was claiming that we had this moral responsibility to punish all Nazis for their many war crimes.


Back during the Vietnam War, the US propaganda machine was all about how we were moral and good and the commies were evil.  But the standards set by the Nüremberg Trials meant we should have punished our leaders for their many war crimes, too.


Of course, we didn’t keep the same standards therefore, all our war stuff had to be buried as ‘secrets’.  If you go to the Wikipedia Operation Paperclip page you do get an explanation about the Nazi scientists being held until Truman figured out what to do with them, that is, how to smuggle them into the US so they could run the Cold War against Russia and then, after 1949, against China.


This moving of the criminals into the US and using them to create the present war machine that menaces all humanity, was of highest importance and lowest morals.  I know exactly what crimes the Nazi scientists participated in for I know some of the victims: the mostly French and some others who were Nazi slaves at the terrible rocket secret caves in Thuringia outside of Jena, Germany.


For example, the Nazis strung up slaves hung by the neck by barbed wire to deter my father from opening the iron doors to the cave complex…this gruesome horror was kept top secret.  I was stunned when I learned of it.  The Nazis exploited slave labor and abused their victims to the highest degree, beating, starving, killing their slaves.


The Nazi slaves had zero value in the markets, that is, they could not be sold or bought.  They were secret slaves.  Just like the slaves of the communist regimes forced to work to death while starving: American slaves had value as objects to be bought and sold so slave owners who were really abusive lost money.


But workers in say, Wales coal mines in England had zero value to the owners who worked them ruthlessly so they had worse lives than US black slaves who at least had some ultimate value as living beings for their owners.  The ‘work people to death’ issue is very powerful, ancient and ongoing.


From today’s news: ‘The workers feel healthier but it’s just TOO expensive’: Sweden’s six-hour working day trial appears doomed after Gothenburg pilot program is stopped.


The six-hour work day increases productivity. So will Britain and and others follow Sweden in this…Well, most humans don’t have the option of less work unless they have to work part time like female professors.  In Japan, working people to death it standard.  The rulers there don’t care of the suicide rate is high like the grossly overworked female office lady who threw herself in front of the subway train the other day.


The Nazi slave labor issue is rarely covered.  Everyone knows about the concentration/death camps but not the ‘work the slaves to death’ schemes.  Certainly, the communists don’t want this discussed since they did this a great deal, themselves.


Back to the Vietnam War: why were the commies winning so often?  This critical question was never really examined.  The workers of Vietnam didn’t like being treated like slaves by the Japanese who did exactly what the Nazis did: work people to death while starving them.  But when the US and Europe ‘freed’ them, the US turned over their nation back to the colonizers from Europe who…abused workers and tried to work them to death, too!


This history was never mentioned by our own government or the media back during the Vietnam War years, we students had to dig it all up the hard way and yell about it all the time back then:  French Colonialism and Vietnam to the Massacres of 1908:


 Already, since the early 1840s, the French had been ruling in Algeria, having conquered that country militarily. They had extended their rule into what is now Tunisia, which they were ruling indirectly, preserving local institutions and collaborating with local ruling elites. The French military had followed their Catholic missionaries to Tahiti and had fought a four-year war against the Tahitians, defeating them by 1847, creating what they called a protectorate over Tahiti and surrounding islands.


They had acquired New Caledonia, near Australia, and in 1853 they turned it into a penal colony. They had annexed the Marquesas Islands. In the 1870s the French had pushed into Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. And they had established rule in Madagascar – a sparsely populated island off the southeastern coast of Africa – where, at the turn of the century they pacified a rebellion and unified the island politically.


Colonialism was all about enslaving and drugging populations so they could be ruthlessly exploited.  The Nazis and Japanese justified their own hideous regimes by comparing their nasty rule with nasty English, American and French occupations of many countries.


In Vietnam, and elsewhere in Indochina, Frenchmen grabbed lands, and they built plantations that produced rubber and other forest products. In the first decade of the twentieth century, France’s colonial administration in Vietnam encouraged French commercial enterprises. They built railways, roads and hydraulic works to serve these enterprises, but projects that would have served Vietnamese farmers were ignored. Vietnam was a predominately peasant society, and Vietnam’s peasants continued to suffer from the usual droughts and floods. Per capita rice consumption declined. And what had been Vietnam’s handicraft industry was destroyed.


US production of various things has been treated the same way since our Real Rulers can’t do this to someone else, they are doing it here at home.  My business of raising exotic sheep and selling them, for example, collapsed when free trade began under Clinton.  Utterly wrecked me.


The French in Vietnam established a monopoly in the production of salt, alcoholic beverages and opium. They taxed consumption of these. They encouraged Vietnamese to buy their opium, and money gained from their opium trade was an important part of the colonial administration’s income.


A French company, Fontaine, held a monopoly in making and selling alcoholic beverages in Vietnam, and all other distilling was banned and severely punished with imprisonment and confiscation of property. And in 1902 the colonial administration made buying alcoholic beverages compulsory, each Vietnamese village having to consume a definite quantity in proportion to its population – more of the behavior that French commerce and government dare not perpetrate on people in France.


Yes, they actually did that.  Sounds familiar here?


In 1908, Vietnamese farmers responded to a rise in taxes by marching to the French administration headquarters. For weeks, thousands of peasants picketed the governor’s office in Hue and made passionate speeches, not only against taxes but forced labor. The protest spread, and the French countered with ferocity. Demonstrators were gunned down. Whole villages were razed to the ground. Thousands were arrested, and two Vietnamese scholars who had spoken against French policies were executed.


The Democrats couldn’t go all the way this year due to them losing more and more power over use of the cops so they were reduced to attacking the cops they couldn’t use anymore and encouraging people with no jobs to attack the police and spread crime, mayhem and murder in DNC-run communities.  This backfired and led to Trump’s victories.


Too stupid to figure this out, the DNC has doubled down on this strategy hoping for mass riots that will set many cities on fire but I don’t see that working, either.  If Trump brings home jobs and improves things here and increases employment and reduces the trade deficit, we will have people supporting him even more if he can pull off this miracle.


We shall see.  Failure will lead to revolts here and all revolts that work do this when the military sides with the revolt.  And that is very possible here, not siding with rioters in cities demanding they be allowed to loot everyone, no, I speak of the ‘red’ map which is the majority of the landmass where everyone else lives.


These people will rise up and the cops and military will support them because they do not want to loot anyone, they want to fix what has been broken for so long.  It will happen, make no mistake.  And the mistakes we made in Vietnam, that is, handing them all over to the French after WWII instead of freeing them at last, was a GIGANTIC mistake, immense.  Stupid!  Ridiculous and led to much suffering for everyone on all sides.


I almost forgot all this from today’s news about our various neocolonial wars that are so futile:


THIS is why our government is ordering the populace to think that Russian news is evil.  They tell the truth!  Truth telling is so evil, the alternative media like myself and say, Informers, are said to be ‘Fake News’ by the liars who hide reality from us and the reality in Vietnam was utterly at odds with the news we were fed back in the 1960’s and when I was in Europe, I got much more realistic news and sent it back to students in the US and it was an eye-opener indeed.


But then, I had been tapping into Eastern European news, too, for at least 5 years at that point and had figured out that our media giants were made up of a bunch of lying bastards who couldn’t tell the truth if you twisted their noses off.

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11 responses to “Breaking News: US Government Finally Released Secret Nixon Papers Showing He Deliberately Torpedoed LBJ Peace Talks

  1. Christian W

    The Israeli ‘soldier’ MURDERED the Palestinian victim – the ‘manslaughter’ sentence is yet another white wash.

  2. its-always-propaganda

    «our media giants were made up of a bunch of»

    It may seem a small sign, but consider this by Martin Wolf:
    «Not to be forgotten is the risk of nuclear war: just look at North Korea’s sabre-rattling, the unresolved conflict between India and Pakistan and threats by Mr Putin.»

    It seems that innuendo about Russia’s nuclear aggression is now a condition of employment at media giants. Absolute fealty to the dominionist/neocon line is apparently required. This is quite ominous.

    Putin has reiterated that Russia has a policy of no offensive use of nuclear weapons, but will use them for defense of their borders; while the UK and the USA have a policy of first use of nuclear weapons even in conventional offensive operations outside their borders.

  3. its-always-propaganda

    «The Israeli ‘soldier’ MURDERED the Palestinian victim – the ‘manslaughter’ sentence is yet another white wash.»

    Better than nothing, which is what has happened so far and by many other countries. Even the UK SAS have refused to be complicit in some “operations” in Iraq:
    «Some senior British officers were unhappy at what was going on and the involvement of the UK’s SAS and the SBS. “Why are we helping to run Latin American-style death squads?” One British commander, himself ex-SAS, demanded to know.»

  4. floridasandy

    we are going to have new leadership and that is going to change.

    Trump is going to be what Obama should have been.

    off topic, the liberal ass cities are instituting more taxes on the under siege residents, the latest being a ridiculous beverage tax to force people to drink certain beverages:

    look at that receipt.

    Philadelphia is not alone. As the WSJ adds, Bay Area voters in San Francisco and Oakland also approved a penny-per-ounce tax on sugary beverages, the same rate as Berkeley’s. And Boulder, Colo., residents, approved the nation’s steepest soda levy, at two pennies an ounce—or a $1.35 extra—for a two-liter bottle. Those taxes are taking effect in coming months

    I bet a lot more people would leave the crazy cities if they could.

  5. emsnews

    HAHAHA. You know, we used to make our own soda and have the equipment for this which we rigged up from CO2 tanks we picked up from RPI, the school where I used to teach.

    Oh no, CO2 is in Coke!!! We are all going to die.

    Bootleg soda pop: Maybe I should move back to Berkeley and set up my CO2 tanks there and go into business…

  6. Lou

    I dislike the plastic bottles.

  7. emsnews

    Agree. 🙂

  8. Petruchio

    LBJ knew about Nixon’s efforts at sabotaging the Peace Process while it was happening! A logical question to ask is, “Why didn’t LBJ expose Nixon’s sabotage efforts? From a political campaign standpoint it made all the sense in the World to do so, but Johnson didn’t do so. A cynic would suggest that LBJ didn’t ‘out’ Nixon because Nixon had Big Dirt on LBJ so it was a wash. This is a good example of what happens when you allow sleazy, morally and ethically bankrupt types into Government. Corruption breeds more corruption. Of course ANOTHER question to ask is, WHERE were the journalists out there who would have exposed Nixon’s efforts to scuttle the Peace Process? I can’t believe that there wasn’t at least someone in the LBJ Administration who would have fed a REAL journalist this information.

  9. emsnews

    Ahem…um…they were all busy running around after me and my friends trying to stop us, kill us or scream at us…I came back from Europe, deported for being a huge trouble and ran off immediately to raise trouble here (only 17 years old and utterly mindlessly irresponsible, of course) to raise hell in the election.

    We succeeded in spooking everyone, of course so they voted for Nixon who said he would crush us so he…shot at us with guns, killed students, dumped Vietnam War chemicals on demonstrators, hassled me endlessly every year he was in the White House and I had tons of fun watching him crash and burn.

    It was a wild time during which millions of people in Indochina were killed very brutally.

  10. Jim R

    I think the real answer is that LBJ was afraid of what the ‘deep state’ would do. He probably knew what really happened to Kennedy and wanted to get on with his ‘great society’ programs, so he let the criminals go on with their war plans.

    Nixon wasn’t afraid, he was in bed with them.

  11. Lou

    Elaine, have you read of the ‘5 gyros’ in the ocean? The plastic islands.

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