MORE News About The Fake News and Fake Charges Of Treason

Trump camp denies ‘100 per cent false’ report president-elect plans to cut CIA staff and ‘restructure’ agency amid fears of ‘politicized’ agency following Russian hacking saga after the Wall Street Journal report on Thursday said Trump would be downsizing CIA’s headquarters and the Office of the Director of National Intelligence.


So…the Wall Street Journal which tried very hard to pretend they didn’t do Fake News…did fake news!  Maybe someone lied to them.  Or maybe Trump backed down. I don’t know, no one can know what is happening since we are surrounded by Fake News screaming nonstop, figuring out hour by hour what is real is nearly impossible right now.  Chaos is fun! Let’s start WWIII, that will fix it.


I have been taking screen shots much of the election and post election because the news shifts and changes hourly and proving the exact stories is done only by doing screen shots so when they change the storylines, they can’t escape responsibility for their previous lies.  It works great, this system I have been using.


New questions arise about FBI probe into ‘Russian’ election-year hacking as it’s revealed they never asked to examine Democratic Party’s server!


This news is INFURIATING.  Arrest everyone in charge of dealing with the DNC server probe.  At least fire them!  So, Trump, I advise you to examine the FBI and NSA and fire all the people there who screwed up.  And do this to the CIA, too.  Plenty of lousy agents in all three areas.  Fire them.




The FBI never asked the Democratic National Committee if it could examine a computer server that was the subject of cyber attacks last year.


Putin should get huge apologies for all this.  They attacked him endlessly.  Then we know that the DNC head, Podesta’s computer code for entering his system was ‘password’.  HAHAHA.  What a moron. He consumed too many pizzas.


Instead federal law enforcement relied on data that, Crowdstrike, a private computer security company, gathered from the device.


Why did they hire outsiders to look into security breeches that could trigger WWIII?  This is insane.  Why do we have these gigantic, huge, monolithic, massive organizations that supposedly are the best on earth…and they couldn’t do this work???


The FBI later endorsed the conclusion that Russian intelligence services were behind the hacking, and that their goal was to help Donald Trump win the November presidential election.


Just like that: pure magic.  They knew from day one there was no there there.  

This video about Gertrude Stein is really funny.  The guy says, ‘The meaning of there is no there there is…there is no there there.’   He should send his resume to Obama.


Trump’s incoming press secretary Sean Spicer told reporters on a Thursday morning conference call that ‘the DNC is on the record saying the FBI never contacted them to validate claims by Crowdstrike, which is the third-party tech security firm, and never actually requested the hacked server.’


A very convoluted way of saying, there is no spy there there.  HAHAHA.  My husband thinks I went mad right now.  So even day one, they didn’t request the hacked server to check things out.

‘You know, I would equate this to no one actually going to a crime scene to actually look at the evidence,’ Spicer declared.


Walker said there were no restrictions on what the FBI could request from its private security company’s findings.


‘Beginning at the time the intrusion was discovered by the DNC, the DNC cooperated fully with the FBI and its investigation, providing access to all of the information uncovered by CrowdStrike – without any limits,’ he said.


OK: enough with the humor.  What the hell is going on?  Can’t our Real Rulers do anything right?  Must they always be this flabby?  HAHAHA.  One of my favorite books as a young rebel was…The Mouse that Roared TRailer – YouTube

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4 responses to “MORE News About The Fake News and Fake Charges Of Treason

  1. DeVaul

    Off Topic, but I saw this on RT:

    “China is the world leader in both the mining and trading of Bitcoin; current estimates place the crypto-currency’s total worth above $16bn.”

    Bitcoin, as it’s called, has crashed — or at worst gone down in value from 1000 dollars to 900.


    I know the Chinese invented paper money, but really! Why not just declare pixels to by money as well?

    I wonder if this is another Japanese housewife investing scheme, only with Chinese housewives?

    The Chinese government declared it to be a “commodity”. Uh, hello! Is “air” a commodity too?

    I never dreamed this idiotic concept would go as far as it did. Unbelievable.

  2. Jim R

    “Crashed” … hahaha. Wake me up when it gets back down to $20.

  3. Jim R

    Grand Fenwick.
    I loved that movie, Elaine. We were what, ten years old?

  4. emsnews

    Yup. My father laughed his head off at the drive in when we saw it. He loved Peter Sellers.

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