Obama And Hausfrau Expect $40 Billion In Bonanza ‘Book’ Deals


Time to visit the Washington Post to read all their looney articles.  As we see above, their editorial page continues to be a three rings in the nose circus of hilarity and juggling acts.  I like the ‘hush up hacking’ editorial.  I would suggest cough drops will stop their hacking.  But their writers are all hacks.  The ‘auto makers don’t need Trump’ story is pure whining from ninnies.  Obama did nothing to stop the export of US jobs.  So let’s all hate Trump for reversing this!  Rude, crude and stupid: the losers in this election are charming, aren’t they?


Already the bribes are pouring in thanks to Reagan starting this trend 30 years ago:  ‘Publishers’ plan on giving the Obamas $40 million for ‘books’.


‘Michelle’s more popular and likable than Barack – and definitely more salable,’ one top acquisition editor tells DailyMail.com, ‘so she’s likely to garner an even bigger advance than the president.


‘If I jump into the bidding, I’d definitely offer more for her story than his.


‘He’s a known quantity, she’s the golden goose with the best dishy stories about her White House life. And I think she can be very catty.’


As The Wall Street Journal points out, ‘Michelle Obama’s talents as a memoirist are so far untested, but with a 59 percent approval rating…she is one of the most well-liked figures in American public life.


‘As publishers prepare to compete for a slew of political memoirs, all eyes are on the president and first lady.’


I can’t wait for this book about endless golf vacations and as for her ‘popularity rate’ that is as honest and real as the polls during the election that had Trump at a 98% chance of losing.  That is, the polls are rigged.  Only people who are Democrats would answer it, most other people would refuse to answer the poll, to be polite.


Oh well, the Democrats have little else to entertain themselves right now, being totally out of power.  <a href=”https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/post-politics/wp/2017/01/03/trump-says-a-delay-in-his-briefing-on-so-called-russian-hacking-is-very-strange/”>We do have entertainment from Trump:  He says there has been no briefing about the mythological ‘Russian hacking’ but the CIA/NSA clowns claim they have something to show him, they just don’t want to show him whatever it is.</a>


I have a brilliant idea!  We can ask Russian hackers to hack the CIA and get this information so we can learn what is really going on!  I should call Trump Tower and tell him this plan but I suspect he already said this to them all in private.  What they need to do is meet in a privy while pissing away our money, can tell us all about Russian hacks.


Here is a leading story at the Washington Post by Danielle Sourpuss: she claims that the automakers who are no longer exporting jobs are not doing this because of Trump, nope.  They have ‘long term goals’ which caused them to suddenly change their minds!  How childish is this?


I recall the automakers huffily telling the US unions and cities that they didn’t want to be here and planned to be more ‘export oriented’ meaning the countries they do the manufacturing in would export…their cars which is the entire point: this is destroying our trade numbers, we are deep in debt!  Saving this country should be high on the supposedly pro-union Democratic list but it was dead last with Obama and the Clintons.

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17 responses to “Obama And Hausfrau Expect $40 Billion In Bonanza ‘Book’ Deals

  1. Moe

    “Michelle’s more popular and likable than Barack…” Huh?

    Likable? Let me count the ways… OK, I’m finished.

    This racist, supra self-entitled drone is aptly qualified to be paired with the ‘community organizer’. Two atrocious, despicable human beings.

    I wonder if Joan Rivers got it right and Michelle has the balls? Certainly Obummer doesn’t.

    I’d like to market a couple of ‘Bama Voodoo Dolls, complete with pins. Perhaps we’d get lucky and someone with real Voodoo Magic would inflict them.

    (Re-reading the above I thought it might be too vitriolic. On reflection, I’ve understated my contempt).

  2. Petruchio

    Latest news report: Trump is planning to gut ‘Obamacre’, on Day One of his Presidency. I think this will be a very good start. What Trump replaces it with is the next BIG question.

  3. Lou

    Elaine, you mean MILLION, not Billion.


  4. ziff

    Last year our charming local CTV news anchor smilingly reported that the obamas are moving into a 16M $ mansion. , and this is canada , shit.

  5. Claudeeyah

    We’ve also been told that she is beautiful, witty, charming, and intelligent these past 8 years, yet every time I see her she looks like a man in drag. I’m gonna go out on a limb and say she probably is a female. Pretty? um, no……intelligent?…..well, if fubbing your way through a conversation using the pronouns “I”, “me”, “we”, etc. counts, well then, yeah, okay……..

    Funny thing is, now that we DO have an attractive first lady, nobody, not even the glamour rags, wants to talk about it or her. Truly an upside down world we live in!

  6. melponeme_k


    The elite are really pushing hard for WWIII. Maybe they really think they are all heading to the Hague for war crimes and would rather go up in radioactive cloud.


    More behavior like this will spell the end for not just Black Americans but ALL minority Americans. I’ve seen the US and we are called minority for a Reason. The first step will be cutting off the welfare/EBT cards then blockading the out of control crime areas. Cities are so easy to blockade.

  7. Lou

    Meanwhile, ‘teens’ at work—-http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-01-04/chicago-teens-broadcast-alleged-kidnapping-trump-supporter-live-social-media

  8. Lou

    The first step will be cutting off the welfare/EBT cards –Food stamps have only been in force since LBJs 1960s ‘Great Society’—- So many lazy people working the system.

  9. floridasandy

    lou, they have a second video of the unhinged crazy trump hating thugs:

    Chicago is a cesspool, with nobody with any intelligence in it to clean it up.

    evidently, their first victim was mentally challenged. the parents (or parent) must be so proud of their child rearing skills! Luckily, they were dumb enough to post videos of their crime— always a sign of exceptional intelligence.

    the internet is still good for something, because somebody is going to jail.

    hate crime, bitches.

  10. Christian W

    Latest news report: Trump is planning to gut ‘Obamacre’, on Day One of his Presidency. I think this will be a very good start. What Trump replaces it with is the next BIG question

    Privatised health care of course. If you have a LOT of money all is well. If not… well best of luck to you.

    Trump’s pick for education supports the Common core farce (to dumb you down). Why is that relevant? Because I think Trump will be basically more of what you already have, but without lube.

  11. emsnews

    I went further in the news story about the race attack in Chicago. The top police chief has said today that there was no race crime, it was just kids having fun.

    I see the entire black power movement crashing through the floor at this point. The police chief of Chicago is a black man who sees nothing going wrong there. And Obama’s close friend is mayor of that joint.

    and Obama won’t say a peep about all this, he is too busy trying to start WWIII with Russia.

  12. Moe

    Much as I detest Obama, even the conservative press can’t get it right, as in propagandization.

    From Conservative Amy as posted in USA Politics Today:

    “Jimmy Carter Is Calling Obama An Incompetent Loser!”

    Read the article and Carter says nothing of the sort, though it can be interpreted as implied. I see a lot of this headline exaggeration in some alt-right sites.


  13. emsnews

    The latest pathetic thing liberals are trying now is to pretend things aren’t happening. It is rather sad to watch.

  14. Jim R

    It’s hard for me to work up much sympathy for the black power movement, but since Obie has been in the White House, race relations have been set back 50 years. More like 100 years, I think, before he’s out.

  15. Lou

    In Connecticut, Felons can become police officers.
    “Another new law permits persons with felony convictions to serve as police officers. this law will allow the city ‘to hire police officers who look like the people they serve’.”

  16. emsnews

    They certainly will look AND act like felons they are catching.

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