Putsch In Congress Fails—Bilderberg Gang Defeated Again


The New York Times continues to freak out but unlike the Washington Post, does actually report something sort of real instead of nonstop Fake News.  Yes, a 14 year old could hack everything because our government is run by some of the stupidest adults on earth.  They are still peddling the Putin did it excuse for their collective incompetence but that storyline looks increasingly stupid now that they again, were utterly unable to prove any allegations with hard evidence.  Today, the votes for President are to be accepted by Congress so this closes the last door the DNC can use to stop Trump on legal technicalities.



Naturally, to get any real news, we have to go overseas to a Russian news agency, Sputnik mocks Congress and the McCarthy DNC bosses for flubbed accusation of Russia hacking election:


The Senate Armed Services committee held a hearing, broadcast on almost every TV network in the United States, on the alleged Russian hacking in the election. The hearing was supposed to reveal hard evidence about Russia’s alleged hacking, but this huge spectacle offered no evidence at all. Rather, the Director of National Intelligence stated that his agency had “high confidence” about Russia’s alleged involvement. Was this all smoke with no actual fire?


Donald Trump will finally be confirmed as the next president by Congress today, just two weeks before his inauguration. We’ll look at the complicated process of how the president is elected, or rather appointed. Drew Spencer, Legal Director at the election reform advocacy organization FairVote, joins the show to discuss the strange electoral system.


I recently saw a picture of Biden burying his face in a toddler’s face who was leaning away from him.  He does this a lot.  Meanwhile, he is telling Trump to ‘grow up’ which is weird since he himself seems to behave more like a toddler than an adult.


What this little jerk is doing is telling people to not dare talk about the CIA or NSA or other spook operations which had screwed up very badly for the last 60 years and do war crimes, lie about nearly everything and are presently trying to start WWIII on baseless, false charges against Russia!!!  How dare the expiring VP tell the new President what to do.


He isn’t going to be part of the government now.  It is Trump who gets to do things and I pray that Trump does check out the incompetent, lying lunatics running our spook operations.


Maddox is whining about Trump sending her to a camp.  I would suggest she go to a camp for juvenile delinquents since she seems stuck on age 14 these days and is hardly an adult.



From the British London Daily Mail, another foreign paper that has some real, real news nearly every day, no less.  The NYT and WP didn’t mention this story except back pages with few illustrations.  These thug portraits are common: note the sneering males being photographed by cops.  Note their buddy in the White House.  I suppose he should have invited their mothers to the DNC convention, too.


Funny, that despicable Obama calls the children of the ghettoes he encouraged to misbehave are also despicable.  Everyone is despicable, Mr. Obama.  If the entire white working class people are ‘despicable’ and street thugs who are black are also ‘despicable’ then this means nearly everyone is ‘despicable’.  Especially leaders who encourage race riots.


President Obama has denounced a Facebook Live video of black youths in Chicago tying up and torturing a white mentally disabled man as ‘despicable’ but denied that race relations in the US are getting worse.


Obama – the junior senator for Illinois before he became president – said it was just an example of social media revealing problems that have always been there.


So, gangs of black teen thugs have been going around always doing these civil rights crimes?  The answer is definitely yes.  Has Obama or any Democrat lifted a finger to try to stop this or condemn this?  The answer is definitely no.


‘I don’t think it’s accurate to say race relations are getting worse,’ he told host Jay Levine, saying things were also difficult in Chicago in the mid-1980s, when a block of white councilmen deliberately scuppered all proposals by a black mayor.


This stupid man has been in power for eight years.  And every time gangs of black teen thugs do horrible things, he blames us, blames the cops, blames schools, blames everyone but the black community which is responsible for these children and their out of control crime sprees.


Every time something happens today, he runs off to the past to say, ‘Well, it was worse for black people in the past’ and thus, does absolutely nothing to address why this is happening or any suggestions as to how to stop all this.


‘In part because we see visuals of racial tensions, violence and so forth because of smart phones and the Internet,’ the president said.


‘What we have seen as surfacing, I think, are a lot of problems that have been there a long time.  Whether it’s tensions between police and communities, whether it’s hate crimes of the despicable sort that has just now recently surfaced on Facebook.’


These are the exact words of Obama.  Sounds utterly befuddled.  He didn’t address why so many raging mad, violent, criminal black youth who are 50% or more of all violent crime while being less than 5% of the population (young blacks, that is) he doesn’t even mention this fact nor what it means.


Hiding from this is highly destructive and watching then nonstop attacks on Trump who won the last election honestly and with no help from Russia or US media Fake News machines, he won because people are fed up with the present mess which Congress and Trump and Bush Jr. all created and which is bankrupting us, offshoring US jobs and driving us into WWIII.


Ohio bans boarding up abandoned buildings.


Ohio is officially banning the use of plywood to board up vacant and abandoned property after the state passed a bill on Wednesday.


The prohibition was tucked into one of 28 bills signed by Republican Governor John Kasich and will go into effect in 90 days.


The new bill, which is said to help in the battle against ‘neighborhood blight’ will be a boon for clear boarding practices, which has recently caught on around the country.


Why board up these buildings?  Most still have windows and doors.  But not for long!  Quickly, gangs of scavengers and drug dealers and arsonists smash down doors and windows and I had to deal with all this when they were systematically burning down my community in NYC years ago.


Forbidding people to secure buildings is…insane.  It simply means more arson, etc.  I remember when they had a program in NY state that encouraged paintings of windows and doors to make it look like a neighborhood was still alive.  It didn’t work.  They still died.


Fannie Mae, the federal government-sponsored mortgage association, has been using the clear polycarbonate windows and doors for several years and, in November, declared plywood unacceptable for securing vacant properties.


‘In terms of aesthetics, if building owners want to have the option to use that, that’s fine. But to ban the use of plywood and to make it mandatory to use the clear boarding really removes options for property owners and puts an additional burden on them by removing lower cost options.’


Thompson said a 4-by-8-foot sheet of plywood that’s 15/32 inches thick costs $17 to $20, while a similar-sized sheet of clear polycarbonate costs about $115.


So, the government is now spending $115 per window to make abandoned buildings in cities that are dying due to offshoring our jobs and riots and crime chasing out the remaining residents…which is 10x more expensive than plywood?  How wonderful, no wonder our government is running on an ocean of red ink.


The polycarbon windows are more expensive than the windows on my own house!  And going onto buildings NO ONE WANTS.  You can’t sell these buildings because they are in places where drug dealers, criminals and riff raff live and operate and they attack anyone stupid enough to move into these places.


It establishes a fast-track system trimming Ohio’s foreclosure process from two years or more to as little as six months. Rep. Jonathan Dever, the bill’s sponsor, said the plywood ban applies only to properties sent through that process, which should now be turned over much more quickly.


If it is going to be ‘turned over’ in less than six months, then why spend around $1000 per buildings+ to make it look habitable?  These windows don’t open which makes them all illegal for people living inside again and this begs the question, why are they abandoned in the first place?


Generally, they need tremendous amount of money to fix up and only in select places like say, Park Slope in NYC where I rehabbed a number of buildings, do they become valuable again after being rebuilt.  That is, ‘gentrification’ which the Obama family and their gangster buddies fight tooth and nail.


For ‘gentrification’ means ‘white and Asian families move into what used to be slums filled with blacks and Hispanics.’ Which is a huge no-no for the ‘liberation’ gang people.

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6 responses to “Putsch In Congress Fails—Bilderberg Gang Defeated Again

  1. Christian W

    Trump spokeswoman Kellyanne Conway: “We’ve been so weak against Russia for 8 years. They invaded Crimea, they did what they did in Syria.”

    Sounds like the Obama regime’s tune to me.

  2. venguer

    Can somebody please tell me how “17 U.S. Intelligence Agencies” weren’t aware that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was using a private and unsecure server in her bathroom to send classified e-mails????

  3. Christian W

    And why the US elites are so determined NOT to prosecute Hillary AND Obama for their obvious crimes related to operational security etc?

  4. emsnews

    Nixon wasn’t arrested. No one in our top government are arrested when they break any Nuremberg Trial rulings. It is tragic and wrong and I have complained about this for many years.

  5. JimmyJ

    Between the DHS designating Election infrastructure as critical, the hearsay of the intelligence report and a few weeks to inauguration I wouldnt take any bets this “putsch” is over. Now the DHS will do a recount on every last ballot delaying Trump for months or forever if they manage to blackbox the process.

  6. DeVaul

    “And why the US elites are so determined NOT to prosecute Hillary AND Obama for their obvious crimes related to operational security etc?”

    This is a silly question. Why were Bush and Cheney not arrested for refusing to testify under oath about what they knew about 9/11? Why was Clinton not arrested for starving possibly 100,000 Iraqi children to death after Bush the First started the “Starvation for Iraq” program with the illegal invasion of Iraq during the first Persian Gulf war?

    No US president has ever been held accountable for their war crimes, not even Nixon, who resigned over something silly like burglary rather than the massacre of several million Indochinese during his and Kissinger’s secret bombing campaign. I could go on, but what is the point?

    Lenin knew how to hold people responsible, but Americans want no part of that. Too many Americans have blood on their hands, so accountability is out of the question, and Trump will continue this tradition unabated, just like Hillary would have.

    As Elaine has pointed out in the past, the only thing Americans seem interested in is prosecutions involving sex scandals. While this should be done at times, it is taken to such ridiculous extremes here that we look down-right insane to other countries.

    “Beltway Apocalypse” is my favorite political cartoon of all time. I cut it out and saved it because it hit the nail right on the head regarding our crazed political system, which is based on “outing” a president’s mistress.

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