House Democrats Crash and Burn: Final Election Act, Trump Is President


House Democrats, as they crash and burn, try desperately to dispute the entire election, one by one, raging against 200+years of tradition.  The Democrats have gone mad.  Every one of them is convinced that Russia ran our election which is pure McCarthyism.  This rage against Russia stands in stark contrast to the bellowing by DNC tools to have Trump give  up BEFORE the election because his newspaper/TV polls were showing Hillary with a 98% chance of winning back then.


Congress met in a Joint Session Friday to certify the electoral college, which met in December in state capitols across the country.


‘It is over,’ Biden said at one point, after shutting down an array of Democrats who tried to force a debate on the certification of the vote.


Democrats used the often ceremonial meeting to voice a final round of protests about the bitter election, on a day when the winner, Trump, was meeting with top intelligence officials about Russian interference in the election.


‘There is no debate,’ Biden said to one of a flurry of Democratic objections.


The objections weren’t considered in order under U.S. law unless joined by a sitting U.S. senator – something none of them got.


OK: so the Senate Democrats and no GOP Repubs challenged this election.  This messy business caused by Democrats giving the vote to illegal aliens and the refusal, nearly entirely only in states carried by Clinton, to check if someone was a citizen when voting…has severely damaged our election system.


There are many dangerous forces at work here: powerful global conspirators want WWIII with Russia but not have nuclear war, they think Russia will fold and they will win merely by threatening WWIII.  This can backfire and I predict it will backfire because Russia won’t be blackmailed this way, they have significant strengths: CHINA being the #1.


For the warmongers have decided to challenge China in the Pacific at the same time.  Item #2 that weakens the US threats are Europe: it is collapsing thanks to the Muslim male invasion and rising terror attacks coupled with a collapse of the birth rate and England leaving the EU while Italy, Spain, Greece and others now consider doing the same.


‘Order!’ Republicans shouted each time a House Democrat pleaded for consideration.


Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee of Texas objected to multiple state vote counts. When Milwaukee’s votes came up, she cited local irregularities, in a state Trump carried even after a recount.


Virtually all the Congress people protesting our election were black.  They can see what will happen next: the indulgence that led to blacks thinking they can do anything and no one would stop whatever it was, is now going to hit this huge brick wall.


I lived in a time, in NYC when our government decided to let blacks riot uncontrolled and tried very hard not to hurt or stop anyone burning down our homes and businesses, they left us adrift which is why I formed a street patrol and got the title, ‘the Housewife  from Hell’.


This period of allowing chaos and crime is now closing rapidly.  Even the Bilderberg gang which encouraged this, are getting scared for many of them have very expensive businesses and properties within reach of rioting mobs that may…nay, WILL attack sometime in the future.


‘The Russian intrusion!’ she yelled after authorities who control the House cut off her mic.


The last words of the lunatic fringe resistance.  Too stupid to understand what they are doing: slitting their own throats.  Who do the US public call upon to stop ‘communist Chinese/communist (sic) Russia?  A bunch of inner city liberals?  Or rough, tough Republicans who mean business?  Obviously, we know the answer.


The GOP doesn’t want Trump anymore than the DNC.  Both hate him and Sanders who are both outsiders and populous.  They would love to be rid of both so we now come down to the very last option: murder.


One last word about the stupid coup attempt today: FBI Didn’t Examine DNC Servers
Russia Wrongfully Accused of Hacking.
Yup, they didn’t even try to examine anything or secure anything. I want the people responsible for this ‘investigation’ arrested for incompetence.

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12 responses to “House Democrats Crash and Burn: Final Election Act, Trump Is President

  1. Laughlin

    Funny, the certification of the Electoral College vote was not mentioned on CNN nor on the CBS Evening News.

  2. emsnews

    Yes, isn’t it odd? The alternative to Fake News is No News. Censorship is a huge part of this. Hiding stuff is very much the preferred solution to news they don’t like.

  3. Claudeeyah

    The GOP doesn’t want Trump anymore than the DNC. Both hate him and Sanders who are both outsiders and populous. They would love to be rid of both so we now come down to the very last option: murder.


    Yes, murder, but…… to do it? After all,it isn’t 1963 anymore. These things must be done, how shall we say it……….delicately…….

  4. KHS71

    I’ll give Biden credit, he shouted them down. The Dems have acted like spoiled little bratty children during the post election. This is usually a dog and pony show but the last 20 years or so, the Dems have made a mockery of the congressional certification. THe objected in 2000, 2004 (which 1 Senator did join them) which made no difference, and this year 2016. For some odd reason they did not have objections in 2008 and 2012. Did they only object to the States that Trump won?

  5. Petruchio

    I believe the #1 thing that the Political Wh#re Class in D.C. hates most about Trump is that he may actually build a REAL wall between the US and Mexico border. The Real Rulers have been very focused on flooding the US with illegals. Reagan granted Amnesty to 3 MILLION of them and they have been doing it ever since. Destroying the mostly White Middle Class in the USA has been Priority #1 from Day One with the US Rulers. Keeping wages down is VERY important to the Elites. They have always had a deep, bitter hatred of a healthy, prosperous US Middle Class.

  6. Claudeeyah



    A…….F****ing MEN!!!!!!

    Thanks, dude……peace out!

  7. DM

    @5 it isn’t 1963 anymore

    No, but that just means they do not / will not worry about finesse. Just roll out any old patsy. If it is ridiculously obvious then they can always claim fake news.

    I hope that Donald team are paranoid – and realize that that doesn’t mean they are not out to get him.

    If “they” are really spooked – they will do this in a heartbeat. How many times does this have to happen? It is the American Way.

  8. emsnews

    The news from England tells me that Trump is highly aware this is a coup attempt and the next step is to openly kill him. He is going to remove ALL the diplomats heading embassies overseas as quickly as possible, namely day one.

    And I note he is no longer in public right now, they upped the protections that is, his PRIVATE guards. Look at where we are at now! The collapse of the old system brought on by our Real Rulers who before now, ruled openly and with contempt.

    Now, they are shown to be traitors and are pissed off we know what they plan to do next.

  9. Petruchio

    @#Claudeeyah: Unlike Elaine, I don’t let Reagan off the hook for his sleaziness or his corruption–just because he died from Alzheimer’s 23 years after leaving the White House. I’m sure, with George Bush Sr. as his VP, there were things Bush Sr. did that Ronnie didn’t know about but I think Lyin’ Ronnie Reagan had the general details figured out. And yes, Reagan was not the ‘sharpest knife in the kitchen drawer’; Reagan was an actor (B-list). He could read off of a script fairly well, but that was about it for Reagan’s “skill” set. And Yes, Reagan DID get shot by a family friend of the Bush’s, but Ronald Reagan seemed to me to be a pretty willing accomplice to the Bush Crime Family’s plans.
    And remember how much JOY Reagan took in destroying the Air Traffic Controllers Union, PATCO? . The President’s that followed Reagan were more of the same–but Reagan started the illegals “ball” rolling.

  10. The Republicans, especially the insane end of times Christians in their mist, have still not taken their eye off the ball of their dream of one-party rule with imposition of Christian Sharia Law. They will NOT hesitate to get Pence behind the desk in the Oval Office ASAP. Donald Trump needs to outlaw BOTH parties and with Bernie Sanders, replace them with new ones.

  11. emsnews

    Ed, that could be a solution! But very unlikely for obvious reasons.

  12. Definitely, Elaine. I forgot the GOP would immediately sue, and SCOTUS would rule in favor of them.

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