Another Day Another Lie: US Rulers Claim Putin Ordered Campaign of Leaks and PROPAGANDA!!!


All the US mainstream media continues their nonstop attacks on Putin and Trump despite zero proof of any allegations.  This insane effort to undo the election should have died yesterday but no, they persist.  The ‘proof’ according to the NYT is that ‘Mr. Putin developed a clear preference for President-elect Trump.’  Well, duh!  Hillary was threatening to start WWIII with a sneak nuclear attack because according to her, ‘Putin bugged me and took data from my ILLEGAL computers!’  The Washington Post:


Unrelenting, refusing to question this stupid business, reporters should be demanding real proof of allegations, after all!  Nope, they echo obvious propaganda and this reminds me of life in the Soviet Union.  No, I didn’t live there, but I had very good friends who escaped from the Soviet Union and shared information with me the #1 being, ‘All news is propaganda’ except, I reminded them, when the Soviets had news about US dirty tricks and nasty war crimes, then they were telling the truth and the reverse was true: the US is also Pravda.


So here we are: the Cold War long dead and gone and we have been subjected to Soviet Union news systems of yore.  Everything is a lie because it is propaganda, not seeking the truth.  Below is Russia Today news and look at how much more serious and honest it is:

screen-shot-2017-01-06-at-8-52-42-pm screen-shot-2017-01-06-at-8-53-21-pm

OMG, they even interview Assange!  Horrors!  In Congress, WWIII warmongers are screaming bloody murder or rather, while adjusting their fake teeth due to severe old age, are creaking about, croaking that Putin and not the Grim Reaper, is stalking them.


And today’s London Daily Mail nails it:  He basically asks, ‘Where is proof that Putin ORDERED the leaks?’  Especially when a school child could have done the hacks!


I will note here that readers of foreign news know so much more than the average American citizen.  Note the ‘Hillary Clinton emails…show ANTI-GAT Sharia law ruler…treated Bill like part of his family’ and incidentally, gave Hillary millions of bucks to run for office.


This headline was hidden from US citizens: ‘Gross negligence by DNC allowed hacking to take place,’ Trump said with total accuracy.  And ‘It is a witch hunt,’ he adds.  Then the big news totally hidden: Trump understands he is in grave danger and our DNC ‘diplomats’ and people in Congress and Peace Booby Prize Obama want to start WWIII so he is replacing


I suspect I am not the only person telling him now that he has a target on his chest and back. He knows he must move very fast to prevent his murder and a coup.  He does have something in his pocket aside from the Ring of Doom: police, soldiers on the ground, all sorts of people who are key to the State running itself are very fed up with Obama and Clinton.


They do not support a coup and in history, it is crystal clear: if the troops set to carry out a coup don’t really support it, they don’t fight for the Dear Leaders, they turn their guns on the Dear Leaders and Obama is today’s Dear Leader and I sense his heart isn’t into this battle, he wants to get out and play golf and go overseas to collect his share of the bribes.


His one fear is, Trump’s side will investigate him and his haus frau from Hell, Hillary.  Right now, Bilderberg GOP co-conspirators are still attacking Trump and they, too, don’t want anything investigated.  But there are people who will want an investigation.  It is the old Chinese curse, may your wish come true.


If Congress investigates Pizzagate and the Pedestal files and the various leaks and the DNC dirty tricks and the letting illegal aliens register to vote issue and the voting in Detroit where there were more votes than voters in black districts…we will see the DNC shredded.


The Bilderberg gang invested a great deal in the DNC and Obama and don’t want that meddled with so the Bilderberg co-conspirators who are Republicans have decided to attack their own, successful leader and boost the DNC criminals and thus, cover up their own crimes and betrayals which they should be put on trial.


Hint: accepting bribes from aliens is ILLEGAL.  And ILLICIT.  And DANGEROUS.  And when Reagan broke the ice and took $2million from Japan after betraying US workers in trade deals, I was enraged but the US media assured voters, this is wonderful, it shows how much aliens loved Reagan and they loved Bush Sr.and Bush Jr. and the Clintons and Obama, too!


So much, they have poured a trillion dollars in bribes on these clowns.  I mean, traitors.  And this gravy trillion dollar train also bribed Congress and governors of states that have major ports (NY and California in particular) and is the main money feed to our government making office holding very lucrative.


And it created the ISIS terrorists, it created the drop in US wages, it created the flood of aliens, it created the inner city chaos as manufacturing jobs vanished and factories were abandoned, and it pushed us to the brink of WWIII.

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  1. Lou

    Did Elaine mention, briefly;

    Meanwhile the chief Mulatto insists ‘race relations are better’, after 8 years of the half rican.

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