Chuckie Schumer of NY Openly Threatens Trump With CIA Coup

The entire episode at Intel Wars has the most amazing comments by DNC leaders saying stuff like ‘Have FAKE intel meetings for Trump,’ Harry Reid said openly.  Schumer…by the way, autocorrect changed his name to ‘Schemer’…hahaha…said Trump, since he is going against the spook community, ‘You take on the intelligence community, they have six ways to Sunday to GET YOU,’ says Chuck Schemer with this very nasty sneer on his face.  This creep is a ‘liberal’ and above all, a major Bilderberg gangster.


Rachael Maddow also has this rather strange sneer on her face, too, as Chuckie sneers, ‘(Trump) even as practical and hard-nosed businessman, he is being really dumb to (try to stop secret agents from doing as they please like starting wars illegally).’


Now why do these two very ‘liberal’ Jews on this TV show want illegal wars and secret Mossad stuff running DC?  Oh!  Yes, the old ‘occupied territory’ business.  The #1 nation for both is Israel, not the US.  Destroying Syria is something Israel badly wanted, for example, as well as Iraq and of course, Iran.


These ‘liberals’ hate Obama because he was an imperfect servant of the Ruling Elites but he kept the slaves on the plantation voting for the fake liberals who also own a huge hunk of fake news media outfits.  All of these are aimed at looting the US and doing suicidal stuff that promotes Jewish victories over the Palestinians while at the same time is a great place to make money, oodles of money.


‘What will the intelligence community do to Trump?’ asks Rachael.  ‘…from what I have been told, they are very, VERY upset with (Trump),” answers Chuckie Cheese.


Here is Chuckie Schemer [autocorrect did it again!)and his DNC buddies having lunch at Chuck E Cheese – Oak Lawn Illinois …this is probably why Pizza Gate happened to the Democratic Party honchos!


Reid should be impeached for trespassing on Presidential powers illegally.  Who is he to decide if a President should be given proper information?  Why should Reid get any information, either, if he is opposed by someone of a different ideology?


I have been asking frequently why Obama, the DNC leaders and John McCain, why they took illicitly, the powers of the Constitution away via fiat?  Isn’t this called ‘a coup’?  It is, by the way, there was nothing legal about their actions.


Refusing to hand over traditional powers after an election is a coup.  They have been doing this ever since November and now it is out of hand, days left before Trump assumes full power and they still won’t give him access to important parts of the government?  Treason!

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7 responses to “Chuckie Schumer of NY Openly Threatens Trump With CIA Coup

  1. Lou

    The next few months will be interesting.
    I think the DOW will collapse, the (((media))) will finally admit the USA is in a depression AND ITS DONALD TRUMPS FAULT.

    I think thats why Debold [?] voted him in.

  2. Kevin

    So long Dems…I mean the BLACK PARTY. Time for the Albinoids to find another party fast. I notice Bernie is gaming for something. He has a CNN town hall special this Sunday..I think. Unfortunately it looks like the Project Veritas revelations of paid terrorists at Trump rallies has disappeared down a rabbit hole? MSNBC has adopted a paradigm that Putin handed the Presidency to Trump? I never thought I would see the Libs fall in love with the CIA? Color me confused?

  3. emsnews

    The liberals have gone insane. It is very sad to watch. They are now right wing McCarthyites.

  4. floridasandy

    the economy is not going to collapse, lou, and it was the people who voted him in because they want a change now.

    the liberals have gone completely off their rockers, and their hysteria is something to behold.

    off topic, does anyone else wonder why the shooter in Ft. Lauderdale yelled I’m not Jewish, and was also discharged from the National Guard due to unsatisfactory performance?

    you have to wonder why he was allowed to have a gun after so many domestic violence calls and a voluntary psychiatric admission,, and why he wasn’t shot by airport security while he was terrorizing the airport?. The family (most of whom live outside the country) are already whining about how the government “failed him”.

  5. Lou

    the economy is not going to collapse, —You are far too sanguine.
    USA economy has collapsed. 21 trillion in Government debt and interest rate at 1/2 a percent.

  6. Lou

    What do others think about Economy?

    USA—100 million unemployed
    40+ million on EBT
    Obama, the ‘disability’ president [tripled those on disability?]


  7. Jeffrey Wolenski

    Chuck Schumer threatens Trump and days later there is a shooter at the Fort Lauderdale Airport. A lone gunman who makes claims that the CIA was controlling his mind Was Trump being sent a message?

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