Iraqi Vet Who ‘Went Insane’ Claimed He Is ISIS In Miami Airport Attack


A Hispanic man with mental health problems copied this year’s frequent ISIS Muslim terrorist attacks at Miami Airport, killing over 5 people and injuring others.  This is yet another event which should surprise no one.  The Iraq war, where this man was sent, was totally illegal and did tremendous harm and created ISIS.  And who knows?  Perhaps he was recruited by ISIS while there!


Santiago was an Iraq veteran having been deployed to the country for one year in April 2010. He received a general discharge for unsatisfactory performance in August last year, the Army Criminal Investigation Division confirmed. He had also been a combat engineer in the Alaska Army National Guard and prior to that was in the U.S. Army Reserve.


NBC News reports that Santiago had a history of mental problems.


Sources have told CBS news that Santiago walked into an FBI office in Anchorage in November last year claiming he was being forced to fight for ISIS. After that incident, Santiago started getting treatment for his mental health issues.


He was also contacted by the FBI after an employer back in Alaska raised concerns about certain things he had said, according to ABC News.


All this is nothing new.  It has been going on for several years now.  Waves of single individuals who then gun down or blow up lots of citizens, have been attacking us ever since ISIS and al Qaeda joined forces and the CIA began training them and giving them weapons, and making up stories about ‘good fighters’ who were all ISIS terrorists.


From July, 2015:

Always, the government tries to pretend these are crazy people, isolated incidents, nothing to worry about. Note how great our airport security is after 9/11.  That is, nearly useless.


Here are 11 examples of similar ISIS recruits who were US citizens.


American law enforcement officials estimate that roughly 250 Americans have tried to join IS. Most of them never left the United States, raising fears of more homegrown attacks like the one in December in San Bernardino, California. Assistant Attorney General John Carlin, the Justice Department’s top national security officer, told NBC News that his agency has open investigations in all 50 states.


As these endless stories unreel, we see our Real Rulers freaking out over…Putin and Trump.  They are terrified of both who said they want to fix what is broken here and the last thing our Rulers want is people uniting to stop corruption, the looting of US jobs, the mountain of debt being piled on us, or stopping illegal aliens from invading illegally…etc.


All the stuff our Rulers want, we don’t want.  And the war on Trump means our Rulers will let in more terrorists and drive our soldiers insane so they end up as terrorists…I remember vividly how so many Vietnam War soldiers went crazy, too.  It was sad to watch.  Still is sad.

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4 responses to “Iraqi Vet Who ‘Went Insane’ Claimed He Is ISIS In Miami Airport Attack

  1. Kevin

    The news media is 100% consumed with Putin ruining it for Hillary. Will they ever get tired of blaming Russia for everything? Amazing no one is asking the obvious question of why passengers are allowed to bring a firearm and ammunition onto plane as checked baggage post 9-11? I thought you could only bring an unloaded gun onto a plane as checked baggage. Nice to know there is most likely live ammo in the cargo hold.

  2. PFO

    Hello Elaine,

    A friend flew outta the other terminal at FLL at exactly the moment this poor sheep-dipped idiot shot-up the Air Canada – Delta terminal, but I had a bad afternoon until a DC friend explained the difference.

    Meanwhile, as I’m settling down on comes the NBC Nightly party-line with this story and they say the poor idiot claimed the CIA forced him to watch ISIS videos, etc?!?!?!?

    The first question to my host, who’s worked in DC [Senate, etc.] for decades was:

    “Whose trying to take-down the CIA?”

    Ok, so the same day that -0- reports this:

    we get a shoot-em up CIA stooge in Florida.

    I dunno, maybe “The Donald” is trying to take down the CIA after booting the “The Ruskies hacked it” CIA – Clinton mole?



    Is ‘The Donald’ exposing these idiots by appointing them to his team and “Apprenticing” them out the door the minute they show their real colors?


  3. charlottemom

    There are so many puzzling elements to this story.

    The assailant – Why did this Puerto Rican soldier move to ALASKA and join the national guard? Why this guy get discharged from Iraq in the first place? And then there are the child porn charges.

    The event – why take the trouble to fly from Canada (?) with gun/ammo only to use it in a public airport area? Is it true the shot ter wasn’t A second shoother in garage? Also any idea on names of deceased..Who was killed?

    Was this actual isis terror? Or gun smuggling gone bad?
    Or a USA soldier who broke done mentally
    after being recruited by his own government to engage in Isis terror acts ?

  4. emsnews

    Trump is getting rid of all of Obama’s diplomats on DAY ONE. He is ‘da boss man’ now. The coup is reduced to figuring out how to fly a jet into Trump Tower.

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