Clinton Foundation And Other Charity Scams Should Be Investigated And Shut Down

The above FBI document is all about what has now grown totally out of control since this report was issued way back in 2001, the year our Bilderberg gang elites killed democracy and launched a global war that still rages and worsens by the hour.  The ‘charities’ set up to save third world people were a scam back then and a scam today.  Note how few people are actually ‘saved’ over the decades.  The biggest ‘charity’ scam is the one run by former President Bill Clinton and his CIA wife, Hillary and their lazy daughter, Chelsea who was paid a million bucks a year to run the parental scam machine.  Arrest them all for fraud!


More Clinton Rip-off Foundation news: German government gave $5 million plus as bribes, now has cut off funds after election loss.


Back in September when the travelling press corps asked Hillary Clinton who her favourite world leader was, she was quick to name German Chancellor Angela Merkel as her top choice — for good reasons. As Clinton was praising Merkel, the German government was busy syphoning millions to the Clintons.


Merkel has nearly destroyed Germany.  All of her policies are turning Germany into a death march as she brings chaos to the streets and the German birthrate collapses even further except for welfare families (sounds kind of familiar…).  Both Bilderberg bitches keep lecturing us that we are all going to roast to death…as I type, it is 9 degrees above zero here…and they want to save humanity which is why they run ‘charity’ scams which are really bribery machinery designed to put Bilderberg gangsters into office via raising election money via selling their services to foreign entities and corporations.


Between July and September 2016, unwitting German taxpayers gave as much as $5 million to the Clinton Foundation, Germany newspaper Die Welt reveals. Die Welt asked if Chancellor Merkel was trying to influence the outcome of U.S. presidential election.


Yes, this was a foreign government interfering with US elections.  Over 50% of Hillary’s election money came from overseas as I have said repeatedly this last election cycle.  No mainstream US media mentions any of this.


According to a newly surfaced donor list, the Clinton charity received around $5 million from Germany’s Ministry for Environment. Ministry’s spokesperson said that they had “very positive experience” with the Clinton Foundation and the millions of dollars diverted to the Clintons were going to planting trees in countries like India, Mexico, and Vietnam.




After Republican candidate Donal Trump won the White House, Merkel’s investments went south.


They all quit giving to Hillary after she lost.  This makes it all a naked bribe. And I hope the GOP Congress holds hearings about this but doubt it since many of them also accept bribes.


Here is the National Geographic in 2001 talking about the ‘Global project that aims to plant 5.5 billion trees on poor farms.


 Money doesn’t grow on trees. But growing trees on farms can enrich the lives of the world’s rural poor, says an international research center that aims to help farmers in developing countries plant 5.5 billion trees by the end of this decade.


This optimism died at birth.


The tree-planting campaign, if successful, will create the equivalent of another major tropical forest while improving the livelihood of as many as 80 million people, according to the International Center for Research in Agroforestry (ICRAF), which is spearheading the project.


15 years later and no major tropical forest has appeared anywhere on earth.  Where I live in the mountains of upstate NY, the forest is taking over nearly every former farm including mine after free trade killed the farming industry here except for a few tiny hold-outs.


Agroforestry “is not trying to convert agricultural land to forestry land,” said Greg Ruark, director of the National Agroforestry Center in Lincoln, Nebraska. “Instead, what it tries to do is integrate trees and shrubs into ongoing agricultural operations, trying to get at conservation benefits and economic diversification for the land owner.”


2001 was when the final stab in the back killed off the rest of the farms hanging on by their fingernails in my part of the planet.  Meanwhile, we were supposed to help Africans and Asians run good farms after killing farms here in the US.


Planting trees on farms reduces erosion, improves plant nutrition for food crops, and replenishes the fertility of poor soil, says ICRAF. Trees also provide critical shade in the tropics and help regulate the microclimate of farms.


I now have plenty more trees here on my mountain since I am no longer grazing sheep here.  And it is getting colder, too, which they want us to have another mini-ice age but even with that, they lie about the climate and claim I am roasting to death when I am freezing cold.


“These benefits in themselves improve the welfare of farmers and improve the production of crops,” said Anne-Marie Izac, director of research for ICRAF, which is based in Nairobi, Kenya.


Only nothing is happening since 90% of the money disappears due to bribes, theft and the few trees actually planted are eaten by goats and chopped up for firewood.  Fast forwards to this year and the election: US taxpayers are financing alleged cult through African aid charities which steals aid money.


In the United States, Lichtenberg is known for her persistence in wooing government officials, and her charities are lavished with money. Over more than a decade, U.S. taxpayers have granted more than $133 million to Planet Aid, a Massachusetts-registered nonprofit. The money was supposed to improve health and education and better equip dirt-poor farmers in Malawi and Mozambique.


OK: so the Clinton Foundation claims they collect a billion+ in bribes from foreign governments and people who want political favors and use this to…plant trees.  Got it.  Meanwhile, a rival looting operation in Massachusetts is also collecting loot from taxpayers to do the same thing only this supports a strange religious cult and it isn’t the Vatican which is very strange and has a 1000+ year history of looting the masses.


Interviews with former Teachers Group employees, aid workers and government officials, as well as thousands of documents obtained by Reveal, show that a network of interlinked groups has misled donors and the U.S. government.


One group in Africa that received U.S. government funds compelled employees to kick back portions of their salaries to a bank account controlled by their Teachers Group overseers. It also paid millions of dollars for questionable invoices that its own accountants and project managers say were fabricated to cover up charity work that was never performed.


People attempting to see what the Clinton Foundation has really done on the ground find similar problems: nothing is really happening, the bulk of the money vanishes to various overseas bank accounts.


Amid the craggy rolling hills of Chiradzulu District in southern Malawi lies one such Planet Aid “demonstration plot,” where the U.S.-based nonprofit promised villagers would learn advanced farming techniques.


Today, the plot serves a less lofty purpose: to store drying mud bricks. Instead of improved irrigation, freshly planted trees, livestock, better yields and higher income – as Planet Aid touted in glossy brochures and detailed reports to the U.S. government – farmers in the district say one goat and one pig were all that ever arrived, and both died before they could reproduce.


I don’t know if this is true, having lived very closely with native populations in the Southwest, I know that they don’t like charity and will go to great lengths to undo any ‘charity’ and this is natural, look at our inner cities which get trashed worse and worse, the more charity pours in.  This is a natural human response, we are made to live in pride and only children and helpless people need charity.


Give charity to adult males and it either destroys them or they destroy the charity in retaliation.  Adults giving this charity though, usually loot it, themselves, so it is a moot point.  Anyone studying the last 3,000 years of humans giving charity can see how this works and how, if like in Ancient Rome, giving charity actually happened, it destroyed Rome and the people living there were ruined and grew increasingly helpless until foreign mobs of looting fighters put them all out of their misery.


As for the trees supposedly planted with funding from the U.S. Department of Agriculture and funneled through Planet Aid, most had been there long before Planet Aid took credit for them.


The above article is very long and details how this ‘charity’ scam has grown, how they shift money around in in illegal ways and how it funds anything but good changes for poor people.  But then, again, a look at history shows that this is how it always ends up: looting expeditions for very powerful people who hoard the wealth for themselves.


Just like the global warming business is all about our rulers running riot and doing all the naughty things they whine about if we peons do the same things.  Last night, Obama invited the very rich and very famous to a huge blow out party at the White House and 90% of them flew in private jets and other systems to come to this big party and all of them are whining daily that we are going to roast to death if we consume energy and make more CO2.  Unable to see the vast oceans of hypocrisy, they merrily whine about global warming while being major creators of CO2 ‘pollution’.


And while they turn the Northeast US back into wild forest that is wilder than when the Europeans invaded, they tell us they need money from us to plant trees in Africa so we can save the planet.  Why can’t they pay me?  I provide tons of oxygen via my forest.  And what do they do to me?  They tax my trees!

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26 responses to “Clinton Foundation And Other Charity Scams Should Be Investigated And Shut Down

  1. Claudeeyah

    Not all charities are frauds, however a few years ago I was volunteering at a local ministry to serve Thanksgiving meals to the homeless. After the second year of going, I quit. Seems the folk there, well-intentioned they may have been, were mostly about the newspaper photo op. More like a high school clique were only the “cool” kids were allowed or wanted. A shame, really, because many of the recipients were indeed helpless or downtrodden and sick (AIDS).

    Then, about two Thanksgivings ago, I approached the ministry again, feeling that perhaps I hadn’t provided them a fair chance. This time I volunteered for the homeless shelter, which provides a mat, blanket, pillow, and floor space for the homeless to come in out of the cold.

    The cold I received at the front desk was more than what was felt outdoors. Seems my money was more than welcome, but they had all the “help” they needed. My response? Not a thin dime. Shame. It is the truly poor and needy who suffer at the hands of these shysters. My stomach churns whenever I see the Social Justice Warrior spout off about the challenges her organization faces – and how much your dollars are truly appreciated. Not to mention any names, but I’m talkin’ bout you, Michelle Kennedy of the IRC. 🙂

  2. floridasandy

    I don’t think the inner city money charity actually makes it to the poor, or they would actually be in the process of owning their properties -and invested in taking care of them.

    look at all the money pouring into Chicago and Baltimore, and nothing was ever fixed. Hell, the Baltimore mayor let her city burn so she could get more money from Obama. That was a disgrace.

    The Clinton charity is a fraud, and the whole family is stealing. They should be in jail, but they have too much dirt on everybody else so that probably won’t happen. Judicial Watch has had articles on the fraud that is the Red Cross, They are always saving for the next emergency, which I witnessed in Florida when we had our hurricanes and people gave so generously. People have died because of the fraud, as in Haiti, and it needs to be stopped. I hope Trump makes it mandatory that charities are audited, and that those who steal go to jail. They also need to have a minimum that they give to the intended reciptients, because now they can give a tiny percent and get away with it.

    Mandatory charity deductions need to be outlawed yesterday.

  3. floridasandy

    name names, Claudeeyah! (o)

    one less charity to defraud people.

  4. Claudeeyah

    @ floridasandy

    Judicial Watch has had articles on the fraud that is the Red Cross, They are always saving for the next emergency, which I witnessed in Florida when we had our hurricanes and people gave so generously.

    True story, floridasandy: My dad was pretty high up in the State Department in DC, where I grew up. He was being given a tour by the director of the Red Cross during the early seventies. The tour took my dad through the entire enterprise, one such room filled with clerk typists typing away on their IBM Selectrics. As my dad and his guide walked through the room, the director said, “And more than eighty percent of our donations go directly to the people who need it the most.”

    My dad peered down at one young man who was typing away. The paper in his carriage said in all caps, “DON”T BELIEVE A WORD OF IT!”

    And if you get a chance, talk to some of the very few surviving WW 2 vets, who witnessed up close and personal the way the Red Cross has diverted money it receives away from the intended recipients and toward the Board of Directors. It’s been a money grab since its inception.

  5. Pete

    Article on the British policy of using the House of Saud to control
    the mideast. We can thank the British for Wahhabism:

  6. emsnews

    Pete: Lawrence of Arabia rings more than one bell. Saud was just a small time desert bandit during WWI.

  7. Petruchio

    “Unable to see the vast oceans of hypocrisy, they merrily whine about global warming while being major creators of CO2 ‘pollution’.” I really don’t think these guys are displaying hypocrisy. I think the Elites feel a deep rooted sense of Entitlement. They consider themselves the Elite of the Elite; the Best of the Best. THEY and THEY alone are allowed to expend certain resources. Our Elites feel the rules of “proper” behavior–for the Lower Classes–do NOT apply to them, so there is no hypocrisy. By their self-serving logic.

  8. Christian W

    The Brits poisoned the ME with both Wahabbism and Zionism post WWI.

  9. ziff

    OT s

    -why don’t the bilderburgers just tell us what the big plan is ?

    – why do we hate russians , is there a good reason we don’t know ?

    – whats up with robot cars ? , a dumb idea waiting to happen ,,,

  10. Claudeeyah


    Yes, Pet, they are the “insiders”. They are the “In crowd”. Are they stupid self-centered, and self important? Most definitely! The rest of us are the unwashed masses whose habit of merely breathing is destroying the atmosphere. The men and women who do the real, backbreaking, day in and day out toil are merely useless eaters. Our mere presence is deleterious to our Mother Earth.

    Heaven help them if the truck drivers, farmers, mechanics, seamstresses, garbage men, plumbers, electricians, engineers, etc. ever do disappear, because you will see this talented one percent drown in their own tears as they starve to death. I would love to see this silly bunch of clowns, grifters, con artists, and traitors get marooned on an island with their ISIS friends. Now THAT would be a great pay-per-view.

  11. Claudeeyah


    The discovery of oil in the ME which directly coincided with the blossoming of the Industrial Age and the automobile brought the poisonous Brits out from under their rocks to steal and secure whatever they could in the way of oil. The yanks were only too happy to come along for the ride.

    Their little party was briefly interrupted in 1911 when the Supreme Court dropped a major turd in the punch bowl with the breakup of Standard Oil. I used to house sit for a Main Line family who were STILL fighting among themselves and other family members in court over the scraps that were left from that hangover. Make no mistake, these “blue bloods” absolutely SEETHE with hatred over us commoners. Our labor means only one thing to them and that is something to be ruthlessly exploited. It matters not what race or creed you are, you are scum if you are not one of them.

  12. Claudeeyah

    Ziff, let me take a stab at this.

    why don’t the bilderburgers just tell us what the big plan is ?

    You are assuming they are moral. They are not. See my screed @#11. Plus, they actually enjoy causing people to suffer. You and I, if we were so inclined to grab all the resources for ourselves, would probably try to thwart population growth by encouraging birth control. Causing chaos and suffering is what drives this vermin. Obliterating nations and murdering children brings them great joy.

    – why do we hate russians , is there a good reason we don’t know ?

    Russia is a resource filled country filled with industrious white people. Their resources are hugely sought after (see screed #12). The Russians, being an intelligent, white race, have made strategic plans and alliances (China, cough, cough) to use these resources for the betterment of their country and their people (not very NWO of them, now, is it?) Hence, we must kill the bastards. Nationalism and patriotism are SOOOO eighteenth century!

    – whats up with robot cars ? , a dumb idea waiting to happen

    Robot cars will come, eventually. The same as the washing machine took the place of the scrub bucket and wringer, and the ice box was supplanted by the refrigerator, you will see driver less cars in our lifetimes.

  13. Petruchio

    Anyone here have any info on Trump’s (alleged) plans to open an investigation into the various Clinton scandals, including The Clinton Foundation? I would think Trump at least threatening to do Clinton scandal investigations, would give him some leverage with the Elites–and Donald Trump could use leverage dealing with these morons. Trump knows, the Elites know that IF Trump does a real investigation, Trump WILL find dirt. The Political Wh#re Class is like a House of Cards. If one of them goes down, the whole ‘house’ will come crashing down.

  14. emsnews

    Petruchio, my pet, do you realize what a can of worms that would open?

    They are homicidal already!

  15. Lou

    Rumor is that Wiki has a quickie of Bill C screwing a 13 year old.

  16. ziff

    Elaine should do a comedy piece on robot cars ,but its not funny the only way they will work is make everyone use them , so we go from machines as a bodily extension to being veggies inside the machine. nice.

  17. floridasandy

    i don’t look forward to driverless cars since they have had a few malfunction deaths already ,and the drivers are probably lulled into a slow reaction, or even not paying attention.

    would a car computer’s programmed reactions be the same as your own in every situation?

    also, what about driverless car hacking?

  18. Lou

    The cars can ‘lock you in’ and drive you to court, prison, etc.

  19. They pretend an algorithm is AI.

  20. emsnews

    The idea of cars locking people up is great. Your teenager breaks a law and jumps into the car to escape and is driven to the police station! Interesting. Sounds like a movie…ah…Robocop….

  21. Melponeme_k

    In the grand scheme of things, driverless cars are the LEAST of our problems.

    I’m more worried about the born again Soviet kommunalkas they plan to push us into.

  22. Jim R

    And if your AI car gets depressed (or pwned by malware) and decides to drive into the river with you in it?

  23. emsnews

    HAHAHA. You know, all my cars have names because it is easier dealing with them this way. And they do have personalities.

  24. Jim R

    Haha, true. Even the old VW Beetle, or ESPECIALLY the old VW Beetle. That car barely had what it takes to be a car … but they always have personality 😉

  25. Petruchio

    @315 Elaine: the Elites aren’t the ONLY group that can be homicidal. Remember when Obama told Wall Street: “I’m the only thing separating you from the pitchforks”? I think Trump has, along with his billionaire associates, realized that the abuse of the ‘masses’ by the oligarchs has reached a point where a violent revolt is a distinct possibility. I think Trump is trying to “jump ahead of the curve” and address some of the pain the “masses” are suffering at the hands of the elite 1%’ers.

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