Bitter Cold & Ice Grip EU And North America In La Nina


Snow in Istanbul, Turkey


Wave after wave of cold comes pouring down from the North Pole.  This is a classic, super cold la Nina winter and the global warmists work overtime trying to deny this harsh reality.  But here it is: even tropical places with palm trees like in the above picture from Istanbul, Turkey, show blizzards.  It is damn cold on my mountain going down to below zero each night.


NYC is digging out from Blizzard Helena which has buried the city and killed people elsewhere and caused huge crashes of cars on highways all up and down the East Coast…and nowhere in the NYT online is a PEEP about all this!


But the NYT has this breaking story!


Yes, below the equator, down below where it is now high summer, there is a drought in a part of Africa.  It is snowing in Egypt and the Sahara Desert this winter, Saudi Arabia has had snow of unprecedented depths and…the entire East Coast is buried in snow and severe cold near zero degrees F…and we are to worry about it being dry and warm many thousands of miles away.


The NYT even uses the words ‘global warming’.  This is a lie.  A blatant lie.  The entire globe is NOT ‘warm’ at all, some of it is deadly cold aside from Antarctica.



Storm after storm is roaring over the West Coast and across the nation to the Great Lakes while other storms form in the Gulf of Mexico and shoot up the East Coast and all of these have been cold, winter storms with every state of the nation last night had somewhere that was below freezing, even in Hawaii there is a lot of snow. There is snow in EVERY state of the Union, except Florida!



screen-shot-2017-01-08-at-7-03-19-pm screen-shot-2017-01-08-at-7-03-30-pm

This guy would really be in trouble if he lived on my mountain.  The snow he is struggling with would be considered ‘not even a storm’ here.  Luckily, this latest blizzard scraped by less than TEN MILES from my mountain. I got only a couple of inches.

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15 responses to “Bitter Cold & Ice Grip EU And North America In La Nina

  1. ziff

    f*g cold here, [no end in sight which is unusual] , and there was the fake news about the N pole being just 0 , not,,

    check out Roy spenser , think about it, whats the big thing that moves and is hot & cold?, not land masses , the N pacific , PDO signals greater than GW. If i take your sun idea anywhere, there is nothing to back it up.
    But more of this cold and i’ll be worried about your ice age stuff.

  2. Lou

    Male feminist and winner of not 1 but 2 PULITZER’S,

  3. Lou

    Having lived in Hawaii, there is snow on the mountains, but usually way up. And not that much of it.

  4. Lou

    I hate the way the left uses children [Hillary and the ‘Year of the Child’ long ago].

    That image of the starving child. And, bingo –By–Glick and Solomon.
    2 jews.

  5. Lou

    Oops, name is ‘Ellick’—I thought it was Glick.

  6. Jim R

    It’s January, folks. In the northern hemisphere, we do a little thing called “winter” this time of year.

    I would assume places like Australia and Argentina are having some warm weather about now…

  7. Shawn W.

    Very sad, Elaine, and thanks, as always, for updating us even though there are many people who don’t want to know or want to attempt to comprehend.

    Fortunately, there are still many of us who do WANT to know what you are warning us about these days. For all of us, I must note this compelling aspect to human life on earth–

    As the late Robert S. de Ropp (1913-1987), a mystic and scientist, observed–

    “We are the only animal on earth that consistently lies to itself. Many animals practice deception to confuse their enemies and such deceptions have survival value.

    But man lies to himself and his habit of self-deception has no survival value whatever. It cuts him off from the real world and causes him to inhabit a world of dreams.

    It fills his awareness with paranoid delusions which causes him to squander his collective brain power inventing destructive devices instead of using it to solve the urgent problems he confronts.”

    – from the book, SELF COMPLETION, Keys to the Meaningful Life, p. 56., 1988.

    Will we stop this collective socially-acceptable insanity of lying to ourselves?

    Please stay tuned to Culture of Life and peace be with all of you.

  8. DeVaul

    I was wondering if you were going to mention this. On RT, an oil tanker almost ran aground because of “ice in the straits”. Wow!

    Uh… so many really good sites still cling to the belief that we will all drown or die of heat stroke even as bitter cold kills people outright. When this happens, they simply lump it in as “weird weather” — CAUSED by global warming. That is a major cop out not based on any real science at all.

    (They call it climate change now, but we all know what they really mean).

    I honestly cannot say whether the climate, as a whole, is warming or cooling, as so many lies and misinformation has been propagated by those with a huge stake in the outcome have destroyed any meaningful examination of the issue, and even with that, we are only human and cannot expect to know all the mysteries of Nature and exactly how they come together and produce our atmosphere. This is human arrogance in the extreme to me, and I just wish intelligent people would admit it and stop arguing about whether it is cooling or warming as if they command such knowledge of the ultimate mysteries of Nature itself.

    Air pollution is well within our comprehension, and we can find ways to deal with that. Global warming or global cooling, is simply not.

  9. emsnews

    The sun is going ‘quiet’. Every time it cycles through a low-sun spot activity cycle, it gets really cold here on our little planet. I have said frequently that the sun controls our climate in many ways.

    It will be a real hard uphill push for the warmists to convince everyone we are overheating when it gets colder and colder. This is why they no longer say ‘global warming’ and have also shifted to claiming CO2 is a greenhouse gas and are now saying it is a refrigerant gas!

  10. Lou

    Jews Media seems to alternate tween ‘AGW’ and ‘Climate Change’.
    The ‘CC’ handle can include,
    BLIZZARDS [hows that for the ‘warming’ crowd?]


  11. Jim R

    Elaine, CO2 is in fact a refrigerant. Systems have been designed in which it is used … but there are engineering problems: it tends to form solid dry ice, which then clogs up the plumbing of the refrigerator system.

    But it is ridiculous to think that it will cause a cold climate. You can plop a chunk of dry ice in your yard, but it doesn’t really make anything cold that’s more than a couple feet away from it.

    The problem here is a severe lack of understanding of science … a refrigerant only makes cold as it evaporates (or from some other state change). There is another half of the cycle in which it is warm. The coils on the back of your refrigerator are warm, whenever the compressor is running. The laws of thermodynamics tell us that you can only move heat around from one place to another, you can’t eliminate it…

  12. Georgia Tech Climatologist Judith Curry Resigns over ‘the CRAZINESS in the field of climate science.’
    She is a prominent critic of the “consensus” that man-made climate change is an impending catastrophe.

    At least some prominently placed and relevant people in the field are speaking out against the political agendas fueling climate research….

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