FBI Releases Heavily Censored Hillary Clinton Investigation Files



FBI Quietly Releases 300 Pages Of Hillary Clinton Investigation Records: and most of it is redacted…and note how this was released with zero bellowing from Fake News media giants, I learned about this from the dreaded Alternative Media which our Fake News mainstream media attacks so often.

FBI Quietly Releases 300 Pages of Hillary Clinton Investigation.The FBI quietly released nearly 300 pages of records from its investigation of Hillary Clinton’s private email server on Sunday night.


This is the fifth release of Clinton investigation records from the FBI. The documents deal with the handling of computer hardware collected from Clinton’s lawyers for the investigation and also contain emails from FBI officials discussing the classification of Clinton’s emails.


The FBI has previously released notes from interviews it conducted during its investigation of Clinton’s handling of classified information. FBI director James Comey declined to recommend that Clinton be charged in the case, and Attorney General Loretta Lynch accepted that advice.


The emails included in the documents are from the months prior to the formal opening of the Clinton email probe, which occurred on July 10, 2015. The exchanges show disagreements between the FBI and State Department over whether some of Clinton’s personal emails should be classified.


I looked at some of these documents and many were like these:

screen-shot-2017-01-10-at-10-01-51-am screen-shot-2017-01-10-at-10-02-27-am

This page had some information that wasn’t blanked out!  But what is this information?


Mr. Pagliano isn’t going to talk!  HAHAHA.  And has a lawyer, too.  There is information in these files and I feel sorry for the people heroically scanning all this blanked out stuff to find some kernels of information!

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8 responses to “FBI Releases Heavily Censored Hillary Clinton Investigation Files

  1. Seraphim

    How about that?
    From http://russia-insider.com/en/alex-jones-issues-dire-warning-obama-and-hillary-wikileaks/ri18423

    Alex Jones BOMBSHELL: Wikileaks, Others Threatening Obama with Brutal Leaks
    “The hammer is over your head right now, make one last move that’s wrong – it’s ALL going to be released on you.” by David Curry

    “On Tuesday of last week, Alex Jones, explained that what he was about to release was one of the most important things he has reported ever!
    He then said that multiple sources, Wikileaks included, are now issuing actual threats to Obama, Hillary and company: that (more) devastating data will be released if they don’t stop these last ditch efforts to discredit Trump, and cause general havoc with the incoming administration…
    Jones says that Wikileaks told him a year ago that they were strategically holding back the most damaging data for if and when the Hillary camp actually managed to steal the election.
    Jones even divulges two of the data dumps, and they are huge:

    1. Proof of how Hillary in fact attempted to steal the presidential election.
    2. Obama, Hillary, and Kerry ON TAPE discussing the creation of ISIS including what to name it.
    Jones claims that behind the scenes all manner of evil is still being planned to undermine Trump; and in epic response, official threats are now being made to stand down once and for all”.

  2. DeVaul

    This makes no sense to me at all.

    My entire understanding of Wikileaks was an organization that tried to obtain hidden information and reveal it to the American public, not “hold it back” for strategic reasons, as if they are part of the political process themselves.

    What if the CIA lands on their doorstop with a silencer and a large magnet to run over their hard drive or server system? We will never see that information again, if it ever existed. This is not transparency.

    If they had dumped all the information on the internet at once, it could have been copied millions of times and disseminated everywhere and Hillary may not even have had the chance to run for president as she sank in a swamp of endless scandals and security breaches.

    If there is a tape recording of Clinton and Kerry conspiring to form ISIS, then that should be made public immediately and not hinted at. What kind of leverage is this? If Hillary backs down, does that mean the tape will be destroyed by Wikileaks? I doubt it. This only inspires the CIA to assassinate anyone and everyone that might even be remotely suspected of having this tape since it will be revealed anyway.

    I don’t trust Alex too much, assuming he really is speaking for Wikileaks, but I am not sure I trust them anymore either. Alex makes them sound as if they are part of Trump’s team, in which case Trump will be assassinated for possessing and controlling such damaging information.

    Maybe that’s what Alex wants?

  3. emsnews

    Yes, no one knows for certain. This is true with nearly everything. As an ‘insider’ to various times in history when ‘news’ was being created,90% of what was really going on didn’t make any ‘news.’

    Anything I was involved in was kept totally secret which amused me when I was younger then pisses me off when no one believes me when I talk abut what I did in the past and at this point in time, it is the only reason I wasn’t assassinated so I am happy to be anonymous.

  4. Petruchio

    I’m no ‘Insider’, but I can tell you this: some things take on the “smell” of it being an ‘agit-prop’ operation. The idea here is to create a “tell all” website/news site. Throw in some real, actual tidbits of damaging news, build up some credibility with the alt-news crowd. Then, you have this news site that is leaking anti Deep State information, DISCREDIT itself. The idea is to discredit ALL alt news sites. It is a type of damage control oriented mission. You see it happen all the time with the JFK assassination stories. Someone comes up, even today in 2017, with ‘newly discovered’ info on “Who really did it” as to JFK.

  5. Claudeeyah

    We’re happy you weren’t assassinated, too! 🙂

  6. Christian W

    I agree with DeVaul. Since when did Wikileaks play at policy making? If Wikileaks has relevant information then Wikileaks has to release it. It’s not Wikileaks job to be an aribiter what is politically motivated to release or not release.

  7. Claudeeyah

    Oh, IDK, I think Wikileaks can do whatever the f*ck it wants. The PTB have been yanking our chain for decades now. I enjoy watching these bastards squirm. I must confess, I had NO idea the elites were this dumb. 😮

  8. emsnews

    Wikileaks times releases for obvious reasons: they released tons of information, I couldn’t keep up with the flood…and that is the problem in a nutshell.

    You HAVE to space it out! That is sane, that is using one’s brains. You have to use some tactics for this is war. Just like you don’t use all your ammo immediately nor troops.

    This battle is OLD. I have been part of it since 1964. What is happening today is what happened in the past, except 90% of what happened is hidden from view, the media reports only a tiny part of reality, always has been a poor mirror for reality.

    The Kennedy assassination in Texas: it is buried in a cement vault surrounded by bizarre beliefs which is understandable since the event is a CIA operation. No one gets the Real Real truth for this reason, of course.

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