Pineapple Express Brings Huge Storms To California And Blizzards Across Nation


Typical La Nina weather which reminds me greatly of the early 1960’s in Tucson, AZ, when we had two very cool, wet winters and the arroyos became rivers and I had to pull people out of the raging rivers when they drove into these…the California drought is now totally over, also.  Lots of blizzards roaring across the nation, one after another.


The global warming cycle seems to be ending just like it did so many years ago.  It was way below zero on my mountain this week and below 20F during the day.  It is now warming up to 27 degrees.  Feels hot only the wind is beginning to blow and we will have a violent storm starting right about now…


The Difference Between Energy, Work and Power – and Why it Matters to Climate Prediction


How does global warming or global cooling affect this climate engine?


The point to remember is energy from sunlight is delivered at a constant rate to the Earth’s surface, because solar output is more or less steady, and the size of the Earth doesn’t change. The power of the climate system, the rate at which work can be performed by the climate system, is constant.


WUWT has some good stuff and bad stuff, they allow all levels of information and then add their own comments to it like I do here.  Today, they had this obvious blooper as far as I am concerned: the strange belief that the sun’s energy is ‘at a constant rate’ which is totally not true at all.


Even tiny variations in solar energy input to our climate translate into huge differences in effect.  Then there are the Ice Ages: something not only triggers Ice Ages, it also stops Ice Ages and melts 90% of the ice except in Antarctica, for brief periods.


In all melt downs, these happen very fast and the warmest temperatures are during the first 5,000 years of warmth.  The ends are always very sudden and the coldest temperatures are in the first 10,000 years of the Ice Age.


The only mechanism able to do these sudden lurches is the sun.  All other systems are less likely to do these violent swings.


Friends of my father wrote this paper after living in Arizona, Lowell Observatory – which is where my grandfather worked until the Mt. Wilson observatory was built…they are both European astronomers:  1969A&A…..3..236A Page 236


When my grandfather worked at the Lowell Observatory, he rode on horseback to Meteor Crater which is kind of near by and picked up large pieces of the meteor and did studies about it including cutting it to see what it was like inside…it now rests at the Smithsonian Institute and to think I used to play with it when little!


As soon as this paper appeared, we were all very excited for it explains the Ice Ages to us!  Then it was dropped.  The astronomers (but not my father) said, ‘Big deal, it varies on this 11 year cycle’.  Then they had to admit it varied on a 30 year cycle, too, and maybe a longer cycle but…


From 2007:Global Warming: The Sun is a variable star that causes the Earth’s major ice ages. – is a mess of an article but at least it admits we have a star that creates cold cycles and warm cycles.  The article dwells mainly on the longer warm cycles which happened over a million years ago.


Doesn’t dare mention that all the cycles of the last 500,000 years has been very much on the cold side which gets colder and colder each time and the warm periods shorter.  No, that scares people, so the article goes on to talk about how this warm cycle must last another 50,000-100,000 years which is ridiculous since none in the past five cycles have done this.


Global Warming: The Sun is a variable star that causes the Earth’s major ice ages.


The global warming we are now experiencing is part of a major natural cycle of increased solar energy striking the planet, a phase of the sun’s natural cycle of expansion and contractions.
This natural rhythm of the sun is the cause of the major cold glacial and warm interglacial periods that geologists have determined, happened with remarkable “reoccuring regularity” over the past million years and probably throughout much of the life of the planet.


That is a major move towards reality even as the writer of the article doesn’t want to understand what this means.  Yet in 2015, Slate (warning: a Fake News Site beloved of global warmists) has this headline in 2015:  Sunspot cycles won’t cause a “Mini Ice Age” by 2030. – Slate.  The article claims ‘Yes, the sun is a variable star, but its output is remarkably stable’.


Same month that year:  Diminishing solar activity may bring new Ice Age by 2030 – Astronomy…which notices that the sun’s activity level is falling faster than normal and thus, may herald a cold cycle that might be even colder than the previous cycle.


And here is my old article from 2014 on this topic:  The Sun IS Becoming A Variable Star As Dr. Aden Meinel Predicted …and basically, this tiny handful of articles are just about it!  One would imagine there would be lots and lots of debate but no, it is going to be a debate only when it is obvious something is very, very wrong.


Which is typical of humans.  I often say, changing minds is harder than moving mountains.

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15 responses to “Pineapple Express Brings Huge Storms To California And Blizzards Across Nation

  1. ziff

    try your stuff over on on one of the GW threads, sea how far you get.
    Anybody can claim anything because the data is missing or suspect
    GW warming theory is like compounding interest rates , climate ‘sensitivity’ is the rate of interest , ? is large or small ? you can’t escape,, but small means maybe small like solar. So you may have room.
    I can’t take on the science guys because it gets really dense/math pretty quick.

  2. KHS71

    From Drudge this morning.

    80 below would be nasty. The worst I have been through is about 25 below. Had many days where it did not get above zero.

    I did a lot of growing up in Sonoma County in the ’50’s, ’60’s, and early ’70’s where the flooding is happening again. My grandparents lived in Guerneville which is on the Russian River and floods about once every 10 years. They had water in their house numerous times. Just a way of life.

    Talked with my uncle last night. He lives in Napa. Didn’t even mention the flooding. Must not be a big deal.


    ELAINE: Back when Mt. Pinatubo blew up, we had such a cold winter here on my mountain, it went to-45 below zero. It was reallllly cold. We moved the sheep into the tent complex we lived in, yes, we were in yurts, and were quite warm with these living blankets!

    Our Siberian dog went inside too and got annoyed at the heat and went back outside! He was a Russian sled dog and slept in the snow.

    When it is that cold, you cover your face so your breath keeps that warm, don’t go out with a bare face. It hurts.

  3. JimmyJ

    Sustained night temps of -60F (-50C) in the 1980s, in North Central BC, froze the natural gas lines for home heating in the town of Fraser Lake for a few days. People had to use their kitchen ovens to heat their places if they didn’t have wood heat. We lived out of town and had wood heat so no problems for us. Our outdoor alcohol thermometer bubbled one night when it went lower than the -60F limit and was useless ever after. In those days I was surveying at a mine all day shift out in -35F daily temps. Good times!

    -40F was common in those days but the coldest it ever gets in that area for past 25 years is maybe -25F for short spells. This winter is colder than the recent mean there and here too in Vancouver where I live now, not so much for shattering temp records but for sustained cold temps over many weeks. Folks here in Vancouver BC refuse the bylaw to shovel their sidewalks because they believe it will thaw next week and save them the effort, meanwhile weeks go by and no serious thaw yet, so the fines are mounting. Some of them don’t even own snow shovels, you see them using brooms.

  4. emsnews

    I have a snow plow! My neighbors love this and want me to visit whenever it snows. But then, we do our own mechanics so we can run a snow plow. People who don’t know how to fix equipment shouldn’t use one, they break all the time (you never know what you will hit while plowing deep snow!).

  5. ziff

    checked my location 1997 -98 supposed to be last la nina yr , only 2wks cold that Jan , a lot colder this time.
    @ jimmy wondering what you think of this , when David suzuki was screaming about the pine beetles he kept saying that they used to be killed by 2weeks of -40 , when i checked the records for PGeorge i couldn’t find any such period ?

  6. ziff

    an interesting fellow i just found;; Piers Corbyn

  7. ziff

    vid at bottom of this page he gets to the heart of the matter @ mid point
    BUT i can’t make out what he says AARG!

  8. Jim R

    It’s going to be 80 in south Texas tomorrow. That’s not necessarily ‘global’, it’s just common at this latitude. And there’s that swirly thing the atmosphere does.

    We could still have a few frosty nights in between now and March 1, when winter is generally over down here.

  9. emsnews

    Winter rain in Arizona means cooler temperatures for everyone for the most part. Every cold cycle, we got rain there in Winter.

    Yes, warm weather swept northwards along the cold front coming across the West Coast. The 80 degrees won’t last long.

  10. JimmyJ

    @Ziff: PG is in a weird position to be affected by warmth coming up the Rocky Mtn Trench from south so you get the majority of the Nechako Plateau and places to the West like Burns Lake, Fraser Lake and Vanderhoof with Arctic air coming down from the north and PG often 10deg or more warmer. The bulk of the Nechako and Chilcotin Plateau lodgepole pine forests used to get the Arctic blasts. The pine beetle epidemic started out in Tweedsmuir Park in the late 80s when the Arctic blasts were lessening and spread from there.

  11. ziff

    thanks Jimmy , love the north

  12. emsnews

    Yes, warm hits pine trees hard and other deciduous trees love it. Over time, forests change. My own forest has both cold and warmer weather trees, a wide variety. The drought/rain cycle out West also determines tree types.

    This is why western oaks are small and stunted and eastern ones are tall (snow).

  13. Lou

    This car owner may have deserved a ticket,

  14. Jim R

    Like I keep tellin’ ya, Elaine — if you can demonstrate ownership of a single maple seed, then Al Gore and Wall Street owes you a squidgintillion dollars.

    Because it’s like all those mortgage loans they made back in the early ‘000s — where they packaged them all up as MBS, and counted all the future interest as if it had already been paid off…

    That single maple seed counts as a continent-wide forest sucking up millions of tons of CO2 every year.

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