US Media And DNC Continues To Attack Trump For Bringing Home Jobs



Trump praises Dodge parent company Fiat Chrysler for moving manufacturing from Mexico and investing $1 billion in Ohio and Michigan as yet another car company changes direction due to Trump’s efforts. The yapping dogs of the Fake Media continue howling about Trump yet at no time in the last 8 years of US manufacturing jobs leaving the country, suddenly the direction changes.


CNBC, being a ‘liberal’ Fake News operation has its staff attacking Trump.  The lady at the beginning of this segment is a foreigner, too.  The fat dude who follows her on the air sneers that Trump isn’t bringing back any jobs and any that might come in the future won’t be due to Trump.


The key to all this is Trump telling these jerks who are executives that they won’t be allowed to import to the US with no tariffs.  As I have pointed out many times in the past, tariffs do two important things: protects native businesses who pay taxes and it funds the government!


Instead, since Reagan, we have had our government funded via selling debt to trade partners especially China.  This has many obvious dangers.  The only way we can discharge our debts to China is to have nuclear war with China!


And what did the Democrats do this last several months?  Threaten nuclear war in Eurasia.  Americans are unaware of the constant dueling over the island China is making offshore, for example.  We see constant Peace Prize Pugilism there.


U.S. Navy Ready to Confront Beijing on South China Sea, Admiral Said last December.


China claims most of the resource-rich South China Sea through which about $5 trillion in ship-borne trade passes every year. Neighbors Brunei, Malaysia, the Philippines, Taiwan and Vietnam also have claims.


The United States has called on China to respect the findings of the arbitration court in The Hague earlier this year which invalidated its vast territorial claims in the strategic waterway.


Might makes right.  Everyone: remember ‘Rule Britannia, Britannia rules the waves?’  Well, after WWII, Russia and China both had very little of what we would call a ‘navy’.  Then, the US ruled the Seven Seas.


Russia Today


Now, we can’t afford to do this.  We gained nothing, nay, US workers were savaged brutally for this rule of the Seven Seas which protected imports as we ran this gigantic trade deficit.


Now, we see the bankruptcy of our empire looming in the future.  There are millions of US jobs to bring home!  The vast majority of our national crime wave which has consumed entire former manufacturing cities, are caused by free trade destroying jobs that males once held.


Back in the old days before we committed social and economic suicide, working men supported families.  They didn’t commit crimes, they didn’t have sex with any floozy they met, they were ‘family guys’ who were the muscle and sinews of society, raising their own children and supporting the mothers.


Now, for the vast majority of black ‘families’ there are no husbands at all, just many brief live-in lovers and social chaos is rapidly destroying the fabric of black families.


Al Sharpton, the NYC racist black politician who once tried to have a mob kill me, openly called for ‘season of civil disobedience’ now that Trump and not ‘Mr. Do Nothing During Riots’ is going to be President.  More inner city fun for everyone.  But the limp wrist response won’t happen like in the past 8 years.  Unless Democratic mayors don’t care if their cities burn down further, I suppose no one will stop that.


As I figured, new polls show that the much greater majority of military staff below the level of ‘general’ are quite unhappy with Obama and voted for Trump.  This doesn’t surprise me at all.


I could not resist this joke: Hillary Clinton is to open a new exhibition hall bearing her name at the State Department.   The roof leaks, of course.  Thank you for enduring my joke.  Seriously. I didn’t mean to annoy you all.


Since one of her diplomatic victories was the murder of helpless embassy staff in Libya during that CIA overthrow, it should have an exhibit of robot Muslim terrorists killing embassy staff in live action, bloody real recreation like in Disney World’s pirate rides.


Meanwhile, the Obamas who ran up a gigantic debt for our nation, takes yet another jet ride even though Obama isn’t leaving DC, he says.  These creeps have been yapping for 8 years that we are going to roast to death unless we stop consuming vast seas of oil and other carbon-based energy.


Like all the clowns at the top, they nakedly consume a thousand times more carbon and release CO2 at a steady pace while telling us we are going to die because of this.  Like the Pope and other hypocrites, they cannot fathom the rage this causes because they avoid Deplorable people which is anyone who is angry about the export of US jobs, the abuse of carbon energy, the naked looting, the accepting of bribes from foreign governments and the endless warmongering which has brought down on our collective heads an army of millions of angry Muslim males who attack us relentlessly, at home.


Thank you DNC and Obamas.  I will note that the RNC in DC and the DNC and the media are all pushing for Trump to keep doing the same while attacking him whenever he does what they do.


Keep his feet to the fire!  HAHAHA.  Attack him whenever he apes you guys!  This might save us all in the end.


US Media outraged by Russia, won’t Notice Israeli plot on UK Parliament:

Washington is obsessed by the story put out by US intelligence agencies that Russia tried to interfere in the US presidential election. But for reasons of self-preservation, the blockbuster story just hitting the headlines that an Israeli operative was plotting to get up scandals to unseat British members of parliament will sink like a stone. This, even though part of the concern voiced by official Washington is that Putin may target the elections of European democracies allied to the US to push them in a right wing direction. That’s exactly what the right wing Likud government of Israel has been caught planning to do to Britain.


Israel can openly kill US sailors like they did when they tried to sink a US ship back in the 1970’s.  Even when video proof showed that the Jews openly did this while they could see the US flag and that they did this over a sustained attack had zero political effect due to Congress and the President being owned lock, stock and barrel by Zionists.


Trump is owned by them, too.  All our candidates for years and years are owned by them.  Our media giants are mostly run by Zionists, too, so there is zero public pressure  from them.  Everything is swept under the rug.


Ian Cobain and Ewen MacAskill of The Guardian report on undercover footage taken of Shai Masot, a “senior political officer” in the Israeli Embassy in London who has been an officer in the Israeli Army and still is employed there. I conclude that he is likely Israeli military intelligence with a cover at the embassy.


Yes, he isn’t sent packing, is he?  Even when caught on camera, plotting to openly meddle in an election!  Note that the howls from Zionists in the US media and DNC about ‘Russia meddling’ don’t mention any of this sort of meddling.


Masot is overheard in the video discussing plans to politically ruin members of parliament, including foreign office minister Sir Alan Duncan, who wants to see a Palestinian state established.


China meddles, too.  NATO nations meddle in foreign elections and affairs.  Everyone does this.  In the US, the voting system is corrupt, stupid and a mess and our media is a mess, too.  And Congress and both parties do not want to fix any of this, they want the system rigged to make them more powerful


Right now, the DNC is going into the wilderness since it has lost a huge hunk of power and has only the Fake Media as a tool and since many US voters hate the media at this point, it is a useless tool for regaining power.


If Trump brings back US jobs, the entire DNC will be a train wreck because no one will want them to return us to the present status quo of increasing debt and increasing trade deficits.  And failing schools, of course.


US trade deficits: Balance of Trade in the United States averaged -13559.97 USD Million from 1950 until 2016, reaching an all time high of +1946 USD Million in June of 1975 and a record low of -67823 USD Million in August of 2006.


-13,559,970,000,000 is a very big, astronomical number.  Thirteen trillion dollars!  Big!  The highest trade deficit month was under Bush Jr. with Obama running a close second in deficits.


Then there are our budget deficits:


pay pal blog picture


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9 responses to “US Media And DNC Continues To Attack Trump For Bringing Home Jobs

  1. DM

    ‘Tariffs’ – one of the prime reasons I have followed your blog for many years.

    Maybe Trump has been reading this blog too.

  2. floridasandy

    if you care about American jobs, boycott GM until they do the right thing, which is highly unlikely with their current sneaky CEO.

    maybe a good time to buy ford or fiat. 🙂

    Hillary’s exhibition hall should have no roof, since she never used the charity money to build roofs in Haiti and many people died during the last hurricane. She probably took 40 million of that to pump into the wing bearing her name.

    She has no shame.

  3. emsnews

    The Hillary museum should have armed Muslim guards who then attack visitors while screaming ‘allah akhbar’.

    We should hold a ‘tell a joke about the Hillary museum’ here.

    ‘The Hillary Museum has a cigar.’

  4. Nani

    This author has some pretty good points. These Hollywood celebrities gets so upset when Donald says or does something inappropriate, yet they didn’t say a peep when Obama committed heinous war crimes, why is that so?

  5. Lou

    In Berlin yesterday a young Swedish girl visiting Germany pushed under a train and killed by ‘Refugee’ in the country only 1 day.

  6. Petruchio

    I think the Hillary Museum should have a BIG plaque posted in a prominent place asking for support to getting Mrs. Clinton a Nobel Peace Prize. When you think about it, it really is unjust that Mrs. Clinton hasn’t gotten the Peace Prize. Kissinger got one. Obama got one. In this writer’s opinion there is NO JUSTICE in the world until Mrs. Clinton’s bloodthirsty warmongering, her complete sociopathy is acknowledged by those Peace loving folks in Norway. Petrruchio would sign this Nobel petition for Mrs. Clinton, but a man can only stomach so much of the putrid stench that is the Clinton Crime Family. You guys will have to pick up the slack where Petruchio leaves off.

  7. tio

    I would have thought renaming the local DC sewerage plant ‘The Hillary Museum’, with a spiffy new stone frontage would be apt. Visitors would be offered themed tours, ‘swim with the Clintons’, ‘meet the Donors’; and Hillary’s World’. Each would comprise being dunked in the effluent stream, $10 a pop?

  8. tio

    plus ça change

  9. Petruchio

    About that sleazy looking Mark Fields, the CEO of Ford Motor Co. He is alleging that Ford will bring back about 700 jobs. Let’s give this some context. At the height of US Auto production employment, the largest UAW Local in Michigan had 78,000 members. After all the job outsourcing, this same UAW Local ended up having a membership of around 750. When the car companies weren’t trying to murder UAW President Walther Reuther (they tried multiple times), they were working tirelessly to eliminate UAW jobs. Building quality cars along the way became almost an afterthought.

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