Trump Tells CNN ‘You Are Fake News’: Next, Tell NYT and Washington Post Too

Trump tells CNN: ‘You are fake news’.


The howling of the wolves is deafening.  As Trump rides the troika across the winter landscape, the US Fake News chases him.  At his press conference last night, he even told CNN that they are fake news!  Oh, the howling was a roar!  He laughed at them all.  Defiance irritated the wolves who want him scared, not laughing at him.  So they doubled down on the lying in this morning’s news, pretending the press conference was them being sane and Trump being evil.


The Fake News is complaining now that CNN might not be allowed in Presidential press conferences after CNN’s yapping lap dog kept interrupting Trump when he was giving permission to another reporter.  This rudeness stopped the press conference.


Buzzfeed that fed fake news to CNN is owned by CBS news now so CBS has been spreading hoaxes.  Donald Trump ‘Golden Showers’ with Hookers Hoax Debunked – YouTube—Buzzfeed is allowed to be part of the White House press whereas the real news people are locked out.


Now onto the Real News, one of the media outfits being attacked this week nonstop is my favorite site, RT news from Russia.  It amuses me that Russians have better news service than US citizens.  So far, they have been right about nearly everything.


 A member of the hacktivist network Anonymous has debunked the assertion that US intelligence report on Russia’s alleged hacking of the DNC proves a particular party’s guilt, explaining that such claims show a lack of understanding of how hackers operate.


The CIA, FBI, NSA, etc. all know exactly how hacking works.  They hack all the time.  Fake media giants hire hacks to write fake news (OK, I’m sorry for that little joke) and all these powerful people who have tons of money…couldn’t figure out how hacking works nor prevent hacking when it happens???


HAHAHA.  They are desperate to pretend the ‘hacks’ were Russians and not angry US CIA/FBI/NSA agents releasing important information.  The fake sex stories about Trump are not ‘hacks’ but ‘fake information pushed into the public by CIA/FBI/NSA political operatives at the top (not the agents at the bottom).


“The ODNI [Office of the Director of National Intelligence] report wants you to believe that Russian hackers hacked the DNC [Democratic National Committee] based on the evidence that the attacks looked identical to methods used by the same Russian hacking team. But this is not how hacking works in the slightest,” video journalist and Anonymous activist Alex Poucher told RT.


I will note that the US Fake News machine didn’t talk to a single real hacker.  I have to go to Russia or underground Alternative News for information about how hackers operate and how it is obvious that the Pedestal files were leaked by an insider, not people in Moscow.


Hackers can either code their own tools to use, or download pre-compiled scripts that are readily available on any exploit database. If two teams download the same exploits and use them, then the attacks will appear to be the same, identical even,” Poucher, who has a degree in IT Security, said.


He went on to explain that while a person is actually in America, he or she can log into a VPN (Virtual Private Network) located in Russia and launch attacks from America.


And THAT is what the CIA/FBI/NSA want to shut down.


“When this attack is investigated, it will appear that it originated from Russia,” he said.  Saying that the report “does not state conclusively anything,” it also demonstrates that the US intelligence officials “are still not really sure who hacked the DNC,” Poucher said.


No, they know who did it and won’t say anything since the present propaganda push is to blame Putin.  The US mega-military-police state machine has been pushing relentlessly to demonize Russia ever since Putin pulled Russia out of the ditch and began reforming the place so it functioned again.


Guccifer 2.0, the entity believed to have originally distributed the leaked materials from the Democratic Party, and claimed to have some ties to Russia, “is a deeply suspicious figure,” the Anonymous activist said.


And a liar.


“At the end of the day, an insurmountable heap of circumstantial evidence is all this report is, without any proof to back up any of the claims whatsoever, except hearsay,” he told RT.


“I have personally [gone] over every aspect of the attack and what I can tell you, what I have found is that every aspect of the attack, the entry or the payload, is not particularly sophisticated. A 14-year-old script kiddy with download capabilities could have pulled off this hack,” Poucher said.


Other hackers have said this, too, for the last three months.


Last week, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has also said a teenager could have could have hacked the emails of Hillary Clinton’s campaign chief, John Podesta.


“Podesta gave out that his password was the word ‘p@ssw0rd’… a 14-year-old kid could have hacked Podesta,” Assange said while commenting on the DNC leaks and Russia’s alleged involvement in it in an exclusive interview with Fox News.


The rest of the Fake News machine refused to talk about how stupid Podesta is.


Saying that President Obama’s administration has been “behind all the anti-Russia and Cold War-2 buildup,” the Anonymous activist suggested there might be “a complete U-turn” on the subject of Russia’s alleged involvement when President-elect Donald Trump is sworn in.


“He has already went on [with a] statement and said he did not believe Russia has anything to do with the DNC hacking scandal,” Poucher said.


Now into the Fake News cesspool, the New York Times today has this front page:



I find it very funny watching the Fake New York Times back peddling and having somewhat real news because they are aware the rest of us have been making fun of them. But they can’t help it.  For example, ‘Donald Trump and the State of Conflict’ is about how the Fake News is fighting him.


Naturally, the baying pack of lying hyenas can’t help but call HIM ‘confrontational’ when they are the ones who are doing exactly that.  They are mortified that people are cheering on Trump as he decimates the media dog pack.


It is like watching a big kitty cat scratch the noses of barking dogs.  I once had a tom cat that was quite large, being a Turkish breed that can swim in rivers, for example.  Dogs would rush up to him in NYC and he would attack them and they would run off, yipping in pain.


The front page of the Washington Pest continues its now happy tradition of lying about events and howling nonstop:  How a secret and unsubstantiated dossier made it into the public domain


In deciding to brief Donald Trump on the allegations, the U.S. intelligence community was trying to anticipate headlines, but it may have accelerated them.
By Greg Miller, Ellen Nakashima and Karen DeYoung’s Bezos is going to go bankrupt!  Look at the story!  It took 3 reporters to write this pile of lies!  HAHAHA.  Yes, the ‘intelligence community’ love to ‘anticipate’ that is, CREATE headlines deliberately…the WP is pretending they don’t want ‘headlines’ which is Fake News.


They have been pushing these ‘headlines’ in collusion with the Fake News media outfits all of which belong to either the Bilderberg gang or are CIA tools used to feed false information about say, Saddam, to the public.


And the WP continues the McCarthy Red Scare smears.  Nonstop. With zero proof of anything.  And this Fake News rag actually dares to talk about how Trump has to ‘take a step forward on ethics?’  HAHAHA.  They have to dig themselves out of the cess pit they are in and find some basic ethics.

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27 responses to “Trump Tells CNN ‘You Are Fake News’: Next, Tell NYT and Washington Post Too

  1. Lou

    Lets have some fun.
    What does CNN stand for?

    Clinton News Network?
    Commie news network?
    What does it stand for, in your opinion?

  2. Jim R

    Meanwhile, Napoleon continues to amass his army in eastern Europe:

  3. Moe

    @Lou #1

    CIA Numb Nuts

  4. Moe

    @Lou #1

    CNN: Criminal Nattering Nitwits

    (with hat-tip to Safire’s “Nattering Nabobs of Negativism”)

  5. tio

    Fake food, money, politics, finance, wars, rights, consumer durables, and on and on and on. Of course the news is fake, it has to be, the Tyranny of Tolerance cannot endure otherwise.

    Breaking MSM news item … “IT’S RAINING” … “AGAIN” – pa!

  6. Moe

    @Lou #1

    CNN: Canard, Not News

  7. Claudeeyah


    C*nt News Network: Starring Miss Anderson Cooper

    (think you can all guess the missing letter. if not, I’d like to buy a ‘u’.)

  8. Moe

    @Lou #1

    CNN: Cunnilingus News Network

    (Oh my: tongue-in-‘cheek’? Oral miscomprehension? Hillary-Huma hucksterism? Cunts-R-Us?? There’s a ‘u’ for ya Claudeeyah!)

  9. JimmyJ

    Bezos’ cash is bottomless, he can push prop forever. Note Amazon market cap compared to competitors (Zerohedge).

    Amazon isn’t just an online store, it provides a vast amount of contract computing horsepower through AWS.

  10. JimmyJ

    Speaking of tanks in Poland, some of them were headed for Romania. So is Poland a feint for an attack on Kaliningrad while the prize is Crimea? Perhaps Kaliningrad is the target. Home of Russia’s Baltic fleet, it’s a tasty morsel. I can see NATO rationalizing over which one Putin would go nuclear over. Grabbing both would really box Russia in. That he has deployed an S-400 regiment around Moscow tells how serious he regards an imminent threat.

  11. Moe

    @JimmyJ #9

    Bezo’s cash might be bottomless, but perhaps not his legal standing.

    If Trump triumphs, the lawsuits may ensue.

  12. Moe

    @JimmyJ #10

    Putin is already on record authorizing use of tactical nuclear weapons in event of attack on any part of Russia. It would be a cakewalk for Russia to retake Kalingrad if so inclined, the route through friendly Belarus and ostensible belligerent party Poland (in reality NATO), or equally easy via the Baltics, which are now also NATO members. I don’t see how Crimea is genuinely vulnerable, as it would be too readily defensible.

    If either were to transpire, it would function to somehow forestall Trump’s inauguration or to circumscribe his options as president. It would constitute the ‘Sampson Option’, a last, desperate act of the entrenched Deep State (or a component of it). Hard (but frightening) to envisage.

  13. Ken

    No one should be surprised that the DNC is using fake news and slanderous insinuations against Trump. Think back. This exact strategy was used against Bernie Sanders with great success.

    Just making some slanderous claim in the news is enough to taint someone, even if there is no basis to it. It starts with calling someone a “racist” (from which there is no acceptable defense), and then escalates to all sorts of mud slinging. People, being human, will always think that there just might be something to it, sort of along the lines of where there’s smoke there’s fire. The fact that it’s false will not take away the lingering doubt in peoples’ minds.

    The only difference now is that Trump is fighting back successfully, and Bernie did not. However, after the fake news has continued for four years even the average Trump supporter will start to doubt him. This is a long term strategy for the DNC.

  14. Jim R

    I saw newspaper reports which did not bear any relation to the facts, not even the relationship which is implied in an ordinary lie. I saw great battles reported where there had been no fighting, and complete silence where hundreds of men had been killed. I saw troops who had fought bravely denounced as cowards and traitors, and others who had never seen a shot fired hailed as the heroes of imaginary victories; and I saw newspapers in London retailing these lies and eager intellectuals building emotional superstructures over events that had never happened. I saw, in fact, history being written not in terms of what happened but of what ought to have happened according to various ‘party lines’.

    — George Orwell, Looking back on the Spanish War

    I keep being reminded of that quote lately.

  15. Petruchio

    Latest news from Europe: the US has sent an Armored Brigade (3500 men) to Poland, right at Russia’s border. Yet another attempt by the outgoing Prez and his neo-con buddies to start WW3–and leave Trump with the mess. This is yet ANOTHER reason why a lame duck President, between the Election and the Inauguration of the new President, should have his Powers altered to the point where he can’t do any “F#ck You!!” things to the incoming President.

  16. floridasandy

    CNN –covering no news.,

    Petruchio, It is nuts how Obama is trying to get something started before he leaves. He must have read Hitler’s scorched earth policy, or had somebody read it to him.

    Raise the fed rate, threaten other countries repeatedly, fire at ships, give bad guys more money, cover up actual terrorist news (like the Fort Lauderdale shooter being an actual Muslim convert), hike gas prices.

    All aboard the stupid train.

    Also, of note-another American soldier killed himself overseas today. That seems to be an increasing trend– if that is what it actually is.

  17. DeVaul

    I don’t think Obama had any choice if he wants his Hawaiian paradise after he leaves office. He did smack Bibi in the face at the UN, and I bet Powers could barely stand not being able to raise her hand to veto the resolution, but as an article on RT shows, the game appears to be over:

    I think he is right on the money. I never liked Trump, but I do hate to see this. Trump will become an impolite version of Obama, the White House doormat that Bibi and Wall Street wiped their feet on. On the other hand, maybe this is what the American people NEED to see.

    Their votes don’t matter. Ever.

    The first inkling I got that this result might come about was when Mitch, the center of Republican power, stated awhile back that Trump might not be all that bad or that they could work with him or something to that effect. Coming from the water-boy of the super rich, this was a major statement, and I suspected a secret meeting had occurred.

    Personally, I think they were unable to bribe him (he’s a billionaire – I think), so they threatened to kill his family or ruin his children’s lives in some way.

    Either way, he’s just one man, and Kafka taught me that one man has no chance against Das Schloss.

  18. emsnews

    Since not one soul running for President or any office wasn’t a Zionist, it was futile to use that as a standard to support anyone.

  19. tio

    Trump = Bag Man for the great unravelling.

  20. DeVaul

    @ Elaine

    I did not understand your comment. Are you saying Trump is a Zionist? What standard for supporting him are you talking about?

    @ Tio

    It is possible that Trump will be left holding the bag this time, but he is a clever man, and he might find some way out of it before official bankruptcy hits America. On the other hand, his ego may have landed him in waters deeper than he expected. It’s hard to know.

  21. Lou

    Trump is Pro Israel = Zionista.

  22. tio


    If you go high enough up their respective food chains the CIA and Wall St. are indivisible. There is nothing on earth as fake as the ‘markets’, the ‘news’ is a paragon of virtue by comparison. Factor in the wizards of BIS are all out of ammo and the whole edifice just needs a nudge. Israel just kicked the Donald in the balls, whilst the Donald has overseen events that have caused the dragon to bare its teeth…

    What could possibly go wrong?

  23. emsnews

    They are all BILDERBERG gangsters and they have this whole structure of secretive societies, witch craft covens and the Skull and Bones at Yale which they use for power politics and stealing stuff and murdering millions of innocent people.

  24. PFO

    Hello Elaine,

    Careful Sweetie, your favorite news channel may just be a creation of THEM:

    Been spending the winter in the ‘district of criminals’ and I note that the ‘man-on-the-street’ has absolutely NO way to directly access ANY of the MSM and that includes all of the alternative favorites.

    A closed loop eventually implodes, so let us stop using-up so many words theorizing about them, shall we?


  25. Jim R

    Which ‘THEM’ are you talking about? From that ‘MHz Networks’ page, I can’t even tell what it is they do for RT. The Cloudflare ‘about’ page has more information.

    Elaine knows, and most of her readers know, that RT is simply a slick modern network like CNN or Al Jazeera, with a different ‘slant’. There are many other places to get news from Russia, and better news. Sputnik, Fort Russ, and some Twitter feeds. The Saker is a guy who knows the language, and a lot about Russia, he lives in the US but has a nice blog.

    The ‘mainstream’ outlets are dying, they are like those magazines by the checkout counter at the supermarket. The ones with a picture of a celebrity woman clutching a green doll, and an ‘Alien Baby’ headline. They aren’t even trying to hide the marks from scotch tape and whiteout any more.

    Of course as the info war heats up, many useful sources are being censored one-by-one. The lights are going out.

    By the way, your link goes to some Catholic organization. Need I say more…

  26. Tony DiBuo

    Fuck these people who are trying to screw Trump! These people are all pieces of shit!
    If these people really believe what our news networks say they are all fucking crazy with brains smaller than the rats that they are! These Trump haters are no better than Nazis.
    Biggest bunch of deceitful bastards in the world! All are losers, most of them produce nothing just parasites of society!

  27. Moe

    @ Tony, #26

    Tell us what you really think! 🙂

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