Criminals At The Top Try Desperately To Run Away From Trump Fake Sex Scam


After giving himself this award, Obama gives it to Biden, too. Claims that losing his son in an accident means he deserves this award! ‘I didn’t deserve this,’ Biden said.  Wow.  Truth time!  Obama gave himself the high award for being high as a kite in the past so now both men gave themselves this award.  Trump should also get this award for being attacked endlessly by Democrats, the press and some GOP turncoats nonstop and not flinching or running away from raving mobs of lunatics, he stood his ground, no?  


Actually, debasing this award this way is debasing anyone who risked life and limp fighting for freedom in various ways, not these guys who put us under such strict controls that anyone saying, in private, things that irritate the leftist mobs were punished, lost jobs, lost lives and of course, the creation of Black Lives Matter which has led to many more cops killed this year than all the previous five years….


The conspiracy to destroy Trump with a totally fake dossier of sex stuff is now leading to prosecution of the criminals who pulled off the scheme and I hope all are arrested and put in prison, properly.  Former MI6 spy claims he also is hiding from Putin after he made $1.2 million last year supplying FBI with information about FIFA, the soccer people.


A word to my distant relative: you can’t hide on my mountain.  Be a man and take your medicine.  You are not ‘intelligent’ if you were so stupid as to participate in this obvious crime.  And this idiot claims he is very smart about cyber crimes and other activities?


Julian Assange says he will surrender to the warmongers in DC if they release Chelsea Manning.  He is the Big Tuna the spooks and Bilderberg gang wants to have so they can torture him and uncover all the things going on behind their backs.  Assange must be tiring out after so many victories and so much stress but I must warn him now, the stress he will feel if the spooks lay their hands on them has a name: TORTURE.  They tortured Manning.  They will certainly do twice that to him.


Manning and Assange deserve the ‘medal of freedom,’ not the pair of warmongers who gave it to themselves.


Meanwhile, Trump wants the CIA operatives and the others involved in the Fake Scandal arrested.  HAHAHA.  Go for it.  I will consume lots of popcorn watching this go to trial.


‘I have seen teenagers build more secure web servers,’Hackers mess up Giuliani’s security website.  Yes, anything can be hacked.  This means working harder on security but people are too lazy to do this.  And yes, most hackers are kids.


Even Biden was surprised by the Trump fake dossier and he claims that Obama dismissed these outright…another Fake News moment here since Biden and Obama didn’t say a peep until it was revealed as totally fake by smarter people.  Yes, do notice how both Obama and Biden are trying desperately to pull their dicks out of the meat grinder.


Here is how the criminal operation called ‘Buzzed’ justified them getting illicit information and publishing it illegally: Spy chief Clapper under fire for telling notoriously leaky Congress he was going brief Obama. Yes, everyone is now blaming Clapper because the DNC did this crime.  Clapper is pulling his dick out of the meat grinder by claiming it was Congress and of course, old warhorse McCain who should be punished, not him.  I say, punish all of them including Obama.


NATO troops continue to build up on the border of Russia as Peace Prize President tries yet one more time to start WWIII.  And this is why I want Peace Prize President Obama arrested for trying to start WWIII.  This is the mega-crime of the century and this horrible man has only ONE WEEK LEFT to do it.

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6 responses to “Criminals At The Top Try Desperately To Run Away From Trump Fake Sex Scam

  1. Christian W

    Israel bombed Damascus again last night. Doubt you will see anything in the MSM about this.

  2. Jim R

    I’m not sure if AFP is ‘mainstream’ or not, but they mentioned it, just for the record. Much of the disinformation campaign consists of putting the baseless rumors on page 1, and burying actual events in a tiny column near the back.

  3. emsnews

    All back page news and as I keep saying, the news media censors by hiding important news all the time. They are very unreliable which is why I go overseas for news.

  4. Jim R

    They also use weasel words like “Damascus says” or “it is alleged”, while the event is real.

    Like I keep saying, Israel will simply vanish when the US/UK/EU can no longer afford to support the stupid thing. That’s the big geopolitical picture.

  5. Petruchio

    A question about “Dirty Old Man” Joe Biden: What the H#LL did he actually do with his time as Vice President? Accomplishments? And I do not include his sleazy, disgusting efforts at groping little girls.

  6. Christian W

    Pretty accurate I’d say.

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