Meet Fusion GPS, Now at the Center of the Fake Russia/Trump Sex Scandal


Here is the ‘business’ at the center of today’s story: the entire webpage is this picture, above.  Nothing else!


A TOTAL CIA front operation!  HAHAHAHA.  Feel free to email them and ask them about their ‘business’.  Fusion GPS is the ‘opposition research firm’ that was hired to dig up dirt on Donald Trump in 2015 – which was published this week and quickly discredited
It sub-contracted Orbis Business Intelligence, run by ex-British spies Christopher Steele and Christopher Burrows


Meet the espionage firm which ordered Trump ‘dirty dossier’ – a secretive D.C. firm which has aided Planned Parenthood and attacked Mitt Romney’s friends: A leaked intelligence ‘dossier’ that claims Donald Trump is being blackmailed by the Russians came from a corporate espionage firm in Washington that Democrats, Republicans and private companies have relied on for years to dig up dirt on competitors.


Despite the secretive nature of its work, Fusion GPS has been at the center of a number of political controversies.


The secretive firm, which is run by three former Wall Street Journal reporters, was hired by Planned Parenthood to push back against undercover videos that appeared to show officials selling fetal tissue.


The firm also worked for Democrats in 2012 to uncover dirt on one of Mitt Romney’s top donors, leading to charges from conservatives that the Obama campaign was engaging in ‘Nixonian’ tactics.


Simpson was educated at George Washington University, and worked for Roll Call in Washington and the Wall Street Journal. He left there in 2009, and later spoke of his discontent at the paper after it was bought by Rupert Murdoch.


Catan grew up in the U.S. and Britain and attended the London School of Economics.


He later became editor of a business magazine in Mexico, worked for the Financial Times in New York and Argentina, and was the Spain correspondent for The Times, according to an online biography.


He covered antitrust issues while at the Wall Street Journal and also worked for it in Madrid.


Fritsch was the Wall Street Journal’s foreign bureau chief for Mexico, Brazil, Southeast Asia and Northern Europe, before becoming the paper’s national security editor.


According to the New York Times, Fusion GPS was originally hired by a Republican donor – who has not been publicly identified – to dig up dirt on Trump in 2015.


Smooth move, dudes!  You were recruited years ago and groomed by the CIA and then ‘quit’ and started the ‘organization’ above which is a FRONT OPERATION run by the CIA…duh.  Too funny.  Here is a comment from the Daily Mail in London, from a cynical English person:


David Breitbart, London, United Kingdom, 4 minutes ago

FYI? I think this group just used McCain. These guys were working with the Brit ex-MI6 guy to create something that looked “real”. But they couldn’t do anything with it, everybody knows they are just PR guys with an agenda.


So? somehow, they “hinted” to McCain that they had “heard” of a report damaging to Trump, maybe enough to impeach him. McCain? didn’t waste a second, sent off his flunky to gather the planted “fake news/evidence”, and then gleefully handed it over to the FBI. So now this Fusion Group’s bit of fiction writing? is gift wrapped with “Authenticity” and “Authority” becase it came from a “Well respected MI6 guy”, to a well known senator, to the FBI and President Obama. Sure sounds “official” and “trustworthy” to me, after they used McCain to launder it.


Too crazy stupid for words, oh, the webs these deceivers did weave!  I found another organization connected to this obvious CIA operation:   Integrity Research Associates (oh, I do love their names!) April, 2007:


Fusion GPS was recently founded by experienced investigative journalists to provide clients with research that goes beyond standard due diligence methods. Through an extensive network of contacts built over years of reporting domestically and internationally, the team at Fusion GPS offers exclusive insights that can add value to investors.


Fusion GPS works on a custom basis. The team, mostly journalists previously at publications such as The Wall Street Journal, offers the capability to uncover unique information through a method compliant with regulations on insider trading and material non-public information. Both the research and the written deliverables follow the highest standards of quality and insightfulness.


Having reported from and lived in different locations globally, the team at Fusion GPS taps into a global network of on-the-ground contacts, including policymakers, media professionals, and government officials, among others. The firm is based in Washington D.C. which also allows the team to access key contacts.


While its coverage is global, Fusion GPS offers singular expertise in Latin America and the Caribbean. Some of the topics the team has successfully covered in the region include: pre-transaction investigations; company and sector analysis; political and security risk assessments; money laundering; and asset recovery. Multi-lingual and on the ground researchers will uncover unique and reliable information for each project.


For more information, please contact Peter Fritsch, Partner at Fusion GPS, at 202-558-7428, or


I FOUND THEIR PHONE NUMBER!!! HAHAHA. Hope this helps anyone wanting to call them up and chat.

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14 responses to “Meet Fusion GPS, Now at the Center of the Fake Russia/Trump Sex Scandal

  1. Jim R

    Yet another Steele. Elaine’s relatives are everywhere, it seems.

  2. Pete

    Tulsi Gabbard introduces bill to stop arming terrorist groups.

  3. Lou

    Off topic—Girl kills herself—-

    A 12-year-old girl recently committed suicide LIVE on Facebook. She claimed to have been suffering from depression and was, allegedly, sexually abused by a family member.

    In her own words, “no one fucking wants me and I don’t blame them. Who the hell would want an emo girl?”

    Everything about this girl tells me she’s a self-absorbed twit whose identity was grounded in her Facebook account and the narcissistic videos she produced.

  4. Christian W

    Capitalism has moved into the literal “suck the blood out of the poor” stage now:

    Slurrrp Slurrrp

  5. melponeme_k


    Exchange transfusion. I think that is what some of the conspiracy sites are claiming that the super rich get to prolong their life. They want the blood of our children. Children’s blood is the healthiest.

  6. Christian W

    @ Mel

    That thought struck me when I saw the above pics. I bet a fair few old billionaires are on a blood sucking regime to prolong their life; especially the very, very elite ones.

  7. Claudeeyah



    Please refrain from passing judgement on those who commit suicide, particularly the young and sexually abused. Last night when I arrived home from work I was met with the sad news that a dear friend of ours had taken her own life. She was 53 and a breast cancer survivor.

    She struggled with alcohol abuse and one day about two years ago out of no where revealed to me that she had been sexually abused by her father. It hit home for me because I was sexually abused as a youngster also. The pain she was dealing with must have been immense.

    When I was about fifteen, a cousin the same age hanged herself in her family’s basement. She was also a victim of sexual abuse as well as having alcoholic parents. My husband and I are walking around in a daze right now.

    It is easy to forget how crippled the mind (especially a young, inexperienced mind) can become when faced with the cruelty of life. Please do not be too quick to pass judgement.

    Suicide is a selfish act – a permanent solution to a temporary solution.

  8. Claudeeyah


  9. emsnews

    That poor girl…I nearly killed myself on the Winter Solstice in 1965 while standing on this hill in the mountains, I was in deep despair. Then I had this REVELATION that was very marvelous (a cactus wren sang to me and a saguaro sighed in the evening wind). I realized that Life is Beautiful.

    It is hard, being a teen girl. Other girls are quite savage when attacking a ‘loner’ teen girl, by the way.

  10. Lou

    Hung herself while camera rolled—-

  11. Lou

    reminds me of the Irish girl in Boston who was bullied and committed suicide. and Megan Myers.

  12. emsnews

    Easy to see as far as I can, female bullying is far nastier than male because females mature quicker and use gossip and other skills to stab over and over. I learned to laugh at them and if they wanted hair pulling, I was more than happy to deck them due to dealing with large mammals like horses, etc.

    Still, they tried their best to make my life hell and is a major reason I was motivated to get out of high school by age 16. At universities, there was no problems at all.

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