NYT Continues Lying And Attacking Trump Nonstop While


As the Steele spy story unreels, the US media giants who lie all the time, up the ante and continue lying all the time which is funny all the time so I will dissect this NYT article about all the lying to show how they lie nonstop and so many flea bitten dogs are lying about lying in the manger at this point, we should put them all in the dog pound, that is, prison, for lying.  But they, on the other hand, think we all are lying due to us digging up the truth every time they shoot more shit.  And who stinks today?  The US media giants and the Bilderberg gangsters.


The NYT is demanding that Trump NOT stop the very, very lopsided, one way ‘trade’ with China and keep US factories there.  This is treason, of course.  But these clowns think they are ‘saving America’ by moving US jobs overseas, after all.  The NYT hates citizens and loves illegal aliens, too, and wants more of these while moving our jobs overseas.  Today’s screed by the NYT deserves a close look to see how they lie nonstop, they cannot write a single fact without warping it or openly lying:


 There were two big lessons in the Wednesday morning melee.


Lesson #1: Trump is hilarious and put the dogs in their place.  ‘Down, down, I say, stop barking, no bone for you, Fido!’  HAHAHA.


1. Mr. Trump remains a master media manipulator who used his first news briefing since July to expertly delegitimize the news media and make it the story rather than the chaotic swirl of ethical questions that engulf his transition.


We all are going to die laughing, I swear, this is their nefarious scheme.  These creeps don’t realize that they delegitimized themselves for the last 60 years and I have been fighting them directly since 1966.  They hate me and I hate them.


This is why they refused to cover the news when I was camped out with two dozen Chinese students in front of the UN for a MONTH.  Not one NYT reporter visited our encampment.  No one.  Not one phone call and I had the telephone booth there back then as my ‘office’ I even had a desk and press passes which only CNN used.


2. The news media remains an unwitting accomplice in its own diminishment as it fails to get a handle on how to cover this new and wholly unprecedented president.


HAHAHA…no kidding, dude!  What is this ‘handle’, anyways?  Oh, tell the truth!  Be real reporters reporting real news, not fake news!  But look at what this idiot writes:


It better figure things out, fast, because it has found itself at the edge of the cliff. And our still-functioning (fingers crossed) democracy needs it to stay on the right side of the drop.


Yo, you guys are on the cliff, not us.  Sane people get real news and reject fake news.  Lying about everything will eventually land you guys in court.  We are itching to sue you all.


Given Mr. Trump’s past behavior, there was hardly any doubt that he was going to kneecap his inquisitors on Wednesday. It’s a passion, after all, if not a strategic imperative.


Too stupid to understand that the NYT and CNN and other Fake Media amuse us when slapped around.  We all wish to do the same.


But BuzzFeed handed him the steel rod hours before, with its decision to publish an unvarnished dossier filled with unsubstantiated, compromising reports about Mr. Trump allegedly collected by Russian agents, presumably for blackmail purposes.


LIARS!  The NYT goes one paragraph after whining about liars and smearing the rest of us as evil and then openly lies. There is zero proof that anything came from ‘Russian AGENTS.’  There is a lot of proof that this came from some squirrely CIA-spooks.


Mr. Smith’s stated rationale highlights the extent to which WikiLeaks and Gawker, which is now defunct, have changed the nature of journalism. Both have at times taken a “publish first, fill in the answers — or don’t — later” approach, but they held particular, outsider roles in the journalistic firmament. And both have run into great trouble because of their guns-blazing styles, in Gawker’s case, fatally (if wrongfully).


I am baffled as to why the near-continuous lying by the NYT hasn’t bankrupted it yet.  It runs mostly in the red now and the Washington Post was saved from bankruptcy by a rich man in California who wants to flood the US with foreign imports.


BuzzFeed, under Mr. Smith, has built up a fine traditional news team that has won journalism awards precisely because it succeeded in the ultimate purposes of its craft: to establish fact from fiction and enhance its readers’ understanding of reality. That’s the opposite of pumping out a bunch of unsubstantiated allegations and then leaving it to readers to “make up their own minds” about them with no reportorial guidance.


Good lord, that useless Fake News operation was showered with awards from fellow Fakers.  Yup. And there  IS ‘editorial guidance’ because only  fake liberals got to post there.


You can argue that the dossier was going to get out there anyway. But it hadn’t until BuzzFeed published it, even though many news organizations, including this one, had the dossier for months. And had they leaked by some other means, it would be up to journalists to establish their veracity; ignore them if possible, debunk them if necessary.


I want this investigated.  Why did ‘many news organizations’ in the Fake News machinery have this?  Eh?  Did they all turn it over to the FBI for investigation?  And since the FBI didn’t release it, did it mean it was fake?  Eh?


If so, why did the media giants pile on and pretend it was ‘real news’ when they didn’t, earlier?  Oops.


But every journalistic misstep gives more fodder to people who want to stop the efforts against “fake news” by turning the tables and labeling those efforts — or any other solid journalism they don’t like — as “fake news” as well, corrupting the term for their own purposes (a classic case of “no, you are!”).


I think this paragraph should be engraved on the gravestone of the Fake News Media’s final resting place.  They really think they are fighting ‘fake news’ when attacking us when we give real news.  And then publish fake news, themselves.


But as CNN pointed out, it did not share the details of the memos, and it did not even link to the BuzzFeed report, despite false claims to the contrary by Kellyanne Conway, Mr. Trump’s adviser. Its decision, the network said, was “vastly different than BuzzFeed’s decision to publish unsubstantiated memos.”


Note how the Fake News NYT rewrites history to shove lies at us.  Hello!  CNN did do this and then tried to cover up their crime by deleting stuff.  This is why I have decided this last year to do screen shots of news paper stories in case they do this because they do this all the time now.


That, in turn, drew protest from Mr. Smith of BuzzFeed, who said he was “not going to participate in an attempt to divide the media against each other.”


HAHAHA.  These snarling pit bull doggies should rip each other to shreds but won’t.  They lick each other’s balls, instead.  It is us, the ‘alternative media’ who do the hard fighting here. And these guys tried last election and all the way today,  to have us all censored and removed from the internet.


And so, Mr. Trump won again, by succeeding in doing just that. It was all part of a show in which he used news organizations as props in their own lampooning while he played them off each other with labels of good and bad and selectively answered their policy questions.


THEY did this to themselves.  Smart media guys are beginning to realize that doing fake news has a downside and also that Congress, the White House, and soon, the Supreme Court will all be in Trump’s hands in a week.


A united front would have given the reporters stronger footing. But that was woefully lacking when Mr. Trump shouted down Jim Acosta of CNN, who said Mr. Trump’s press secretary, Sean Spicer, threatened to eject him.


The other reporters in the room readily took Mr. Acosta’s place, happy to have their own questions answered. But they could be next. They’re going to have to decide how much they want to abide by Mr. Trump’s decision to selectively quarantine colleagues whose coverage he does not like.


I wish the other stupid reporters left the room with Mr. Accost Trump.  HAHAHA.  But they didn’t.  They ignored his howls of pain when Trump hit him on the nose with a rolled up newspaper and said, ‘Bad doggie!  Stop barking.’


There is some precedent for doing the right thing here, from the early days of the Obama administration, when it questioned Fox News’s credentials as a “news organization.” That was followed by an attempt by the Treasury Department to exclude Fox News from a round of interviews, which the rest of the news media resisted. Speaking in Fox News’s defense, Jake Tapper, then of ABC News, publicly criticized the administration for its effort to exclude “one of our sister organizations.”


President-Elect Obama’s first press conference (Part 1) – YouTube:  Compare this news conference where questions were really asked with the gentle, fondling the media gave licking Obama’s balls in his first press conference where they didn’t ask any questions worth asking!


So it was fitting that, later on Wednesday, Shepard Smith of Fox News got behind CNN. “It is our observation that its correspondents followed journalistic standards and that neither they nor any other journalists should be subjected to belittling and delegitimizing by the president-elect of the United States,” he said on his program.


So will the Fake News clowns do the same, stop belittling and delegitimizing the President elect?  No?  Well, to hell with them all.


Mr. Acosta, interestingly, made history last spring by becoming the first American journalist to ask a question of a Cuban leader, Raúl Castro, since the earliest days of the Castro regime. It was a hopeful sign of a new day for press freedom in the restrictive communist country.


Acosta licked Raul’s balls, too.  Great.  HAHAHA.


His run-in with Mr. Trump, on the other hand, is a bad sign for press freedom at home. The news media can’t afford a backslide. It’s going to have to do its part to avoid one.


‘Backslide’ is right: the author of this insane piece is worried the press might be nice again like they were, nonstop, with Obama.  Not matter what messes, what war crimes Obama and Hillary cooked up, the media backed these, asked no hard questions, attacked anyone revealing the truth and buried the Pedestal files even claiming ‘there is nothing there so don’t look’ when the alternative news carried real news about the crimes of Podesta and Hillary.


Another front page lie from the NYT:


Here is, from the same front page of the NYT, an article today that claims ‘Trump’s cabinet is, so far, mostly white males’ and it has a picture showing how…it is nearly the same as Obama when it comes to females and of course, since 87% of the country is NOT BLACK, it will probably have at least 74% white males and females, duh.

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  1. Moe

    Paging Jim Acosta: your fifteen minutes of fame are up. ‘Bye.

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