Black Congresspeople Want To Boycott Trump Inauguration


I suspect Hillary would have gotten an even less enthusiastic military presence.  And police: at least as bad as Obama who went out of his way to diss cops.


The pearl clutching crew at the Washington Post continue nonstop attacks on the incoming President:  Rep. John Lewis, a Democratic congressman from Georgia and civil-rights icon, told NBC’s Chuck Todd in an interview for Sunday’s “Meet the Press” that he believes Russia’s alleged hacking aimed at helping Trump in the 2016 race makes Trump an illegitimate president.  Lewis is a black politician who was a civil rights activist and who now sits on his rear doing nothing to stop the tsunami of black youth crime and the WP and NBC help him in this lazy quest by lying about what is destroying black communities across the entire nation.

Chicago, this week, blacks riot and cops are helpless IN POLICE HEADQUARTERS!


He added: “I think the Russians participated in helping this man get elected, and they helped destroy the candidacy of Hillary Clinton.” Lewis called it a “conspiracy” and added: “That’s not right. That’s not fair. That’s not the open democratic process.”


Lewis added that he won’t attend Trump’s inauguration, which he said is unprecedented in his 30-year congressional career.


Anyone can do this, not participate in something.  But of course, if white politicians said any of this, the US Fake Media would go on the attack whereas when black people do this, it is OK or even, we are to be sympathetic.  These poor losers refuse to look at why they lost this election.  Pretending it was ‘stolen’ is key to not understanding the fury that is rising due to black crime.  It has spread everywhere during the Obama years.


It is nearly invisible to the media but very visible to anyone else as black teens riot at pools, schools, county fairs, races, neighborhood picnics, Easter egg events, whatever, these mobs go crazy.  Trump responded to this Congressman and I would, personally, advise him to not do this but I am not him and he can do as he pleases:


I decided to examine some of the crime issues in Georgia and compare it to Iowa and to look at who is committing crimes in both places.  Even Iowa which has a very low black population has plenty of crime…nearly all in the black enclaves in to cities there.  Georgia has it all over the place.  First, back to the article above:


For years, Trump raised questions about whether Obama was born in the United States and thus could serve legitimately as president. Obama eventually produced a birth certificate in 2012, but Trump only acknowledged Obama was born in the United States a few months ago.


Members of the Congressional Black Caucus were particularly incensed by Trump’s long-running questioning of the legitimacy of the first black president, saying it amounted to bigotry and a racial dog-whistle. After Trump finally admitted Obama was born in the United States in September 2016, members of the CBC held a press conference to denounce Trump.

Proof that Obama had his ‘birth certificate’ forged probably by government agents.  Yes, it is pretty certain now that the ‘birth certificate’ that Obama showed via the internet is fake.  This is significant because he could have said, ‘I have nothing’ but instead, very interestingly, someone cooked up a birth certificate for him using Adobe Photoshop and a certificate of a girl born the same day at the same hospital.


The Fake News people, instead of rigorously investigating this, have ignored it and Obama pretends he didn’t break the law by producing a fake birth certificate and yet another illegality has flown under the media radar and it is as if we live in two worlds: the pretend world and harsh reality.


So…back to the outraged black Congressman:  Georgia’s 5th congressional district – Wikipedia


Crime in this district is triple the state rate.  It is 50% black.


Property crime is eight times higher than the rest of the state meaning, lots of crooks are cruising around.

This video shows some skulkers robbing a house but the owner came home so they attacked and mugged the victim, too but didn’t murder the poor homeowner.  How charming.  Did Trump cause this?  Now on to Omaha to compare Georgia’s Atlanta statistics:


Everything is half as bad as Georgia. Georgia is near the bottom of the barrel with a crime index of 2 while Omaha is 10 which is still 90 below the ‘safest cities’ but this is due to the same problem: black crime even in Omaha where the majority of crime is in black sectors.


Even at a ’10’ the crime stats are half of Atlanta’s rates.

Big cases of black violence in small town America, Iowa, Omaha, Lancaster – YouTube

Now that Trump and Congressman Lewis are discussing black crime and how to face reality, here is a news article which is full of crazy Fake Media stuff talking about all this in a fake way, from 2014:  Omaha, Nebraska: The Most Dangerous Place In America To Be Black.


 Murder rates in the United States continue to plunge to historic lows — even the blood-soaked streets of Chicago recorded a 16 percent drop in homicides last year, with the city recording its fewest killings since 1965.


In the last several years murder in Chicago has shot upwards, tremendously.  Chicago’s high murder rates drive exodus of BLACK middle class now that white flight is nearly finished.  One fifth, 200,000 fled in the last decade. Chicago lost 10,000 residents in just one year.


Still, for uncounted African-Americans, the carnage persists in deprived neighborhoods across the country. While news of gang killings and other forms of mayhem in the grim streets of Philadelphia, Chicago, New Orleans, Oakland, Calif. and other metropolises dominate headlines, the city with the highest incidence of black murder victims might raise some eyebrows: the seemingly peaceful, farming state of Nebraska’s largest city, Omaha, a city of 420,000, located along the banks of the Missouri River.


Omaha (and particularly its black neighborhoods in the deprived northern and northeastern parts of the city) accounted for almost half of all recorded homicides in Nebraska — which, overall, sported a relatively low murder rate of less than four per 100,000 people. (The U.S. as a whole has a murder rate of 4.44 per 100,000 people.) Ninety percent of these murders came from the bullet of a gun.


The data further revealed that two black homicide victims from that year were children (less than 18 years old), while the average age of the victim was 28. The violence has continued into 2014 — as if to illustrate the parade of killings that have ensnared parts of Omaha, on Jan. 15, a 5-year-old black girl named Payton Benson was gunned down by a stray bullet. “Gun violence is a public health crisis that touches all Americans, but the impact on African-Americans is especially devastating,” said VPC executive director Josh Sugarmann. “This report should be a wake-up call for our elected officials to address the disproportionately high homicide victimization rate among black men and women. The longer we wait to act, the more lives will be lost.”


So, who is killing black people?  The article here DOES NOT SAY.  It acts as if this were something mysterious. It is not, of course.


On an absolute basis, the homicide numbers for Omaha are dwarfed by murder data from places like Chicago and Detroit, since Nebraska has a small population. With about 1.9 million people in the entire state (about two-thirds the size of Chicago), Nebraska is overwhelmingly white. About 88,000 black people reside in Nebraska, accounting for only about 4.8 percent of the state’s populace. The black community is concentrated in Omaha, and to a lesser extent, in the capital city of Lincoln, about 50 miles to the southwest, according to the 2012 U.S. Census.


Omaha police chief Todd Schmaderer has responded to the crisis by restructuring his department and assigning more officers to specific gangs. “It’s Vietnam around this block,” Larry Davis, a 50-year-old north Omaha resident, told the Omaha World-Herald newspaper in 2012. “These young guys with these guns, they just don’t have a value for life.” Quite obviously, the prosperity that the rest of Omaha enjoys has completely bypassed the northern parts of the city, which is scarred by hundreds of condemned properties, among other woes.


At no point does anyone hint as to who ‘these young people’ are and none question why these violent people are ravaging even ‘white bread’ states like Iowa.  All places where welfare/out of work black populations live, the same results exist, that is tremendous crime rates, arson and abandoned, run down houses.


All the places also co-incide with places that once were very productive and now are abandoned to mobs of criminals thanks entirely to ‘free trade’ foisted on us all by our rulers who are in total warfare with Trump because he might reverse these terrible social and political forces.


I have a lot of ‘street experience’ with cops and the military and went from them wanting me dead to them wanting me to thrive, from hate to love over the years.  This is due to my being a very big ‘law and order’ person because…I had to live with terrible crime levels and the only way to survive was to take over from the creeps who were all criminals and needed to be put in prison.  And then…I took people OUT of prison, too, for people can learn how to be sane, too.  I wish liberals could figure this out.  It isn’t impossible.  PS: almost all the prisoners I took out were black males.  All but one did excellently once I got their records cleaned up.

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4 responses to “Black Congresspeople Want To Boycott Trump Inauguration

  1. ziff

    been watching Camille Paglia on utoob , end of culture stuff , and to see how delusional these ‘democrats’ are , isn’t this dangerous ?

  2. Petruchio

    The American MSM is becoming more and more IRRELEVANT by the day. I wonder if the Media Oligarchs ever worry about that. It would be fun to be a fly on the wall when the MSM bosses discuss this matter. I mean, what is their gameplan? Just keep on lying? That’s a likely option because lying is what the MSM does, BUT no matter how much you lie it has to register that NOBODY believes you anymore! Propaganda’s fatal weakness is IF people think you are lying, no amount of propaganda will work.

  3. Blissex

    Dear EMS, you are continuing to make a popular mistake, that dark-skinned people are H Clinton’s enthusiastic supporters.

    Instead the major reason why she lost the election is that there was a huge drop in number of votes between Obama and her, and many of those were those dark-skinned voters who understand very well that her husband’s and her own politics is Reagan-republican, thus against the low-income classes, whether light or dark skinned, and most dark-skinned people belong to those low-income classes:

    * Describing black young men as “superpredators” to win white votes.

    * “Reforming” social insurance against poverty, much of it going to poor black people, by cutting it ferociously to win white votes.

    * Introducing the EITC scheme to boost the profits of usually white employers of poor people, many of them working blacks (a policy which had some positive effects though as Brad DeLong correctly argues).

    * Allowing massive illegal immigration to increase competition for low wage jobs, many of them long “reserved” to black people, to lower the cost of labour for usually white employers.

    * Allowing massive offshoring of low-wage factory jobs, many of them held by black people, to boost the prices of stock owned by mostly white people, and the bonuses of mostly white executives.

    * Pushing up and up and up the cost of renting and buying houses, usually owned by white voters, making it ever harder for low-wage workers, many of them black people, to afford having a decent house.

    H Clinton still got a majority of dark-skinned voters for her, but a very much reduce percentage and much lower absolute numbers.

    This said yes, dark-skinned crime, and particularly dark-on-dark crime, are terrible, and point to serious flaws in the culture of dark-skinned citizens, and I think that dark-skinned mothers are the source of that, but first the symptoms must be addressed, without forgetting the causes though.

  4. emsnews

    All very true and I have noted this in the past! But see: the electoral college votes are by DISTRICT so if a million or a half a million vote, it is the same electoral college vote if the half million still vote in unison.

    See? So in California and NYC the illegal alien vote was huge because they wanted a free ride. But blacks were not enthusiastic. But they have no one running against the DNC machine there so all the Trump votes were still swamped by the illegal alien vote. See? If blacks voted for Trump in large numbers, it would have been a huge victory for Trump.

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