New York Times: Obama And Chicago Buddy Mayor Emmanuel Joins Attacks On Cops



Here is the front page news list from the New York Times, a top Bilderberg rag that has been working tirelessly to destroy our borders, offshore our manufacturing and farming, gave us crime waves and mass murder while screaming at anyone who wants to protect us from all this chaos they are creating. They are on the warpath, like the Washington Post and all the major Fake News media TV stations, to stop anyone from stopping the huge crime wave and overseas wars.  Criminals protecting criminals!  Obama is a top crook.


Rahm Emanuel is a close friend of Obama and worked with him in Chicago to turn the Windy City into the Windbag City.  So they blow lots and lots of hot air, whining about cops while criminals run riot.  They do this in DC, too, which sees the same results: lots of crime and shootings.  Then these creeps blame conservatives who represent places like where I live, that are heavily armed and have a very low crime/murder rate.  Anyone thinking they can annoy us here in the mountains learns really fast…and I have pulled guns on hostile ‘visitors’ here…it is highly dangerous to do this.  But in Chicago or DC, it is the crooks who are armed and the cops are blamed for all this, not the DNC clowns.

64 people shot in Chicago 4th of July 2016 Shootings & Murders – YouTube

The US media giants couldn’t blame the GOP or Trump for the celebrations in Chicago.  So they simply pretend nothing happened.  Instead, they tell voters, Hillary, who won against Sanders, will stop her own voters, black inner city voters, from killing each other and anyone unfortunate enough to come within range of raging black violent criminals shooting and robbing everyone.


Of course, voters thought Obama, being black and from Chicago, would stop all this.  Instead, he increased it. One thing he and his buddies did was stop cops from ordering people to stop or surrender.  It used to be, ‘Stop OR I WILL SHOOT.’  I used this, too.


If the criminals know the cops can’t shoot them, they run.  They ALWAYS run.  It pays to run!  You might get away especially if there is more than ten feet head start or more.  This is why, classically, cops had to use the ‘Stop, or I will shoot’ thing.  It works.


Furthermore, resisting arrest when caught is now very high.  Blacks, in particular, will flail about violently so they can’t be taken in while yelling for others to come and fight the cops, too.  As someone who has done arrests, I recognize the dangers of the ‘new way’ of doing things thanks to liberals tying the hands of cops in cities.


Chicago Police Routinely Trampled on Civil Rights, Justice Dept. Says – The New York Times as Obama and his gang of criminals who cheerfully kill people all over the planet including babies and other helpless victims…these same war criminals are all up in arms because cops try to stop criminals the old way, they want more of the ‘new way’ which is to GIVE UP. Yes, like in our schools  which see regular riots by mostly black students who know no one will stop them no matter how violent they are.


Obama did have a commission to look into that problem and it said, the schools were at fault and the students had zero fault so it is getting so bad, most white people in cities must send children to private schools that don’t allow riots.


CHICAGO — A blistering report by the Justice Department described far-reaching failures throughout the Chicago Police Department, saying excessive force was rampant, rarely challenged and chiefly aimed at African-Americans and Latinos.


The report, unveiled on Friday after a 13-month investigation, forced a public reckoning for a police department with a legacy of corruption and abuse. It came as the department grapples with skyrocketing violence in Chicago, where murders are at a 20-year high, and a deep lack of trust among the city’s residents.


The ASSHOLES at the New York Times, unlike say, the Daily News, never carried any stories about my many arrests .  The Daily News called me ‘The Housewife from Hell’ and the NYT still didn’t cover it. When I had very public fights with Mayor Koch about crime, the NYT didn’t carry this.  Nor did they interview me when I was camped across the street of the UN for whole month with the Chinese students. Nope.  At no time did they talk to me, ever.  And they knew who I am.


Over 161 pages, the investigation laid out, in chilling detail, unchecked aggressions: an officer pointing a gun at teenagers on bicycles suspected of trespassing; officers using a Taser on an unarmed, naked 65-year-old woman with mental illness; officers purposely dropping off young gang members in rival territory.


Good lord, teens on bikes staking out future crimes are a huge hazard. They are nearly uniformly black male teens, too.  And mentally ill people who are violent are very hard to handle and since no one else will deal with this, cops have to do it.  As for ‘dropping off young gang members on rival territory’: HAHAHA.


So, if the cops have a map of gang territory which shifts daily, ahem: let them take down the damn gangs!!!  True story: a NYC drug gang decided to win a fight with another by bombing the building at the end of my block in Brooklyn, the explosion jerked me out of bed and I and other good neighbors rescued the lady and two kids upstairs.


They used explosives in this attack!  I and the cops shut down the entire four block area and tracked the criminals and we caught them because enough people were pissed off at the bombers, they worked with us.  This was done over and over, we had a WAR on our hands and when Mayor Koch showed up, I had an argument with him in the middle of the street where the bombing happened and while we argued about how to fight crime, two thugs shot at each other a mere three blocks away!


I won that argument, by the way, ordering Koch to give me my cops.


The department’s missteps go well beyond the officers on patrol, the report said. After officers used excessive force, their actions were practically condoned by supervisors, who rarely questioned their behavior. One commander interviewed by the Justice Department said that he could not recall ever suggesting that officers’ use of force be investigated further.


This is war.  Literally.  I considered my activities back in the good old riot days as open warfare.  My opponents were armed and very dangerous.  They even openly said they were going to kill me!  They are not shy about saying this to cops.  Gangs are very dangerous.  Kill or put anyone in prison, they have plenty of ‘muscle’ to attack back which is why constant pressure has to be applied daily, you have to chase them down in their bolt holes and interfere with everything they do no matter how small.

The Real Washington D.C. Crime Fights and Violence – YouTube


Attorney General Loretta E. Lynch presented the report at the federal courthouse in downtown Chicago, alongside Mr. Emanuel, who laid out the steps the city had committed to take to remedy the problems, and Zachary T. Fardon, the United States attorney for the Northern District of Illinois.


Ms. Lynch said the Justice Department had reviewed thousands of documents, conducted extensive interviews, and discovered widespread evidence that the Police Department was sorely in need of reform. It does not train officers properly, fails to properly collect and analyze data, and has little support from the community, the report said.


This incompetent woman is going out of office in a few days, thank heavens.  This is her last parting shot.  She is a disaster.  And…she conspired with Bill Clinton just before the election in a secret airport meeting to try to kill the investigation about Benghazi and the Podesta scandals.  I hope she is charged with something conspiratorial by the new Attorney General.

Large group of black people raid a Washington D C 7 11 — AGAIN – YouTube


“We found that officers engage in tactically unsound and unnecessary foot pursuits, and that these foot pursuits too often end with officers unreasonably shooting someone — including unarmed individuals,” the report said. “We found that officers shoot at vehicles without justification and in contradiction to C.P.D. policy. We found further that officers exhibit poor discipline when discharging their weapons and engage in tactics that endanger themselves and public safety, including failing to await backup when they safely could and should; using unsound tactics in approaching vehicles; and using their own vehicles in a manner that is dangerous.”


Good lord, they are getting rid of police pursuits in DNC run slums.  Great.  Crime through the roof.  The cops will happily comply, this means, they never get out of the cars or do anything.  They did this in the past, persuading them to go after criminals was very hard work back in the late 1970s and later.


Long before the latest findings, the critiques of the Chicago police were stark. Two years ago, the city announced reparations and an apology to black men who had said they were tortured and abused in the 1970s and ’80s at the hands of a “Midnight Crew” of officers overseen by a notorious police commander. Last year, a task force appointed by Mr. Emanuel issued a scathing report that concluded that racism had contributed to a long pattern of institutional failures by the police.


They copied us!  The NYT staff and owners benefited from all this.  Life became much, much safer especially after I met Giuliani who became mayor eventually.  We cheerfully went after corrupt DNC politicians and the Mafia and street thugs, all at once.  Imagine that! Law and order time!  Boom.  All it took was people insisting that crime MUST stop or else.  It took muscle.  Criminals don’t surrender to whimps.


City officials said that they were already making substantive changes — separate from whatever the Justice Department would announce. Mr. Emanuel’s aides pointed to changes the mayor has called for in improved officer training and equipment. All Chicago patrol officers are to have body cameras by the end of 2017.


Lori E. Lightfoot, president of the Chicago Police Board, said, “I don’t think that the pressure will be off” when Mr. Trump takes office because of local activism on police issues.


Chicago police moral collapses, more and more officers are quitting.

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One response to “New York Times: Obama And Chicago Buddy Mayor Emmanuel Joins Attacks On Cops

  1. floridasandy

    there has been a long concerted effort to make blacks in the cities afraid of both the police and each other.

    There should be free self defense classes for any citizen in the city who is interested. I can’t imagine why the NRA wouldn’t sponsor something like that, since right now ONLY the bad guys have the guns. They have pushed for “street justice” for so long, and now the chickens have come home to roost-and IT IS A TRAGEDY.

    Obama and Emanuel are useless-and the people have to DEMAND action.

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