Washington Post Attacks Russia Today—And Gets Kicked In The Teeth By The Truth


RT news from Russia is a favorite source for me because they carry ‘real news’ much more often than the US mainstream Fake News sites: here, they have a fun spat with the WP, one of our worse Fake News sites! Our insane media giants have been attacking alternative news and Russian news nonstop because these are competition to the lies and propaganda being foisted on citizens by international crooks who conspire via the Bilderberg gang meetings.


I hammer away at the Bilderberg gang because it is convenient.  These criminals also have other organizations and fraternities and operations but the majority of them also meet at these secret Bilderberg coven meetings.  So I use that name out of convenience and to remind everyone that this is an international coup set up to destroy democracy across the entire planet.


This year the Fake News conspirators (yes, they conspire together in their attacks) are screaming about Alternative News, aka, Real News and above all, ‘evil’ foreign news, namely RT news and Sputnik news.


More and more Europeans tune in to these two news services and this is due to fury over the quality of ‘news’ they are getting with even the BBC turning itself into Pravda-clone mush.


Europe is under attack from millions of Muslim males and the media there refuses to talk about it or suggest solutions.  2 out of 3 Germans believe racial profiling is necessary…and Denmark finally decided to stop giving unemployment money to ISIS fighters overseas! both stories don’t turn up in any US and few German media.


Both the German people and the American people are given no real information to save us from terrorists. For example, the most recent terrorist attack was a US army soldier who was really an ISIS fighter after he converted to Islam…instead, our Fake News people claimed ‘he was merely insane.’


So, on with the dispute that RT answering the charges by the totally Fake News pusher called the Washington Post:


1) WaPo:

“RT is credited with… denigrat[ing] Secretary Clinton” with segments like ‘Clinton and ISIS Funded by the Same Money’”; and casting doubt on the outcome of the US election with clips like “Trump Will Not be Permitted to Win”




What is clearly missing here are the hyperlinks to the mentioned “segments” and “clips”. Here is this segment and here is this clip. Now, we see that what is being presented as RT’s editorial materials, are in fact extracts from Julian Assange’s interview with John Pilger, which RT licensed from Dartmouth films last November. Another important note: This interview became one of the most viral news interviews of the year with the full 25-minute version almost hitting 2 million views.



RT claims it has more than 500,000 unique viewers every day and more than 800 million views on its YouTube channel since 2005.




These numbers would be correct… if the WaPo article was published in 2012. RT’s actual online audience is much bigger now. And it’s not RT who claims it. Here’s is comScore (one of the largest measurement and analytics companies based in US) from 2016 concluding that RT’s online audience has been reaching 50 million unique visitors a month last year. Here is Alexa (Amazon-owned company providing web traffic data) which places RT.com among the 300 most popular web sites in the world (RT’s current global rank is at 280 and has been constantly rising since April 2016). Here’s SimilarWeb (a global digital market intelligence company), which gives RT a lower global rank but places it in the 500 most visited websites in the world (yes, both ratings include ALL websites in the world, the top 100 being mostly social networks, search engines and porn sites)


Regarding YouTube numbers, RT’s flagship English-language channel has 1.9 billion views and over 2 million subscribers since 2007, while RT YouTube network is the most watched TV news network on YouTube in the world with way over 4 billion views.


The WP has no problem publishing bad statistics that are easily checked, I do this all the time.  I assume they are lying constantly and check out the numbers because I try to be honest.  The NYT has a slightly better record in that they try to weasel their lies, not simply ape communist Soviet systems of information.  But they have degraded themselves pretty badly over the last dozen years as I have chronicled here.


The two main papers in the US are huge warmonger operations and have lied about war issues and have created wars via lying about stuff and are therefore in contravention of the Geneva Conventions and the Nüremberg Trial findings, namely, they should be arrested and executed for creating illicit wars.


This isn’t mere ‘let’s lie about stuff’ going on, it is open war crimes we are seeing and there is no moral support for this, it is criminal.  My father testified against the Nazis at the Nüremberg Trials and I argued hard with him when he was helping LBJ in an illegal war that it was wrong and this led to a huge rift in our relations, to put it mildly.


Crimes are crimes when the judges commit the crimes of the criminals they judge.


Click here to see RT arguing with the Daily Beast which was used by the Washington Post as a stalking horse ‘underground’ media for peddling blatant lies.


Here is some of the tweets and RT’s reply to the Washington Post’s many lies and deceptions:  Note, Rosenthal is the Jewish WP editor who the Russians are arguing with and forcing to back down from his blatant lies.


So, the WP editor is an idiot who doesn’t know how to change a story after being threatened with lawsuits?  He still screwed it up???? HAHAHAHA.


The WP is so…stupid.  The editors for the Real News have to hammer on the WP editor to get him to do his job correctly.  The WP didn’t apologize in public, of course, they simply tried to keep the story as screwed up as possible while grudgingly and poorly correcting obvious lies.


Hopefully, American media will try a bit harder next time when targeting “unpopular, non-existent Trump-loving Kremlin propaganda” and will actually attempt to use facts and proof-links instead of fake reports, groundless numbers and unsupported claims. But to be honest, we doubt that will happen anytime soon.


I love this paragraph from the RT editors!  They must be near death from laughing at the propaganda arm of the Bilderberg gang going nuts as their  nose is being rubbed in the shit they published.  Here is a sample of the garbage the WP is headlining today:


Oh my, so does the WP support Trump ‘navigating a labyrinth of constituencies and special interests’?  Nope.  They are warning him that he will be defeated by these gangsters who are…friends and associates of the WP itself.  The WP helped create this mess and protects the people doing this mess and looting us.


Below is a list of the usual garbage on their editorial staff who are all doggies making messes on the carpet:


The US has used torture all my long life.  They are torturing people today. The UN chides OBAMA for torturing Bradley Manning, the hero to let slip the documentation proving the US was lying about war issues.


Obama released all sorts of criminals from prison, ten times more than all Presidents put together and he isn’t through with that…and he won’t release this victim of US international crimes.


Juan Mendez has completed a 14-month investigation into the treatment of Manning since the soldier’s arrest at a US military base in May 2010. He concludes that the US military was at least culpable of cruel and inhumane treatment in keeping Manning locked up alone for 23 hours a day over an 11-month period in conditions that he also found might have constituted torture.


“The special rapporteur concludes that imposing seriously punitive conditions of detention on someone who has not been found guilty of any crime is a violation of his right to physical and psychological integrity as well as of his presumption of innocence,” Mendez writes.


The ‘left liberals’ were all upset about this sort of thing under Bush Jr. but not under Obama.  With their hero in the WH, they went stupid and decided to not force him to do anything except attack cops and call US citizens ‘Deplorables’ for voting for someone else aside from Clinton, the war criminal.  So much for ‘liberalism’ which is as fake as…Fake News!  HAHAHA.


How very sad this is, watching the liberals incinerate all they supposedly believe in.  They wanted dictatorship and now they will be ruled by a Republican Congress, White House and Supreme Court and they should realize how the Outer Darkness works: it always grants your wishes only…is terribly literate about it.


The left wanted near-total dictatorial powers in the White House so Obama could run via fiat and this is being handed over to Trump via ‘precedent’.  They can’t whine about this, they created this.  And it pisses me off greatly.  Who can resist doing what Obama got to do all the time!


In his opening letter to the US government on December 30 2010, Mendez said that the prolonged period of isolated confinment was believed to have been imposed “in an effort to coerce him into ‘cooperation’ with the authorities, allegedly for the purpose of persuading him to implicate others.”


It is known that the US department of justice is conducting a grand jury in Virginia exploring the possibility of bringing charges against Julian Assange, the WikiLeaks founder.


The US mission to the UN in Geneva responded to Mendez on January 27 2011. It said that the US government “is committed to protecting human rights in our country and abroad, and we value the work of the special rapporteur”.


Right, so they continue to torture Manning.  Note how smoothly the Democratic representative working for Obama lies about TORTURE.


In a later letter, dated May 19 2011, the Pentagon’s legal counsel told Mendez that it was satisfied that Manning’s treatment at Quantico had been fine. “Though Private Manning was classified as a maximum custody detainee at Quantico, he occupied the very same type of single-occupancy cell that all other pretrial detainees occupied.”


But the Pentagon’s arguments did not impress the special rapporteur. He stressed in his final conclusions that “solitary confinement is a harsh measure which may cause serious psychological and physiological adverse effects on individuals regardless of their specific conditions.” Moreover, “[d]epending on the specific reason for its application, conditions, length, effects and other circumstances, solitary confinement can amount to a breach of article seven of the international covenant on civil and political rights, and to an act defined in article one or article 16 of the convention against torture.”


Arrest all the Nüremberg Trial copy cat criminals.  Every one of them should be in prison.  Including the dead ones who now get to roast in hell.  Nixon, LBJ, I am talking about you dudes, too, but I suppose you are all busy entertaining the Watchers.


I just located this story which is again, ‘Watch out what you wish’:  Rosie O’Donnell demands the President call for martial law! She will regret this demand, fast, won’t she?

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7 responses to “Washington Post Attacks Russia Today—And Gets Kicked In The Teeth By The Truth

  1. Petruchio

    Max Rosenthal. Jewish. I’ll bet you dollars to donuts this Rosenthal is a DIRECT relative to a longserving previous WaPo editor Abe Rosenthal. I have to admit it. I really wonder how many folks in key positions at the WaPo ARE Jewish and what percentage are not. It seems you can’t read ANY article from WaPo that doesn’t have a jewish byline connected to it.

  2. Claudeeyah


    (((They))) control EVERYTHING. One of the many reasons the Germans kicked their a@@es out of their country 75 years ago.

  3. Lou

    Abraham Michael “A.M.” Rosenthal

    (May 2, 1922 – May 10, 2006) was a New York Times executive editor (1977–88) and columnist (1987–1999) and New York Daily News columnist (1999–2004). He joined the New York Times in 1943 and remained there for 56 years, to 1999.

    Rosenthal won a Pulitzer Prize in 1960 for international reporting.[1] As an editor at the newspaper, Rosenthal oversaw the coverage of a number of major news stories including the Vietnam war, the Pentagon Papers, and the Watergate scandal. Together with Catherine A. Fitzpatrick, he was the first westerner to visit a Soviet GULAG camp in 1988.

    His son, Andrew, was the New York Times editorial page editor from 2007-2016.

  4. Lou

    She will regret this demand, fast, won’t she?–Why?

    Here in Los Angeles, I saw large posters, IN SPANISH!!! telling Mexicans to
    ‘FIGHT FASCISM’, and protest.

  5. emsnews

    HAHAHA…the Chinese prime minister will issue his orders to the Davos mob and they will obey. The Chinese know all about these people, via me, if not other sources.

    Yes, they told me way, way back in the mid-1980s, they would rule the world in less than 50 years. They actually had a planning session about this and set the goals. As they achieved each goal, I warned DC and the Presidents who then ignored this and continued to be fools.

    And so it goes. Not the first time an empire has been totally dumb.

  6. Petruchio

    @#3 Lou: There is so much inbreeding in the MSM it wouldn’t surprise me if 90% of them are hemophiliacs. Same thing with Show Biz.

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