NYT Admits Majority White Women Voted For Trump


Fake News media giants are spinning round and round as they publish ‘news’ which gets shot down over and over only being propaganda machines, correction to their fake news doesn’t reach the public and we live in a world today where the only real news comes from Russia and ‘underground online’ media like my blog.  All this is aimed at creating conditions for assassination/coup against the Outsider Trump as both DNC and GOP and the Bilderberg gang conspire to rule us cruelly and destroy our sovereignty and citizenship rights.


Note the headline at today’s RT news which is from Russia and thus, has the information straight from Putin.  That is, the ‘planned meeting’ never was planned.  Yes, Putin and Trump talk but it is too early for diplomatic relations of this sort.  Trump has many things to do like deal with the baying pack of dogs over here, before he can do anything else.  I am assuming they will do the correct diplomatic dance like in all previous negotiations.


Putin knows exactly how to do this correctly so I assume he will want it done properly so that is works.  Since the CIA and the Bilderberg gang are conspiring to stop diplomacy, Putin is no fool, he knows he must surgically operate a clean operation and thus, will finally stop NATO from starting WWIII.


The NYT times is a stupid rag that can’t figure out how to avoid being a sexist stupid nasty operation.  Look at today’s top story about ‘liking Ivanka Trump’ as a reason women voted for Trump. I thought that ‘Ivanka’ excuse was fishy so I looked at the article and yes, it was totally fishy.  I am guessing that Susan Chira is a creepy liberal who looks down on anyone who doesn’t ape her so she inserted this to smear women who didn’t vote for the war criminal female.


On Jan. 21, the day after the inauguration, women from all over the country will be rolling into Washington for what promises to be an enormous protest against Donald J. Trump. But millions of women went to the polls for Mr. Trump on Election Day, including, according to surveys, 53 percent of white women.


And ‘white women’ happen to also be the majority of the ‘race females’.  The vote for Clinton wasn’t a vote for women, it was a vote for more money to the specific cities the Democrats carried where there are big concentrations of illegal aliens who were allowed to vote illegally and huge concentrations of ghettos filled with criminals and female headed families and social disorders.


The rest of the nation went for Trump and this meant women living outside of the ‘sanctuary DNC cities’ voted against the policies of the DNC.  They didn’t vote because of Ivanka.  They voted because they are scared of crime, jobs going overseas, schools being destroyed by students, etc.


 Conventional wisdom that his behavior and remarks would disqualify him in the eyes of many women proved wrong. Interviews with more than a dozen women around the country showed a range of reasons for their support: worries about the economy, anger about the Affordable Care Act and the price of health care, protection of Second Amendment rights, fears about immigration and terrorism, and opposition to abortion.


Up until today, the NYT and WP and all the TV mainstream news hid this information. Only now, after we all yelled at them for two months, are they admitting they lied only they pretend ‘who would have guessed!’ Since they also tried their best to pretend the election was rigged for Trump, admitting that voters didn’t want the Democrats is a hard pill to swallow.


Will they all apologize to the rest of us for lying nonstop, bellowing like a bull with a cactus up its ass?  Nope.


But many women also voted against Hillary Clinton, voicing deep suspicions about the American deaths in Benghazi, Libya; her use of a private email server; and the hacked emails of the Democratic National Committee as proof that she said one thing in public and another in private.


Thank god for alternative media and the internet!  These news items would have never seen the light of day or would have been lied about or misinterpeted repeatedly if it weren’t for alternative news.


The fact that Hillary is a lying bitch was proven long ago.  Proof was obvious: she refused to release her speeches that paid her many millions of dollars which she gave to Wall Street billionaires and foreign powers!  When she lost the election, her ‘charity’ went from many millions to near zero since it was merely a funnel for bribes.


Regular readers of my little news service know all this and can gather and give information here to me and other readers all the time and I write this merely as a record of events that we need to keep for future reference because the Real Rulers have not been defeated at all, they have been slapped on the snout with a rolled up newspaper.


And they are pissed as hell and are slavering for anyone to kill Trump for daring to slap them on the snout.


Andrea Bocelli and Jennifer Holliday back out of Trump inauguration after threats | Daily Mail Online reports while the NYT headline simply says she withdrew making it seem in the headline that she wanted to do this and wasn’t terrified of leftists killing her. She isn’t the only female being attacked by ‘feminists’ and ‘race warriors’.  Black people who want to be at the inaugaration as participants are being terrorized, too.


This is bad, very bad.  It may show the muscle of Hollywood California/NYC power houses but it is morally wrong and can and will backfire.  No one likes bullies.  Trump is a bully sort but he is fighting people who are bad losers.  If he misbehaved after losing the election I would make fun of him and say he is doing something very bad.


But for ‘moralists’ on the left to do this out of sheer spite: this is wrong.  They didn’t win the white female vote and Hillary is a white female so she lost it because she didn’t appeal to them and so there it is: she didn’t lose because men hated her, a lot of white women disliked her, too and for the exact same reasons I disliked her.


I am for gay rights, I have a transgender child!  I am for abortion rights.  I am for many things Hillary claims she supports (though her positions shift all the time depending on how much money one pays her).  But her corruption issues, her warmongering, her openly talking about starting WWIII with a sneak nuke attack, her schemes with foreign governments, her free trade which killed my own business, the list of negatives was long with WWIII being the top issue to me.


My transgender child who lives in a city marked for nuclear destruction, my grandchild who is literally at ground zero for WWIII’s first salvo of nuclear missiles, they are two examples of people I love and who will die horrible deaths if Hillary launched nuclear war.


This being a #1 issue with me is obvious but my own children, not being raised with nuclear war hovering overhead, think it will never happen.  So they didn’t care if Hillary wanted to do this to them.  I, on the other hand, grew up deep in the shadows of WWIII and watched and participated in the debates about WWIII and was very close to those who planned WWIII so I take it very seriously.


I have seen a nuclear test.  It is terrifying even when it is many miles away (we were upwind from it).  Knowing we have exactly 4 minutes to prepare for WWIII is highly insane and dangerous and our entire government has gone mad this year and the DNC wants bad relations with Russia and China at the same time!


While talking about launching WWIII with no warning!  This is lunacy!  The DNC plan to destroy all our cities where their own voters live is also insane but hilarious since it is doomed by definition.


Only the major port cities where imports come in, are thriving and taking up huge populations of useless people who live off of the dole and crime.  Which makes them very unpleasant places to live unless you have lots of cops and big prisons.


The big prisons for NYC and California port cities are all in the distant countryside because the only people willing to work as guards are people who live in the ‘red’ voting parts of these states, not the ‘blue’ DNC bases.


The ‘blue’ states bring in millions of illegal aliens and then unleashes them on the rest of us to steal jobs and commit crimes and then we react by demanding better, stronger borders, more cops here and fewer military overseas and to protect us at home, not worry about what is happening thousands of miles away, etc.


These are all huge issues and Hillary lost because of these huge issues.  The issue of ‘school collapse’ which plagued my life as I had to flee one and then another school system due to the collapse in discipline, this issue is tangled up in race issues for many black children are being raised by single mothers and with messages of chaos and hate and violence at home and they go to school and are systematically destroying schools across the nation in cities with growing black populations as white families flee.


All this is a gigantic issue with many women for obvious reasons.  And the DNC answer is to attack us, call us names, and deny anything went wrong.  And to top it off, black children are the biggest losers in all this for they get what the DNC demands which is chaos, malfunctioning cities and schools and thus, declining property values and illegal aliens not paying taxes, etc. etc.

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15 responses to “NYT Admits Majority White Women Voted For Trump

  1. pontiff holysh*t

    Somehow the Daily Mail is having trouble spelling “Reagan”.

  2. Claudeeyah

    Many of my clients are middle and upper middle class white women who revealed to me that they voted for Trump. Referring to Hillary, one of them told me, “All of the lies really got to me. I mean, if she was innocent of all they were accusing her of, why didn’t she loudly proclaim everything they were saying was false? Instead she said nothing to refute the accusations.”

  3. melponeme_k

    If there was fair, unbiased reporting of the voting patterns in cities, you would see that the majority voted for Trump. The only reason why the cities are blue is because of welfare masses and illegal aliens.

    I voted for Trump. But my vote was taken away by criminal actions.

  4. tio


    2015: “Year of the Militaristic Neocons”: Looming Global Financial Crisis and Wars?
    {Why have there been so many destabilizing interventions by the U.S. government around the world and who profit the most from this man-made instability? This is a good question that ordinary Americans should ask themselves.}

    Leo Strauss and the “Crazies in the Basement”
    {Becoming familiar with Strauss’ philosophy sheds light on our current political crisis and brings the challenge to focus. Above all, Strauss had contempt for the democratic process—he was an elitist who labeled the majority of human beings ‘the vulgar-many.’ His philosophy is an odd combination of the idealism of ancient Plato and the pragmatism of modern Machiavelli.}

    You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drown.

  5. Jim R

    Some old-fashioned Republicans are hoping Trump will be a sort of re-run of Reagan, and bring about a similar revival of the economy. Perhaps Trump sees himself in that role.

    Unfortunately, he doesn’t have as much to work with:

    The Automatic Earth

  6. Christian W

    “Similar revival of the economy”?

    That was money printing and exporting the US economic depression to Europe and Japan by weaking the USD. This trick is done for now. Look at the interest rate foreign nations got for investing in US bonds (ie borrowing to the US) 18%! Now it’s a losing proposition to buy US bonds. So yes, not much to work with.

    Unless… Trump decides to go for the hoardes stashed in the Queen’s very own Tax Havens. Then things will get interesting indeed.

  7. Christian W

    New rules grant FBI, DEA & CIA access to raw NSA surveillance data

    In virtually its last gasp, the Obama administration has quietly given the National Security Agency wider powers to share intercepted surveillance data with 16 other government agencies, including the FBI, DEA and CIA, before applying privacy protections.

    Intelligence officials and the Justice Department finalized new regulations for sharing satellite transmissions, phone calls, emails and other online communications swept up abroad by the National Security Agency with 16 agencies that fall under the Office of National Intelligence.

    “In the past, there were strict limits on the NSA’s dissemination of this data to domestic law enforcement agencies,” Attorney General Loretta Lynch said about the new rules released on Thursday, according to AP. “The new regulations eviscerate those limits.”


  8. Kevin

    In my 51 years I can say for the first time I really do fear for a president elect.

  9. Jim R

    Yup, that was Reagan’s trick, and it’s done. The Empire has been in a long slow slide since the ’70s, more or less. You don’t notice it, but each year is worse than the previous. Circling the drain faster now.

    And even if Mr. Trump manages to prevail over the ‘deep state’ and shut down a bunch of spook agencies, I doubt that he will be allowed anything more than a checking account in the Queen’s Havens.

    As for the expansion of the NSA data supply, that will make it a larger, softer target for exfiltration by amateurs. Most actual ‘hacking’ is done neither by Russia’s nor America’s governments, but by bored high school kids with time on their hands and internet access. Smart kids like in Elaine’s family.

  10. emsnews

    Look, during the Vietnam war the ‘walls’ between various spook agencies, the media, the universities and Congress and foreign powers DID NOT EXIST.

    What they are doing now is legalizing a situation that has been done spook style ever since I was a child.

  11. JimmyJ

    My paranoid side wonders if we may be looking at a Russian premptive first strike on one or more blue cities if an intelligence operation / Purple Revolution blocks a Trump presidency with violence. Putin the chessplayer could checkmate before he runs a risk of losing defensive capability. I think Flynn recognizes the risk and was trying to reassure Putin by those phone calls. An S-400 deployment around Moscow ain’t for good looks.

    When you get a CIA chief openly criticizing a President elect surely that takes the issue beyond the realm of a political solution and that’s a risk Putin can no longer take. Leaving red cities and states out of first wave might be his last gesture for negotiated de-escalation before MAD takes everything.

  12. emsnews

    He would have to annihilate all the facilities in Europe and Alaska and Canada first then in the second wave, all the major US cities. The EU is walking straight into YET ANOTHER MEATGRINDER death with Russia, they never seem to learn.

  13. Petruchio

    I remember a story about when Eisenhower was President. Ike wanted to know–as President, mind you–what the military was doing at a certain Army base. The military brass told Ike No, they wouldn’t tell him. Ike’s response was to tell these insolent Generals that he would send in the 2nd Army Division to take that base apart piece by piece. The rogue Generals finally backed down. Isn’t it nice to know that the USA has military types who actually think they can flip off even the US President?

  14. Christian W

    The reason the EU does not have armies is because wars are not popular. People joining the army are seen as ‘losers’.

    However the CIA has spent decades cultivating russophobic far right nutters in the Eastern bloc and installing agents/frontmen/frontwomen like Merkel. The disconnect between the EU elites and the will of the people is as large as in the US.

    Trump needs to take down the CIA or nukes will fly.

  15. emsnews

    When I was in Europe in 1968, the people had guts and the young people rose up and yes, we made a lot of noise about the Vietnam war and the Cold War and today, they are scared of WARM WEATHER!!!!

    Yes, the ‘global warming’ stuff has them all in a tizzy as they freeze this winter and will freeze for the next 30 years, bless them all, the little dears. Meanwhile, Nuclear Winter is right around the corner.

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