GOP Leaders Support ‘Free Trade’ And Illegal Aliens, Won’t Work With Trump

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Trump won the election but the GOP Bilderberg gang is, as always, says one thing when running for office and do another when safe in DC.  A fine example from today is the head of the GOP, Ryan, saying he will protect illegal aliens.  Also, these same guys don’t want to have any tariffs or barriers and will join the DNC that supposedly is ‘for the workers’ in stabbing them in the back.  Guess why?  Rich people want this!


Ryan: GOP won’t ‘pull the rug out’ from ‘Dreamers’

Trump had taken an aggressive stance against illegal immigration during the campaign. But in his Time “Person of the Year” interview published Wednesday, the president-elect appeared to soften that stance.


“We’re going to work something out that’s going to make people happy and proud,” Mr. Trump told the magazine. “They got brought here at a very young age, they’ve worked here, they’ve gone to school here. Some were good students. Some have wonderful jobs. And they’re in never-never land because they don’t know what’s going to happen.”


So, Trump has to yield on this issue even though the Dreamers won’t vote for him.  They should thank him for this.  The Rulers want the illegal aliens because they replace citizens and are cheap labor and can be used in various ways.


Top House Republican won’t back Trump’s tariff proposal as all of the top GOP are either Bilderberg gangsters or bribed by big corporations.  They will kill that, too.  Trump isn’t able to overcome the huge advantage our Real Rulers have, years and years of bribery and inserting their tools into our government and running our Fake News media systems.


The very few things Trump can force through like simple things: making the press conferences in a huge room so everyone can be there, for example, has the Fake News barking dogs going nuts.  They hate this with a passion.


Last August, before several corporations changed their minds over exporting US jobs, the US Fake media was attacking Trump for trying to bring home jobs.  When his jawboning corporate presidents worked and they ceased shipping jobs away from American workers, the media fakers and the GOP and DNC all yelled that Trump did nothing, they did it, themselves.


Then they all stab us in the back again.  Typical.  Liars, creeps and whores and pimps!


For one thing, trade isn’t actually the main driver behind the decrease in manufacturing employment, which began in 1979, long before China became a major U.S. trading partner. Part of the decline is due to trade, but the vast majority is due to technological improvements that have enabled greater efficiency and automation.


Note how this Fake News article slides easily into lying!  No, it didn’t begin with China, it began with…JAPAN!  We ran nonstop trade deficits with Japan since the 1960s.  Then it was Mexico.  And now, everyone.  Our trade deficit is monstrous in size!


That’s why even as manufacturing employment has decreased, manufacturing output has continued to rise and is now at an all-time high.


So how does this explain the explosion in imports?  Eh?  The writer dares not mention this.  Yes, stuff was made here but most of it was made overseas and we have this mountain called the trade deficit and that is a terrible Mt. Everest of national debt that will destroy us one fine day.


Also, many of the places where a decrease in manufacturing employment can be tied to competition from Chinese imports are actually doing quite well economically. If some places affected by trade are doing well and some are doing poorly, that should give us a hint that trade (or other drivers of creative destruction and growth) is not itself responsible for a community’s inability to absorb economic shock.


I do not recall importing anything except a slender number of foreign cars back in 1960.  Nearly everything I used or bought was made in the USA back then.


My colleague Scott Lincicome has done an excellent job of explaining how the “China shock” is really a story about the lack of labor dynamism in the U.S. economy. Government policies, many of which differ from state to state, can significantly impact the likelihood that people will find new work after their job becomes obsolete.


The jobs are not becoming ‘obsolete.’  They are moved overseas.


The study found that although Trump supporters may live in the sorts of places people consider to be harmed by trade, those supporters personally enjoy above-average economic performance. So the second premise of the narrative—that people’s economic troubles are leading them to support Trump—also appears to be false.


This paragraph is a 100% lie, easy to refute: DETROIT.  Once a thriving city now a gigantic, dangerous slum.


America’s manufacturing sector is thriving. Manufacturing employment has continued to decrease, because America has a modern, developed economy where we make more things than ever before using less labor and people have better employment options than working on a factory floor.


‘Other options’ like say, getting a degree and teaching in schools…The Ever-Shrinking Role of Tenured College Professors…right.  Full time, secure jobs in academia are shrinking rapidly, for example.  Like manufacturing, jobs disappear and desperate workers have to replace these with cheaper jobs, no health insurance and threats of only part time work.


A study of nearly 500 city and county governments demonstrates that private-sector contracting results in lower full-time public employment and higher numbers of part-time government workers.  Which was the intention of ‘privatization’.


And this is why Trump wants to change Obamacare Which Penalizes Americans Who Work Full-time…

The study’s introduction states: “Starting this year, the United States’ working population will face three major employment disincentives resulting from the very benefits the Affordable Care Act (ACA) provides: (1) an explicit tax on full-time work, (2) an implicit tax on full-time work for those who are ineligible for the ACA’s health insurance subsidies, and (3) an implicit tax that links the amount of available subsidies to workers’ incomes.”


Fearful global elite reeling from the rise in populism and Trump election gather at Davos and admit ‘there’s something unprecedented going on and we can’t deal with it’ and so it goes: the Bilderberg gang is freaking out.  Good.  Serves them right.

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